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Beach Shock

Beach Shock

Jan changes my view about her....
I really didn’t want to make our annual trek to our friend’s beach house but I knew my wife, Krista, wanted me to go so I went. Krista had gone down early in the week with Linda and another friend, Jan, along with Jan’s husband Ted. Linda’s husband Jim and I planned to meet them for the weekend and I arrived mid-afternoon on Friday.

Suspecting that everybody would be on the beach, I went straight to the sand and found the women with nearly the entire beach to themselves. Cheerfully greeting them, it was hugs all around. I could immediately tell that Jan was deep into the wine as she gave me a tighter than friendly hug and a peck on the cheek.

A bit startled, I couldn’t help but wonder why the spark in my shorts was occurring. You see, Jan is about the last person I would expect to have any sexual thoughts about. Not unattractive but not particularly good-looking either, Jan is nonetheless 63 years old with a raspy voice that I normally find particularly irritating. Her blonde, 5’5” inch frame is pretty average and while well maintained for her age, it isn’t anything to get too excited about. With ample breasts, estimated at about a slightly sagging 36C, and a nice but somewhat soft butt, Jan just never did much for me. She had always presented herself as a well connected socialite but had rubbed many friends the wrong way with some of her antics in local politics.

In any event, I pulled up an empty chair and sat as we chatted. Through my sunglasses I couldn’t seem to keep my eyes from coming back to Jan. As she sat across from me in our little semi-circle, her legs were slightly parted. The puffs of her mound seemed to be beckoning me as the outlines of a slight camel-toe were obvious.

My mind was playing with me. What the hell was I thinking? I had zero desire for this woman, really didn’t like her, and couldn’t imagine her shutting up long enough to actually fuck anybody. Her husband, Ted, was pretty much verbally abusive to her quite often and wasn’t shy about telling anybody that would listen that she was a head case.

Thankfully it wasn’t long before the ladies decided they’d had enough sun for the moment and we retreated to the house and porch. Krista and Linda went inside to refresh their drinks while I remained on the porch to get a good look at the beach and enjoy the warm breeze.

As my bad luck would have it, so did Jan. She started talking about shit that I had no interest in but I politely went along with the chatty conversation. As I stood at the rail, Jan had moved right next to me and was patting my back and rubbing my arm as she tried to tell a story that was supposed to be funny. Her breasts bumped against my arm more than once. My mind was busy trying to figure out if she was just drunk or really horny and how I would escape this little predicament.

Finally Krista and Linda returned to save me from the clutches of Jan. As we sat in the rockers and talked, my mind wouldn’t let go though. Was Jan really fuckable? And more importantly, would I actually try?

The evening came and went with a nice dinner and more drinks and conversation. Everybody had showered and changed from the day on the beach. Somehow, Jan had become even more enticing. Wearing white short shorts and a low cut top that I wouldn’t have thought a 63 year old would actually buy, let alone wear, she actually appeared sexy.

Several times I tried to catch a glimpse of her crotch as I didn’t think she was wearing any panties. She sat on the couch with her legs crossed Indian-style which didn’t help my state of mind either. A few times when talking to me, she would bend over, almost daring me to look down her top. I kept eye contact in these moments figuring she was way over her alcohol limit and really had no intentions of doing anything.

Slowly, but surely, the night grew long. It took me a while to fall asleep as my mind kept wondering about Jan.

The next morning all appeared to return to normal. Jan awoke and immediately started talking. Without the alcohol, she was just as annoying as always and I quickly returned to not liking her much. After a morning on the beach, we came back to the house for lunch. Jim and Ted had a tee time for the afternoon and were about to leave. Krista and Linda said they were going onto the mainland to pick up some groceries and do some shopping. I asked if Jan was going with them in a hopeful voice that was silently praying not to be stuck with her all afternoon alone. Krista asked Jan if she was going and the words that I wanted to hear least were uttered.

“No, I just had my first beer of the day and think I’ll go back down to the beach,” Jan whined.

Krista looked at me with a sly smile knowing I didn’t want to be alone with Jan.

“Well, I think a long nap is on tap for me,” I said with emphasis enough for Jan to get the message.

Krista and Linda changed and left as I sprawled on the couch. Thankfully, Jan had gone back down to the beach.

I soon dozed off but the evil thoughts returned. Not yet sound asleep, I started thinking about Jan again. I seemed to let my mind wander crazily as I was actually hearing conversation with her that was not just flirty but seductive!

In my slumber I could feel my cock growing. Visions of Jan rubbing up against me as she had done yesterday began to fill my head. This was one of those dreams that you try to wake from but don’t really want to. I wanted to see what would happen! Or at least my other brain did.

With blurred imagery in my head, I could see Jan’s mouth on my cock. I was guiding her head up and down on it. I couldn’t tell where we were, but it wasn’t long when I had the pleasurable feeling of her sucking the juices from my loins.

It was one of the most vivid dreams I could remember ever having. My brain told me, “This isn’t real. Wake up from this.”

As I shook myself awake and tried to make sense of the images in my head I got the shock of my life.

It wasn’t a dream. Jan was indeed feasting on my eight inch member!

“What the fuck are you doing?” I nearly yelled as I pulled myself up on the couch.

“Uh oh,” Jan said seductively as her mouth pulled off of me.

“I was hoping you’d like it. I came in to get a beer and saw you asleep. But you had a tent in your shorts and I just couldn’t resist.”

“What the fuck do you mean you couldn’t resist?” I scolded. “What if Krista had come back here and caught you?”

“I know. I know,” Jan said sullenly in that raspy, irritating assed, voice of hers.

“But listen Mike, Ted is so mean to me and it’s been so long since we’ve been intimate…” her voice trailed off.

She looked into my eyes with a beaten puppy dog look and I couldn’t help but think maybe this would be okay just this once.

“Listen Jan, I understand your feelings but I’m not sure this is what we should be doing,” I said firmly but unconvincingly.

Jan put her hand back on my cock and started rubbing over it slowly and gently.

“Well nobody would know. We have the house to ourselves for a couple of hours. And it seems like this big fellow wants to play,” she said slowly and wantonly. Whether I really wanted to or not, I was unable to move from her grasp. My cock was slowly rising to the occasion.

“Like I said, it’s been a long time for me and I trust you. Do you realize Ted hasn’t touched me sexually in over eight years?”

I felt my will power melting as my cock was screaming, “let’s do this.” I just looked at Jan without saying a word. She continued her little hand massage and wrapped her fingers firmly around me.

Still staring into each other’s eyes and without another word, Jan began to lick my swollen, treason-filled dick.

I watched as she caressed me with her tongue. Our eyes met every few seconds as she was waiting for me to end it or push it forward. Silence was permission and she knew it.

In a matter of moments she fully engulfed me into her mouth. My head was back and my eyes closed as her tongue became the bow and my cock her violin. Damn she was good at this!

Up and down her head bobbed on my staff. Deep slurping sounds filled the room as she took all of me only to return to the bulging purple head. I could feel myself building and knew it was way too early in this episode to explode into her throat.

I pulled her head off of me and moved to a sitting position on the couch as she was kneeling between my legs still holding my cock with her aged hand. Slowly she stroked until I moved to stand up.

As I stood I lifted Jan up. We looked into each other’s eyes as if to say, “yes, we’re going to do this and it will be very good.”

I leaned in to kiss her. Our mouths locked and our tongues raged. My hands found their way to Jan’s ass as I pulled her in tighter and our crotches met for the first time. She pushed her mound against my hardened shaft as if to beg me to fuck her.

I untied the string to her bathing suit top and moved my chest away from her just enough to let it fall between us. Jan immediately pushed her barren tits against my chest as our kissing continued. I moved to kiss her neck, nibble at her ears and run my hands up her sides along her soft breasts.

All of which only caused her to push her hot cunt against me even harder. Jan was silently begging me to fuck her hard, fast and long.

I decided that she was ripe for anything and if we were going to do this I was going to fuck her every which way I could.

I slowly spun our bodies around so that Jan’s back was to the couch. I used my cock to push her backward as she was still dry humping me with emphasis. She stumbled backward onto the couch as I lowered myself in front of her. Taking hold of her bathing suit bottoms on each side I yanked them roughly toward me. Jan’s legs lifted straight out as if on auto-pilot.

In broad daylight, right in front of me was a very wet, well trimmed, and remarkably tight looking pussy that begging for attention. I fully expected her to come to her senses and retreat from the fucking she was about to get but she only stared back at me with a “do whatever you want but do it hard and now” look.

With Jan fully naked in front of me, I held her ankles and spread her legs wide. I suspected the polite, well mannered, Miss Jan had never been handled in this way but her eyes said she had waited far too long for it. Her cunt was practically yelling at me to dive in as I kissed my way up her legs toward paradise.

As I reached her soft inner thighs I could smell the erotic scent of Jan’s dripping slit. I took a peek and saw the sweet juices coating her swollen lips. Jan was rubbing her tits now - a site that I couldn’t have imagined just 48 hours ago. Her eyes were closed and her head was tilted back. She was full of heat and I decided to tease her some more. I stopped licking and kissing her legs. I was on my knees staring at her cunt lips, waiting for her to notice nothing was happening. I wanted to hear this woman of fine southern upbringing beg like a desperate whore to be eaten.

Jan’s eyes opened as she looked down to see what the delay was. I smiled an evil smile.

“You want more Jan? Do you really want me to eat this hot cunt of yours?”

“Oh God yes…I do Mike…please suck my pussy now!” She moaned in that once irritating but now sultry rasp.

She pulled her legs toward her in the air as if to say, “here it is, do what you want with my cunt.” This was quickly evolving into pure, hardcore, down in the dirt fucking. There was nothing romantic about it. Just pure lust-filled, primitive sex.

I moved in. Sucking at her pelvis. Kissing and licking all around her reddened pussy lips - but not touching them. I blew on her clit. My hands slid toward her ass.

With one long slow deliberate lick I finally traced the entire gap of her cunt. Jan let out a loud moan.

“Oh damn Mike! Eat me good baby. Take that pussy.”

Her lust filled voiced nearly caused me to explode as I went hard at her clit. Sucking her firm bud into my mouth I let my tongue dance on her nub. My hands went under her ass and pulled her cum soaked snatch to my face as I buried into her with fury. Jan’s legs wrapped around my head like a vice pulling me harder to her and refusing to let me go.

She started fucking my face as my head felt like it was in a vice.

“Oh yes baby! Right there, right there. Suck my pussy good Mike!” she moaned.

I slid two fingers into Jan’s writhing slit. All the way in and then back out slowly to about half the length. I flicked at her G-spot while continuing my duty on her clit. Jan was bucking her hips harder into my face.

“Oh my God yes! That’s it! Make me cum baby, make me cum!” Jan wailed. “Damn baby yes. Tongue fuck my cunt!”

It was only seconds later that Jan’s legs unwrapped from around my head. She threw them straight out and I felt her body stiffen. She pushed her pussy high and hard into my face.

“Ahhhh, I’m cuming! I’m cuming!” Jan cried out.

As I started to shake my face harder against her cunt, I felt it. The first rush of cum spewed from Jan’s already soaked snatch. Startled, I pulled back. Jan’s hand immediately went to her clit and began rubbing furiously as a second and then a third plume of her pussy juices shot from her slit.

I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Jan, the woman I really couldn’t stand only hours earlier was a squirter! And she was unloading just inches from my amazed eyes while lost in some orgasmic trance thrashing on the couch!

As her massive orgasm subsided, Jan let her legs drop down to my sides. She was in a full sweat and slowly opened her eyes as I ran my hands along her hips wondering if she was coming to her senses and our little party was about to be over.

Jan’s eyes met mine. She smiled.

“Wow,” she said, “it’s been a very long time since I’ve felt anything like that!”

“Well I’m glad I could please you,” I muttered uncertain of whether to push her for more action. My hands moved to her erect nipples. Slowly but firmly rubbing them I leaned in to run my tongue up her stomach.

“How long exactly has it been Jan?” I asked in my best seduction voice.

“Let’s just say Ted has never made me do that,” Jan answered. “It’s probably been 20 years since I squirted with anybody but myself.”

Now sucking lightly at her tits, it was apparent Jan was making no move to end our session.

“Well why don’t you lay down here and let’s see if we can make you do it again.”

As I pushed myself upward, Jan moved to put her head at the end of the couch. I raised her leg so it was draped over the back while the other one fell to the floor.

Jan reached down to her pussy and spread her lips with both hands.

“Fill this, with that big hard cock, and I know I will,” she said invitingly.

I began slapping my cock on her clit and running the head along her wet lips.

“You mean you really want me to ram this inside you Jan? You want me to fuck you with this cock and make you squirt all over again?”

“Oh yes baby. I want all of that deep inside me. I want you to fuck me like the little old slut I am.”

I plunged my raging cock deep into Jan’s glistening wet hole without warning. Leaving it as deep as it would go I began grinding at her pussy with an animalistic fever.

“Oh yes Mike. That’s it. Fill my hole with your cock,” Jan pleaded as she pushed back up to my rod.

Wanting to go slow but filled with lust for this aged, but horny as hell woman, I began fucking Jan hard and fast.

“Is this what you want Jan? You want me to fuck you hard? You like it rough and sloppy? You like being my little slut?”

The sound of our bodies banging one another and my balls slapping at her ass filled the air.

“Yes baby! That’s what I want. Fuck this pussy dry! Make me cum hard!”

I grabbed Jan’s legs and pushed them up to her head. She could nearly lick her ankles as her exposed pussy took all of my eight inches. I could feel Jan clenching her pussy around my shaft.

“That’s it Jan, squeeze the cum out of my hard cock. You want to feel my hot cum in your tight hole?”

“Mmmm yes Mike. Fuck me. Fuck me forever! I want to feel your hot cum!”

After several more strokes I could feel the juices bubbling in me when Jan exclaimed, “Oh shit! I'm going to cum! Harder Mike. Make me cum baby. Make me squirt on that big hard cock!”

The words sent me over the edge as I exploded in her hot hole. I could feel the rush of hot juice roar through my cock. First a long stream of cum followed by two or three shorter ones as I kept ramming Jan’s pussy through her moans.

“Don’t pull out baby. Stay in me, please stay in me,” Jan begged. Her fingers were working her clit hard again. I let go of her legs and felt the tightness of her cunt squeeze my cock harder as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

“I’m cumming again! Oh God yes, yes, ahhhh yes,” Jan cried in a deeper than normal voice.

I pulled out of her just as she began to squirt again. Jan grabbed my cock and began slapping her clit furiously with it.

“Oh yes baby. Let me wash that thing with my cum,” she moaned as her body tried to relax.

Jan held my cock for another moment or two before raising herself up. She swung her leg around and sat on the edge of the couch for a moment to get her bearings.

As I leaned back on the couch, I was sure it was over now. She couldn’t possibly have anything left I thought. I ran my hand softly over her back.

“I think I’d better clean you up before anything else happens,” Jan laughed, as she kneeled on the floor and turned to me.

Cum seemed to be all over my cock, balls and thighs. Jan reached between her legs and made a long, slow wipe of her pussy with two fingers. She brought them to her mouth and licked the juices away teasingly.

“Mmmm, that tastes so good I think I need more,” she said with a smile.

As if she had passed out, her head fell to my lap. Her mouth wrapped around my sloppy, wet, semi-erect cock as her fingers met my balls. Jan was soon slurping and sucking me back to hardness with a vengeance.

As her mouth came off my cock and she licked the underside, she tauntingly said, “oh yeah, that’s so sweet and tasty. We’re gonna clean you off real good and then you can have a big surprise.”

Jan licked and sucked at my crotch for what seemed like an eternity but not in a way intended to make me get off again. It was a teasing, tantalizing action intended only to buy a little time and get me fully hard again.

It didn’t take long. As my cock stood at attention once again, Jan stood up.

“Now you get what no other man has ever had,” she said.

As I sat with a rock hard cock in hand, Jan turned her back to me. She bent over the coffee table, reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks wide.

“I want you to fuck my tight ass Mike. Do you like my ass baby? Would you like to put your big hard cock in that tight hole?” Jan teased.

My eyes were transfixed on Jan’s rosebud. Our cum from earlier was still streaked along her thighs and cunt lips but had ran down to put a nice glaze on her ass as well.

I was about to stand up and plow my member into her little pink bunghole when Jan stepped back and swung one leg and then the other to the outside of my thighs.

“Don’t answer. Just ream me good baby,” Jan instructed as she took my cock in her hand and lowered her ass to its tip.

She slowly wiggled her ass onto the head off my rod and threw her head back with a loud moan as her ass engulfed it.

“Oh hell yes! Mmmm, that is sooo goood.” she said in a slow drawn out voice.

My cock felt like it had been put in a vacuum as Jan’s ultra tight ass sucked it deeper and deeper. Slowly rocking on my crotch to take it all in, Jan had begun rubbing her pussy again. She was letting her fingers take her sweet cunt cum and rubbing it on my cock for lube.

Finally I was all the way in her. Jan began rocking faster, as I reached around to pinch and pull at her tits. It wasn’t long before she was in a full bounce up and down as my cock pleasured her tight ass. I grabbed a handful of her hair and was fucking her back with each thrust.

“Oh Jan, your ass is so tight on my cock. I want to fuck you until you scream and cum again baby.”

“Yes Mike, fill my hot ass with your cock. Fuck me hard baby. Give it to me rough. Fuck me like a whore,” Jan begged.

As our bodies struggled to see who could push harder, Jan grabbed my balls, leaned forward and pulled me up.

“Stand up mother fucker. Stand up and fuck my ass like a man,” Jan yelled as her hands hit the coffee table.

I nearly lost my balance and fell out of her as I stood, but we remained as one and now I was determined to give her the slut fucking she’d been begging for.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back hard.

“You want to be fucked like a slut do you?” I said in the best angry voice I could muster.

“I’ll fuck you like the whore you are. I’ll split your ass wide open you little wench.”

My cock was now plowing in and out of Jan like a jackhammer. I had her hair in one hand and her tit in the other.

“Oh fuck yeah. Pound my asshole you little dick motherfucker. Is that as hard as you can pound a tight ass?” Jan shot back.

She now had one hand working on her pussy and was trying to keep her balance with the other. As I jammed my cock really hard into her ass she almost fell forward. Catching herself with one knee on the coffee table, she stayed in rhythm and climbed fully onto it.

“Fill it! Fill my ass with cock you bastard!” Jan screamed. “Give me what no man ever has.”

Panting for breath I wondered if this woman would ever run out of gas. I could feel my hot cum brewing to the surface once again and knew I couldn’t last much longer.

“Oh shit, yes Mike. That’s it. Do it baby. I’m going to cum!”

Thank God I thought as my balls slapped against her cunt once last time. I felt the rush of hot sperm through my cock and slammed Jan deep and hard. Holding my cock all the way into her ass, the warm hot juice flowed.

“Oh damn. Keep it in Mike, keep it in,” Jan begged as her hand furiously worked her pussy and her ass grinded against my rod.

“I’m cumming! Oh hell yes, I’m cumming! Mmmm...” Jan nearly cried as her body shivered and cunt juice spewed from her pussy once more covering the table.

“Oh my God, are we in heaven?” Jan laughed as her convulsions subsided and I pulled out of her.

I fell back onto the couch, completely limp and nearly gasping for air. Jan turned to sit on the coffee table. As she did, she took a long slow wipe of her cum on the table and licked her fingers.

“Damn that is some good cum isn’t it?” she laughed. We looked into each other’s eyes and sat silently.

“Eight years is a hell of a long time but it’s a good thing sex is like riding a bike don’t you think?” Jan asked.

“I definitely agree,” I replied between breaths. “But I have to tell you that I would have never thought you would be so fucking great Jan.”

“Well, just remember Mike, when we get home, we only live a couple of minutes from each other. Maybe you can help an old lady age more gracefully,” she said in that now beautiful, sex-filled, fuck me rasp that I had come to adore.

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