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older folks get together for sex and fun

by elderberry


I must be crazy. I stood outside of Arthur's front door, with my luggage, hesitating before ringing the bell.

Arthur and I, internet friends, corresponded by e-mail and had opened a line of communication hard to accommodate in the everyday give and take of friendship. We confessed to failings, both physical and moral, that we dare not reveal to our closest friends.

I had told him about my masturbatory habits and my erection problems. He had confessed to a certain yen to watch women pee. Both had a fascination for older women. We had infrequent or no meaningful sex with our wives. We had exchanged nude photographs of them. Recently, Arthur had emailed, "Wouldn't you like to fuck my wife?"

"That would be nice." I indicated more than a certain yen for her.

"Make me a cuckold," he had urged, "I'd love watching you do her."

"I'd consider a threesome. Would she be interested?"

"Not in a million years," he said. "But visit us for a weekend and we'll see what happens."

So there I stood. Outside of his door. Hearing the door chimes ring within. The door opened.

"Yes?" The nice lady looked at me quizzically.

"I'm looking for Arthur Emerson. He's expecting me."

"Arthur's gone to Connecticut for the weekend," the rather pretty, past middle-aged brunette said, dryly. "To visit a sick friend."

"Oh Dear! That puts me in a bind," I said. "I don't know the city or where I'd find a hotel this time of day and I'm afraid I let my taxi drive away."

The woman smiled. "Well come in and let's see if we can get you straightened around."

At the end of the dark hall I thought I saw something move in the shadows. Was it Arthur?

I dropped the thought, almost as it occurred. Mrs. Emerson extended a warm hand in greeting. "I'm Angela."


"Please come in and have a seat. I'll be with you in a moment."

When she returned, she wore a neat white blouse and a full skirt. She had touched up her hair and her make-up. Angela was a very attractive woman. She sat in a chair opposite to mine.

We talked about Arthur's work and my own work before retirement. I mentioned being married. She graciously suggested that perhaps one day I might bring my wife to visit her and Arthur. All of the activities of the nation's capital were in easy reach. Friends often used their house as a jumping-off point.

She suggested I stay for dinner. I of course accepted.


It WAS me that George saw. I was surprised. The plan had worked so far.

I had worried about how well the two of them would get along. Angela, 68, had started life as a country girl. George, was fourteen years older. However, he was very interested in fucking my wife after seeing a nude picture I had sent to him.

I was not sure how he would deal with Angela if they were alone. She had always resisted my hints about having sex with another man. I was not sure I should have put her in this awkward situation with George. It was not that I feared for her safety. I knew that he would not hurt her. I was concerned about her potential embarrassment. Perhaps, I was not sure that, after all, I wanted George to have the opportunity to fuck my wife. But indeed, beyond anything else, I wanted to watch it happen. Perhaps to join in.

I had decided not to tell my wife that I had invited George. I told her I was going on one of my frequent trips to Connecticut, where she knew I would be with Barbara, my eighty-year-old lover.

She had driven me to the Metro station and I bade her farewell. Later, when I knew she would be out, I took a taxi back to the house and hid, awaiting developments. When George arrived, I slipped up to the loft and into the area above the living space. George had caught a glimpse of me, as he came through the door. Angela had had her back to me or it might have been over before it began.

I had made the loft reasonably comfortable for a longish stay and drilled a hole in the ceilings above the living room and above our bedroom. I had inserted magnifying eye holes, which gave me views of the entire living room and bedroom. With the help of an unsuspecting computer buff, I had linked these lenses to the screen of my laptop computer. Thus, I did not need to move around to view my wife's activities. From here on, it was up to George!
Angela, a sweet lady, after giving George a meal, led him into the living room. He told her he should be looking for a hotel room. She suggested that he might like a shower first.


When I had showered and returned to the living room, Angela served drinks. We sat around, very comfortably and Angela appeared taken with my almost shy manner. But I told stories and made her laugh. Angela revealed her passion for country music and asked if he cared to hear her favorite CD.

Soon, she was jigging to the music, on the couch, and appeared excited. She sat closer to me. I thought she might be becoming a bit tipsy. Her wiggling body moved tantalizingly close. I became impressed with the lady's shapely figure. I began, in fact, undressing her with my eyes, bringing to mind the nude picture that Arthur had emailed to me.

I mentioned that I should start looking for a hotel room or she was going to be stuck with me for the night.

"I believe you're an honorable man. If you're real nice, I might ask you spend the night," said Angela, much to my surprise.

"That would be too kind," I replied.

"In the spare room, of course," she said.

"Of course."

"I'm sure no friend of Arthur's would take advantage of an elderly lady who has been left to herself for the weekend." Angela seemed to be making just a bit too much of it.

"Mrs. Emerson, you're not elderly. You are a pretty still in full bloom, a grand lady in her prime."

Angela's face broke into a full smile. "You know, young man," she teased, "flattery just might gain you an upgrade for the night. The question is, could I trust you not to tell Arthur?"

"You can trust me with everything. Your reputation, your virginity," I waved my hands in the air. "Your . . .whatever. . .

"Especially my whatever," laughed my lovely hostess. "Would you care for another drink."

A slower song came on. Angela, impulsively, sat on my lap. She tilted her head back over my shoulder, to allow me an unobstructed view down her blouse. She revealed her full set of mature tits.

"Was it a little inebriated teasing?" I asked myself.
As she squirmed on my lap, my hand caressed Angela's bare belly, peeping from below her white blouse.

I nibbled at her ear. "Angela, you have a sexy navel, nice and deep."

Angela giggled She moved my hand away and squeezed it. "I'm ticklish there."

My arm encircled her waist, under her blouse. "I bet I could find a lot more ticklish spots," I countered, "if I weren't afraid of getting my face slapped."

Angela giggled conspiratively. "I imagine you could find most anything you want but I can't imagine you being stopped by the threat of a little old slap."

Men of my age seldom find themselves in such delicious situations. I watched her eyes closely. "I would very much like to find them all!"

Angela appeared mesmerized. The drinks, I am sure, contributed to her feelings but there was more to her mood. It was if she were suddenly free of inhibition. This woman, wriggling on my lap, became a seething mass of sexuality. More than drink was involved here. Much more.

I rubbed my hands around her smooth tummy and tickled her ribs. She watched the shape of my hand under her blouse as it neared her titties. She watched like a deer caught in the headlights.

"You make me feel so. . . so. . . restless," she squirmed.

"All the better to eat you up." I jested, in the fashion of the Big Bad Wolf.

"Ooooh. Tell me more."

"You make me want to do very naught things to you."

"Whatever do you have in mind?" she enquired, in mock innocence.

I surmised that, by now, we had passed the point of no return. So, I took a very bold chance

"I think I would like to start out by eating your sweet, little pussy."

"You wouldn't!" she gasped.

"I truly would." Now we had truly taken off, I felt.

"I couldn't let you do that." Angela got a faraway look in her eye. "Arthur used to like doing that to me," she said wistfully. "I've never cheated on him."

"I'd make it enjoyable," I promised.

"I'm sure you would," said Angela
"Do you have a lot of kinky hair down there?"

"That's personal!" For a moment, I was not sure if I had offended or titillated her.

"I need to check it out." I persisted, "I'm an official pussy inspector. I have a sworn duty to. . ."

"You're absolutely impossible. . ." She covered her mouth to hide her laughter.

"Your pussy curls. . . I look on them as nature's dental floss. The supply must be protected."


I watched every movement of George's hand. I looked away - but briefly. My own equipment was working overtime, swelling and becoming as hard as it had been in recent years. Angela arched her back, her eyes closed, a pleasurable grin expanding her mouth.

I was definitely conflicted. I thought to myself. George's an old man. He surely can't be coming onto her like that. He's aggressive and made comments about women he had been with. I had believed, however, that my Angela would never let another man touch her. She was clean and innocent.

I stretched out, in my confined space, and tried to ease the constriction in my groin area. I was definitely aroused. While briefly away from the visuals, I rethought the whole thing. This was my long-married wife and my friend down there. I had a huge hard on with the slick pre-cum seeping out. I was so aroused, that I definitely wanted it to happen. I wanted to see them fuck. I returned to the screen, to watch.

George had cupped my Angela's sweet, soft breasts in his palms. That almost made me cum!

She tugged at George to sit on the floor next to the little table. She sat on his lap. She slowly placed her dainty hands over George's hands with the long slender fingers and the masses of brown age spots and directed them back onto her belly.

George did not miss a beat. He toyed with her soft, somewhat wrinkled, skin and her deep, ticklish navel. They finished their drinks. I thought the night was finished and that now they would go to their separate bedrooms.

But Angela guided George's hands toward her sagging breasts. He hesitated and looked at her, solemnly. Polite and careful man that he was, knowing I was probably watching, he asked, "Are you all right with this?"

My heart was torn! His hands fondled and pinched my wife's rounded, titties. I had the erection of my life. I wanted it to happen. There was something hypnotizing about my grandmotherly wife, though innocent of other men, being willingly handled by a man twelve years her senior.

The fact that he was not a handsome devil, and a bit overweight, got me worked up. What could she see in him? I sat, like a boy with a new toy, letting another man seduce my wife into doing things I had only imagined. I made up my mind to enjoy the inevitable. I would not spoil things for my wife. I said to myself, "Me? I'm OK with whatever Angela's wants."


Angela bit her lip as if in deep thought. "George, do you think that sex is dirty?"

"Some say, that if it isn't, you're not doing it right."

"Oh You!" She slapped playfully at me.

"I'm serious. We get most turned on by what, in our culture, is forbidden."

"Do I turn you on?" I enquired.

I placed her hand on the expanded lump at my crotch. "What would you say?"

Her generous, full, lips formed a perfect "O." "Ohhh! You really must really be thinking very dirty thoughts." She smiled. "Are they about me?"

"Very much so," said I.

"Would you care to share them with me?"

"Only if I can play with your soft, round bottom and maybe let me spank it a little."

She giggled. "You really are a dirty old man."

"Not as dirty as I would like to be!" I ran my left hand up the outside of her solid calf, to a rounded, firmer thigh. I pulled her close and cupped the left cheek of her buttocks.

Angela offered no resistance. Indeed, she was now giving me tacit encouragement to proceed. Though mature in life, she appeared almost innocently virginal in sexual adventure. She was, I think, as curious as I.

"You make me frightfully randy," she murmured. "I have no will to resist you."

I caressed her naked breasts. "They're not quite 'little girl' titties but the nipples are so lovely. They want to be played with."

Angela moaned. "I'd love to be your young lassie, but these old titties are what I have."

She leaned back and kissed me, open mouthed, while I fondled her breasts. I wondered if Arthur, at this moment, were watching me. I squeezed her fine, sagging teats and also played with – and pinched – her nipples.

She moaned and shifted her body. Every few minutes, we made eye-contact and kissed with much playing of our tongues.

I moved my hands lower. I asked about her bush. "Am I going to find lots of nice, curly hair down there? I know you're going to be tight."

She smiled and let out a long slow, "Ohhhh!" sound. "You make me feel so terribly naughty." Angela said, as she unbuttoned her skirt, loosened the zipper and lowered the waistband enough to tease me.

"Oh God! Touch me." This, from a lady who, Arthur had told me, did voluntary work at the local church!


George had his hand under my wife's skirt, just over where her nether pink lips and clit would be. He teased her with his fingertips. Her hips moved writhed with pleasure. Angela loved what he was doing to her and I loved watching. One of her hands stole behind her. I assumed it found George's crotch. At this point I was blown away! My dear, prudish wife, Angela was holding his cock. This old man had her topless, rubbing her pussy under her skirt. Now, she was playing stroking his dick! They paused between wet kisses.

He said, "Remove your skirt. Let me see your pretty legs and your sexy pussy fur."

He tugged at the waistband of her skirt. She gracefully lifted her hips for him to pull the skirt from under her. That aroused me further. Now he could now view the entire length of her legs, topped off by her pink panties!

He spread her legs and positioned himself inside of her knees. She held both hands over her pussy and appeared shy for the first time.

He said, "You want me to take my pants off, to even the score?"

Angela said "Oh, yes! Please! I want see you."

He kicked off his shoes, dropped his pants and briefs and stepped out of them. He knelt before her. His hard penis pushed up and out, pointing at her. She could not help but look at it. It was not huge, perhaps seven inches – but it was thick.

I thought to myself, "If he fucks her with that, she'll never be able to feel me inside her again. . ."

He gave her panties a tug. She did not lift and give him 'permission.' He removed her hands from her pussy. The crotch, dark and slick, was soaked. Even tucked away in my viewing corner, I imagined I smelled her slick, feminine juices. He looked her in the eyes.

"Don't hide from me. You want me to see you. Let me slide them off."

She watched his eyes as he clutched the narrow elastic of her panties. She put an arm around his neck and lifted her butt. He slowly pulled her panties away from her bush and her slit. Angela lay, completely naked, her wet creamy pussy exposed. She lay back against the couch, waiting for George's next move.

Being a bit drunk, she had started this thing, but it was clear that George was now in control. Each time he touched her, she moaned. She was obviously fixated on his swollen cock. He kissed her and confidently introduced a middle finger, slowly and firmly, up her twat. She moaned. Her body convulsed at his touch. George didn't seem to notice, but I knew she had a minor orgasm. George had barely touched her clit and she was coming for him!

Her head lay back against the couch cushion, her legs splayed wide. Her hips lifted off the carpet as she erupted again – with a second, stronger, orgasm. George played with her tits and titillated her clitty with his fingers. She moaned and manipulated the head of his cock.

He kept asking, "You like that, Angela? Tell me what you like."

Obediently, she looked into his eyes. "I want. . . you. . . to. . .fuck me." She whispered, "Fuck me hard!"

Her legs drew up, knees parted, as he mounted her. He plowed into her hard, her hands scratching his back, her legs locked over his. George worked his stiff cockhead into her and pressed into her. In and out of her he went, over and over again. My Angela's pussy was getting fucked. I listened to the hot, wet, slushy, sounds as he pumped his cock into my wife's hungry hole. She gripped his clenched, scrawny buttocks with both hands and tried to pull him deeper into her.

Abruptly, George withdrew from her. His cunt-soaked cock, swollen to near bursting, glowed obscenely in the lamplight.

"Noooo!" moaned Angela. "Please fuck me. I need more."

George turned quickly on the floor. Carefully but firmly, he guided his cunt-soaked prick, to her soft, parted, lips. Slowly, he pushed the head into her mouth. She opened further to receive his thick, slick-with-her-juices, cock.

I could not believe what I was seeing. He pumped that hard cock in and out of my Angela's small, sucking mouth. And she accepted it! My loving wife had given George her pussy. Now she was sucking his thick cock, with the same mouth she kisses me with! She sucked him, as I had taught her to suck me. She cupped his hairy scrotum and massaged his balls. She toyed with his asshole, fingering it lovingly, as I had taught her to play with mine.

He held my wife's head and thrust his cock deep into her throat, until she had it all. From his open-mouthed, frozen, expression, I knew he had shot his first spurts of cum. He backed off as he came and pulled out of her mouth. I clearly saw her mouth oozing with slippery, slimy spunk. Still, he shot his thick cum at her face. He rubbed it with the smooth head of his dick. While he leaned into her she pulled on his smooth ass cheeks, encouraging him to fuck her pretty face. He gently rubbed his dick on her open mouth.

Finally he lay on his side. "That was fantastic, Angela. Now, stretch out beside me."

Using her soft inner thigh, near her crotch, as a pillow, he brought his mouth close to her pussy and extended his tongue to touch her clit.

"Ooooooh!" gasped Angela. "I'm so tender there and so sensitive.

"Let's do each other," said George.

Lying on her side, she pulled his softening manhood into her mouth and pushed a hand between his hairy legs to softly caress his ass. For the next five minutes, my wife lay with his limp dick in her mouth, nursing it like a baby, while he teased her clit with his tongue.

After she came gently, for the fourth time, I thought she might fall asleep nursing his spent cock. I thought it time let her know I was there. My cock was as hard as a rock from watching her get filled with cock. George had done a fine job at seduction.

My dick throbbed in my trousers. I could not believe what I had seen. My friend had turned on my wife more than I ever had. It was surprising that I had not cum in my pants. Indeed, from all the precum down there it would be hard to say that I had not.

While they were still in post-coital bliss, I left the loft and exited by a side door.


I lay on my back, Angela astride me, my spent cock still deep in her mouth.

The front door opened and closed. Someone shouted, "Hello, Darling, it's me!"

"Dear God! It's Arthur!" Angela tried, vainly, to pull away from me, her new lover.

"There you are," said Arthur. "Isn't THIS a nice get-together? What am I interrupting?"

"Nothing, really" tittered the very naked Angela. "George and I were just having a friendly romp, just like you've always tried to encourage me to. Well! This time, I really did!"

"A friendly romp, indeed!" fumed Arthur. "I return home find my trusted wife being fucked and clitty licked, by a supposed-to-be friend. It's fortunate that I canceled my trip and came back!"

"What makes you think we were fucking?" asked Angela.

"I. . . Well I know. . ."

"You watched!" accused his wife. "You sneaked in and hid someplace and watched us."

"If I did all that, who has a better right to? asked Arthur.

"You watched, Arthur?" I asked. "You really watched us?"

"Of course he did," said Angela. She faced her husband. "I hope you got yourself an eyeful. Did you get yourself off?"

"Not yet," said Arthur. "I was hoping you'd let me join you."

"He's often begged me to let a friend join us for a threesome," said Angela.

"You are willing to share, Arthur?" I asked, "I can't believe it!"

Arthur nodded. "It's been a longtime fantasy of mine, to watch my wife with another man."

"But," I said. "The lady is your wife."

"I love her, I really do, but I she thinks I'm boring," said Arthur. "I want to do something exciting for her. And you have obliged me. Thank you George!"

Angela smiled, without much joy, at her husband. "You just wanted a new thrill, to get yourself off."

"That too," admitted, Arthur, "but, Darling, I do love you."

"This was all a setup." She looked at me. "Wasn't it?"

Arthur had mentioned it," I said, gently, "but I never though it could happen. I was, genuinely, totally surprised that he wasn't here when I arrived."

I took the hand of the naked wife of my host. "Please believe me. I'm very happy to have made love to you."

"Let's keep it honest, George" said Angela. "You fucked me and you enjoyed it. And I actually LOVED it! So there!"

She looked towards her husband. "You, my dear husband are the only one dressed. If you plan being a part of this party, you'd best get naked."

Arthur quickly removed his coat, shirt and tie, He was somewhat shorter than My 6'1 and weighed a lot less than my 190 lbs. When he dropped his pants and drawers his uncircumcised cock pointed outward and slightly upward in a very stiff erection.

"Why Arthur!" exclaimed, Angela, "I do believe you are quite prepared to do some fucking."

"My dear, I'd enjoy that immensely." He replied, earnestly.

"Did you have anyone particular in mind?" she asked, saucily.

"Well certainly not George!"

Angela turned to me. "What do you think George?"

"It's obvious that Arthur is not interested in me at the moment."

"Are you interested in him doing you, then?" enquired Angela, of her husband.

"I'm not interested in surrendering my virginity to him tonight." was his response.

"Then you've never been done by a man?"

"Never," said Arthur.

"Well then," said Angela, "I suppose it's up to me. "I have the choice of two upstanding members. Now, which should I chose?"

"You could do both?" I said.

"At one time?" she enquired, a little cautiously.

"Of course."

Angela licked her lips. "How could that be done?"

Arthur said, "Really now. We don't have to do that."

"Arthur," I reminded him, "we did a cybersex threesome, a couple of years back, if you remember. I believe you enjoyed yourself splendidly."

"Tell me more." begged Angela.

Please! It was only fantasy," protested Arthur.

"He chose to do her in her ass," I revealed.

"He's always been after me to do mine," tittered Angela. "Should I let him?"

"I remember being quite hard that night," I said.

"I believe we both were," said Arthur.

"Just as both of you are now! But now you see each other's hard cocks." Angela said, as she took her husband's stiff organ in hand and skinned back the foreskin to expose the shiny, pink crown. "It's such a nice sight and it makes me so... juicy."

"You do that very much and I shall go off in your hand," said Arthur.

Angela took my cock in her free hand. "So George, how did you two do the lady? How do I go about getting these two proud specimens into little old me, at the same time?"

"I think I would occupy your sweet pussy, while Arthur enters your. . ."

"Your fundament," interrupted her husband.

"You mean, 'up my ass,' as you've always wanted to?"

"Yes, Dear, your sweet, treasured ass," admitted Arthur. "I claim your virginal ass as a family treasure."

"Then I claim your sweet pussy as my prize." I said, as I squeezed her solid thigh where it joined her pussy. "After all the love juice I've lost tonight, I doubt I'd be stiff enough to enter virgin territory."

"Soon, I mean to pluck that tight rosebud," vowed her husband.

"You mean 'fuck it,' don't you darling?" said his wife.

"First I'll pluck it – and then I'll fuck it," he responded.

First Angela kissed my cock head. Then she slipped Arthur's foreskin up and over the head of his bursting cock, then back to take that one in her mouth.

I lay back on the floor, a couch pillow under my head. My stiff cock pointed upward. I reached out for the sexy woman hovering over me.

"Come on, Honey, climb aboard."

Angela, a knee on each side, sat astride me, with my hard cock slipped into the wet velvet of her clasping vagina. Her lips parted. She sucked in a long, slow, breath as she descended. She absorbed me until I was deep insider her and our curly hairs came together. "Oooooh!" she breathed, "You feel delicious."

I grabbed her hips, tilted her forward and spread her nether cheeks wide. "Oh I say, Arthur, do you see the target of your dreams?"

Arthur dropped to his knees behind his wife's bum. "Objective is in sight. Are you ready, Darling?"

Angela tittered. "I think you could hardly miss such a big target."

She steeled herself for her husband's onslaught. Her body tensed. "I'm ready. Do me! Bum me, Darling!"

Arthur poured a little baby oil onto his palm and anointed his throbbing prick. He then used his oily fingers to slicken her back hole.

"Ooooh! Your finger feels so good," moaned Angela.

"Are you ready for it, Dear?"

"Oh, I am soooo... ready."

"I'll go slowly. Tell me if it hurts."

Angela stiffened and her vaginal walls tightened about my cock, as Arthur's dick touched – then pressured – her anal opening.

"Push out as I push in," instructed Arthur.

Angela grunted. "You feel much larger back there than you do when you do me in front."

"Such a tight rosebud," gasped Arthur. He pressed forward and breached the anal muscle. "I'm in," he gasped.

Angela moaned.

"Am I hurting you?"

"Only a little," hissed Angela. "Go on."

I felt Arthur's cock slide in through the fine film of tissue that separates the rectum from the vaginal passage. My cock twitched as more blood flowed into it. It swelled to a new hardness as our cocks, in parallel passages, rubbed each other. The feel was, as Angela has said, 'delicious.'

"Oh God!" said Angela.

"So tight," said Arthur.

I said, "I feel you, Arthur. Can you feel me?"

"I feel you."

"I feel you both," breathed Angela. "I'm so full of cock. It feels as if I will burst"

"I'm fucking my wife's ass," panted Arthur. "He withdrew his cock to push it back in again."

"Do you like doing my ass, Darling?" asked Angela?

Arthur slowly pulled out and returned his cock to its full depth. As the passage grew more accommodating to the invasion of his cock, he picked up speed.
With Angela's full weight up on me and Arthur pressing on her, I could barely move. However, I was not complaining. I was deep inside Angela's warm, wet, matronly pussy. With each full stroke of her husband's cock, it slid against and deliciously massaged the underside of mine. Never, in my entire life, had I experienced such sensations. I knew I could not last very long under such pleasure.

"Oh! You both feel so good inside me," breathed Angela. "Can you really feel each other's cocks? Against each other? Inside me?"

"I can feel him, hard as a rock against me," groaned Arthur.

"And George, do you feel Arthur?"

"All I could gasp was, Jesus! I'm cumming!

"Oh FUCK!" Arthur threw back his head, slammed his cock home and pressed tight to Angela's ass and pumped his essence into her bowels. His balls brushed and lay on mine and I couldn't move under their weight.

He screamed, "I'm cumming too!"

Our two throbbing cocks shrank as they soaked where they were and slowly slipped from their slippery channels. Angela rolled onto her back and dabbed at her leaking orifices with paper napkins. She giggled.

"Was it as good for you guys as it was for me?"


Angela brushed the hair back from her eyes.

"Please have pity on an old woman who has just been screwed into next year. Let me go to bed and dream about what you two have done to me."

"Fine! Angela and I will be off to our dreams." I saluted our guest. "Good night, George. We enjoyed you immensely."

I took Angela's hand and helped her stand. I took her arm and walked her toward the bedroom.

"What kind of hospitality is that?" asked Angela. "Where are your manners, Arthur? We have a king size bed. George sleeps with us and I'm in the middle."

"So much the better," I said. "Let's take a shower and so to bed."

The three of us, naked and arm in arm, staggered up the stairs and into the bathroom. Angela sat on the toilet and let go a stream of piss that cascaded into the commode water. I started to get an erection, despite our threesome we had just concluded.

As one, George and I pointed our softened cocks toward the shower drain and let fly. Some of it slashed our feet. Neither of us seemed to mind. As Angela joined us, she shook her head as if to say, 'What a waste?'

We fell into bed, with Angela in the middle. Under the sheet, Angela turned her back to George and presented her sweet ass to him. I felt him move behind her and fit himself to her, spoon fashion. He went to sleep quickly. Angela went to sleep with my cock in her hand. It had been a long time since. . .


When I awoke, I was alone in the bed. There was a short robe at the foot. I grabbed it and went to the bathroom to relieve myself. I also trimmed up my beard with a razor and showered. Before donning the robe, I took another Cialis. The one I had taken yesterday had certainly worked to perfection.

Arthur and Angela were on the back, screened-in porch, having breakfast. They wore robes similar to mine. Angela rose and planted a wet kiss on my cheek. There were scrambled eggs and bacon in the covered electric skillet.

Arthur poured coffee. "I trust you slept well."

"I don't think I moved all night. I was drained and dead to the world."

The matronly Angela reached under the table and rubbed my soft cock. She purred with delight. "Good. It's going to be a beautiful day and you'll need all of your strength to keep up with me."

Arthur excused himself to answer the front door chimes.

"That would be our next door neighbor," said Angela. "Arthur doesn't know that I know - but he has been fucking her." According to Angela, he had been having an affair with the 75-year old widow for several years.

Arthur returned, accompanied by a tall, older, woman wearing a jogging suit. She stood nearly six feet and was lanky thin with the slender, muscular, legs of a marathon runner. He introduced Mary to me.

Mary smiled, revealing perfect false teeth.

"Greetings Angela" said Mary, "Surprised to see your neighbor so early?"

Angela nodded to acknowledge her neighbor, silently.

Arthur let his robe, his only article of clothing, slip from his shoulders and fall to the floor. He said, "George, Mary too, enjoys fun and games. Shall we all get naked and be more comfortable?"

"Arthur likes me naked, don't you, old boy?" The older woman kicked off her running shoes. She turned to Angela. "I hope you don't mind, Darling."
"Not at all, Mary. In fact George and I will join you." Angela and I stood and disposed of our robes. Arthur's wife held on to my hand, possessively.

Mary's age became evident as she peeled away her sweaty costume, exposing a wispy thin, triangular patch of loosely coiled, pubic fur at her crotch. Her slit was deep and plainly visible. The twin cheeks of her boyish butt were taut, smoothly rounded, globules of solid muscle. They would little more than fill my cupped hands comfortably.

Mary's small, sagging breasts bore thimble sized nipples that already appeared hard and extended from amazingly large areolas. Those slack tits swung freely as she knelt to take Arthur's cock into her mouth and swallow it. Her reddish brown hair fell over a hawk-like face.

"Mary!" Angela said, "You look wonderful! I must say you certainly look very mature in your birthday clothes."

Glances were exchanged, but nothing was spoken. If Angela were puzzled, she did not say so. She may have known of Arthur's affair – but no longer had any grounds to complain.

Mary sat next to Angela and me. The old lady's cunt had hardly more that a few sparse tufts of gray, wiry, pussy hair. I reached over and fingered her sloppy wet slit until she came, accompanied by stifled cries of delight. The old lady was certainly randy.

Arthur suggested that Mary should suck my prick. Thus, the old lady knelt between my thighs. Angela took my cock in her hand and guided it to Mary's open mouth. Angela pushed my cock between the woman's lips. After some hard sucking and expert tonguing, I found myself ready to shoot.

Angela knelt next to Mary to watch, as my sperm erupted. She made sure I throbbed my spunk into her neighbor's mouth, until it oozed out of the corners. Angela held my prick, as well as Mary's head, to avoid us coming apart.

Arthur demanded that Mary swallow it all. "Is it good Mary? Does his cum taste really good?"

With her mouth very full, Mary could only nod.

Angela guided my prick from Mary's mouth to dab it between her neighbor's sagging tits. The final drops fell there. She was delighted. While Mary had been sucking me, I had been squeezing Mary's sagging tits, to keep her in a state of sexual excitement.

Arthur then invited us all to their bedroom. There, the lovely Angela lay face up on the bed. Her husband asked if I cared to eat Angela's cunt. I bent between those full, rounded thighs and placed my tongue on the lady's clit. She begged me to work a finger up into her juicy cunt. Arthur sat on the side of the bed and just played with his hard prick, watching his wife being toyed with by another dirty old man – me!


George had a fine time, kissing and playing with Angela's cunt. He reached up to squeeze her full, lovely titties. Soon she moaned, in a way that made everyone aware that she was about to cum. She cried out, "Oh! George! Make me cum!"

George did what he thought was his best. But at Angela's urgent plea, George fingered her faster and sucked and licked on her gray, furry cunt, wet and sticky that it was.

Angela cried out in the agony and ecstasy of her climax. "Oh! Cunt! Fuck!"

I urged Mary to lie back and part her thighs so that George could enter her tight, old, cunt. This was a great moment for me. I was going to watch George actually fuck our neighbor, my lover, who, until an hour before, he had never met. Mary pulled open her own cunt lips. George knelt between her thighs.

Eagerly, Angela took his penis in her hand, gave it a few strokes and guided it to Mary's juicy cunny. Angela told Mary that it was longer than my cock, and thicker; she assured her that she would love it. "Mary," Angela could not resist a saucy comment, "I'm sure you knew that, already – Eh! Mary?"

Angela said she absolutely loved having it when it was being fucked her up her own cunt.

George said he would be happy to oblige her.

Angela coyly told George not to be so cheeky. "Now, George," she cried, "Push that lovely prick up Mary's old, gray twat and fuck her hard."

"Oh! Oh!" cried Mary, in some discomfort, "It is big! It fills me nearly to bursting!"

In what he thought was deference to Mary, George slowed his thrusting.

Angela, however, insisted that he keep putting it more strongly than ever to the old woman. "Fuck her hard" She cried. "Mary loves it. Fuck your new lover – harder. Harder than that!"

Part of her, I thought, wanted to hurt Mary – to "punish" her for our affair. Although, I also believed that, after her being fucked by George, she had forgiven me some of my own transgressions.

George's thick, old cock probed deeply into his new lover's cunt. The equally sexy Angela encouraged him. George fucked, faster and faster, up the gray-haired widow!

Soon, Mary – herself – was begging George to fuck her harder. Angela, too, urged him to fuck their neighbor at a really punishing pace. George managed to keep it up for fifteen or twenty minutes before he was close to cumming. Finally he shot load after load of spunk, like Roman candle balls of fire, up the gray-haired cunt. Mary squealed with delight! Angela rubbed her own pussy as she watched.
George's softening cock plopped from the old woman's dripping cunt. I asked George if he would suck the spunk from Mary's slimy hole, while they watched. George did not look certain that he wanted a taste his of own essence. Mary lay back and opened her scrawny thighs, revealing the slick, slimy semen, dripping from her swollen, nether lips, still warm from George's prick.

When I asked George to lick Mary's dripping cunt, he hesitated. Angela told him she truly would like to see him clean Mary's pussy, as he had hers. "After all." she said, "I swallowed everything you shot into my mouth last night."

George, not wanting to be discourteous to Angela, after she had been so hospitable, pointed out that when he had eaten her pussy, there was no cum in it. "I've never tasted myself," said George.

"Well then, it's time you did," said the lovely Angela. "It's really quite delightful."

George, no coward he, bent to his task. He spent ten minutes licking his own spunk from the wet, wrinkly, old cunt. As he licked, Mary got more and more excited until she came off with some delightfully obscene cries. She squeezed her thighs and cunt-lips together, forcing more goo into George's mouth.

I then quickly stripped the sheets from the bed, to reveal that the mattress was covered with a large rubber sheet.

I lay face up on the bed, prepared to suck Angela's cunt as thoroughly as George had licked Mary's. My wife carefully lowered herself to my face; her tasty cunt was positioned over my mouth. With great delight, I sucked and licked. I reached up to tickle her tits – more firm than Mary's. Angela moaned. George told Mary that she should suck my cock. Mary swallowed my organ easily.

I licked Angela's labia minora and separated them from the major, outside fur-fringed, lips. I worked my tongue into each familiar cranny and crevice. Angela wriggled and squirmed on my face but never did she pull away. I stiffened my tongue and worked it into her womanly slit and forced my way up her as far as I could reach.

Angela moaned. When I reached her small, ever so sensitive, clitty, she bucked like a bronco with a burr under the saddle. I held her in place with a hand on each full hip.

Angela cried out, "Oh! Jesus GOD! I'm going to cum! Oh!"

I kept licking and sucking at my wife's sweet honey pot.

Angela cried out, "Oh My Dear, I'm going to pee! I'm. . . I'm pissing on you!"

I tasted the few drops of Angela's salty piss and started to pull away.

"No, you don't, Arthur" cried George, "You watched me eat my own cum. Now you must lie there and drink your wife's warm pee. Swallow it."

I tried to pull away. George said, "Arthur! Naughty boy! Drink up or I'll piss on you!"

Eagerly – and as it turned out – quite enjoyably, I drank down a quantity of Angela's golden piss, as it spurted into my compliant mouth. Her hot pee warmed my throat, as I swallowed. Mary kept sucking at my cock until I shot wads of cum all over her face and her shrunken titties.

We all retired to the shower and then, still naked, went out into the enclosed back yard to rest and recline in the warm fresh air. Then, I think, we all napped for a while.


We woke in the early afternoon. Angela, with Mary's help, lay out a buffet lunch with cold cuts, ham, roast beef and cheeses. There was also coleslaw and potato salad. All were served cans of Heiniken beer. It was the first time I had attended a naked picnic.

"A Naked Lunch, so to speak," said Arthur. Much was made of having dessert at the "Y". I enjoyed "Creme de l'Angela" served on curly cunt. Angela reciprocated'

After lunch, Mary had to go home. She promised to return in about an hour.

Arthur had something to do that required taking the car. Angela had slipped on a sweater and skirt to see them off. Despite the fun and games, and despite cumming twice, already, I had yet to fuck Angela, this day.

Angela and I had an hour, at least, to ourselves. She wanted me to fuck her before Arthur or their neighbor, Mary, returned.

We sat on the couch kissing. She wore a tight, sexy sweater, emphasizing her tits. Very soon I had my hand underneath it. I easily slid my hand around to unclip her bra. But she wanted me to see her in her sexy undies before we got naked. She asked me to strip and to sit with her. We kissed some more. She squeezed and rubbed my cock.

Arthur, as if on cue, entered the room. One again, he wanted to watch his wife take care of another man's prick. He eyed mine, clearly anxious for it to perform in his wife.

"So that is what you want to put up my lovely wife," said Arthur. "I'd love watching while you do her again. Fill her cunt with cum. I know my wife wants that big, hard prick up her. Can you can manage that?"

I replied, "I'm not sure. After all, I'm an old man."

"But George, I insist on being fucked, even though I am an older lady. Let me show you my undies," said Angela.

Angela pulled her sweater over her head revealing her brassiere-encapsulated titties. My prick, until now just hanging heavily, stiffened.

She smiled, unzipping her tight navy skirt. I helped her wiggle it to the floor. As she stepped out of it, we hugged. I felt her sexy underwear, then gripped her full-cheeked ass and gave each of her buttocks a squeeze and a little slap.

"Are you spanking me?" asked Angela.

"Mere love taps," I said.

Angela stepped back to let me see her. She was in black lace underwear, including crotchless panties that exposed her full, graying pubes. Sheer black stockings were clipped to her garter-belt. Her nipples were barely covered by the skimpy bra.

Reaching for my hand, she led me to the bedroom and the big bed. I bent her over the bed and removed the flimsy panties. A lovely ass like this should never be covered," I proclaimed. "You should be spanked for hiding it."

Gabriel waved her 68-year-old, rounded, butt at me. "Would you actually spank me?"

"I'd love to warm that pretty ass, until it's really pink."

"I bet that would turn you on nicely." she teased, "Spanking an old woman's defenseless bottom. Does that really titillate you?"

"I think I should dearly love to see that," said Arthur. "Of course, so long as it is done humanely."

"I'd play butt bongos on her sweet ass," I said, "just hard enough to warm her and give her a nice shade of pink."

Arthur explained that another fantasy of his was seeing Angela spanked by someone else. "I'd love to hear the sharp crack of a hand on her pretty, bare butt," he exclaimed. "That would give me a magnificent hard-on."

"Darling," exclaimed Angela, "You never told me."

"You'd have agreed?" asked Arthur.

"Probably not, but I'm willing to lie across his lap, now, if George does the spanking." She looked up, teasingly to her husband. "Would you use that hard-on to fuck Mary? I'd love to watch you."

"With your permission," replied Arthur.

"By all means," said Angela. "I shall be bottom-buggered by George's cock after he warms my bare butt properly."

Sitting on the bed, I pulled Angela across my lap, so that she lay straight out, face down, with her bottom centered and rising magnificently under my hands. Her pussy hairs tickled my hard cock.

"Now you are talking dirty," I admonished, sternly, "and I will truly warm your insolent butt that you've been teasing me with."

"Warm it well," urged Arthur. "I'm getting harder from just imagining it."

My hands caressed the cellulite, rippled, bottom-cheeks of my hostess.

Mary stepped through the door. "Have you nasty people started without me?"

"You're just in time, actually! George is going to warm my wife's sweet ass." Our host looked on while he twiddled a finger at the lightly-fringed twat of his next door neighbor. I lightly finger slapped Angela's far cheek in rapid, bongo tempo rhythm. Each slap echoed a distinct, erotic sound to the room.

"WOW!" exhaled Angela. "That smarts!"

"You asked for it," They were such nice rounded globes. I caressed those cheeky cheeks, squeezed them and watched them return to their perfect shape. Once an ass man always an ass man.

"I'm flabby back there," said Angela. "You shouldn't call attention to my jiggling flaws."

"Just like you were moulded, from silly putty," I said. "It's such fun to play with. Add a little more pink and you'll be perfect."

"Spank her," said Arthur, "she's been so naughty."

"So have you," said Angela. "Perhaps someone should warm your ass?"

"Under the right circumstances, I shouldn't mind that a bit," said Arthur.

I lay it on harder, as we progressed. Angela protested – but not loudly. Her rounded, pretty, butt became pink and then red. Tears formed at the corners of her eyes and wet the pillow. But she took every slap. I felt the smear of her juices on my naked lap. "I think, my lovely, that you are done to a turn."

"I'm burning up," said the lady with a red butt. "I need a good fucking."

"And a good fucking, your sweet ass shall get." I rolled her off my lap and helped her stand. She bent and placed her hands on the bed, her red rump raised high. Mary handed me a bottle of baby oil. I applied it liberally to the red cheeks and let some run into the deep crack separating them. I then introduced a slick finger, then two, into her little, pink, rosette.

Angela winced then shoved back at me. I've never had anything up there before Arthur did me there last night. It still feels so different."

"You soon will grow to love it, my dear." I withdrew my fingers and slowly introduced my hard prick." She moaned as I slid, slowly, all the way in. Then I rested, before I began the long, slow, strokes.

"I feel so full, said Angela. "You feel so big and hard, sliding in and out of my tiny little hole back there. Oh God! I love it when you go in all the way. Give it to me. Give me all of it!"

I did – and I kept on putting it to her fulsome ass – in!, in!, in!, in! - until we both came and she fell away, rolling on to the bed, face up.


George bent with eager lips and planted them on each of Angela's tits alternately, flicking with his tongue-tip, on the outside of each crested nipple. This drove my wife wild. She pleaded for George to suck them hard. George teased her, by continuing to run his tongue and his mouth round and round her firm protruding nipples.

"George," cried Angela, "suck my nipples harder, please."

George succumbed to her pleas. Placing his lips firmly on one swollen, fiery red nipple, he sucked the randy Angela's tits. She moaned in the agony of her approaching ecstasy.

George sucked and lightly chewed Angela's lovely nipples, which were as hard and as large as thimbles. It hurt her a bit – but he knew that pain is sometimes akin to pleasure. She loved it. Her elderly body writhed in sexual agony. She cried out, "Oh God, George! Suck my tits! Bite them hard! Make me cum again!"

His fingers caressed my wife's cunt. She strained against his seeking hand, urged him to slide a finger into her slick, wet cunt.

"George," she cried, "That's lovely! Oh! Finger my cunt. Do me! Please!"

George now had two fingers probing up my Angela. The lady was in Heaven.

She lay, oblivious to time, as George finger-fucked the Lady Angela. She massaged his swollen prick, hard and throbbingly eager to enter her elderly pussy. Without a word, George rolled on top of her. Without thinking, I grasped George's throbbing cock and guided it into my wife's slippery hole, surrounded by the gray public hair. I was, I realized, now a hands-on conspirator in my own cuckolding. George's cock seemed to burn my fingers, as I brought it to my wife's slit.

"That's lovely," cried Angela, "Push! It's up me! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me good!"

Beside myself with lust, I cried out to George, "Give her your spunk. Fuck my wife! Fuck her good!"

George's cock hammered into Angela's juicy pussy. Sweat poured off of him. His heart pounded. She begged for more. Harder and harder, George pounded his old prick up my passion-racked wife. She writhed and wriggled as one smooth, well-oiled, human, fucking machine.

Unfortunately, George could not cum. His earlier fucking had left the older man short of ammunition. I felt for him - but I still begged George to fuck Angela harder. He shoved his prick into her as fast and as hard as he could.

"Oh George! Come in me" she cried, "Cum in my cunt! Do me! Do me! Do me!"

George pushed as hard as he could. Sweat poured off of him. Finally, Angela cried out, "Oh! I'm cumming!" Oh! Fuck me! George! Fuck Me!"

George held her tightly until her climax subsided. They were still at it, when Mary arrived.

George, Angela and Arthur did not hear her enter the bedroom, obviously attracted by the noise.

Mary said, "Angela! It's so lovely seeing you get fucked with a new prick. Is it good?"

"Mary darling, it's wonderful" said Angela, "I made George cum once. Now we have been fucking for half an hour and he hasn't cum again yet! But I want him to shoot his spunk!"

"Why not let me join you?" said Mary.

Soon, Mary was quite naked.

George rolled off of Angela, his prick still stiff. He sat on the edge of the bed. Mary knelt in front of him, her face near his prick. Angela sat to the side and began rubbing his cock. She bent and sucked on his hard cock, as she held Mary's hand tightly and lovingly.

"Get ready Mary" cried Angela "he's going to cum! Take it on your tits. It is only fair; I got one dose."

"Oh! I want it! I want it!" cried Mary, eagerly.

Angela rubbed and worked his cock until George finally felt the spunk rise. "I'm cumming!" he cried out.

"Mary! Open your mouth. Push up those tits." Angela took command. "Mary, open your mouth. Quickly, or it will be too late."

Mary opened her lips wide and extended her tongue. She pushed her tits upwards.

"Now, George," cried Angela, "shoot it into Mary's mouth!"

Groaning in delight, George shot his load into the mouth of our neighbor.

The elderly widow's response was, "Ugh!" She tried to pull away.

"Don't, Mary! Swallow it all! Swallow his sweet cum" cried Angela. "George, squirt that lovely goo into her mouth." Angela held his spurting prick and Mary's head to ensure that she took it all. "Mary! Swallow!" Turning to Arthur, she whispered, "I don't think she's done this very much before, has she? Now George, shoot the rest of it onto Mary's tits."

George withdrew his prick, still pumping hot semen. He dabbed it on to Mary's tits. She, in turn, pushed them up to receive the several spurts that spilled on her dried up titties. She clearly loved it. She rubbed it over her small, sagging mounds and began massaging her swollen nipples.

"You know, Mary," said Angela, "Arthur once told me he had the fantasy of seeing me rub a man's penis while another woman sucked it. We gave Arthur his fantasy, Mary. Now, let me lick those slippery tits clean of George's cum." Angela bent to apply her tongue to the engorged nipples.

"Darling, I've enjoyed it all!" said Mary. "It felt a bit strange at first. As you said, I've never done it like that before. And the nipple licking, I love you doing that!"

Angela lifted her head and smiled. "I'd better stop. I must save a few drops for Arthur."


Angela suggested that Arthur lay Mary back on the bed. He kissed her on the lips and must have tasted my spunk. Then he kissed the old grandmotherly tits and licked up the cum that came from an old man's prick.

Angela spoke to Mary and George. "You know, my dears," she said, "While we all feel so sexy, Arthur and I have a surprise for you."

She directed Mary and I to stay on the bed and amuse ourselves until Arthur called us to the enclosed back yard.

"What about Arthur?" I asked. "Won't he be cross?"

"Oh no," said Angela, "Mary told me, that she would like you to fuck her. Arthur said he would to watch. It's another of his fantasies!"

Mary directed my head between her widespread thighs. Parting her nether lips, my elderly partner drew me to her wrinkled pussy and urged me to suck her prominent clit, which almost resembled a baby prick.

As I worked on Mary's big clit, she reached up and played with my exhausted cock. I licked her gently and pushed my fingers into her asshole, working them in and out of it with a fucking motion. She was soon in the grip of passion.
"Mmmmmmm! That's lovely." cried Mary

"Yes, George!" cried Arthur, returning to the room, "Suck her cunt! Make her old cunt juicy."

Mary cried "Make me cum, George! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me. "

"I'll guarantee you a good cum," said Arthur. "Come with me."

Arthur ushered us out through the enclosed porch to the shady, enclosed and very private back yard. "You two, get ready for a big surprise.

"Oh Arthur! Are we having another nudist party?" Mary cried out.

"Yes," Angela giggled. "We're all going to remain naked and. . ." she tittered again, "somebody's going to get pissed."

"You mean drunk?" I asked.

"I mean really pissed," said Angela. 'She turned to Arthur. "Don't I Darling?"

We were led to a place under a big tree, where a rubber sheet covered the grass. In the center of the sheet, a specially adapted toilet seat stood, rigidly, on four legs. There were two small attachments under the seat.

"Angela, whatever is it?" cried Mary.

"A pissing-stool, Darling" said Angela, proudly. "Arthur designed it and had it made, especially for us!"

"How does it work?" asked Mary.

Arthur explained that a person was collared and made to lie, face up, under the seat. Angela then insisted that Arthur demonstrate. Arthur was not too keen to be seen in such a humbling position. However, Mary and I urged him to demonstrate.

Arthur did as he was asked. After he lay comfortably on his back, under the seat, looking upwards, Angela fitted him with a leather dog-collar attached to the hooks under the seat. She then invited Mary, to take a seat over Arthur, so that he could look up into her grandmotherly, sparsely-fringed cunt. She then shackled his hands to his legs, using a pair of looped dog-chains. He looked most uncomfortable.

The women obviously took delight in Arthur's discomfort. To relieve strain on the collar, Arthur was forced to raise his head, until his mouth was but inches from the cunt of his older lover.

The elderly widow opened her lower lips so that he could, more easily, look up inside her female organs. He ogled, quite clearly, her large clitoris and her urethra opening. Though his fate was obvious, Angela took exceptional delight in explaining it in detail.
"Arthur, Mary is going to Jill herself off. When she comes, she will let down her pee. Her piss will hit your face and run into your mouth. As you know, you are to drink as much of it as you can swallow."

Mary, rubbed at her cunt and pulled at her big clitty for over five minutes before she moaned, "Oh God! Arthur, it's coming. I've got to pee too."

"Let it come," shouted Arthur, "George, can you see it, George? Do you see Mary pissing?"

I could hardly avoid seeing a few drops appear on the opening of Mary's urethra. Then it began dripping on to Arthur's face. Arthur stuck out his tongue and tasted. The piss ran faster, until it became a golden stream. Angela loved the excitement of watching. She sternly ordered her husband to open his mouth and to let it all flow in.


"Drink it Arthur," she cried. "Drink it down."

The taste was salty - but of a pleasant flavor. Mary's piss kept flowing. I was ordered to keep my mouth open and keep swallowing. I was being made to drink the piss of this old neighbor, this sexy grandmother, as it poured into my now eager mouth.

"Is her old piss sweeter than mine?" demanded Angela.

I dared not shake my head and miss a drop of Mary's flowing gift.

Angela straddled my hips and squatted until her furry pussy was positioned directly above my raging hard-on. "Here is more for you, Darling," she cried and let loose her own hot, golden stream, directly on to my rampant cock.


Arthur could hold back no longer. Like a Roman candle belching its thrumping balls of fire, the man's extended prick belched glob after glob of slick, slimy spunk into the open air to mix with the golden piss of his Lady Angela.

Arthur gurgled and swallowed a huge quantity of Mary's piss, as she poured it down into his open mouth. I watched Arthur, Mary and Angela excitedly as my own, already well used, cock once more rose to the occasion and extended upward toward my navel.

"George," cried Angela, "Piss on me. Let me feel your hot piss spray my back."

Standing behind her, I forced my straining prick downward and aimed at her smooth lower back and broadened ass. It came as only a dribble at first. Then the yellow stream broke through. It pulsed and splattered on her pale white back and ran down the crack of her ass to flood her pussy.

"Ohhhhh!" moaned Angela. "No one has ever done this to me before. Your piss is so delightfully hot."

After Arthur had finished cumming, He expected to be released. It was not to be. The two women and I went into the house to shower and get some refreshment. Angela said she was going to have a few large glasses of beer. Obviously it was to fill her bladder for when she took her turn on the piss-stool.

We were gone for over an hour. Arthur, still chained, lay under the piss-stool, possibly ruminating upon his expected fate. On returning, Angela said, "Arthur, Darling, are you ready for my present? I've saved quite a lot for you."

Quite naked, Angela sat on the piss-stool and spread her legs, so that we all could see. Mary readjusted his restraints until they were even more restrictive.

I stood by Angela's side and reached around from behind. I cupped her tits and began massaging them, tickling her nipples.

As I squeezed Angela's tits, Arthur, was looking up into his wife's hairy pussy and got very excited, very quickly. His cock, once more, rose to full mast.

Mary knelt in front of him, on the rubber sheet. She took his stiff cock into her mouth and began to suck.


Mary, inspired by her hostess, sucked on my cock and swallowed it to the root and the short hairs.

Angela continued rubbing her cunt until she began cumming. I watched the anticipated drops of golden piss appear from below her clitoris and between the swollen cunt lips. As with Mary, drips became a steady flow, then a torrent. I pushed my mouth nearer her cunt to catch the flow.

Angela had been preparing for this flood all afternoon. She had been drinking beer and had peed but once since rising that morning.

Her flow became a torrent. It was gushing, splashing and splattering. To me, it became a very tasty drink. I shot my load into the waiting mouth of the eager Mary, lying between my legs.

Angela's pissing continued as though it would never stop. I could not imagine how she had stored all the liquid now flowing so copiously from her hot, wrinkled pussy. Each time I thought that she had finished, she started over. Some splashes on my face went up my nose.

Huge quantities of Angela's piss squirted into my open mouth. It burned and stung my throat, as I swallowed. But, I wanted not to let her down. She was a good sport, agreeing to have sexual fun with me. I would indulge any fantasy she wanted.

My prick, in Mary's mouth, dribbled pre-cum. I swallowed, closed my eyes and extended my tongue, right up my wife's tight, pink, asshole.

Angela's prolonged moan, expressed her great pleasure. "Oh, Arthur, Your tongue is in my ass. It's so Lovely. Lovely."

I could only mumble as I forged into unfamiliar territory.

"Do you like my asshole, Arthur?" cried Angela. "Is it good?"

"It's lovely, Angela," I mumbled. "I could linger here for hours!"

Angela's pissing, like all good things, gradually tapered off and ended. Mary loosened my hands so that I could cup my wife's generous ass-cheeks and play with them, while licking her back crack and her little pink rosebud.

Then, lying on the ground, Angela released me from my collar, at last. I put my head between her smooth ass cheeks and licked her asshole until she came.

Mary's tits were smeared with George's goo. Just for fun, the two ladies knelt in front of George and invited him to piss on their tits and all around their hairy cunts. Finally, Angela opened her mouth and invited him to shoot a stream into her mouth. This was a first for her. She quite enjoyed it and understood a little more what they had been doing to her husband.

"Well, dear," Angela said to Mary, "Now you can invite Arthur and me around to have fun with you. My husband can play with your tits, suck your nipples and lick your cunt. You can suck his cock, swallow his cum, let him shoot over your tits, let him finger-fuck you, fuck you with his cock. Sometime, I hope we can watch your grandson, Doug, do his grandmother up her tight, old bum.

"Doug would enjoy that, I'm sure." said Mary. "In fact, Doug would enjoy seeing Arthur do those same things to you and to me."

"Oh! And by the way, George," said Arthur, "You can visit us and fuck Angela, any time you wish."

My old ass would love that," purred Angela.

"Thank you, Arthur. Thank you Angela." said George "This has been quite a fucking experience for a very grateful and sexy old man."

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