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An infidelity. Tired of my boring husband

Being the ideal well off husband for this wife, she didn't hesitate in cheating him though,
Hi, my name is Monica, a Spanish woman from Argentina, South America. This story I’m about to begin is 100% percent true and happened only just two years ago when I still was married, save for I‘m a divorced woman now.

Well, before I start on this account, I’d like to describe myself: 36 yo., black straight hair, a white  and meaty lips; big breasted thanks to a boob job, a gorgeous ass that stand out a lot.  Besides,  I have received lots of flattery and compliments, they throw a  bouquet on me saying oh, darling, oh my darling bitch, etc., while I’ve enjoyed that but pay no attention, never look back, only go straight, pretending I’m not listening.

At the beginning of this story Alberto, a Spanish guy too, proposed me matrimony. He’s a 57 yo. guy, and despite I had refused any engagement after got divorced, we began to get along very well, and became good acquaintances, I didn’t want any fucking relationship though. At first I became conscious I was going through a bad time, out and down, not a fucking penny, out of work, and was determined  to marry this well off man,  with good economic status  like that of a  well heeled middle-aged American male.

We became friends; he owned a law office where he got me a job with a good salary, as his junior. After three months in this job as a helper, he dated me and while in a luxurious restaurant having dinner, he proposed, and my answer came quickly: “yes.”  No doubt this guy was a good man, not to mention his good financial position.

I married Albert and everything was ok at the beginning. We apparently would succeed in our relationship, but the sexual stuff. We married and immediately I lacked or didn’t have a lot of gratification, fulfillment at sex; he either would feel asleep on top of me while doing love or   got home too late; soon some ideas came up to my mind about cheating my husband, but never dared, despite a thousand opportunities had  showed up on the way:  I can tell about the many instances in which   I boarded an overcrowded bus  and I got hard rods pressed to my ass, while riding this bus; they would give me their cell phone number to me. This has happened to me with males ranging all ages, well built ones, with good complexion, and all that.

While I’m not especially smart, but I’m built, a woman with a sturdy and attractive body, esp with large breasts,  these strong body builders arouse me often, stimulating me. To tell you the truth, I’m sincere, I love young meat, body builders who went to a gym, while Albert lacks this stuff,  I consider his  persona,    though.

Everybody would stare at me having images of me naked at the gym and dared to address to me in a pervert manner, taking dirty in front of my couple. He’s quite jealous and therefore gets annoyed, irritated easily, but he would take it easy, like a submissive and obedient man. On the other hand, I’m happy at being complemented, especially if I’m living with a well heeled husband.


One day I decided to make my move because my husband had fallen behind and had failed to fuck my brains out. We had gotten up early to go to the superstore, so I wore my tight jeans, fucking tight, indeed,  and a top with low neck with my marvelous thong  under  my fucking tight white jean, whilst  I used more make up than usual.  I no sooner stepped in the supermarket than I noticed all men staring at me with curiosity and interest while I checked the stands –racks- for cereal. I came up with the idea of bending over to grab an oil bottle, so that boy  at work in the supermarket who was arranging the merchandise on one shelf  could see my nice thong. Albert seemed not to be paying attention, so I played fool. I was happy this way and so was the clerk.

As we were going  out of the mall, I saw a handsome guy leaning against the wall. He had a certain charm; noticing he was smoking I asked for a cigarette and smiled gladly at him while he lighted my cigarette. This was enough for Abert to go mad and said:

“Damnit, have had enough. How could you do this?!!” I replied:

“I did what?”

He said:

“Don’t you play foul, Monica. Let’s go home now!!”

I was happy shivering with this kind of funny situation, coz this only would screw up my audacity. As we got home he began to scream at me saying:

“I can’t take this anymore, you no longer are going to dress up like that,  you hear me?”

I played the victim here, pretending I was fucked by the fickle finger of fate, and rushed to my bedroom crying, making believe I was suffering. A little while later Alberto was trying to comfort me and apologized, asking what he could do about this to please me and make me happy.  Well, I only needed a caveman, a strong man. He asked:

“Oh, darling, how could I possible please you?” I said:

“Oh, I don’t know. I want to have fun.”

He said: “I don’t get it.”

I said:

“I just want to have a good time, go to a disco.”

I wished I had said I needed a real caveman, a crude man, one who was sexually rough to fuck my brains out.  I needed a real macho.

“Ok, my queen, wanna party? Let’s go.”  He said.


This week Albert would hire a gardener to perform a good job at the front yard, and told me someone would come so I had to be at home to give gardener’s directions -meet him.

Somebody rang the bell in the afternoon and, as I headed to the front to open the door for him, I saw a virile, young man I reckon 26 yo., physically powerful, well built, beautiful muscles, with tattoos –I like this- the perfect man ideal, a model,  to stroke my vulva.

“Hi” he said. “I’m Alex. Nice to meet you, ma’am. Your father just hired me to fix a problem in the garden.”

I interrupted him laughing: “Mr. Albert is my husband. Get in and check what you gotta do here.”

I saw Alex took off his shirt while working. Didn’t believe my eyes. “I’d fuck this guy now”  I thought.


I began to touch my pussy which was too wet by now, but Albert, my husband, would be here any moment. In fact, he arrived, I said:

“Hi, darling.”   He replied:

“What’s the matter with you, Monica? You’re sweating, like agitated, tense”

I said:

“It’s nothing, darling, just a little dizzy.”

“He said:

“Oh, it’s ok.  Hasn’t the gardener arrived yet?”

I replied:

“Oh, yes of course, the macho… sorry, the gardener is here.”

My couple left for work and I dressed up in an exciting way for Alex to see me, in an outfit consisting on short skirt, short tight pants, low neck, high heels, etc.,  in fact, any kind of insinuation or hint that would assist me to arouse him. In that particular day, Alex had been gardening outdoors.  I noticed he was doing a tough job there so I didn’t hesitate in asking: “Would you like to come in for a soda?”

Alex said “Yes” immediately.

I was so horny I couldn’t tolerate this anymore while wearing my mini blue jean skirt, a gorgeous thong, low neck blouse and red lipstick… in fact, a very attractive eye catching woman.

Alex stared at my well built body. Oh, how I wished I had his big head at the door of my ass, to run my hand up his leg, coming close to his penis, then start to lightly rub his rod through his pants, start licking his cock head. Oh, yes, please, fuck my face, the taste of my ass on his cock.

I had been day dreaming while seducing Alex, showing off my ass, shaking it for him,   my thong too evident through my tight pants while looking for stuff to drink coffee.


We had a wonderful chat, inquiring about his private life, what you do for a living, etc.  It’s at this moment I ask for a cigarette, light it, take a deep puff and threw smoke in his face at times.  Fuck!! I was wishing to devour this young guy with my pussy hungry for cocks.   No doubt this was a cocksman and it would be was advisable to dance so I’d warm up for a good hard-core.

Alex stood up and embraced me firmly, kissing me while his hand run along my legs and tummy, but never touched me between my thighs.  I felt as something wet run down my legs, with juices dripping… I hadn’t been yet touched here, though I had been moaning loudly like pervert bitch, even before penetration.

Nonetheless to say, I was urged for a good rod right away to grind that eager cunt. He suddenly introduced his damn wonderful piece of meat, and  a loud scream was heard around the room. He nailed me to the deep end.

“Ooh,” I cried out again. My pussy hole stretched to accommodate his plunging dick In and out his cock thrust as I slipped up and down his cock.

“God, yes.”  I squealed.

We spend hours fucking that evening, and I cummed four times. I’ll never forget how well this young man had fucked me over.

Finally, I divorced Alberto, and later he realized that Alex had been trimming the garden quite well, and but Alex also kept on visiting me, not exactly to have the grass and plants trimmed but to care for the other garden, the bush between my thighs and have it trimmed it with a good finish!!



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