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He thought it was just a game till they took off their shorts.
Belle was a woman of about fifty when I knew her, had long grey hair and a short, broad body, a boisterous manner and had left her husband of many years and moved to northern NSW to the town of Bellingen. She had bought a block of land there, part rain forest, part pasture, and there she lived in the old farm house with her two teenage daughters. She was a hippy, or if you like, new age, which is to say she was deeply dissatisfied with the ideology, the habits, the economy and the repressions of modern society, and believed in dope and sex. Her daughters were thin, blond and had left school. They were busy exploring the world, or life, doing part time work and enjoying the boys in the region where there were several communes and hippy farms like Belle's, becoming connoisseurs of sex in their own shallow way.

I was in my thirties, getting over a failed relationship, and had hitched up to the district where I knew I would find Belle, whom I had met down in Sydney and with whom I had formed a friendship. What I did not realise at the time was that Belle was lonely, and was hungry for a man's body.

I therefore moved at her invitation to a corner of her block and there in the wet and leech-infested forest I cut half a dozen saplings and made a teepee, covering it with a sheet of clear agricultural plastic. I hung a string hammock between two of the saplings, across the middle of the thing and had a very serviceable little dwelling. I had borrowed a mattock from Belle to dig out a level patch in the gravelly soil of the hill I had chosen and in the humidity and the heat I simply worked naked. No one to see me here and Belle would hardly come this far into the forest. I then got to thinking of women in general and of Belle in particular and of those big tits. I must, I thought at the time, be getting desperate.

None the less, I soon began to engorge and my stiff member, slapping against my sweating thighs, began to distract me. I stopped work, lay on my sleeping bag amid the gravel and pumped out a load of semen as I thought of what the woman might look like naked. Then, somewhat calmer, I continued working.

The next morning I walked back to Belle's to return the mattock. I was wearing only a pair of shorts and an old tee shirt and in a spirit of experiment had left off my underpants. The free movement of my member against the cloth of the shorts, the feel of dirt and grass under my bare feet, of the air on my chest, had started to make me pleasantly engorged. This, I thought, was really getting back to nature, and besides, I rationalised, it was cooler.

I found Belle and her two daughters sitting around having coffee at the dining room table. They were all topless and all wearing baggy shorts and nothing else. A sort of feminist experiment, I thought.

Belle got up to make me a coffee and I admired her long, hanging boobs with their thick nipples and large, dark aureoles. Her breasts swayed as she walked back and I noticed a couple of black hairs sprouted from her nipples. This turned me on. When she returned, seeing me perving on her tits, she murmured something about covering up, but I protested.

"No," I said. "I'll just take off my top too!" The girls laughed, the full cones of their breasts shaking, and aroused further by this sight, I whipped off my tee shirt and looked at them. Belle sat down, still doubtful.

"See," I said. "Now we're all equal."

One of the girls shook her head.

"Hardly," said one of the girls. "You aren't showing us anything special are you? Just a boring bare man's chest." She looked at me quizzically, challenging me.

"What do you want me to do," I said smiling,"take off everything?"

"You do and I will," said one of the girls and stood, dropped her shorts and, quite naked, sat back again. She had a perfectly shaven cunt. I looked across at Belle who shrugged. I stood and dropped my shorts, revealed a long, half engorged tool, and sat back down again. Belle slowly got up, her face still blank, and pulled off her own shorts, stood facing us. Her long, black pubic hairs hung down in a long straggly tuft between her legs and all but concealed her long slit. I looked at it and felt myself lengthen some more.

"Hey," said one of the girls. "He's starting to crack a fat looking at Mum! Bet I can get him really going!"

She swayed over and knelt next to me, looking up into my face with an impish grin, and spat copiously on her hand.

"You ready for this, mate? " she whispered with a little quaver in her voice. I nodded.

Without further preamble she smeared her saliva on my organ and began slowly pulling down on it, letting it slip through her hand again and again with a wet sound. I grunted in pleasure and of course was soon hard and upthrust. I could feel myself flushing. The girl took one of my hands and placed it over her breast, where I began to stroke her nipple to erection, and now cupped my swollen balls with the other hand and began sucking on my tool, playing her tongue over the gaping tip.

"Mmm!" she sighed when she pulled loose. "Precum, lovely," and she licked her lips. Then she leant forward and nibbled my ear lobe.

"You ready to service one of us with that big rod of yours?" she whispered, squeezing it a couple of times. I swallowed and nodded. At this point there was a low moan from the couch and I saw that Belle had moved there, was sitting with her hips thrust forward and was playing with her slit with her strong, thick fingers. As they flicked rapidly in and out I admired the now fat wet piss flaps and the red shining flesh between them. Suddenly I wanted her very badly. I stood shakily.

"Yeah!" said one of the girls. "Go for it mate. Fuck Mum stupid!"

I leant over the older woman, put my hands on the back of the torn old couch on either side of her head, and lowered myself towards her. I pushed forward and my tip touched her cunt and then I pushed in with a single slop of wet flesh on wet flesh.

Belle grunted and closed her eyes as felt my tool touch the very back of her womb, then she began to play with her nipples as I began to move in and out slowly, then faster.

"Oh, look at that tight little man's bum," said one of the girls, getting quite excited now and plunging her own fingers in and out of her hole as she leant back against the table, making the coffee cups rattle.

"I'm next," said the other, sulkily as she slouched on her chair and rolled her nipples between her long, thin fingers. She too had become quite aroused.

I continued to move in and out of the older woman, feeling her slowly tighten about me as she approached her own climax and then, as she clutched my buttocks with her hands and clawed me into her, and began to quiver, I felt her cunt spasm about me and she gave a long groan and came. I rammed in several more times and spurted up her, ramming in once, twice, three times and then collapsing on her ripe belly and full breasts.

One of the girls took me into the bathroom and wiped me off with a wet cloth, then soaped my tool and began tugging on it till it started to grow thick again. At this stage she dried me off, gave me a quick suck, and led me into the bedroom where the two girls played with me till I was achingly erect again. As their mother watched and quietly played with herself, I took one of them hard and fast and sent her into a screaming orgasm. We had a break then, "To let his balls fill up again," as one of the girls prettily said. We had some more coffee, sitting around the old wooden kitchen table, all still naked, and then an early lunch, or late breakfast, of bacon and eggs on toast. Belle was next to me and towards the end of the meal began to slowly fondle my penis.

Finally, we went into the bedroom again and I did the other girl while the other two looked on.

We all slept for a while and when I awoke I was alone with Belle. She pulled me to her ample bosom and hugged me then rubbed her big tits back and forth against my chest. She lay back, breathing heavily, and reached for my tool, began squeezing it.

"You ready for more?" she said softly. I breathed in her musky, woman's smell and nodded, so she pulled off the sheet that covered us and began to suck me to hardness. We made love long and slow this time and as she went into multiple and continuous orgasm I spent in her as I had not done before.

From then on I lived with Belle in her house and often spent the evenings doing her or one of her daughters, or both. Sometimes the girls would bring another young woman over and watch me pumping up her as they played with each other and came that way. One time I had just fucked Jenny, a brown eyed, black haired girl with a serious manner but with very long, pointed tits, like a goat. I had just done the girl from behind, doggy fashion, grabbing and hefting her wonderful tits as I pumped into her. We had collapsed on the floor, our sweating bodies still joined. I felt her cunt twitch about my tool, but was totally spent and just lay there.

Belle did not seem to mind. She said she enjoyed seeing young people fucking. It turned her on.

Later Belle found a lean young man, a shearer, who would mount the women while I enjoyed one of the younger girls, ramming into her so rapidly and savagely that it looked violent. Belle seemed quite to enjoy this kind of tupping and had one or two other fuck buddies by now, so I had no qualms when I left her and went with Jenny to the big city, where we set up house. From time to time though we would drive up to Bellingen and would spend several days screwing various interesting partners at Belle's. Often I would be moving in and out of Belle and would look across at Jenny. The sight of her spread on the floor with a set of lean buttocks jigging up and down between her long, fleshy legs, would be so erotic that I would immediately speed up and spend in the matriarch's womb.

It was an agreeable period of my life, but eventually Jenny and I moved off to another city, had children, settled down. Things were different then.

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