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And Life Continues.....

Word appears to be spreading. Is that good?
I went down to the club bar that evening and my neighbour, Bill was there with his wife. He took one look at me and smiled, and simply asked, “Who was she?”

I asked him if it was so obvious, and he laughed. I told him that I'd gone to the dance as he'd suggested and met a lady called Marilyn. He looked surprised and asked me if I was seeing her again. When I said yes, he looked at me with, I thought, a new respect.

We chatted a bit longer and his wife, June - a few years younger than me, I would have said, and still attractive - joined in the conversation. During the second round of drinks, Bill looked around and quietly told June that I had met Marilyn. She looked at me and winked. I felt that I was certainly gaining some street cred, if that's possible at our age.

The next day I went to the gym for the first time. I felt that if I was going to be cast as an aged lothario, I'd better make sure I kept fit and healthy. A nice young lady showed me the ropes, after checking my heart and blood pressure, and noting what medication I was taking. My answers were fortunately short on that and it wasn’t long before she started me on the treadmill, at a low setting apparently, but one that equated to a fast walk.

Because of the lower ratio of men to women in this retirement complex, I had expected to be in the minority, but, in fact, I was the only man there. I felt eyes on me, measuring me up, perhaps, and I had a distinct sense of being a target for the ladies’ curiosity.

After a while, the young trainer told me that I'd probably done enough for my first time, and hoped I would be back again. Three times a week, she told me, was how often I should exercise. And, to my amazement, gave me a broad wink. I stuttered a reply, saying that I would try or something equally banal, and swiftly made my way to the changing rooms to shower and dress. Was it just my heightened awareness after last night, or did everyone have sex on their minds?

The showers were individual and quite large with a wooden seat across one side. I was enjoying the hot water pouring down from the large overhead rose when the door opened and a naked body pressed against me, a pair of hands feeling around my groin.

Soft breasts pressing into my back told me that it was a woman, and a husky voice said that she was a friend of Marilyn’s, so not to be surprised. I certainly was surprised, but I was also lost in the sensations going through my cock as she expertly stroked and rubbed it and my balls.

I wanted to turn round but she stopped me and continued her massage until I was as hard as I can remember. Then she knelt down, let me turn and took my cock into her hungry mouth. A hand clutched my bum and stroked around my asshole. That felt good as she worked on my cock, and then she pushed a plump finger right into me, working until she found what she was looking for and massaged me there.

There was no holding back under this onslaught, and I clenched my ass cheeks around her hand and spurt after spurt of my semen filled her mouth. She sucked me until I was dry and then, licking her lips, she stood up on tip toes, almost matching my height, and kissed me. She broke away and said she had to go but, if I had more lovely juices, she’d swallow them any time.

Then she was gone, and I was left with the memory of a tall, well-built woman, dark long hair, full lips, large breasted, admittedly a bit on the saggy side, and a bush of dark curly hair. And, as she ran out of the shower, a big round ass.

I had to find out what the hell was going on. So, after a rest and some lunch, I went to Marilyn’s apartment and rang the bell. After she opened the door, she held my hand and invited me in. I walked into the sitting room and, standing at the picture window, asked her just what was going on. She didn’t beat around the bush. Since I'd said that I was up for anything, she'd mentioned me to some of her friends. With a mischievous smile, she asked if my morning had been a good one.

“She was one of your friends, wasn't she?” I said.

“Yes, that was Sarah. She said that she enjoyed it a lot, and she hadn’t had so much in her mouth for a long time”.

I sat down then and said that I would like a drink. I certainly needed time to think. Marilyn poured a couple of malt whiskies and sat beside me. Without asking, she put her hand on my crutch, and rubbed my cock through my trousers. Amazingly, it responded, not exactly with extreme vigour, but that was hardly to be expected.

“Oooh, getting there,” she grinned, “but don’t worry, I’m going to let you recover, at least until tonight. That is, if you are up for it?”

In for a penny, in for a pound, I thought. So, at 7:30 that evening, I returned to Marilyn’s apartment. I took some flowers and a bottle of cava straight from my fridge. I got a kiss and a hug and a cheeky smile before she went to put the drink in her fridge. I followed her to the kitchen, which was open plan and included a seating area. I stopped abruptly when I saw we were not alone.

A smiling black lady stood up and introduced herself as Marcia. She was on the plump side and her large breasts struggled to stay covered in a low cut cream silk dress. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them, which amused both ladies. It wasn’t just that I like full breasts - these seemed to be losing the struggle to stay contained. From time to time, Marcia had to adjust her dress and the wriggling she did while pulling up her dress almost sabotaged the battle.

Marilyn already had some wine open,. She poured me a glass, we sat down and I found myself being cross-examined about my life’s history. They wanted to know more of my married life: had I been faithful, what sort of sex was I accustomed to having? I answered as truthfully as I could, though I did find it a bit hard to discuss some aspects of my wife’s preferences. The wine helped, though, as did the fact that they weren’t judgemental. Truthfully, I was a bit worried that they might think me rather boring and inexperienced, but they didn’t seem concerned.

There were snacks to eat and, with a bottle emptied, the women were getting a little giggly and I was feeling very relaxed. Marcia asked me if I knew why she was here. I said that Marilyn told me that she had friends who liked to enjoy themselves and, after meeting one of them this morning, I think I have a pretty good idea what’s on for tonight.

Marcia said that Marilyn had told them about her night with me, and that they didn’t believe her. So Sarah was elected to check me out, independently as it were. I asked if I had passed their test. As they quickly moved to sit beside me on the sofa, one each side, I guess I had.

From then on, it was kissing and touching. Marcia had an amazing skin, like velvet, and full cushion-like lips. It was like kissing a marshmallow but one that had a very active centre, her tongue being long and, most of the time, in my mouth.

Between them they unbuttoned my shirt, Marilyn kissing my nipples while Marcia undid my belt and unzipped me, releasing my stiffening cock. The straps on Marilyn’s dress I slipped off her shoulders and kissed her neck and shoulders. Marcia held my cock and said to Marilyn, "Sarah wasn’t lying, this looks lovely."

Marcia cupped my balls in a warm hand and brought her lips around the head of my cock, her tongue teasing me. The teasing stopped quickly when she slid her lips down my length, right to my hilt, and the feeling of my cock pushing into her throat was just fantastic. She used her throat to milk me for a while before coming back up for air.

Down she went again and this time she squeezed my balls. Then a finger teased my asshole. God, this was wonderful, so good that I almost forgot about Marilyn. Only almost: with my mouth full of a soft breast and hard nipple, I couldn't really forget!

I didn’t want to cum from Marcia’s ministrations, so suggested that we move into the bedroom, where I knew a large super king-size bed awaited us. Marilyn slipped out of her dress and was soon naked on the bed. Marcia slid the silk dress down her body and I observed that she was without underwear. She told me she rarely wore them in the evenings and liked the feeling of nakedness. She got a thrill from being a bit naughty.

I quickly stripped off and settled between them. They turned to me and I felt the soft cushion of their breasts, one each side, as I put my arms around their shoulders. Kissing them in turn was lovely. Marilyn was all thrusting tongue and sucking at my lips, while Marcia was soft and sensuous against and in my mouth.

They each put a hand on my length, encouraging its growth until it stood to attention. I let them play with my cock and balls while I fondled their breasts, making them groan under my fingers and mouth. I slid my hands down to their waiting pussies and started their juices flowing, stroking and sliding my fingers deep into them. Marcia got very wet very quickly and, from time to time, I would slip my finger out and offer it to her waiting mouth.

It was time, I thought, for more, and moved Marcia up my body while Marilyn positioned herself above my cock. I told her that she’d not tasted it yet today, but I wanted her to fuck me now. She did just that, holding my cock head at her entrance, wiping it along her slit, before impaling herself. She sank right down with a deep groan, and stayed there as my cock twitched inside her. She rode me, expertly gripping me with clenched muscles, and the sensation of skin sliding over skin inside was so wonderful.

I put my hands on Marcia’s bum and guided her to my mouth. Her bum cheeks were full, plump and succulent, and she tasted lovely. She knew how to position herself to allow my tongue and hands full access. I changed from penetrating her pussy with my tongue to licking her lips, up and down, and swirling around her clit, and then started the sequence again. All this time, my hands kneaded her bum cheeks and eventually, as she started to writhe on me, a fingertip or two passed over her asshole. This drove her wild, and she quickly moved so my tongue was licking her tight ring.

This was a first for me, but not unpleasant, and the reaction I got from Marcia was amazing. When my tongue touched it for the first time, she started to use foul language, quite unladylike. I was discovering that she was a wonderfully dirty woman, and I knew that she was going to be great. I admit I was having a bit of difficulty keeping track of doing both women at this stage, but Marilyn was working quite happily on me, and used my cock like a fuck pole until she had a quivering orgasm. She climbed off me and wrapped her arms around Marcia, kissing her and then me.

“Your turn,” she said. “I’ve left him nice and hard for you.”

Marcia got off me and I put her on her back and started to slide my cock up her slit, teasing her pussy hole. Her legs were wide open and up on my shoulders. I was getting turned on by the sexy contrast of her pink slit against her dark skin. It just took one movement forward and I was deep inside her, holding in there for a while. She was much looser than Marilyn, but then she was pushing back at me, and so we fucked: slow, then fast, then slow again. We didn’t always get the movements timed quite right. Although it was good, it wasn’t amazing and when she pulled back at the same time as I did, I popped out of her.

“Oh,” I said, “sorry about that."

“Don’t be,” she replied. “I know I’m not very tight there.”

Then she reached down and grasped my cock, now slippery with her juices. “You’ll find this better,” she said and pressed my cock against her asshole.

“You sure?” I asked. She responded by pressing me in further and I entered her with surprising ease. Oh yes, now that was tight, and so, so hot. I could tell that Marcia loved my cock being in there.

“Better?” she asked, grunting.

“Oh, that’s gooood,” was all I could manage as we fucked slow and deep. I pulled almost all the way out, felt her tighten to grip my cock head, and then I went deep down again. There was no problem with our timing now, and she was really getting into it, her big eyes wide open, unfocussed with lust as our bodies thrust together.

The sensation of heat and tightness of her anal ring took me to new peaks of intensity. I grabbed her ankles and was able to bend her legs back further. She had great flexibility despite her plumpness. She caressed her clit as we fucked, my hips pumping harder and faster. The feeling intensified until I was lost in her and, when I could hold back no more, I groaned and emptied deep into her ass. Over and over the spasms came, the erotic feeling hardly diminishing until I was fully spent.

With the first spurt, Marcia had shouted something undecipherable and, with the second and third, she tensed, and her body shook. It was an orgasm of a sort that I'd never experienced before. As it hit her, she squeezed my cock so hard, I thought she was going to tear it out by the root. I held her, and in her, until her body stopped shaking. Finally, I flopped out as my cock softened and I collapsed between these two sexy women.

We stayed in Marilyn’s bed that night, actually sleeping as I was spent. But, in the morning, I discovered the pleasures of waking with two mouths licking my morning erection.

Could life get better?

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