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Apartment Number Four

A chance meeting with a neighbour makes a bored students day.
Summertime was always a tough time to keep occupied. I was away at college for most of the year and when I came home I found I’d lost contact with a lot of my friends.

I worked long hours at the local store but on my days off I tended to just stay in bed wanking or walking around the local neighbourhood seeing what was going on.

The rest of my family were at work through the day therefore I’d help out around the house doing the laundry and suchlike. Not very exciting I know but it was something to do.

One day it was raining so I called my mum and asked what I was to do with the wet laundry. She told me to take the key from above the washing machine and to put all the stuff in the communal drying area downstairs in the basement.

Back then, nearly twenty years ago, it was not very common for people to have driers in their apartments so often there was a secure drying area provided for the residents to use when the weather was inclement.

I picked up the laundry basket, put the key in my pocket then descended the two flights of stairs to the basement. I unlocked the door, stepped inside and found myself in a large airy room full of washing lines strung along its entire length upon which hung all sorts, sizes, shapes and colours of clothes.

I scanned around to see if there was anything of particular interest and soon located a line of women’s panties, bras and slips. As I stood looking at the intricate designs of the lingerie, fantasies about the possible owners began running through my head. Could the sexy panties I was eyeing up belong to one of the two gorgeous blonde twins who lived down the hall or had the leggy lady at number seven worn them? I had no way of knowing who owned what but I did know at that moment I was incredibly turned on.

Continuing my search I soon spotted a very large lace and silk bra. Transfixed I tried to imagine the size of tits that would be needed to fill those huge cups. The label stated the size as 40E !! It felt soft and smooth and I had an urge to wrap it around my cock and wank off there and then
but not wishing to take the risk of someone finding me I stuck my hand down my trousers and had a quick few strokes of my, by now, rock hard erection.

After a few minutes of playing with myself I thought I had better get back to the job in hand and returned to my pile of laundry, stringing it up on an empty length of line.

Just before leaving I thought I’d have another quick look at the immense bra that had captured my attention earlier. I returned to where I had found it and stood admiring its shape and form, imagining what it would be like to get a chance to manhandle such a large pair of tits.

As I turned round to head back up to my apartment I noticed someone standing by the doorway. It was an older woman, probably around forty-five or so, with long black hair and dark eyes. She was slightly shorter than me and was dressed in grey jogging bottoms and a black sweatshirt.

Trying to act nonchalantly I introduced myself, “Hi my names David, from number 15, er I’m just helping with some chores, terrible weather outside huh?”

She started to come towards me, “well David, I see you found my bra,” she said.

I gulped and could feel myself blushing. I wondered how long exactly she had been standing there. Could she have seen me touching and stroking her bra, or even worse had she seen me put my hand down my trousers?

“Its one of my favourites” she added, “and by the look on your face and the lump in your trousers you rate it quite highly as well.”

“It’s a lovely colour, very pretty,” I said.

“Are you telling me that it’s the colour that you are interested in” she said as she came even closer. “I saw you inspecting the label, are you curious as to who made it?”

She came even closer, so close that her ample chest was almost touching my arm.

“Come now David, it was the size that fascinated you wasn’t it”, she said.

“Yes, yes it was, the size, yes the size”, I stuttered. “I’ve not seen one that big before.”

I didn’t know where to look so fixed my gaze on the ground in front of me.

I felt her leaning on me slightly as she placed her hand between my legs and lightly squeezed my erection. She then turned to walk away and said “ok well why didn’t say that in the first place, come to my apartment, number four, at eight fifteen this evening.”

Still staring at the floor I repeated her flat number and time “number four, eight fifteen.”

“Be sharp, I hate to be kept waiting”, she said exiting the door.

“Yes, sharp, of course.” I mumbled.

What seemed like an age passed before I summoned the courage to lift my head and look around. She was gone but I couldn’t really believe what had happened. My legs were shaking from my encounter with the woman from apartment number four and I’d been so terrified when she touched my cock that I nearly fainted with excitement.

With the laundry basket under my arm I locked the door and rushed back up the stairs to the apartment. It would be a long wait to eight fifteen.

I showered at seven forty five then shaved and got dressed. I didn’t know what to wear but eventually settled on smart top and my best pair of jeans. At five minutes past eight I left the apartment telling my family that I was heading out to see a film.

Apartment number four was only one floor down so I nervously paced about at the top of the stairs for a couple of minutes continually checking my watch until it showed eight fourteen at which point I made my way down to the landing below.

My hand trembled as I knocked. After a short delay the door was opened and the woman I’d seen earlier that day stood in front of me.

“Good, you are on time, I like that” she said. “Come in, my names Veronica, follow me and close the door behind you”, she added.

I stood looking at Veronica for a second before going in to her apartment. Her look was very different from our encounter that morning.

Gone were the jogging bottoms and sweatshirt. She was now wearing a very high pair of stiletto heels, fishnet stockings, a tiny black mini skirt that barely covered her suspender belt and an extremely tight red satin blouse that struggled to contain her massive breasts. Her hair was up and her make up was think and heavy with exceptionally glossy scarlet lips.

Tentatively I followed her down the hall watching as her backside sashayed from side to side in an almost hypnotic fashion with each step she took.

By the time we had reached her sitting room my cock was hard and throbbing. I’d no idea what was about to happen but even just seeing Veronica dressed like that was enough for my brain to send signals to my cock to get ready for action.

She sat down in front of me and undid the top three buttons on her blouse.

“See anything you recognise David?” she asked.

As I stared at her immense cleavage I realised I could see some frills similar to the bra I had inspected earlier.

“Is that the bra that was hanging in the drying area this morning?” I asked.

“How very perceptive David”, Veronica replied. “Would you like to see a bit more of it?”

“Yes please.” I answered.

With that she undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse, took it off and folded it carefully over the back of the chair she was sitting on.

In front of me was the bra I saw that morning, now filled with Victoria’s massive tits. I could feel my cock throbbing and straining against my trousers. It felt like it was about to explode when just then Victoria said in a very matter of fact way “ I see you are a little uncomfortable, why don’t you drop your trousers and get it out.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I dropped my trousers and my cock sprung out of my pants ending up quivering and twitching only a couple of inches away from Veronica’ s lips.

Looking away for a second she reached over to pick up what looked like a packet of cigarettes.

“Smoke?” she asked. I shook my head to say no.

“I only smoke on special occasions, I think this qualifies,” she stated before removing a long brown cigarette from the green packet.

“More menthols 120’s in case you were wondering, very sexy, don’t you think?” she asked.

“Yeah they look great” I replied.

Using a lighter to fire up the end, she took a long, deep, drag and then exhaled in the direction of my erection.

She then smiled a broad smile and made a grab for my throbbing dick. Looking directly into my eyes whilst folding her fingers around my shaft she started to squeeze and told me that she loved the feel of a pulsing and throbbing young cock in her hand. I gulped as my hips involuntarily thrust for ward a few inches causing my cock to brush against Veronica’ s cheek.

“Steady now” she said.

After taking another very deep drag on her cigarette Veronica pressed her lips against the very tip of my cock. Exhaling slowly she blew the smoke over my cock making it twitch like crazy.

After the twitching had settled down somewhat, Veronica removed her hand from my cock and said “finish yourself off David, cum all over my big tits and sexy bra that you love so much”

I grabbed my cock and hammered away at it, I could feel my balls grow tighter as the pressure built. I changed hands to keep up the rhythm and pulled my foreskin right back to gain maximum stimulation.

A couple of minutes passed and as I began to feel an orgasm approaching I pointed my cock in the direction of Veronicas huge breasts.

The first of my jets of spunk missed her tits and hit Veronica squarely on the side of the neck. I adjusted my aim and continued to empty my balls over her immense bust as subsequent streams of hot sticky semen repeatedly jetted through the air to land directly on the twin targets in front
of me.

Panting and weak at the knees from completely expending the contents of my balls, I stood in front of Veronica and surveyed my handy work. Her tits were completely plastered, my juices running from the bottom of her neck down into the deepest recesses of her cleavage. Much of my cum had ran off the side of her breasts creating dark stains as it was absorbed by the silk and lace of her ever so sexy bra.

“You did very well David,” said Veronica, “that first spurt was a bit wayward but you made up for it with sheer volume.”

“Thanks” I said rather sheepishly. “What now?”

“I’ll be hanging more of my lingerie out downstairs again tomorrow if it stays wet outside, so if its raining why don’t you pop down in the morning and pick something out that turns you on?” she said.

“How will I know what’s yours?” I replied.

“Well David I always use the same piece of line to hang up my stuff, I’m sure that you can find your way back to that spot”, she said giving a big wink.

I stuffed my now limp and spent cock back into my jeans and did up the fly.

“Off you pop now David, let yourself out and enjoy the rest of your evening.”

“Same time tomorrow night?” I asked as I made for the door. Veronica didn’t reply but just smiled and nodded.

“Just bring whatever you want me to model and if you are a good boy then maybe we will have fun again,” she said as I walked down the hall.

I left apartment number four and raced back home up the stairs, fobbed my family off with a story about missing the bus into town and headed off to my room to quickly fall asleep dreaming of the events of the day.

The rest of the Summer went very quickly, as soon as there was any sign of rain I would make sure that I’d booked the day off work and would get up early to stuff the washing machine full of clothes whether they needed cleaning or not.
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