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Black Friday Sale

Sister masturbates before having sex with brother in law
The two of them had just “finished” shopping on Black Friday and headed out to the car. Beth Ann, the slightly pudgy younger sister who was Tiffany Rae’s best friend located her SUV. She unlocked the doors and the two of the early 30 year olds climbed into the automobile and promptly buckled their seatbelts. Beth Ann started the SUV and pulled out and got drove on to the main road and located the expressway.

Within minutes they were speeding along at somewhere around 70 to 75 mph. Beth Ann was driving. Tiffany Rae was doing only one thing. She was looking at billboards. When she saw it she had to say something.

“Did you see that?” she said. “Huh, did you?” she said a little louder as she asked her sister again. Tiffany Rae looked over at her sister and immediately wondered if she had. However she knew, from that expression on Beth Ann’s Face, that Beth Ann had not see the billboard’s advertisement at all. “It said that the mall was running another Black Friday Sale as of this coming Friday. Friday sis Friday, I love it. Another Black Friday Sale,” the sister said to Beth Ann. “Let’s do it! Let’s go back there! Let’s go back and go shopping next week,” Tiffany Rae barked excitedly again.

“No but I’d heard about it. I’d heard about something like that the other day,” Beth Ann replied again.

“Soooo umm doesn’t that make you want to go? Who knows what we’ll find?”

Flying along on the expressway at 70 mph or something like that, Beth Ann for what ever reason had gotten into a bad, bad frame of mind. After quickly locating an empty lane, she pulled into it, and comfortably continued “sailing” along on down the freeway. All was well with both as she seemed to drive away, from the mall, and head for home.

“We have to go back!” screamed Tiffany Rae although not in a tone of voice that was so loud. “We have to! We just have to go back next week,” she said again and again and in a pitch that was loud enough and annoying as well.

Beth Ann was getting more annoyed at her sister as the moments passed on. She’d done and had enough shopping for the season or so she thought she had. To herself, she was thinking “Shut up! Just shut the fuck up, sis!”

Now first things first- Tiffany Rae loved clothing and she loved showing her figure seeing that it was a great figure. And secondly, and oddly, she was a devout Christian too. She never ever cursed, except rarely. In truth, Tiffany Rae was an incredible looking woman who lived figure. Yes you heard it correctly. She was a great looking woman with a body to boot and all the right curves in all the proper places, and all showed up in the right places. Yes they did.

Beth Ann knew this too. She slowly came to hate that about her sister too. She hated it and that word, “hated” it was just the beginning of it all “Just shut the fuck up about that,” she said again to her sister. “Do you have any idea how much I’ve hated your body all these years? Do you Tiff? Huh, do you have any idea how much I have hated your figure? Well God fuck sister,” she went on to add and not even thinking about the fact that she cussed right in front of her pious older sister. “I could tell you stories on top of stories,” and finally she turned her head to look at Tiffany Rae but was not smiling when she did. “Either way sister,” she started to say. “If we go, and there would be stipulations to it all personally speaking, I would have to be as successful as you always are when you go shopping. God Tiff fuck!” she went on to add, not even thinking about how many times she used the word fuck so far. “You and that fucking cute body of yours,” she added. “I mean your breasts, your stomach, those hips, and that sweet and shapely buttocks of yours. God sis, if I had a body like that, and now don’t misunderstand this, but if I was a man well sis I guess I’d want to eat your body all up. You know I’d want to nibble on your body, as in pleasurably, and I’d want to kiss it all over the place and then some,” she told her sister as they sat stationary in thee middle of the expressway.

Once she got it all off her chest and felt better, and she did feel much better, she maneuvered the SUV off to the side of the highway and put it into park. She turned sideways and smiled at Tiffany Rae and she smiled back.

“Sorry about that,” Beth Ann said. “I know I gotta watch my language but that just happens. Oh and first things first. I do love you sis no matter what I do say. I love you a lot and that hunk of a husband of yours.”

“Yeah and to be honest, Beth Ann. He actually does think that of you. He finds you to be a very attractive and extremely sexy woman, if you can believe that. I didn’t at first but he found a way to reassure me that he sees you that way. Now get us out of here. Get us home, alright? I want to show you something that he keeps hidden from me.” Tiffany Rae turned at smiled at Beth Ann as well as winked at her too. “I’m going to show you something he keeps hidden from me but in my cleaning of the house, I found it. I did not get finished cleaning that day.

Beth Ann, after hearing what she did, reached out for her sister’s hand, and grabbed hold of it. They held hands as Beth Ann navigated the SUV toward Tiffany Rae’s home.

Once there, Tiffany Rae immediately led her upstairs and found her husband’s private notes. She pulled them out, Beth Ann sat down, and Tiffany Rae left the bedroom so Beth Ann could read what private thought Frederick, Tiffany Rae’s husbands, had written about Beth Ann. To Beth Ann what he’d written about her was riveting to her. By the time she was finished she felt she easily could have found her finger down inside her pants and masturbating. That was how she “felt” because she read his “thoughts” by way of his notebook he kept hidden.

She wanted to get home. She wanted to get masturbating, at her house, with visions of Frederick’s head up inside her things as he licked her out. She did not care whatsoever that Frederick was more then eight years older then her. She wanted to get home and do it to herself. She said to herself that every man knows how to eat out a woman, don’t they?

She held that notebook in her hands. “Do I take this with me?” she said to nobody in particular. “Should I take this home? I could do it to myself,” and she smiled. “Then I could do it again couldn’t I? Yeah, that’s it. I could do it again and again.”

“Umm what’s that?” said her sister who happened to pass by the room. “Do what sis?”

Beth Ann, knowing her sister was a religious woman, did not know how to address this matter with her sister said “Umm this is a very interesting notebook, sis, and I’d really love to read all of it. I mean if you uhhh don’t mind me reading it and all.” She said it or rather asked the question in the sweetest tone of voice she could muster. Tiffany Rae said yes at least three times and seeing that she did Beth Ann jumped up from the bed and hugged her sister. “Have you ever really sat down to read this sis? I mean its an incredibly well written notebook to be honest. I mean it.”

“I’ll tell him you think so, okay?” said Tiffany Rae

“Uhhh no,” she said, “don’t do that. It’s his umm private collection of thoughts, isn’t it?”

“Yeah but so what?” she replied. “They are just thoughts and like all the others you are family aren’t you?” Tiffany Rae went on to add.

“But umm have you ever really ever umm sat down and read any of this stuff in detail?”

“No, I haven’t. Why do you ask?” asked Tiffany Rae.

“Then you, of all people, would not really understand at all if I tried to explain it. I’m going now. Have him stop by to pick this up, alright?”

“I’ll be happy to,” said Tiffany Rae. “Have a lot of fun reading it.”

“Ohhhhhhh, I will. I will most definitely will.” You can be definitely sure of that, she told herself as she headed out of the, down the stairs, and promptly out the front door.

In her SUV, she hurried home. She could not wait to get home and upstairs to her bedroom so she could read more of that notebook, and of course play around like all girls play around. She wanted to see what was on his mind. She wanted to “feel” in her room. She wanted to “feel” his lips and his tongue up inside her pussy and she so badly wanted to masturbate knowing that it was that hunk of a man, her brother in law Frederick.

As she read it, she imagined his tongue inside her panties, and before too much longer she found her fingers “crawling” and finding their way into her panties as well. Seeing as there was no real Frederick there to do the job Beth Ann found that she had to do it all herself. No, good ole country girls didn’t mind doing it to themselves, but they did have to have the proper motivation. Was this diary so to speak going to do it for her?

She found that it was doing it properly for her as her mind traveled and traveled, with him, and her fingers simply traveled top her pussy and it all enticed that pussy of hers to become wetter and wetter so that it would orgasm and make her as happy as a clam.

“Ohhh oh uh ohhhhhh,” she shouted and screamed out in her silent house as she pictured Frederick eating her or rather licking her out and licking her out some more.

Yes, her thighs were tight as hell from all the orgasms she was having. And yes she was enjoying herself for sure. She could not stop reading that erotic notebook that he’d written and she found that she could not get her fingers out of her twat either. She went back to the notebook and read some more. The man could really write down his thoughts. He’s made me horny, she said to herself, and with that her finger was again down inside her panties and it was fingering her clit wildly.

She could not wait. She could not wait for one more of those orgasms. She had to have one, she told herself, and seeing as that was the case she kept her finger down inside her panties and fingering her clitoris so that she’d make sure she could have another orgasm.

“Oh God, just give me one more. That’s all I want. I want one more orgasm,” she shouted out and kept plucking a way at her pussy so she could have at least one last orgasm. With her eyes shut and her finger down at her clit, she fingered away at her pussy.

Before she knew it, thankfully it was happening again. She was about to have one last orgasm, again. It was to be her third, and what she was thinking, last one for the day. She was exhausted. She couldn’t do anything else. She couldn’t do any more whatsoever. She knew that for sure. And so she lay in bed, with her skirts pulled up, and her fingers half wet from the fingering she did to herself. And Beth Ann suddenly started growing more and more confident seeing as the man she secretly loved, kind of, spent some timje in her sheets and in between her thighs as well.

“I do love you too, Frederick.”

Suddenly she heard the doorbell ring. “Hmmm who would that be? She went to the bathroom, quickly, and wiped up. Then she headed downstairs. She headed to the front door and answered it.

She swung open the door. “Whoa Frederick?” she said. “Come in, come in.”

It was a congenial meeting. He sat down. She offered him a beer And they talked for a while. She knew why he was really there and she was more then ready to get his secret notebook, which she’d just had lots of fun with due to him.

“Before you say anything else Frederick I do want to thank you for what you uh wrote in that notebook. I mean it too. Do you have any idea at all what it means to a woman to read that stuff? Do you Frederick? God Frederick, it was all such a turn on. At least it was for me,” she said emotionally.

Then she kind of smiled but she also blushed as well. There was silent moment and she continued. “I know one thing for sure. What’s happened, today, was so terribly needed by me, and I mean it too Frederick. Regardless, it that notebook was needed. I soooo needed to read what I read and I do that again and again too. I mean if you wouldn’t mind.”

And he came back with “Nope, not a bit. If any or al of that aroused you then let me know. Personally speaking Beth Ann, I do think that you are a babe and a babe and a half. “To be totally honest with you I’d have sex with you in a heartbeat. I mean it too.”

Her eyes went wide as her mouth dropped open. “Do you really mean that?” she saw him nodding his head as he smiled and even winked at her too. But she got a hold of her thoughts and continued. “Because of your notebook, which is an immaculate piece of writing Frederick, and I mean that, honestly.” She paused, closed her eyes for a few seconds, and went on to add “God Frederick I mean that too!”

And with that she tried making a face that emphasized the fact that she masturbated as a result of his writing. Whether or not he understood she did not care. She only tried to emphasize that she masturbated as a result of what she read.

And then she said, out of nowhere, “The notebook’s upstairs. Let’s go upstairs and I can get it for you. How’s that sound?” He said fine which she truthfully didn’t expect him to say at all. She turned around and then said “Uhhh, do you mean that really?”

“Sure why wouldn’t I?” he said. “I mean I’ve been in this house how man times and of those times how many times have I been anywhere else but on this first floor. I’ve never seen your room. You got to see my room and heck you even got a chance tp read some of my personally memoirs. And most likely, if I’m right, you got a chance to do it to yourself. You know…as in masturbate.

They’d climbed the stairs and walked down the hallway. He followed her towards her bedroom. She knew her bed was kind of messed up from her laying on it but she didn’t care. She had to retrieve his notebook for him. They walked in, he waited by the door as she did her thing, and she proceeded to her bed.

When she arrived at the bed she found the notebook was nowhere to be found. “Where is it? It isn‘t here.” She bent over to search for it some more and when she did his eyes followed her ass as it bent over some and stretched out inside her skirt. He knew that he liked looking at her ass and that he liked looking at its shape very much too.

When she was bent over he decided to express his emotions. “You know something Beth Ann. You do know that that you do have a fine, fine looking ass don’t you?”

She flew up and she straightened up her body. He was smiling as he looked at her. She said, tersely “What did you just say to me Frederick?”

“You heard me correctly,” he went on to add. “I absolutely love the size and the shape of your buttocks.”

“This wide thing?” she said.

“Yep, I’m referring to that one. I was referring to that,” and he closed his eyes and continued, “beautiful somewhat bulky flesh filled skirt of an ass of yours. I would love to see it in the flesh. I’d even take off my shoes and pants for you and I’d allow you to see whatever you’d like to see on me. Now how does that sound?”

She had to think about it for a moment and as she did he smiled but either way she looked at it, it was entertaining to her. “Are you serious Frederick? I mean what you’ve suggested. Are you absolutely serious about that? You are my brother in law and Tiffany Rae is my sister. She’s my sister and my best friend in the whole world.”

“I like you soooo much Beth Ann. Let’s at least sit down on the bed. Let’s at least do that if nothing else, okay?”

“Okay, I’ll sit on the bed with you, “she said, “but do not expect anything too crazy or kinky and wild to happen. You hear me? Do you Frederick?” she went on to say although she hoped something or anything might happen between them that afternoon.

So he smiled and sat down, as suggested to him, on her bed. So far so good he told himself as he watched her sit down too. Yep, mmmmmm she sat down as well. So he decided top ask her a question. “Answer me a question,” he said.

“What’s that?” she said.

“Where’d the best place for you, as a woman, to umm masturbate at?”

“Uhhh what?” she yelped. “Come on Frederick! What kind of question is that?”

“I don’t know. I like to masturbate too butt when do it. When I go and umm jack off I most likely will do it in the shower. So my question is simple. Where do you do it at? The tub, the shower, or do you do it here in the bed?” he asked, smiling.

She gave in and told the truth

“Ohhhhhhh heck,” she said. “I always do it right here in the comfort of this bed.”

“Oooooohh, you’re such a naughty little lady but I’d still love to help you do that sometime.” He smiled right into her eyes. “How’s that sound to you? Would you enjoy having me over, so we could play ‘dangerously’?”

She slapped his arm lightly and then said “Ohhh Frederick, stop teasing me.”

“I’m serious, Beth Ann. I want to come back here some day soon, and I want that day to be as soon as possible too. I want that day to be a ‘seriously’ enjoyable day for you. I want to snuggle with you and hold you in my arms and I want to also be held by you in your arms.” He was looking into her eyes at this point. With a serious face he added “Doesn’t that sound good to you too?”

“But…but Frederick you’re a married man,” she said.

“So what?” he replied. “What does that say to you now?

Something happened to “click” in her brain. It was the perfect idea or as close as she was going to get. She shrugged her shoulders and made a face and smiled. He waited. “That you re an experienced man?” she said.

“Yep, that’s right girl,” he said. “I am quite an experienced man and seeing as I am I know exactly what I want and I know exactly you want too.”

“Do you?” she replied. “Hmmm, now what is that? What am I, as a full grown, and horny woman, looking for in life Fredrick?”

“A man who fully appreciates her figure seeing as she isn’t sure she appreciates totally. Is that close enough?” She then looked down into her lap and thought about his words. He took his finger and touched her chin, lightly. “I do love the soft chunkiness and the curves of your figure that you don’t see on yourself. I’d take shower after shower after shoers with you, Beth Ann, and I would love to kiss every inch of you naked and wet body while we were in a shower together.” He took a deep breath of air before going on.

“If we were naked, right now, I’d show you what I’d love to do with you. I’d love to take you to the bathroom and invite you and that body of yours into the shower so that I could explicitly detail my way around your body and even iff nothing happens today maybe just maybe I’ve left you with one thing. Maybe when you are alone you will finger that clitoris of yours and hopefully you’ll orgasm and cum all over these bedsheets again.” He smiled, warmly. “Now how’s that sound to you?”

“Ohhhhhh God Frederick,” she started to say. “Will you go to the bathroom with me?”

He hopped up off the bed and said, with a smile, “I most certainly will Beth Ann.”

He stretched out his hand to take hers, and she took his hand, and they walked down to the bathroom. She immediately turned on the shower and they began getting undressed. Yeah, okay, she was a bulgy built woman, but none of that mattered. He was a man with lust that filled his loins and soul. And he wanted a woman although he had one at home.

He took her in his arms. It felt so damn good to hold her body in his arms. That soft thickness was perfect, he felt, and he could spend hours and days holding her forever.

“Mmmmmm, I love this,” he told her. “Just standing under the water with you like we are. This is perfect. Do you know that? Feeling your soft belly and all of your,” but he stopped speaking and decided to say something else. “I’m uhhh getting a little umm turned on by you. Would you care if we umm headed to the bedroom?”

“Now?” she said. “I was enjoying being held here in the shower by you. I mean that.”

“I’ll make it worth the while,” he said. And once he said that he looked at her with a very small smile on his lips. His eyes displayed that smile. His whole face showed that he meant what he said. And of course the grin on his lips most definitely showed that he was serious about taking it another step of the way with her.

As he held her, from behind, and his arms we wrapped around the front of her body and over her breasts as the water came down as it showered them he took one hand and he told himself that he “had” to do this. He slid that hand sideways up inside her butt crack. She “yelled” so to speak as a reaction to the doing what it had done up her ass crack.

“So did you umm like that?” he asked.

“Frederick, you’re asking if I liked that. Umm did I like that?” she asked as she turned around to see his smile and once she did she went on to say “Of course I liked that. I mean what woman wouldn’t like a man doing that sort of thing to her? “God Frederick, you could do that, slide your hand through my butt, anytime you want. All you’d have to do is call me and I’ll go and get the shower started and warm up the water for us. Now, how does that sound?” she asked with a smile on her lips.

“Sounds pretty good to me,” he said. “I mean Tiffany Rae doesn’t get into that sort of stuff. I suppose that’s why I’m here with you isn’t it?”

She paused a moment before answering his question but then said “I guess it is.”

As the shower sprayed down over them both they began looking into the others eyes. And they stared, hard and long and before she realized it, romantically. She found herself making the very first move. She found her arms “floating” around his body’s frame as she looked into his eyes and he looked into hers. All that stress from earlier in the day when she was with her sister was no where to be found. She was finally happy again thanks to Fredericks diary and his presence in the shower right now. Something somewhere, in her mind, was telling her that she loved this man.

I love him. I love Frederick. I want to kiss the man and I do not care if he’s married to my sister. I am going to kiss the husband of my sister. Yep, that’s what I am going to do. I’m going to kiss him and what the heck, she went on to say. I’ll do a little tongue when I do.

And so she grabbed hold of him, romantically so to speak. She moved towards him as she did and her lips surprisingly went in. She kissed him before he kissed her. And yes, she slid her tongue in and it did its thing before he even had a “fighting” chance. She was sly. She was smooth. She did it so erotically no one ever saw it coming. No he didn’t either and that was because she was so damn smooth about what she did.

But the water was beginning to get a little colder. So they shut it off. They grabbed their towels. And then they moved this show over to the bedroom. Yes, the bedroom. That one elusive location where two people can lay down to rest. Or enjoy themselves in a romantic way. They chose option number two of course. As soon as they reached the bed, and made sure their bodies were as dry as a bone, she climbed in first. She slid under the bedsheets and covers. She pulled back, with a smile on her face, the covers so that he understood, clearly, that she was inviting him to join her in the sack. He did just that.

They were in bed and turned on their sides so that each could look at the other. She looked at him and he looked back at her. She was smiling, gleefully. He was just happy to be there so he could help her out. Her husband, Chuck, was not that sort of romantic guy. In her opinion, he was a major ass prick. Yup, he was a prick. He was a guy who didn’t and couldn’t show the proper sort of love to another woman, including her, at all.

“Chuck isn’t anything like you,” she said.

“What do you mean?” he said

“Ohhh, it doesn’t matter. All that does matter right now is that you’re here with me. This is all sort of umm romantic. I can’t believe I’m naked in bed with another man and he is not my husband. Frederick, this is incredible to me. You are incredible as far as I’m concerned. Frederick,” she went on to say. “I kind of think that I love you. Does that make any sense at all?”

They looked at each other for a moment and as they did he smiled into her eyes. “Really, do you mean that Beth Ann?” he asked. “That would mess up everything wouldn’t it?”

“I guess it would wouldn’t it?” she replied. “But we could always sort of ‘love’ each other, right?”

He had to think about that for a while. But he said “Yeah, I guess you and I could. So BA let’s do just that, alright? I’m game if you’re game. I’d be more then happy to make love to you when it’s possible to do so, okay?”

“Okay,” she agreed. “So where would a man and a woman start?”

“They’d start by kissing,” he said.

“I’d sure love to do that again. I’d love lots of that too,” she told him.

“Yep, lots and lots of it. I’d agree with that. And kissing all over a woman’s body too.”

“As in,” and she paused a moment before going on, “everywhere?”

“That’s right,” he said. “Everywhere on her luscious body.” He then smirked and licked his lips for her. “I mean I’d kiss your body all over. I’d kiss your body everywhere I feel it needs to be kissed. How’s that sound to you Beth Ann?”

She looked into his eyes and as she did he saw a smile break through on her lips. He then smiled too. “Sounds like it’s a plan huh?” he went on to say.

“Yes, it does sound very good as far as I’m concerned,” she said.

So with that she reached out and with her index finger she touched his cheek lightly. Her finger drew a line down the cheek as if in a romantic way. “I do love that you decided to come ever here and do this, Frederick. I mean that too. You are handsome. You have a good looking frame. I do not but that does not seem to matter to you,” she said as he shook his head and smiled at her.

“It doesn’t,” he said as he leaned in and kissed her on her lips. “I really love sexual play.”

“What’s that mean?” she openly wondered.

“It means that I love to have sex with a woman I find sexually attractive.”

“So does that mean you find me sexually attractive?” she said.

“Oh hell,” he said. “Look at us. We’re naked but under these covers, we’re both married to someone else, and I’m in my wife’s sisters bed and most likely about to have sexual relations with her. So what do you think girl? Why the hell do you think I’m here? I just gop from house to house to house and I knock on doors and ask any old lady ‘Mam, would you be interested in having my cock up your cunt?’ I don’t do that, Beth Ann. I don’t. When I’m deeply infatuated with a woman I let it be known. The only thing here is I didn’t hide that diary well enough. Tiffany Rae discovered it. We argued and we yelled and we yelled. We hated each other for days and days. But then, finally, she came to terms with it all. She still loves you as sister and she still loves you as a friend. You mean everything to her as a sister and she knows what you mean to her as a friend. That does not change my personal feelings about you as far as being a man goes Beth Ann. I am crazy about you as far as being a man and instead of pursuing you I’ve written any and all my feels in that diary. It’s like my bible to me. She knows it too.”

“So all of it is true? All that you wrote is how you really feel about me?” she said.

“Yup, all of it. Every last word of it,” he replied.

“Wow,” she said, “do you have any idea how many times I orgasmed to that diary of yours already today?

He shook his head but had some idea or he hoped he did. Still he went ahead and answered her question anyway. “Let’s see. I bet you did it uhhh like three times maybe?”

She was impressed that he knew just how many times she did it to herself. “Wow, like that’s exactly right! I did do it that many times,” she told him. “But oddly I still want it to happen again and again. That’s just how I feel today. I mean it. I feel like that right now. I want that to happen soooo badly today I can feel it all over me,” she went on to say.

All of a sudden she felt his legg as it slowly began “crawling” over to her side amnd positioning itself on top of her leg. That felt really special to her. He moved his leg so that it rested on her leg and as he did he said “Well we can try can’t we?”

Seeing that she felt his leg resting on hers she swallowed hard and then replied “Umm I uhhh guess I umm wouldn’t mind trying.”

With that he smiled as he looked deeply into her eyes. “You’ve figured out I’m here because I want to be? I want you Beth Ann. I want us to be together romantically, right?”

In a soft spoken tone of voice she quietly said “Yes, I guess I do.” But she was thinking to herself well come on. Do it to me then. I want your lips kissing my lips and I want your body all over me right now, Frederick. And for that matter, let’s get onto that delicious cock of yours. I’ll happily make it hard as hell as long as you Frederick out it into my cunt. How’s that sound huh? Will you fuck me and make love to me, Frederick?

He crawled on top of her which is something she wanted anyway. As he did he began kissing her all over her face and lips. He was having an enormous amount of fun as he kissed and straddled her wide, soft frame of a figure. But as he kissed her with his tongue dug into her mouth like it was and as he held her hands in his he became hornier and hornier. His cock, on its very own, easily got harder and harder. It was solid as hell and the man was ready. He was more the good and ready for what came next.

And that was easily noticeable to her too.

“Soooo a little turned on by this kissing are you?” she asked with a tone of confidence in her voice.

“Well umm a little I guess,” he replied. “But heck look at who I’m with,” he went on to say. He looked directly into her eyes as he smiled at her and he went on to say “I am with one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has a fantastic body and I have fantasized about this body,” and he sat up and stretched out his hands so he could emphasize that point a little better. “God, do you have any idea how many times I fantasized about you Beth Ann? Huh, do you?” he asked her as he looked down deeply into her eyes. “I’ve so wanted you for soooo long now.”

With that she grabbed his hands and seeing as she had she pulled his body back down over her. Seeing as she did that she was kissing him, with tongue, before he even knew it. He loved that. And she was kissing him madly as she thrust that tongue of hers into his mouth wildly. His hands meanwhile were already all over her bulbous full sized boobs and as he played around with them he also focused in on her nipples. He “worked” at making them hard and tingly. He wanted to turn her on in any way he could possibly turn her on.

And in doing so he made himself even hornier and hornier and harder and harder. He wanted her and he knew that too. “Ohhh God Beth Ann,” he said, “I soooo want your body. I want to eat you out. I want to out mysef inside you. Can I do that? May I go inside you?” he said.

“Please ohhh please go inside me,” she said. “I want you in me and I’d love it if you’d go inside me right now. Can you do that? Can you go in me right now?”

He didn’t say a word. He just did it to her. He took his hard cock and slowly slid it into her horny aroused pussy so that she could orgasm one more time. They made love as passionately as any two people could. He fucked her well and as he fucked her flabby but lovely body he kissed her lovingly and she kissed him back.

Their hands were all over one another as they fucked one another and their lips were everywhere as well. She knew she loved it and he knew he loved doing what he was doing even more as he came closer and closer to doing two things. He was ready to cum and she was about ready to orgasm too or so he thought she was at least.

Yes, she did orgasm. She came all over the place and seeing as she had he pulled out and held his erection in his hand. In seconds, he was coming all over her full breasted chest. Both loved that part of it. He fucked the woman and got her to cum and he fucked the woman and came himself and he did it all over her tits and her belly.

“Aren’t you glad I came over to get that diary today?” he asked as he snuggled in bed with her and held her body in his arms.

“You and your diary have been a life saver but to be honest I could show you how to post your thoughts online on a computer and so nobody knew they were your thoughts, except me maybe.

“Come on now, really?” he said. “You mean that, honestly?”

With that, he did it again. He slid his hand and ran a line down between her ass cheeks. She yelped once he did it to her and tightened up her ass but even though he did not see it she smiled that he did it to her.

She loved that. Having his hand do something kinky like it did meant a lot to her. She did not slap his hand at all. She simply reached behind her and found his hand and took it in hers and held it.

“Let’s get together again, can we?” she asked.

“We can,” he replied. “I’d like that. I’d like that a lot to be honest.”

“Me too,” she added, “mmmmmm.”

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