Car Ride

By prettygirl36

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A car ride turns into a hot and steamy adventure
It is a hot summer day. The heat is sweltering, and I am sitting in the car next to him. The sheer flower dress I am wearing is pressed against my skin soaked in sweat. The fabric feeling like heaven against my breasts. In all the excitement I wanted to create I purposely had left my panties in my purse. The windows are closed, and the air conditioning is running, but only blowing enough air to keep us comfortable. I look over at him trying to desperately concentrate driving on the busy highway. I lick my lips seductively and smile coyly at him. Sweat is pouring down my face, and I can see the excitement in his eyes.

"You know I was in such a rush getting dressed that I forgot a key piece of clothing."

He nervously smiles at me.

"What's that?" He asks.

I lean back towards the door, my hips bucking up against it, and slowly I lift up my dress showing him my wet inviting pussy. He stares at me. His mouth is wide open. He could not take it, as he presses his foot on the accelerator making the car go faster. I moan as the vibration felt good on my clit. My erect nipples were now poking through the thin material of my dress. I wanted more than anything to discard the material surrounding my body not caring who was watching the show we were putting on. Although I liked teasing him as I look down watching his hard cock probe in his pants just begging to come out. I want to take it in my mouth and make it mine more than anything, but instead of doing so I take my fingers and insert it into my wet, inviting pussy massaging that spot moaning and crying out in pleasure. The motion of my fingers sliding back and forth to the vibration of the car giving me the most intense orgasm. I feel the warm juices spurt out on my fingers. I take them out and taste one finger saving the other for him. I stick it in his mouth, and he willingly sucks it. Sweat is pouring down his face and I'm sure now it's not from the summer heat. I flash my wet pussy in front of him.

"You want this?" I ask.

"Fuck, yes! More than anything." He manages to get out.

He pulls over to the side of the road, and without warning the door unlocks. He pushes me out of the car and onto the ground. The sound of the heavy traffic fills my ears, but I didn't care as his mouth is desperately on mine. His hands are all over my body. Touching, and searching me. I moan under his lips. He continues to kiss me. Hot, heavy kisses. The heat is to much to bare. Gravel and dirt are now sticking to me like magnets on my hot, sweaty body, but I didn't care. I was getting such a rush being out in the open with a chance of getting caught. Amazed that with all the cars driving by no one had noticed our "disabled" vehicle. My dress is now completely lifted up and my hard nipples are waiting to be sucked on. I cry out as his mouth begins to suck on one and then the other.

My fingers run through his hair as he keeps sucking on them. Finally his mouth begins traveling down my body filling me with anticipation, and finally his mouth clamps on my hard clit like a leech thirsty for blood, sucking and licking it. I cry out in pleasure, begging for more. At this point anyone could be stopping and I didn't care. Fuck them let them see us. Nothing matters when I was on the brink of the most intense orgasm as my body begins to convulse as he sucks me off. I can't take it and I need to taste him. Giving him the satisfaction he gave me. I desperately grab his pants, unzip them and pull them down. I take his huge, bulging cock and wrap my mouth around it. Sucking it as if I never sucked anything in my life. Nothing ever felt so good in my mouth and I can taste the pre cum on the tip. Sucking on it desperately wanting him to get off. He is moaning, and tugging at my wet hair. I keep sucking on him until he finally explodes. Cum shooting everywhere. In my mouth, and all over my body. I lick my lips and smile at him.

"Fuck me. Take me on the ground and fuck me. I want your cock inside me now."

He grabs me and fills my hot, wet hole with his cock, and I am in ecstasy. His mouth is on mine again and his tongue touches mine in an exotic dance. Nothing felt so right even though what I was doing was so wrong. It didn't matter how many people went by us it was him and I and the most passionate moment being shared between the both of us. I had never wanted him so badly in my entire life, but that hot summer day did something to me. I would do it a million times over if I had the chance. We continue making love until we both cum together moaning each others names. We kiss hungrily, and finally I straighten my dress and he pulls up his pants both of us coming back to reality. Without a word I open the door and get in the passengers side. He gets in on the other side and we drive away.