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Bob’s evening with a call girl

Bob recalls a speacil evening he would never forget
This is something I don’t do on a regular basis, if anything it’s only ever happened on a couple of occasions in my life. This time stood out in particular to the rest, and on this occasion my wife was the one who had suggested the idea. Jacqueline was going out with the girls for an evening of drinking and dancing. A few of her friends needed to let loose and get away from the family rut for an evening, any excuse for a good time.

As Jacqueline was about to leave, she had said very seriously, “Why don’t you give one of the local call girls a ring, and treat yourself to something different. You’ve always said you wouldn’t mind fucking an Asian woman,” she then smiled, opened her purse and handed me a couple of hundred dollar bills.

I took the money, kissed her goodbye, and said, “Have a good night, and if you get into any trouble I want to hear about it when you get home. Have fun my love.”

I watched her get into the taxi, and waited for it to leave before going inside. I placed the money on the coffee table, sat down and turned the television on. I spent the next couple of hours flicking channels and toying with Jacqueline’s idea. We have done a lot of swinging in our time and picked up a few men and woman, but the idea of just ringing and asking for what I wanted was now sounding rather intriguing.

The power of suggestion is a very wonderful thing, and my wife’s idea was now getting the best of me. I found the latest newspaper sitting on the coffee table, and went straight for the escort classifieds, so many to choose from. I went straight for the list of Asian call girls, and found one that sounded interesting, the advertisement went like this.

'If you like you’re Asian with shape, and ample breasts. I’m what you’re looking for.

Call Lynn on 8585858585. I’m more than happy to come to you.'

It was short and sweet. I couldn’t believe it, I rang the number eagerly, and Lynn answered with very good English, and only a hint of an oriental accent.

“Hello, Lynn here. What can I do for you,” she answered.

I couldn’t believe it, I was actually feeling nervous about this, and it took me a few seconds to answer, “Hi. I’m Bob. I would like to book your services for the evening,” I paused for a moment, “if you’re available that is.”

“I am available anytime in the next three hours, and how long would you like my company for Bob,” she replied.

I thought about this for a moment, and as I don’t like to rush things, I answered, “Two hours would be great.”

“Mmm, are you sure? Most men are happy with half an hour of my time,” she replied.

“I like to take my time, and would love to enjoy every inch of your body,” I then said.

“Okay, Bob. That will be $250. Am I coming to you, or are you coming to me?” she asked.

“If you could come to me, that would be great,” I answered.

I then gave her my address, and Lynn said she would be here within half an hour. This gave me enough time to have a shower and freshen up. It was only 25 minutes later and I saw a purple Mercedes Benz convertible pull up in our driveway. I watched from the front door as Lynn got out of her car. She was wearing a one piece red dress which was tied around her neck, and matching high heel stilettos, and red fish-net stockings hugging her short shapely legs.

I would take a guess that she was in her mid-thirties. Lynn was very attractive, she stood around 160 cm in height with a voluptuous full body, and by the way her ample breast where moving as she walked towards me, they were as natural as they come.

As she approached, Lynn extended her hand towards me and said, “Hi I’m Lynn, and you would be Bob?”

I accepted her hand, which looked very tiny in mine, and pulled her towards me until our bodies met and gave her a gentle passionate kiss. She pulled herself away, then said, “Shouldn’t we take this inside; you don’t want your neighbours talking, do you?”

“Lynn, I have nothing to hide. I will let you know straight up. I and my wife are more than happy in our marriage, and we are frequent swingers, and this was all her idea, as she has gone out for the night with some of her friends,” I quickly explained, as I put my hand at the small of her back and gently guided her into my home.

“Please Lynn make yourself comfortable. I haven’t asked you here to just please me, I really enjoy pleasing woman, so you’re not here just for a fuck. You’re here to enjoy the experience just as much as I am,” I said to her, as we approached the bar next to our lounge room.

“Oh, is that why you want me for a couple of hours Bob?” Lynn asked.

“Yes, and what could I get the lovely lady to drink?” I asked

“I don’t normally drink on the job Bob, I usually have other clients booked for the rest of the evening. Tonight I was leaving it free until you rang. I was after a night off,” she answered.

“How’s this for a deal,” I suggested, “you can relax here with me for the night, and when you want to leave I will pay for a taxi, and any additional fee you feel you need to charge if you’re not happy with my company.”

Lynn looked straight into my eyes and answered, “Mmm, I don’t do this normally Bob, for some reason I like you and feel quite comfortable in your presence. I’ll make that a yes, and I would like a shot of tequila to start with, if that’s okay.”

We stood at my humble little home bar, drinking and mainly chatting about Lynn’s line of work, with the occasional story from myself of the adventures of me and my wife. An hour and a half had passed very quickly, and yet we had no sexual contact what so ever. I wasn’t pushing it, I could tell Lynn was enjoying my company, and I was enjoying hers. I looked at the clock and I now had ten minutes left.

“So Lynn,” I said, as I poured her another drink, “my times almost up and we haven’t done a thing.”

Before I could continue, Lynn grabbed my head, and pulled me to her lips, her tongue darting in and out my mouth.

She let me go, smiled and said, “I’m having way to much fun Bob, I’m yours for the night if you would like?”

“If that’s the case, I would love to give your gorgeous body a full massage, can I?” I asked.

“I’m yours for the night, and I will do anything you ask of me Bob,” she answered, as she finished another drink.

“How about you freshen up,” I said pointing to our bathroom, “and put on one of the robes that are hanging on the door, and use the side door to enter the bedroom.”

Lynn grabbed the bulge in my pants and said, “That sounds like a great idea,” turned and headed for our bathroom.

I quickly grabbed a couple of towels from the linen cupboard, and headed into the bedroom. I could feel my cock throbbing in my pants, the thought of giving a call girl a massage was getting me extremely excited. No longer had I placed the towels on the bed and got out the massage oil, Lynn walked in through the bathroom door in my wife’s transparent night robe. I couldn’t help but stare, her nipples stood erect, and she still had her fishnet stockings on, she was such an erotic site to look at. I wanted to fuck her there and then. I had to control the urge, I wanted to play and make her feel good first, something I’m very sure not many of her clients did.

“Would you like me on the my stomach first,” she asked, standing in front of me as I undid the robe and gently pushed it off her shoulders, exposing her body completely, except for her legs, I left the stockings on as I figured I could remove them later.

“Yes please Lynn,” I replied.

Lynn laid on the bed face done, and I began to massage her from her neck and slowly moving my way down to her shapely arse. Lynn was moaning softly from my very first touch. I kneaded her arse cheeks and her moans where getting a little louder. I climbed between her legs and parted her cute arse cheeks. I couldn’t help myself, I leant in and started to lick her rear hole. Lynn was moving her hips around and moaning louder in approval. I ran a finger over her pussy and was greeted with a little squeal and a gush of her juices.

“Bob I’m so fucking horny, I need something in my pussy, your tongue, fingers, cock, anything. Please,” Lynn begged.

I was beginning to really enjoy this, and I wanted to continue the tease a little longer, so I said to her, “Not yet Lynn, only when I’ve finished massaging your body completely.”

I removed her stockings slowly, and kissed her legs all the way down to her feet as I did, then I lightly sucked on her toes. Her body suddenly shook when my lips and tongue manipulated her toes. Her pussy would have been aching for attention by now, if it already wasn’t. I then gently rolled her on to her back and worked my way up. I teased her pussy, only running my fingers lightly over her outside lips. Her body now shuddering with every touch of my fingers and hands. I could smell her sex, it was sweet and her scent was now overpowering the room.

I finished massaging the rest of her body, then I took one of her hard nipples in to my mouth, and with one hand I cupped her pussy. It was soaking wet. Lynn was grinding in to my hand, I could tell she wanted to cum, so I inserted two fingers with ease into her pussy. She raised her hips and screamed as she came on my fingers instantly.

Lynn grabbed and pulled my head close to hers, and with such animalistic lust in her voice, she said, “Make me cum, make cum till I beg you to stop.”

I started to vigoursly rub her G-spot with my fingers, and since she was so wet I easily slipped another finger in to her wet hole. Lynn screamed as another orgasm engulfed her.

“Don’t stop, its fucking aaaaawweesome,” she squealed.

Lynn was thrashing all over the bed, her juices soaking the towels I had placed beneath her. I grabbed her and pulled her close to me, inserting all my fingers. Lynn just kept cumming and thrusting harder on to my hand, until it was in her up to my wrist. Then it happened, her whole body went rigid, her pussy tighten on my hand as I fucked her with it. She screamed at the top of her lungs, grabbed my fore arm, and was thrusting herself relentlessly on to my hand, as she begun squirting her juices all over me and the bed. This lasted a few minutes before her body crashed onto the bed still convulsing from her intense orgasms. I slowly removed my hand and laid myself next to Lynn.

She rolled into my arms and looked into my eyes and said, “Bob, no one has ever made me orgasm like that, and no one has ever used their whole hand on me before. I thank you for making me feel so good. If you want to fuck me, you will have to wait a while.”

“Bravo, bravo, what a show that was,” Jacqueline said, clapping at the same time.

My wife was standing naked in our bedroom doorway, her clothes bundled at her feet.

“How long have you been standing there my love,” I asked.

“Long enough to see your hand all the way inside her pussy, and see her cum everywhere,” Jacqueline replied, while she begun rubbing her own pussy.

Lynn started to get up off the bed, and Jacqueline approached her, put her arms on her shoulders and gently pushed her back on to the bed next to me, then said, “No need to leave yet, my husband’s cock is still rock hard, and I would love to watch you cum again.”

Lynn looked at me with a puzzled look on her face and asked me, “Is this alright.”

“Yes Lynn it is. Do you mind?” I answered.

Before Lynn could answer me, Jacqueline had her head in between her legs, her tongue lapping up Lynn’s juices. I got behind my wife, rubbed my cock up and down her wet slit and thrust my throbbing member into the depths of my wife’s pussy. She was a lot wetter than normal, I think Jacqueline liked watching me make Lynn cum. I took my time fucking my wife, I was enjoying watching her lick and fuck Lynn’s pussy. The look on Lynn’s face was to die for, you could see she was in a high level of sexual ecstasy. She had one hand on my wife’s head, and the other pulling on her hard nipples.

I could just see Jacqueline had all her fingers in Lynn’s pussy up to her knuckles, and it seemed with ever thrust with her hand it was getting deeper and deeper. I could see Lynn was in that orgasmic state again, thrashing around on my wife’s hand, as Jacqueline licked her harden clit at the same time.

Lynn began to scream, “Oh yes, oh yes, fuuuck me, fuuuccckk meeee, aaahhhh,” and Jacqueline obliged, fucking her pussy faster and harder.

I was meeting every movement of my wife’s hand in Lynn’s dripping pussy. I could feel my cock ready to explode. Lynn began screaming obscenities, as she began to squirt her juices all over Jacqueline’s face. My wife was cumming at the same time, her pussy clutching onto my cock tightly. I held on to her hips tight, as I shot load after load of my cum deep inside her, my wife’s body shaking with every blast I filled her with. The three of us laid together all breathing heavy, my cock was still hard as a rock. Lynn began to run her hand up and down my still hard cock and said, “Mmm, I think I need to finish you off, do you mind Jacqueline?”

My wife just smiled at Lynn and said, “Not at all Lynn, more than happy to watch you fuck my husband.”

I laid on my back as Lynn positioned herself over my cock, her juices were dripping onto my hard member. Lynn’s small hand grabbed my shaft and she rubbed my tip over her swollen pussy, she then guided me to her tight rear hole. She moved her arse around until my knob penetrated her tight hole. Lynn took me in inch by inch until my balls were touching her soft cheeks. Lynn held herself there for a moment, letting herself get adjusted to my cock deep inside her. She leant forward and began kissing me.

Without her lips leaving mine, she lifted herself all the way up, only leaving my tip inside her tight hole, she than with quite a bit of force, slammed herself down hard on to my cock. Lynn continued fucking me like this, moaning every time she took my full length back inside her. Jacqueline was now behind Lynn with her hands on her Lynn’s arse cheeks, making her fuck me harder and faster.

“Fuck Lynn, this is so hot watching you fuck my husband,” Jacqueline said to her, pushing her hard onto my cock, “are you going to let him cum in your arse Lynn?,” Jacqueline was now squeezing her cheeks harder and harder as Lynn fucked me with everything she had.

“Oh yes, I want Bob to fill me with his cum, I want him to cum deep inside meeee. Mmm, mmm, aaahhh,”Lynn screamed, her pussy convulsing and squirting all over my stomach, as I was now thrusting myself hard into her arse.

Watching Lynn orgasm was all I needed for my own orgasm to engulf me, I shot load after load into her arse. Lynn exhausted, placed her head onto my shoulder as I slowly withdrew my cock. Jacqueline licked my cock clean before licking the cum dripping out of Lynn’s arse. I held Lynn tight in my arms while she shook with minor orgasms, as Jacqueline cleaned her tight hole of my cock juices.

Lynn spent the night with me and my wife at no additional costs. We all slept together, and I woke with Jacqueline’s hand on my cock, looked over to see Lynn’s face buried between her legs. Let’s just say, the three of us didn’t get out of bed till around midday. When Lynn left, she said if she has a free night she would love to spend it with Jacqueline and I. We both said she was more than welcome to come over at anytime…….

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