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Betty Part Two

it had been twenty five long years since the last time
I stood up, and reached down, to pull up the undergarment and bathing suit bottom.

As I did, I looked over at Betty, climbing the ladder out of the shallow end. Her bathing suit gapped forward slightly, and I could see faint stretch marks at the top of her breasts. She looked at me, and caught me trying to peek down her bathing suit.

“Having a liitle look, are we?” she asked, smiling up at me.

“Guilty as charged, Your Honor,” I replied with a grin.

“Well, Dearie, hold your horses; you’ll see soon enough. I hope you don’t mind a few stretch marks. ‘Course, I feel like I earned them. They did feed three babies, you know. For years, I was embarrased by them; I even hid my boobs from Jake for a while. Then one day, just out of the blue – we were standing in the kitchen, drying dishes together – he said, ‘ Really, Honey, I like your stretch marks. And I don’t mind that your boobs sag a little, now that you’re no longer a child. They look happy, and lived in, and they made our babies happy, and that’s the way it should be.’ I don’t mind telling you, it was just so sweet I got a little teary. So I went over and gave him a big hug. Then we finished drying the dishes.”

“Aw-w-w,” I said, and got a little teary myself, just listening to her tell about it.

She grabbed her towel off the chaise and snapped my bare ass with it, and said, “Enough of that. You don't need that suit bottom. Leave it here, and just come in the house and screw me, before I lose my libido.”

As we passed through the kitchen, I noticed a wall phone hanging by the doorway, and was reminded that Grace said she’d call me . I wondered how she got my number, since it is a cell phone, and not published. I also noticed a distinct drooping of the elephant’s trunk, but was not terribly concerned. I knew I wasn’t an eighteen-year old anymore, and it didn’t stay up these days, without constant encouragement. At best, it kind of hung at half-mast, unless either I or someone else was actively playing with it. Mr. Rogers came into my head again, saying, “Can you say ‘high blood pressure’, children”? I giggled a little under my breath. Or at least I thought it was under my breath, but apparently there was absolutely nothing wrong with Betty’s hearing.

“What are you laughing at?” she asked over her shoulder. “Not my fat ass, I hope.”

“No.” I almost used the punch line from the joke, and said, “I like fat asses”, but quickly thought better of it. I continued, “ I was thinking about Mr. Rogers asking the kids if they could say high blood pressure.”

She stopped then, and turning around, looked down at my slowly drooping and receeding penis. “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that too much. It just proves we aren’t children anymore, and know that some things take a little longer than others. But we also know they are usually worth the extra effort of waiting.”

I had a sudden fleeting thought that maybe I was beginning to like Betty more than I had planned on. I knew that my original intention was just to have a no strings attached roll in the hay, and maybe some friendly banter and chitchat over dinner and probably too much wine. But just the casual way she said that, made me think that I could really get to like this woman, and I had a sudden flash of understanding. One of the things that I hadn’t been able to ever come to grips with was why EA, who was twenty years my junior, would have been interested in me. I was easily old enough to be her father though she never called me “daddy” when we were in bed, thank you very much. YUCK! “Who’s your Daddy? Who’s your daddy?” Ew-w-w-w. In fact, her parents were barely ten years older than I, and would have been less, had she not been a late baby. But I suddenly realized that age after a certain point, really is mostly just a number. And I found myself not only lusting after someone old enough to be my parent, but actually beginning to have romantic attractions, as well.

All those thoughts passed through my head in less time than it took to walk through the kitchen, and the dining room, and down the hallway to Betty’s bedroom. But, of course, the mind is not constrained to real time; it is only our physical beings that are.

As I rounded the doorway into the bedroom, I paused in the entryway. I felt a little as if I was entering an inner sanctum; a private place, where not many had been invited heretofore.

The walls were painted a neutral grey, and across the room, directly opposite the door, was what was obviously a man’s dresser. It was very high style art deco, with matching veneer on the drawer fronts in a chevron pattern, and had rounded corners, with a contrasting veneer wrapped horizontally around the sides. It was topped by a round mirror, held in rounded vertical brackets on each side that stepped inward as they approached the widest portion of the circle. On top was a small box, with rounded corners in the same color veneer as the chevron drawer fronts. I assumed it was for cufflinks, studs, and collar stays. Also on top, in a silver frame, was an eight by ten black and white photo of a much younger Betty, wearing a 1940’s high-style one piece bathing suit, and holding a trophy. She was wearing heels, and stood with one knee in front of the other, facing the camera. She was posing just like the Betty Grable pinup that I remember seeing on the wall in my dad’s workroom. She was wearing a smile, that had it been any broader, would have hurt her ears. In a word, she was a knockout.

And so was the current Betty. I walked further into the bedroom, and looked to see her bent over, facing away from me peeling off her wet suit. Her legs stretched out straight, and went all the way up from the floor to her round buttocks. I felt the elephant stir once more as I gave her an appreciative whistle. She giggled, and, stepping out of the suit, bent down to pick it up. I could see her outer lips as she bent over. They were completely hairless, and darker than the rest of her skin. They were slightly puffy, making two rounded berms either side of a narrow valley, resting between the more rounded hills that were her ass cheecks. I quickly crossed into the room, and swatted her bare buttock as she stood up. She yelped, and said, “Who gave you permission to smack my ass?”

“No one,” I replied with a grin. ”God helps those who help themselves, you know.”

“In that case, I’m helping myself to this.” And she reached out and took my now hardening member in her hand. “ Let me help by holding this for you, while you take off the rest of your swim suit,” she said.

I crossed my arms, reached down to the lower edge of the top, and pulled it off over my head in one motion. As my nipples fell free of the wet suit, the cold air hardened them, and my breasts bounced slightly as the suit cleared.

“Oh, my God!” she exclaimed, “You really DO have boobs. They’re kinda small, though,” she added.

“Well, you weren’t expecting real breasts, were you?” I asked. “After all, I have been producing testosterone for the past forty-odd years. We’re cutting back on that though, so they’ll probably grow some,” I added. “This ageing business ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. Oh, it’s nice, taking longer to cum, but it’s not so nice taking longer to pee.”

“Well, look at it this way,” she said. “At least you still have a prostate, and can get it up. Jake had to have his removed about twenty years ago, and never could get it up after the operation.”

“You mean you haven’t had sex in twenty five years?” I asked, incredulously.

“Nope. I hope it hasn’t grown shut.”

“Didn’t you use toys, or ANYTHING?”

“Not inside. I have a little vibrator that I use sometimes, and that’s okay. Penetration feels good, and makes me feel full, and helps me get off, but that's not how I cum. What I like is on the outside.”

While we had been talking, Betty had taken our wet suits, and crossed the hall into the bathroom. She laid them over the shower curtain rod, and came back into the bedroom, with a tube of KY jelly in her hand. Looking at it, I said, “Oh, I doubt we’ll need that; the condoms I have are lubricated.”

“Condoms?” she asked, her eyes opening wide.”Whatever for? It isn’t as if I’m about to get pregnant. Or if I do, we’ll be rich, because it will be a miracle that we can sell to Jerry Springer or one of those guys.”

“ Let’s sit up on the bed, and I’ll tell you. It’s another long story.”

“You’re full of long stories, aren’t you? Actually, I kinda like that about you; seems like nothing with you is ever simple.” She peeled back the coverlet as she was talking, and plumped up two pillows, side by side against the headboard. Sitting back against one, she patted her right hand on the bed, and said, “Okay, climb in here with me, and tell me all about it. No, on second thought, why don’t you run back out to the pool and get our wine glasses. Then you can tell me all about it.”

“Um – don’t you think I ought to throw something on? I mean, what about the neighbors?”

“The only neighbor who can see the pool from his house is you, and you’re here, so don’t worry about it.”

“Okey doke. Be right back. Don’t go anywhere.”

“What? Not even to the bathroom?”

“Oh, that if you have to. But you know what I mean, Smart Ass.”

I heard her giggling as I went out into the hallway. While I was out at the pool, I tossed my shoes into the bag with the rest of my clothing and accoutrements, and slung it over my shoulder. As I passed through the kitchen, I snagged the open bottle of wine from the refrigerator.

I clambered up onto the bed next to her, and pulled the covers up over my waist. Her hand under the covers reached out and she rested it against the inside of my left thigh. She gently slid it up and down on my thigh. It was not in a sexual way, mind you; it was more like she was just caressing. It felt very cosy and loving, and I was struck again by the thought that I could grow to really like this woman. I was silent for a minute, just enjoying the closeness, when she spoke.

“I see the wheels turning in your head. Don’t start romanticising, and making this into something it isn’t. If you’re going that route, you can just go home right now, before one or both of us gets hurt. I have had the love of my life, and so, I suspect, have you. Remember that, and be happy that you had the time you did. Some people never find that person. We’re lucky because we did. And neither of us is gonna find another like him or her, so stop looking. We can enjoy each other’s company, and we can screw together, because we are alone, and it feels good. And we can love each other. But we are never going to be IN love with each other, so don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that.”

“Who gave you permission to read my mind?” I asked, and was going to continue, but she interrupted.

“You did. And you shouldn’t have. So stop. I like you. I care about you. I care what happens to you. So maybe, on some level that might be called love. But we both know we are not IN love. The chemistry may be there, but the electricity isn’t. Now tell me why you think we need a condom, and while you do, I’m gonna listen from down here.”

She flipped the covers back, and bent forward and took my now entirely flaccid penis into her mouth.

As she sucked on it, I could feel it begin to awaken. I ran my hand lightly over her curved back and shoulders. Then, with my fingers either side of her spine, I slowly slid my hand down to her coccyx. I lingered there, and gently rubbed two fingers up and down it.

“Well, a couple years ago,” I said, while still feeling her coccyx, “I met a woman on one of those online dating sites.” I withdrew my hand, bringing it back up her back, and spreading my fingers, moved in widening circles towards her ribcage. “We met for coffee, and though we both knew we were not destined to be in love, each wanted to jump the other’s bones. Being single adults and trying to be honest, we said so, at that meeting.”

I slid my hand down her ribcage and around her left hanging breast. I was fully erect now, and she was starting with that deep throating again; my cock twitched involuntarily as she took me in and out of her throat. I felt her nipple harden and extend under my finger, as I massaged while I spoke.

I think she moaned slightly then; I could feel the vibration travel down my cock and deep inside my crotch.

I went on, “So we decided to take advantage of the free STD testing at the county health department, just to be safe.”

I released her breast, and without lifting my hand, moved it slowly up her back and over to the other side. It wasn’t quite so easy to get her right breast in my hand, and I put her nipple between my little finger and my ring finger as I gently squeezed and massaged.

“When they were telling me about all the dangers of AIDS, and all the rest of the fearmonger stuff” I went on, “they also said that one of the highest incidences of STDs takes place in retirement homes.”

She either moaned or said, “U-mmm,”, as if to say, “I’m listening”. I don’t know which, but the effect was the same either way; I felt another jolt of electricity heading to my crotch. Only this time, it got sidetracked, and went by way of my balls. I groaned a little, and involuntarily moved my hips slightly, but I perservered.

“The RN told me that old people know pregnancy is not an issue and….”

She released my erection with a “plop” sound, and sat up laughing.

“Issue?” she laughed. “Did you have to say it that way? That is a great pun. Okay, I get the picture. But look at it this way; You’re 67, and I’m … well… a lady never tells her age. Let’s just say I’m older. How long do we have to live anyway? Who cares about AIDS? Now, put that condom on, and fuck me.”


Afterward, she tore the condom off, and took my soft member in her mouth again.”Yuck,” she said. “It tastes like rubber. I was hoping to clean us off of you. I was thinking that maybe, the taste of cum, and your licking would get me off. I know I’m being greedy, but it’s been a long time.”

“Sweetheart,” I said, “that isn’t greed. You just need release. You’re the first woman I’ve ever been with, besides my first wife when we were still kids, who didn’t come during normal sex.”

“I don’t know why, but its’s like I get so close, and then it fades,” she answered.

“Lie on your back, hold your ankles, and spread your knees. I have an idea.”

She rolled over, and lying on her back, did as I asked.

“It feels like a gynecological exam,” she said.

“Oh, don’t worry, it soon won’t,” I replied. Then I bent forward, and extending my tongue, I slid from her perineum up toward her waiting slit.

As I continued upward, I got to her clitoris, and she moaned and suddenly thrust her hips toward me. Her legs straightened, and she said, “I don’t think I can hold onto my ankles while you are doing that.”

I had an idea, and asked, “Do you still have any of Jake’s clothing?”

“Yes, but why…”


“Yes, but….Oh. Yes,” she said softly. I could tell she had figured out where I was going.

“In the top drawer. Use the red ones. If they get dirty it doesn’t matter. He never liked them, anyway.”

Having tied her hands to her ankles, I was free to begin again. I started by gently licking her clitoris. I didn’t bother with putting my tongue in her vagina, or even licking her lips. I just kept my tongue right on her clitoris, and circled and circled, and circled it. She was bucking and moaning , and I had to hold her still to keep my tongue centered on her clitoris. As her moans got louder and higher in pitch, I inserted two fingers into her vagina. I didn’t put them in very far; just up to the second knuckle. Then I started moving my fingers inside her. All the time, I continued to circle her clitoris with my tongue. I could feel a little spongy mass starting to enlarge under my fingers. Then I started sucking on her clitoris like a little penis. She moaned louder, and her breath was coming in big gasps. I placed my right hand across her lower abdomen, partly to hold her down, but mostly to tell when the spasms started. She was starting to cry out words now.

“Oh God, OH Jesus, Oh fuck, oh fuck me. OH, Jesus, harder, oh no don’t don’t stop, yes right there, oh shit oh fuck oh-h-h-h-h.”

And she gave a long moan, and started shaking. I could feel her stomach muscles contracting as she cried out. I still kept my tongue on her clitoris. I was sucking it hard now; into my mouth, and biting it with my lips folded over my teeth. I could feel the little nubbin in my mouth, and I flicked my tongue across it as I squeezed her spongy G spot with my fingers. All of a sudden she clamped down on my fingers, and I thought she might break them. The spongy part was pressing downward on them, and her vagina was clamping from both sides. I couldn’t move, and a huge gush of liquid soaked my wrist and chin as she screamed.

to be continued .................

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