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Assistant Manager's Decision

Couple's house is foreclosed on so wife does it with bank's manager
As usual, he headed out, and down the street so that he could take his morning stroll which for him was at just after 4:30 in the morning. She too, stressed out by a recent financial situation involving her home woke up early, and went down to make some coffee. Once it was brewed, she poured a cup, and went outside on her porch to think it all over.

Mary Beth Johnson was the co-owner of her house along with her husband of over 15 years. Sitting there in a long t-shirt but with nothing else on except a pair of panties she listened to the world quietly rotate around her.

The wind, the birds, and some cars here and there moved about but all of a sudden she saw someone, a guy, strolling up the way with his dog. She looked his way. At first, she wasn’t able to tell who it was. It didn’t matter she told herself. He could be anyone seeing as it was a big neighborhood and anyone around here could be strolling around her block from anywhere. Still, she watched him as he walked past her house.

“Wait, don’t I know him?” she said as she watched him watch his dog. She peered more closely. “Yeah, yes I do. He’s that,” and she stopped as the guy passed her house. “He’s that guy from the credit union.”

She didn’t want to make herself noticeable but for some reason, and she didn’t know why, she coughed. He looked her way but didn’t see her, at first. She sipped her coffee. He paid attention to the porch where she sat.

And then he saw who it was.

He immediately looked away. It was her. The one in which the bank he worked for was foreclosing on her home. In addition to her and her husband as well, they’d become three whole months past due on their payments. Both had lost their jobs due to a reduction in the company’s staffing numbers hence resulting in each of them having to find part time jobs, which to her and her husband were only temporary situations.

He knew her. She knew him. He was that sweet nice guy she always liked, previously, and he always thought the same about her too. At 44, she was a very beautiful, modest looking, and quite fit looking woman. That’s what his opinion was. As far as she was concerned, he was quite a nice looking guy. Okay, so what if he was only 31. Their relationship was nothing more then a business relationship. He always had these sweet and charming eyes but he also had a smile she loved. Regardless if she was a married woman, just like anyone else. She could go on about her windowshopping and in the past that was exactly what she had done.

But things had changed for her and her husband. Something had to be done so they could stay in that home. She’d thought about it. She wished she knew what it was. But she never, and I repeat, never ever thought about this whatsoever.

Hmmm, she told herself. Maybe I could but then she stopped herself from thinking those thoughts. Nah, I can’t do that, we can’t do that she told herself.

A couple days later she received another foreclosure statement from the credit union.

“Okay, I have to do this,” she said aloud to herself.

“Do what honey?” her husband asked.

“Oh nothing dear,” she replied. “Just something to umm help us out,” she added.

She cleaned up, showering and putting on her makeup so that she looked appetizing or as many would put it, luscious, and once she was all put together she drove over to see him. Wearing a mid-drift skirt, which showed off her legs nicely, she also wore this top which seemed a bit tighter then a woman of her age might wear. But at her age and as fit as she was she looked really good in it.

Walking in slowly she stopped and looked around. There he was. He was in his office but talking with someone else. She sat down, facing his office, put down her bag and waited. He talked to the other person. She continued to wait, closing her eyes here and there, and thought about how she wanted to present her case.

The guy finally got up and shook her bank officer’s hand, then he left. Finally, the bank officer walked out. He smiled. “May I help you? Ohhh, hi there,” he said as he finally realized who it was. It was that lady, the one from his neighborhood, who saw him walking the other day. “Come on in,” he told her. He was soooo gracious, she thought.

Good, good, she told herself. So far so good, she thought.

They sat, he smiled, and he also offered her something to drink. She said no thank you. “So how may I help you?” he said.

“I’ll get right to the point,” she said. “What will it take for me, for us to keep our house?”

“Money,” was his answer.

She nodded her head. “I know I know,” she told him as she looked right into his eyes. “But what else will it take uhhh,” and then she looked at the name plate on his desk. “Peter? What else may I do to make uhhh this credit union satisfied?”

Boy, she sure looks pretty today he told himself for some unusual reason.

“I don’t have that answer, uhhh I’m sorry what is your first name?”

In the sweetest, nicest tone of voice she came back with “Mary Beth,” and she smiled as she said it too.

“Well Mary Beth, I could suggest some things, but I’m not sure you’d be up for them,” he came back.

“What, what are they?” she said.

“Tell you what,” he went on to say. Do you know where I live? I mean, my home,” he told her.

She was all for it, whatever “it” was. She had no idea but wished to get her house out of foreclosure. She knew that. He gave her his address and told her that tomorrow he had off however he also told her his wife would be home.

“You could come by my house instead,” she said. “Umm, I’ll be all alone tomorrow.”

For whatever reason, he jumped on her suggestion and said “Alright.” And he smiled too.

Both were happy. He didn’t know what she was suggesting but she did. When he arrived the following morning she was all dolled up in a pretty pink, yellow, and slightly purple dress. He loved her in it. She neither looked old nor young in it but she looked in great shape. He knew that much at least.

“That’s a nice looking dress, Mary Beth,” he said.

She offered him something to drink but he declined her offer and the two sat and openly and freely discussed life in general. It all went well but he wanted to know what was on her mind in the way of reducing her debt.

“Well of course we want to pay it off but first off, as you know, we don’t have the money,” she told him. “How can I get the money?”

But then out of nowhere, she did something. It was something odd and unusual.

She put a hand on his and looked deep into his eyes. He didn’t know why for sure. But it did feel good. He knew that for sure.

So he said it. He said something which she didn’t expect at all. “So do you enjoy sex, romantic sex that is?”

It shocked her, at first. Yes, she’d thought about that, but no, she dropped that idea as soon as she thought about it. “Umm, what are you asking me, Peter?”

They looked at each other, lust growing in his eyes, and as it did she realized how she felt about having sex with a man she didn’t even know.

“I like sex,” she said as she nodded her head and looked back at him.

“So do I,” he said with a smile on her face. “If you and I have sex, make love to one another, and do it a few times over then your foreclosure will soon disappear.”

“And that’s it?” she said.

“And that will be it,” he told her.

With that, out of nowhere, her hands approached his cheeks. With that, so did her lips. And with that, he felt her mouth all over his. God, now that felt great. It felt awesome. It felt incredible he told himself as her tongue soon entered his mouth too. His body warmed up all over as she seemed to “lunge” at him and her hands moved about his head and slowly down over his shirt as well.

He was hot. He felt sure of the outcome as he became hotter and even “thrust” his body into hers, and then he felt her tongue wildly move about his mouth. It would enter it, move all about it, and pull out. But then again she’d do the same thing. That tongue of hers would reenter his mouth and in a long, long span of time she’d move about his mouth passionately and crazily as if in love with him.

She eventually pushed him down onto his couch and slide up over him so that she could do the things not even his own wife had ever done. And it felt good too, he thought as she pressed her body against his and moved her leg down into his groin so to arouse him like never before in his life.

And all this happened as these two kept on kissing, heavily.

She took his hand in hers, while they kissed, and once she did she laid it upon her bosoms. Ohhhhhhh that feels soooo good, she thought as he pressed down on her tits. The dress was still on but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was that he did what she needed him to do.

She needed him to get and be romantically involved with her.

He felt her up and he felt her up a lot more as she pulled his shirt out of his pants and reached up underneath it. From there, she felt his chest all over. It felt nice. It felt great. He thought what she was doing felt incredible and so did her tongue up inside her mouth.

She started to undo his shirt buttons and soon enough his shirt was open. With that, her mouth was on his chest, and she was all over it orally as she kissed or licked and even sucked it madly.

He loved it.

Due to what she’d been doing, he slipped one of her dress’s straps off and then the other. Se let him push it down. There was the bra but he caressed her cleavage and soon after he started taking off her bra.

The breasts were immaculate. Big and round and soooo virgin like he thought as he swallowed one and then sucked on it before going after the other. Ohhh, he told himself as he floundered about in the softness of her big round boobs.

She loved it too.

He even kissed them to her surprise. He kissed them a number of times, slowly moving down lower so that he could mesmerize her more by kissing her flat toned belly too, and as he kept feeling her tits along the way.

He stood up, for some reason, but took her hand and took her to his bedroom. There they both got totally naked. He was amazed that a woman, her age, could still look this unique.

That was his opinion.

At this point, her hands were all over his shaft and balls. Stroking it and then playing around with his balls, she had him where she wanted him. She went down on him and started to lick his balls.

Now that felt incredible especially seeing as it made him hard and long.

It was time. He went down on her. He didn’t even toy around. He simply stuck his tongue out and licked his way around her. She was “humping” the bed as her body arced and she knew she felt it all. She felt her cunt begin its orgasms but she also knew she wanted him inside her pussy too.

She grabbed hold of his shaft, softly, and told him she wanted him inside her.

So he went in and remained inside her as he looked at her and he worked passionately as he fucked her the way a woman wants to be fucked. He’d fuck her hard. He’d fuck her softly. He’d fuck her swiftly. He’d fuck her slowly.

And every way he’d fuck her he found it was perfect for her too.

She came twice for him. He was a success. She loved it.

Now hopefully this was the start of a long and meaningful “relationship” so she could keep her house from foreclosure. “Wow Peter,” she started to say. “I mean it too. Wow that was, you were absolutely incredible. How we kissed, how you made love to me and my body, and how you well you know, did it with me, “ and then she lied. “You were even better then my husband’s ever been. This was great.”

With that, she wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him lovingly. Yes, the two snuggled a while, and as they did they arranged to get together, like this, a few more times, at least.

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