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Bad Parenting Done Right

My 'daughter from a different father' needs more than a kind word to help her hurt feelings.

I slipped quietly into the living room to check on my wife. She was sound asleep with some form of CSI blaring on the TV set. Another grueling day of watching daytime TV had left her exhausted. I covered her with a blanket and turned the noise box off. I shook my head as I considered another lonely night alone in bed.

I grabbed a beer as I headed out the back door to join my daughter and her friends by our fire pit. I'm sure they would have preferred to not have me hanging around, but I figured drinking quietly at the edges of their group was better than drinking alone.

I met the whole group of them walking toward the house just as I passed the garage. My daughter saw me and bounded forward.

"Daddy, can you keep the fire going for us?" she asked, using her fake 'little girl' voice. "We're going down to the lake to go swimming, and we'll be back in a while."

My daughter and her friends are all around twenty-five years old. She hasn't lived with us since she left for college, but they like to come sit around the fire pit in our large back yard. If she was going to ask like a teenager, I was going to answer in kind.

"I suppose," I answered. "Do you have a safe and sober driver?"

"Of course, Daddy," she happily chirped. "Don't drink all our liquor while we're gone!" she laughed.

Their alcohol was probably safe. I can't remember the last time I got drunk, and the beer in my hand was the second and last that I had planned on drinking that night. I know my limits.

"Make sure you bring back as many bodies as you take, and keep them all breathing," I teased. She laughed, but they were already piling into a couple of cars and leaving. I stood and watched them pull away before I wandered out to check on the fire.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when a voice in the dark said, "Hi Mister Megan's Daddy."

It took me a moment to recognize the voice of my daughter's best friend Liv. I made the mistake once of asking her if 'Liv' was short for something. Her sarcastic reply was to ask if 'John' was short for something. So her name is Liv.

It took me a moment more to see her sitting in the shadows a bit away from the fire. She was sitting about where I intended to sit, not too close to the fire, because the night was still quite warm, but close enough to enjoy the magic of sitting beside a fire.

"Hey, Liv," I answered. "Eat too many beans for dinner?" I teased.

Her eyes glanced out toward the street, looking for her friends that were no longer there. I was actually surprised to see they had left her behind. She and my daughter have been inseparable since third grade. There are teachers who probably still think she is our adopted daughter. She spent more time at our house growing up than anywhere else, and my wife and I often stood in for her non-existent father and always-working mother.

"I didn't want to go," she said darkly.

"Did college make you forget how to swim?" I teased.

She had been one of the top swimmers on her high school team. Her long and slender form used to slip through the water with ease. As warm as the night was, a quick dip in the lake would have been nicely refreshing, and I couldn't believe she didn't want to go.

She was quiet for almost too long. "They can have their fun without me," she said. Her voice dropped a bit as she added, "Maybe they'll find someone else to make fun of."

"Is one of the boys giving you trouble?" I asked sharply. "Give me the word and I'll break his leg." She almost smiled. "Okay," I laughed, "maybe I wouldn't, but I'll rough him up enough to make him stop."

"Thank you, daddy," she answered in a little girl voice, clearly imitating my daughter. In her regular voice she asked, "Will you rough them all up?"

"All of them?" I asked, surprised. "What happened?"

She frowned and let the silence build again. "Did they tell you where they were going?" she asked darkly.

"Swimming," I answered, knowing that I had the wrong answer.

"Tanya's parents are in Europe, so they were going to their house out on South Shore."

Our community is made up of three small farming towns and a resort town by the lake. My upper-middleclass income affords us a nice house at the edge of our farming town. There are estates down by the lake that pay more in annual taxes than my house is worth.

I didn't know Tanya that well, but I could imagine where her parents lived. The lake is a little darker and a little less friendly out that way. While the public beach is closed after dark, my daughter had plenty of friends that could get them into the safer private beaches nearby. I assumed that was where they were headed.

I considered all that is silence. Liv decided I was waiting for more of an explanation from her.

"They're planning on skinny-dipping," she said.

"I can see why they didn't invite a dirty-old-man like me," I laughed, "but why wouldn't you want to go?"

She frowned and didn't answer. When I saw she was glaring at the burning embers of the fire, I knew she wasn't going to answer.

"Liv, talk to me," I said gently. "What's the matter?"

A single tear slid from the corner of her eye, she turned in the darkness to wipe it away.

"It's nothing," she said softly.

She glanced at me to see if I was going to accept her answer, and another tear slid down her cheek.

"This isn't like that bully stealing my lunch in eighth grade," she said in a rush, "or the teacher that always gave me bad grades or the time I broke the taillight on your wife's car. This isn't something you can make better, so let it go."

"But, I'm Mr. Fix-It," I said with a warm smile, as I considered all the times I had rescued her. "Talk to me, and we'll see what we can do."

"Talking won't fix my boobies," she spat at me.

"What's wrong with your boo... ah, your breasts?" I asked, trying not to sound too shocked.

I hadn't paid any more attention to her breasts than I did my daughter's. Liv had smaller breasts that matched her slender build, but they were almost B-cup sized. I wouldn't have thought they were something for her to cry over.

"Go ask Tommy, or Mark," she demanded sharply. "Go ask you daughter! She laughed right along with the rest of them."

"What did the stupid boys say?" I asked just as sharply. The boys were going to get a kick in the ass, and as soon as I could figure out a way to make it stick, my daughter was going to be grounded.

Liv's eyes were glassy with tears as she said, "I have mutant titties."

"Mutant?" I repeated. I couldn't even imagine what that meant.

Liv stared at me in silence for a moment, and then said, "It's true."

I considered for a moment, and then said, "Liv, you are, and have always been, a beautiful young woman. If some stupid boy thinks there is something wrong with your smaller breasts, then he isn't worthy of your time. You are beautiful, and your breasts are part of you, so I'm sure they are beautiful too."

"They're made wrong and I'm a mutant," she cried. Jumping to her feet, she cried out, "Look!"

She thrashed her way out of the light shirt she was wearing, and the reached behind to unhook her cute bra. I jumped to my feet to stop her, but the bra went flying off into the grass to join her shirt. Her eyes hardened at the look on my face.

"See," she wailed, "even a... a... dirty old man is horrified!"

Tears exploded from her eyes, and she started to crumple to the ground, dangerously close to the camp fire. I quickly caught her and pulled her into my arms. She buried her face in my shirt as she cried.

I have a bum knee and the way I had planted my foot and the way she was leaning into me was putting a lot of twist into that knee. I needed to shift our weight, or I was going to be hurting for weeks.

I tried to take a step back, but my chair caught the back of my leg. We managed to do a controlled fall as I sat my butt in the chair. Liv turned and ended up with her legs across my lap with her head still on my shoulder. I struggled to ignore how warm and soft and inviting her skin felt as I gently stroked her back and held her.

"Liv, I'm sorry," I said softly. "That look was the look of a man who realized he was about to be caught alone with a half-naked woman half his age in his back yard."

"Nice try," she sighed. "Hold me and we'll pretend you didn't see how weird they are."

I thought about it for half a second. Maybe I'm not as much of a dirty old man as I pretend to be, but somehow I never actually looked.

"Actually, I very was worried about us being caught, so I didn't really look. You know, if the neighbor's son came home just now, his headlights would shine right back here, and he would run and tell his mother."

As I was speaking, she sniffled and wiped her eyes. As I finished, she took a deep breath, and then sat up straight as she said one word.


Her eyes watched mine. It was futile to resist, and my eyes flared at the sight of her breasts. I had been wrong in my estimation of her size. Her actual breasts were barely above A-cup size. Each was capped with a puffy areola that nearly matched the size of her breast. As the warm breeze blew across them, the outer ring of the areola pinched in a bit behind the nipple, almost creating a ball of flesh with a cute nipple on the front, standing out from her breast. My mouth started to water.

"Well?" she asked quietly.

I had to swallow. "Liv, tell you friends to shut the fuck up. You are beautiful. I have never personally seen puffies as well defined as these. How sensitive are they? I read somewhere that..."

I had to stumble to a stop. I wanted her to tell me they were sensitive. I wanted her to tell me to feel them. I wanted her to beg me to taste and lick and bite and tease and make her beg for more.

She was practically my daughter. I needed to convince her that she was beautiful, and then I needed her to get dressed. Realistically, I needed her to get dressed first!

"What are puffies?" she asked innocently.

Her eyes had to have seen the desire and intent in mine. The flare that lit up her eyes was far from innocent.

"Google it," I rasped out as I struggled for control. With a laugh, I added, "Use one of the boys' computers to do it. Maybe he'll learn a thing or two from all the pop-ups he gets after that!"

She smiled at my suggestion. "What did you read?" she asked, not sounding innocent at all.

I knew I shouldn't answer.

"I think I read that the nerves in puffy nipples are closer to the surface, making them more sensitive. Some women use a technique call 'cupping' to simulate the same result. Somebody might have made that up for a story, so it could just be wishful thinking on my part."

She smiled as she watched my eyes move back and forth between her breasts and her face.

"I don't know if they're sensitive or not," she laughed. "I knew they were different than other girls, and I've never let anyone touch them. I even kept my bra on when I lost my virginity. But, I remember that when we first started getting boobs, your daughter and I used to try to pinch each other. I remember that mine were definitely more sensitive than hers."

At the reminder of who she was, I resolved to behave myself.

Although I couldn't stop my eyes from returning to her breasts with every other word, I said, "Liv, please trust me when I say you are beautiful. Yes, you are different, but you are still beautiful. At the same time, you should probably cover your beautiful body before we get caught."

The way she licked her lips betrayed that she was as hungry as I was.

"I guess I should," she demurred. She took a deep breath that lifted her chest. "Are you sure you don't want to test your theory?"

She held her breath as she waited for me to say yes. I held my breath as I struggled to form a sentence to tell her no.

"I don't think I would be able to stop after just a simple test," I suggested.

The way she let out her breath and smiled was easily as enticing as her lifted breasts had been. At the same time, she slid a hand down between us and pressed it into the crevice between my leg and my hip.

"I'm not sure I believe you," she said breathily. "Your eyes say you are in lust, but I don't feel..."

As she was speaking, I caught her hand and pulled it to where my hardness was trapped against my body and away from hers. She gasped as her fingers folded around the outline she felt.

"Daddy, please," she gasped as her body arched. She pulled my head to her breast, and I struggled to keep from aggressively devouring her. She moaned as I planted biting kisses down her breast toward her nipple. At the same time, her hands raced to my belt, and then suddenly her hot fingers were wrapping around the bare flesh of my cock.

I groaned and then sucked her entire breast into my mouth. I let my teeth scrape as I drew back. As the edges of my teeth slid onto her nipple, she suddenly cried out and pushed my head away.

"Daddy, stop, wait," she cried out. Her hand slid back down into my pants as she sat and panted.

I took a moment to catch my breath as she trembled and stroked my shaft.

"I don't think you should call me 'Daddy' like that," I murmured. "What's the matter, Baby?"

She smiled at the contradiction.

"I don't know if this counts as sensitive or not," she said with a flirtatious look, "but I think I was about to cum."

I think that she saw that I was about to ask her why she had stopped me. But then I realized we were still very exposed and I decided to ask her to get dressed. She watched my face the whole time, and saw my decision.

"Daddy, do you trust me?" she asked with a naughty smile. She slid from my lap and stood.

"If you don't stop calling me that, I'm going to have to take you over my knee and spank you," I answered. Of course I didn't trust that look in her eyes, but I had to find out what she wanted.

"Take your shirt off," she commanded with a smile.

I couldn't stop myself. And then I gasped in surprise when her shorts and panties landed on the grass next to my shirt. Before I could object, she dropped to her knees between my legs.

"These have to go, too, Daddy," she purred as she tugged at my shorts.

I have no idea how my butt lifted off the chair, because I certainly knew better than to do it. Suddenly, I was as naked as she was.

"Baby, we really shouldn't," I objected.

"It's okay, Daddy," she purred as she straddled my lap. "Let me show you how I managed to stay a virgin my entire senior year of high school." As she pressed her lower lips against the hardness of my shaft, she said, "You need to prove that you really do lust my boobies, and I'll make you cum at the same time."

As my eyes focused on her breasts, I said, "Baby, I'm keeping track of how many spankings you're earning. Don't even for a moment think that you're going to get out of them."

She shivered in anticipation, and I attacked her breast again. She came quickly as I teased her flesh with my teeth, and it didn't take long to make her cum again as I treated her other breast the same way. She had a third, bigger orgasm as I nibbled back and forth between her breasts.

As her third orgasm peaked, she pulled my head back and she kissed me. Her lips and tongue were sweet and demanding, and before too long, our kisses left us breathless. We finally stopped to catch our breath.

As I held her, I noticed how much heat and wetness was pouring out of her and soaking the shaft of my cock. I think she had planned on thrusting against it to make me cum, but we had both been lost in enjoying her breasts.

She leaned her lips in close to my ear and softly begged, "Can I have more, Daddy?"

"How many more spankings do you think you can handle?" I teased.

"Thank you, Daddy," she answered happily. She kissed my cheek and then lifted her body up and back to expose her breasts to me again.

I started to chuckle as I leaned in, but then I gasped as her hand slid between us to push the head of my cock through the lifted trough of her lower lips.

"Fuck, Daddy," she groaned as she dropped her weight and slid down onto my shaft.

Before I could find the will to form words to make a protest, she started thrusting against me. She also pulled my head back to her breast.

"Now, Daddy!" she cried. "Make me cum again, now!"

My teeth were already scraping their way down her breast, and as I caught her nipple with my tongue, she exploded. I didn't let up as I met her thrusts and I turned to her other breast. Almost immediately, she was cumming again. We barely slowed down, and when she pulled my face up to kiss her again, I lost control and started filling her. Her orgasm peaked a third time, and we held each other close until the trembling stopped.

I continued to hold her and caress her soft naked back for far longer than we should have. Her breathing slowed to the point that I was afraid she had fallen asleep. Suddenly, she started to softly giggle. She stopped when I pulled her face back to look into her eyes, but she had a huge smile on her face.

"What's so funny, Naughty Daughter Wannabe?" I asked.

She barely lifted her hips, and then she used her butt muscles to squeeze in on my shaft. We both closed our eyes to enjoy the pleasure she created. She had a thoughtful look on her face when I opened my eyes.

"Promise you won't be mad, Daddy," she requested. The smile was still teasing at her lips.

"Never, Baby, but you're earning more and more spankings," I promised.

She took a slow breath that lifted her breasts. I let my eyes tell her to talk as I leaned forward to gently kiss and tease her breasts.

"That feels good, Daddy," she purred. She let us enjoy the kissing and touching for a moment before she said, "I might have exaggerated a bit about them being mean to me."

More kisses followed, and her fingers started teasing the back of my head.

"Actually, we all tease each other, but no one is mean," she said softly.

I felt her insides begin to tremble as the heat began to grow. I could have easily taken her to another quick series of orgasms, but I was enjoying the slow tease too much.

"I told them I had a bad headache so I could stay here and find out if it was true."

"If what is true, Baby," I asked between kisses.

After a long pause of enjoyment, she asked, "Do you remember when you and Mommy used to be more active in swinging and a short, blonde woman stayed the night?"

"So many spankings," I teased, but continued nibbling. I switched to circling my tongue round and round each nipple, and watching her wet areola crinkle up in the warm breeze.

At the same time, I wondered how she knew of that night. My wife and I knew that the kids knew about the swinging, but we rarely brought it home. Both girls should have been away at college on the night she mentioned.

"I was dating Mark at the time, and we had driven down from college to pick up something at his house," she said in a dreamy voice. I imagine she was having a hard time ignoring the growing heat in her body. "His parents were gone and he got real insistent about finally going all the way. We had a huge fight, and he left me here in town."

Her breathing started to become ragged as I expanded my kissing to her ribs and shoulders. Always, I returning to her breasts.

"I stayed the night here and then got a ride back to college the next morning, and you never even knew I was here. I decided I should sneak out after I heard you and the blonde having sex. But it was something I overheard her and Mommy saying that is going to get me spanked. Daddy, are you hard again? I think I'm cumming!"

I was wondering how long it would take her to notice. She was on the verge of her next orgasm anyways. I simply added a gentle thrust to the slow motion assault I had been teasing her with. Her orgasm was not as intense as her earlier ones, but she came in slow motion, and it lasted forever.

She pulled my face to hers for a slow motion kiss as her orgasm ended, and then she leaned back and pushed me to her breasts again.

"It's even better now," she moaned with a big smile.

"What's that, Baby?" I asked as I teased.

"Mommy and the blonde woman went down to the kitchen to get some water. Mommy asked if the blonde wanted to be alone with you for the rest of the night, or if she wanted to share. Daddy, how did I not know that my breasts would get me this hot, this fast?"

She had trembled when I accidentally let my teeth scrape on her breast, and she started thrusting with more vigor.

"Now that you know, you’re going find a lover that sees your breasts are as beautiful as you," I suggested.

With a knowing smile, she continued.

"I think they chose to both sleep by you, but do you know what the blonde said? She said she wished she hadn't left your bed at all. She said that after you finished, you hadn't shrunk and fallen out like other guys do. She said she could feel your cock trapping all the heat of your orgasms inside her. Mommy said she loved that too."

Another slow orgasm passed through her body. It was quicker than the first one, but also more intense. She wasn't able to talk as she kissed me.

She didn't stop to breathe when it ended, either. She immediately started thrusting harder against me, and her eyes demanded that I move with her. I caught her ass in my hands and started meeting her thrusts.

"Oh, Daddy, I've had a crush on you for as long as I can remember, but that night I realized that I had to feel your heat inside me."

She arched and pulled my face to her breasts. I knew that as soon as my teeth caught her flesh, she was going to explode, and I was going to cum even harder than I had the first time.

"Daddy, this is what I need! I don't need to find a lover that loves my breasts! You're going to promise that you'll never leave Mommy and that you'll always love her, and you're going to be my lover! Oh, Daddy, I'm cumming again! Fill me! Fill me, Daddy!"

I bit her breast harder than I should have, and we both exploded. With each thrust and surge, I filled her more. With each shudder and thrust, she cried out into our kissing, and her insides gripped so tightly that our juices were squeezed out. As our orgasms ended, I think there was as much heat trapped inside of her as there was dripping down my balls.

Slowly I caught my breath. Even my slowly, I worked my way through the words she had said.

"Baby," I said softly, "you are pardoned of any spankings if you just acknowledge this. If we keep this up, eventually we will get caught, and my wife will castrate me, or worse. We can't do this again."

She started to smile, then she gasped and her face relaxed as she paused to enjoy a large bit of heat sliding out and down our juncture. The smile returned as she rolled her hips inward to feel my cock still inside of her, and the heat inside as well.

When she finally opened her eyes, she leaned forward and kissed me. I was puzzled because I could see acceptance in her eyes, but also joy. I held her close and lingered in the last deep kiss that she and I would share.

There was a big grin on her face as she pushed back.

"Daddy," she said with a smile, "there was one other condition. You daughter can never know."

"Liv," I said sadly, "it can't happen. I won't do that to my wife."

"Daddy," she said with a bigger smile, and a quick kiss. "After Mommy caught me snooping and trying to set something up to seduce you, she set the conditions. Daddy, tell me you agree to Mommy's plan!"


An hour later, Liv and I were sitting on opposite sides of the fire when my daughter's car pulled in. I had been getting concerned with how long they had been gone, and I was even more concerned when she arrived alone.

"Where's everybody else?" I asked as she approached the fire.

"Tanya's parents were already home, and she didn't know it. They caught us swimming and threw a fit."

I couldn't see her blush, but I could hear it in her voice.

"Daddy, please don't get mad, but we were skinny dipping."

"And I wasn't invited?" I teased. "You're all old enough to know better," I added with a shrug.

"You're as bad as Tanya's parents," she said sarcastically. "It was creepy having them yell at us while we got dressed. They took turns yelling, but whichever one wasn't yelling was totally checking us out. Creepy. Liv, how's your headache?"

"Better, thank you, but I think I might sleep in your old room here. I think the headlights on the drive home will make it come back."

I almost think my daughter gave her friend an odd look. It was hard to tell in the light of the dying embers of the campfire.

"I'll get your mom to drive me home in the morning," Liv continued. "We can talk her into going shopping and make it a girl's day."

"Okay, but watch out for my dad," she laughed. "He's a dirty old man just like Tanya's parents!"

"If he tries anything, I'll tell your mother, and she'll set him straight."

Both girls laughed, said their good-byes, and my daughter left.

As soon as she was gone. Liv jumped up and slid into my lap.

After a quick kiss, her hands went to the buttons on her shirt.

"I remembered one more condition, well, actually two," she said as she threw the blouse aside. She gave my shirt a quick tug, then reached behind herself to unhook her bra. It joined my shirt on the grass as we kissed again.

"Two conditions?" I asked as she stood and shucked her shorts off. Her panties were in my shorts pocket with my boxers. My shorts joined the rest of our clothes, and she straddled me to press her very wet lower lips against my very hard shaft.

"We never get to have sex in Mommy's bed, and we don't get to have sex in the house while she's home." She flashed a speculative look towards the driveway. "Your daughter is getting pretty serious with her guy, and I'm going to have the apartment to myself pretty soon, so that shouldn't be a problem. Daddy, are you ready to show me how much you love my boobies again?"

I shook my head as I planted a soft kiss between her breasts.

"Baby, you know I adore your breasts, and I'm prepared to show you just how much. I also suspect I'm going to be showing you all the ways you can get grass stains on your body. But first, I think it's about time for me to teach you about spankings."


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