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Brief Encounter

An unexpected meeting at a station
It had been a long trip to get to St Pancras. I got to the lounge with nearly an hour to spare. Downstairs was typically busy. I headed up in the lift. As usual it was deserted.

I helped myself to a glass of white wine, some newspapers and some pretzels, and sat down.

After a few minutes I glanced up, expecting it to be one of the staff offering me a refill. It wasn't. Instead, in front of me was a middle aged woman in a suit. It was immaculately cut. French? She had shoulder length brown hair and fantastic cleavage. She sat opposite me. I saw her skirt ride up, and glanced at the stockings she had on underneath. She looked at me and smiled. Her eyes lit up and I thought I detected a glint in her eye, but her glasses made it difficult to tell.

I carried on reading. The woman had a copy of the Telegraph out and was doing the crossword. So, not French after all? A waiter came over, and asked her if she'd like anything. I thought I caught a glimpse of her looking at me, as she licked her bottom lip. "Sauvignon, please". Her accent was soft and alluring.

Thinking nothing of it, I carried on reading. My train was called, and I got up. Polite as ever, I said goodbye to her.

I sat down in First Class at a table. It was very quiet. I got my phone out, and put on some music. I was just about to plug in the charger. when she appeared again and sat opposite me. Both surprised, we muttered a quick "Hello".

The train pulled out. I had to find out more. "What takes you to Paris?".

She looked a bit hesitant, but replied. "My boyfriend booked a romantic holiday. He jilted me last week, but I had the tickets, and decided to go anyway."

"What are you going to do when you get there?"

"I'm going to find someone who will spend two days with me". There was an intensity in her voice that worried me. Her eyes were staring directly into mine. I nearly choked.

The waitress bought Champagne. The bubbles made us both relax, and we started talking. I noticed her right hand go down under the table. After a few minutes, she started looking a little flushed.

"Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Oh yes", she said. "Follow me".

She headed for the toilet. I saw her go in, but the engaged sign didn't go on. I gave it 30 seconds and followed. I reached for the door and knocked. Why? I don't know. The door opened, I felt an arm grab me and the door slammed shut behind. "Click" went the lock.

Before I had chance to say anything, she was all over me. Her hands exploring my back and bottom, her lips exploring mine, her tongue urging its way into my mouth.

We were both breathing heavily. It was frenetic, hands everywhere. Her soft breasts pushing into my chest, my hard cock straining against my trousers.

She lifted up the hem of her skirt. "Eat me!"

I didn't need telling twice. In no time at all her silk underwear had dropped to her ankles and I was staring at a gorgeous pussy. Her hair was lightly trimmed and I could see how engorged it had become. I lifted her up onto the worktop, and spread her legs. It was a perfect height for my tongue to enter her. She was already wet. Her juices tasted heavenly. Every lick elicited a moan of pleasure.

I pulled her pussy lips apart, exposing her clit. Starting slowly at first, I gently teased her with the tip of my tongue. Circling her clit, I licked harder. Her moans became more animal like.

"I need something inside me!"

Well, I didn't need telling twice. Instantly, I had my rock hard cock out of my trousers. I pulled back the foreskin, and could see a huge amount of pre-cum glistening in the light. I put my arms around her, and felt my cock slip inside. Her legs wrapped round me. The rocking motion of the train and the closeness of our bodies was overpowering. We abandoned all self control.

I could feel her pussy start to spasm around my cock. She was cumming. Her head dropped into my shoulder stifling her words "Oh my god!".

I couldn't take it any more. I had been a gentleman but now it was my turn. I pulled out and got her to turn around. She spread her legs. Looking ahead into the mirror, she could see me as I entered her from behind. The feeling was exquisite. I thrust hard and deep but it was no good, I couldn't last any longer. She saw the expression on my face, as I shot my seed inside her.

All I could say was "Wow!".

I pulled my trousers back up, and straightened my shirt. We kissed. I unlocked the door, and went back to my seat.

She came back a couple of minutes later looking just as smart as I had seen her in the lounge.

"Thank you" I said.

With a wry smile, she stared into my eyes. "What are you doing for the next two days?"
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