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Another Couple Adds To The Electricity On The Honeymoon

Another Couple Adds To The Electricity On The Honeymoon

Jimmy has another surprise for me at the resort.
The resort was a wonderful place for Jimmy and me to spend our honeymoon. I love the ocean and the color and warmth of the Caribbean water was amazing. It was also a wonderful place to start my new life of sexual freedom.

Jimmy was so happy to be married again and was quite enjoying leading me into places and situations that I had never experienced. He shocked me by undressing me completely while we were walking through the resort property one night and then leading me back to our room. The first time we met another couple on the path, I was quite nervous and embarrassed. The second time, it felt almost like something was being set free deep inside me.

Quickly I was getting used to Jimmy asking me to do things for him; dressing (or undressing) a certain way, exploring different sexual positions and in different locations, and his apparent desire for me to be more 'slutty' as he described, but without being a 'slut.' 

Much to my initial horror, we bumped into the second couple that we met on my nude walk earlier in the week. I should have known that would happen, but never thought about it until we ended up at the swim up bar together.

Jamie and Candace were happy to see us again. They both commented that it was nice to meet me with something on other than a smile. They both asked if I had plans to do it again.

“Maybe!” offered my husband, before I had a chance to say anything.

“I didn’t have plans to do it the first time!” I laughed.

We were getting along very well as couples, so we decided to have dinner together at the Italian restaurant in the resort. It required more formal dress (but still resort wear) for dinner, so I planned on wearing a light strapless maxi dress.

“I want you to wear something special tonight,” Jimmy said.

“What, no underwear again?” I moaned.

“No, actually, I have some special panties for you,” he replied with a sly grin. He handed me a little pair that had something lumpy in them. “Here, this is for you!” Jimmy said as he put them in my hands.

I took a look and could not figure out what was special about them, until all of a sudden they started to vibrate. It startled me so much I dropped them.

“They have a remote control vibrator in them,” Jimmy said as he reached down to pick them up for me.

“And who will be controlling the remote?” I asked suspiciously.

“Me, of course!” he responded.

I rolled my eyes, and said, “You better not embarrass me with this!”

Jimmy laughed and said, “I will behave, well... mostly!”

With that I agreed and put them on. Jimmy showed me that there were different settings and they all felt wonderful. I wasn’t sure how it would feel if I was trying to eat my dinner though. He promised me not to use it until after we had finished eating.

Dinner was fun with our new friends. Jamie and Candace didn’t bring up my naked stroll during dinner and Jimmy was true to his word and didn’t turn on my vibrator until after dinner. I didn’t even notice him reach into his pocket, but I sure felt the movement in my panties. Fortunately the first setting was low. We had made it through a couple of pitchers of Sangria and were now having some liqueurs. The first thing I did was squeeze my legs tight together and dropped my hand to the vibrator. I looked at Jimmy. He just smiled and carried on chatting with our friends.

After a minute, I felt the speed quicken up. I was trying to sit still, but the movement was getting me turned on, and I was starting to lose concentration on the conversation. I reached over and squeezed Jimmy’s thigh. At that point, he cranked up the speed even more! What I wanted to do was to lay back, spread my legs and let the vibes do their work. But that wasn’t appropriate in the restaurant, so I whispered to Jimmy that I needed to go to the ladies room and maybe we should call it a night.

Jimmy actually saved me from who knows what by turning it off and announced that I needed to go. I headed for the bathroom while Jimmy stayed at the table. When I returned, Jamie and Candace had already left. Jimmy and I headed out along one of the paths for our nightly walk.

“Jimmy, if you had left that thing on, I would have cum for sure!” I giggled. “Thanks, for turning it off in time!”

“No problem, my love!” he whispered in my ear. At that point, he stopped and kissed me passionately and deeply. His hands immediately went for my ass, which he grabbed tightly. I raised my arms and put them around his neck. I loved it when he kissed me, especially as his lips traveled over my shoulders, neck and up to my mouth.

“Take me back to our room and fuck me,” I whimpered in his ear.

He led me along the pathway illuminated with those lovely Tiki lamps. Instead of going along the main walkway which led to our suite, he detoured down a different path. This one led to one of the smaller swimming pools at the resort which was closed for the night. There were only a few colored lights dimly illuminating the area and a deserted stand-up covered bar. In the day time, this place would have been packed, but after hours, we were alone.

He leaned my back up against the bar and started to kiss me again. My bare shoulders, neck and arms were all his targets. It wasn’t long before his hands were roaming over my breasts and down my sides. I was expecting Jimmy to turn on the vibrator again, but surprisingly, he knelt down before me, put his hands under my dress and pulled my panties off.

“I think you will be more comfortable with these gone,” he whispered.

He continued his attack on me with his lips and tongue. Soon, he had pulled my dress down over my breasts and moved his lips lower. I gasped as I felt the first flick against my left breast. Each time his tongue touched my nipple, I felt it harden. Soon he was doing the same to my other breast. I could feel it all the way down to my pussy. I was wishing I still had the vibrating panties on.

After a few minutes (or was it an hour?), he stood back and pulled my dress down completely.

“Baby, I don’t want to walk home naked again. You have me so horny I want to cum!” I weakly announced.

“I have another surprise for you,” he replied. He knelt down again and slipped his tongue between my legs.

I groaned loudly as waves of pleasure shot through me. I pulled his head in closer. As his tongue alternated between circling my clit and darting in and out of me, I was anxious to cum. Then, he paused.

“Ready for your surprise?” he grinned.

“Uh huh,” was all I could muster. All I knew was I wanted to cum, and the sooner the better!

Jimmy turned his head and said in a louder voice, “Okay!” Then he continued his attack on my pussy.

Out of the shadows Jamie and Candace walked towards us, carrying drinks. I gasped and tried to cover my breasts.

“Don’t worry, Cyndy, we have seen you naked before!” Candace laughed. Jamie just grinned.

Jimmy didn’t stop his tongue. Jamie and Candace put their drinks on the bar. Jamie went to my right and Candace to my left.

“I’ve always wanted to kiss another woman,” Candace said seductively. She put one hand behind my head and brought her lips to mine. Her tongue gently ran over my lips. I parted my lips slightly and her tongue found its way in.

Jamie was busy too. One hand was gently rubbing my shoulder and the other went right to my breasts. My nipples were already hard and Jamie didn’t hesitate to pinch and pull them. First the right, then the left, and then back again.

All I could do was groan and even that was difficult with Candace’s tongue in my mouth. Up to this point I had been clenching my hands to the bar, but now I put an arm around both of my new friends.

I exploded with one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced! My legs were weak and shaking. Jimmy continued his attack of my clit, Jamie had his mouth on one nipple and was squeezing the other, and Candace was fucking my mouth with her tongue. All I could do was close my eyes and hang on.

As my body settled down, I slowly opened my eyes. Both Candace and Jamie were running their hands over me. I let go of them and leaned back against the bar again. Jimmy stood up, took one of the drinks on the bar and brought it to my lips.

“I love you, baby!” he smiled.

“Love you too,” I barely whispered.

“We like you too!” Jamie and Candace both laughed.

“Give me that drink!” I ordered. It tasted like Bailey’s. I downed it quickly. I giggled and made my way over to the pool and dived in. Soon, everyone stripped and joined me in the pool.

It was only a few minutes before one of the resort staff came by and told us that the pool was closed and we needed to get out. We waited for him to go and then searched for some towels. After drying off and getting dressed, we parted company and agreed to meet for a late breakfast.

As Jimmy and I undressed, he told me how amazing it was to see me kissing another woman and being touched by another man. I could tell that he was still thinking about it, because his cock was extremely hard.

I walked over to him and pushed him onto the bed. Kneeling before him, I grabbed his cock with one hand, his balls with the other, and lowered my mouth. I went as quickly as I could, because I was eager to taste his cum. When he erupted, I never had experienced so much cum in my mouth before! I couldn’t even contain it all as it was dribbling out. I’m not usually a swallower, but that day I did. There was just too much.

I walked over to the where the liquor was and poured myself a drink. I laughed to myself at the thought of people I hardly knew kissing and fondling me while my husband was going down on me. I wondered what sexual adventures lay ahead. I smiled in anticipation.

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