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Bringing Back the Fire - Part 3

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Slow start, hot finish...
In the morning after showering, dressing and catching up on Lush happenings, I was ready to start my day. I was to meet Trevor out front and we would spend the day traveling to a work site some hours away where we would continue his project. Gathering my things, I first gave Cheryl a good-bye kiss as I always do, waking her in the process. She wished me a good day and I did the same.

As I was swinging the door open, she called out, "Bill, be nice to him, okay?" I agreed and she added, "I love you. Always remember that."
I rode the elevator to the ground floor, left the hotel and hopped into Trevor's truck - he had been waiting for me. I noticed that he didn't look directly at me when I climbed in, he didn't say a word.

"Good morning," I greeted him. "Let's get going!" I wanted to put him at ease, having noticed that he was very tense and that he was gripping the steering wheel tightly. I suppose in his position I would be feeling a lot of apprehension as well. I needed to quell his fears.

"Cheryl seemed pretty happy when she got back to the room last night," I ventured. He gave no response, just continued to drive with a death-grip on the wheel. "Listen, it's okay, she was there with my blessing, not to worry, okay?"

Still avoiding looking at me, he nodded his head 'yes', said, "Good enough, thanks." Evidently he wasn't convinced just yet.

"Actually, I'm grateful to you for last night. I think this marks a turning point for Cheryl and I - we haven't been 'active' in long time and I'm pretty sure that last night was an ice-breaker for us. So thanks for that."

Silence. I could see that he wasn't ready to talk to me about fucking my wife and that I would have to carry the conversation until he loosened up a little.

"So yeah, she was pretty happy and in the end, she looked after me when she came back to the room. I suspect she'll want to see you again tonight."

"I was thinking about visiting my sister tonight," he replied. "But that isn't critical, she doesn't even know that I'm in town." While he spoke I watched him, noticing his shoulders visibly relax.

"I'm good with this, Trevor. You can 'do' her anytime she's up for it."

Trevor appeared to be focused on his driving, navigating the truck through the early morning Edmonton traffic. After perhaps fifteen minutes he asked, "Are you taking her to Fort St. John with you next week?" (I had to spend the next week with him at his company's head office while we finished off his project).

"Yeah, she told me that you had asked her to come along. It's fine with me, do you think you'll be able to get away to spend time with her?"

"Well, yeah, I'm pretty sure I can do that. And thanks. But listen - you need to know that Shirley (his wife) won't be getting involved. She would shit a brick and cut my nuts off if she knew about this."

I chuckled and told him that was fine. I added that I would cover for him with an alibi if he needed one.

We spent some time discussing the project and work things in general. After awhile, Trevor had loosened up enough to talk about other 'guy stuff' like his passions for jet-boating, fishing and the like. We passed the time on the road in friendly chit-chat. About a hour into the drive I heard his smartphone beep, indicating that he had received a text message. Moments later my own phone buzzed, notifying me of the same. Because he was driving, Trevor ignored his phone but I had no such limitations - I pulled my phone from my hip and had a look at my message. It was from Cheryl.

'Everything OK?' I smiled and typed in reply, 'Peachy, no problems. How are you doing?'

In seconds Cheryl answered me: 'Good here. Trevor OK? Didn't answer my txt.'

I knew that a roadside turnout was up ahead about one kilometer and I asked Trevor to pull over so that I could have a smoke. As I stepped out of the truck, I said (unnecessarily), "You might want to check your text messages."

I lit up and watched through the window as he read his message and appeared to reply. I found myself wishing that I could know what they were saying. Not out of jealousy, but rather so that I had a handle on what, if anything, they might be planning. But I took my time smoking, noticing that the whole while, Trevor was typing sporadically on his phone. They were either cooking something up or teasing each other - maybe both.

Finally I could delay no longer, crushed the butt of my smoke on the ground and climbed back into the truck just as Trevor received another message and replied. Then off we went again, heading west towards the mountains.

Arriving at the work site, we did what needed doing. Nothing strenuous - technical work and discussions with a few workers about natural gas compression and managing the hazards associated with that. Soon we were back on the road, more or less done for the day with only the long drive back to the city in front of us. With about an hour left in the drive, I asked, "How is she doing? You guys have plans for tonight?" I knew this was a bit outside of the agreement - Cheryl and I had agreed that she could see him anytime she felt like it and that I wanted to know immediately afterwards, not necessarily before. I thought we might need to modify that arrangement before problems crept in.

"Uh. Well, yeah, she said something about supper and relaxing afterwards. Nothing specific."

"Nothing specific, okay. Is she horny?"

Trevor was quiet for a few moments, reached down to adjust his dick in his jeans then replied, "I'd say she's pretty horny, yeah. At least, judging from her messages she is."

I sent a quick text message to Cheryl: 'I want you when I get back. I love you.' Although I did want her (I was more than half-hard already and had been for most of the day) the message was sent as much to let her know as it was to prompt her to tell me what she and Trevor had planned.

She let me know soon enough, 'Perfect! I will be waiting for you.' And a few seconds later, 'Going out after supper and spending the night with T, you OK with that?'

'You bet. I'll get some work done while you're gone.'

'How long before you get here?' she asked.

'About an hour or so.'

'OK, shopping but I'll be there. Love you!'

I asked Trevor, "Any plans for supper?"

He told me that as far as he knew, we were going out together to a steak house not far from the hotel and that Cheryl had made reservation for 7 PM.

Soon enough we were pulling into the hotel parking lot. I noticed that my truck was there, from which I deduced that Cheryl was back and likely waiting in our room as promised. But as Trevor and I walked towards the entrance, Cheryl appeared, walking towards us. As she neared us, from about twenty feet away, she suddenly pulled open the front of her full-length coat that she had been clutching tightly to her. She bit her lower lip and smiled. Under her coat, Cheryl was wearing a very sheer, black baby-doll negligee. Her nipples were hard, her black panties just visible beneath the apron of her big belly.

"Whoa! I like it! I like it a Lot!" I exclaimed. Beside me, Trevor laughed out loud.

Pulling the coat around herself again, Cheryl stepped up to Trevor and gave him a fiery kiss then turned to me and repeated the gesture, this time grinding her leg between mine. As we walked as a threesome into the hotel lobby and onward to the elevators inside, Cheryl clutched the coat closed with one hand, taking my own hand with the other.

Once in the elevator, Cheryl let the coat relax again as she pressed up against Trevor, looking at me over his shoulder. I could almost feel her tits against my chest as she ground against him.

At our floor, Cheryl gave Trevor another hot kiss while the elevator door slid open, then we were out and on our way down the hallway to our room.

As soon as the door closed behind us, Cheryl dropped the coat to the floor and lifted her tits through the negligee, thumbing her nipples as they poked against the fabric. "Fuck me, big-boy," she whispered.

I quickly stripped out of my clothing, leaving them hither and thither on the floor along with her coat. While I undressed, Cheryl crawled onto her bed, rolled onto her back and worked her panties down and tossed them aside As I turned to her, she spread her thick thighs wide and opened her pussy lips with her fingertips.

"Just fuck me. Fuck me now, slide that hard dick in my cunt and make me scream," she panted in a hoarse whisper.

What could I do? I was already hard as a rock but stroked myself a few times just because it felt good. I crawled onto the bed and between her thighs while she continued to hold her labia open for me, the pink flesh of her fuck-hole glistening with her wetness.

"I'm so fucking hot, I've been waiting for this all day," she told me. "Fuck me hard, sweetie!"

"Slut," I told her, smiling like a fool as I lowered myself down onto her, sliding my hard, hot cock into her welcoming wetness. Cheryl moaned as I entered her - her hips were churning and bucking against me before I was all the way in her cunt.

We did as she had ordered: Fucked hard and fast. I'm certain she came twice before she spoke again. "Both of you, I want both of you to fuck me...together," she panted. "Can we do that? Not tonight, I'm going to spend the night with just him, but can we do that sometime? Maybe in Fort St. John?"

Several images flashed through my mind in reaction to her suggestion: Trevor and I fucking her ass and her pussy at the same time, Cheryl sucking one of us while the other fucked her from behind, Cheryl with both of our cocks in her mouth...that was all I needed to push me over the top. The cum boiled in my balls then rocketed up the length of my cock and gushed inside her fuck-hole. As always, I called out loudly, "Oh fuck! Yeah! Fuck, fuck, FUCK!"

Spent, I rolled off Cheryl and lay beside her, my chest heaving as I fought for breath. Fucking cigarettes!

Cheryl scooted down the bed and sucked my failing cock into her mouth, cleaning my cum and her juices from it while simultaneously playing with her clit. I knew that I wasn't going to cum again soon but neither was I going to stop her from enjoying herself. Her hips were jumping again as she came while sucking my dick like a whore: slurping, lips smacking, moaning. Finally she released me and collapsed by my side on the bed.

I almost always have a nap after work and tonight was no exception. I was especially ready for a nap now that I had been so thoroughly fucked by my hot wife. As I drifted off, I heard Cheryl get up, go in the bathroom and turn on the shower.

To be continued...

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