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"Bubba, you son of a b...  Come back here!”

Ron knew that could only mean one thing.  He quickly tied his little white poodle to a nearby bench and turned towards the direction of the woman’s voice.

Sure enough, bounding over the top of the hill was the fluffiest, happiest golden retriever he had ever seen.  If a dog could smile, this one was, running full throttle with its leash flying behind him.

Ron braced himself, opened his arms and called, “Bubba!  Here boy!  Come on, buddy!”

Hearing his name, the big yellow dog turned and headed towards Ron.  Ron was almost knocked over as the large dog plowed into him.  He grabbed his leash as Bubba wagged his tail, sniffed him and tried to jump.

“Down boy,” he said trying to calm the animal, who was nothing but movement.

“Bubba!” the woman’s voice called.

Then he saw her, running over the hill, looking for the golden retriever he held onto so tightly.  She spotted the two, slowed her run, and started to laugh.  What a beautiful sound, Ron thought, and what a beautiful woman.

Now we’re not talking super-model standards – not in the least.  But to this sixty year old man, this was a beautiful mature woman; average height, short blond hair and tons of curves.  He couldn’t help but notice the way her breasts bounced as she trotted up to him.  And her smile – his heart started to race.

“Oh my God, you caught him.  Thank you!” she said laughing, breathlessly.  He noticed a scent of lavender as she came close to claim her dog.  Her laughter reminded him of bells.

“My pleasure.  Anything to help a damsel in distress,” he said.  Ron’s blue eyes crinkled as he smiled at her.

One of the first things Carol noticed was Ron’s silver hair.  It made his eyes seem even bluer.  He was few inches taller than she – about 5’10”, she thought.  He was very much in shape, with only the hint of some middle-aged spread.  When he smiled his face showed the cutest dimples.  She also noticed the earring he sported – very cool.

She was extending her hand in thanks when Bubba chose that moment to run around the two of them, binding them closely together.  Ron’s hands instinctively went out to catch her, as their legs became entangled.  Carol would have lost her balance if it weren’t for the strong arms that gathered her up, and held her close.

“Oh!” she cried out as she clung to him, and started to giggle. “Um, I guess if we’re going to be this close I should tell you my name.  Hi, I’m Carol and this bad boy is Bubba.”

They could not escape the closeness and Ron didn’t want to.  It felt good to hold her.  It felt right, too right.  He didn’t want to move, but Bubba chose to reverse his steps and set the two free.

Ron stepped back a bit, but didn’t immediately let go of her waist.  The two found themselves just looking into each other’s eyes, smiling.  It took the barking of a little white poodle to break the spell.

Bubba yanked on his leash to check out the annoying pup.  Ron acted fast and scooped t
the yapping dog up in his arms.  He turned to Carol, smiling. 

“Hi, I’m Ron.  And this noisy, jealous creature is Chloe.  Say hello to Carol and Bubba, Chloe.”

Carol giggled and scratched the poodle’s head, while Bubba jumped up and down, sniffing. 
“How do you do, Chloe?”

Then, looking at the man she said, “Thanks again, Ron.  I really appreciate you going out of your
way to help me.”

Ron smiled and nodded, not know what to say.  As Carol turned to walk away with Bubba, it occurred to him that he wanted her to stay.

“Hey, um...are you still walking or is it time to get home?”

“No, we had really just gotten started when Bubba got away from me.  Although it feels like I’ve had my workout already.”

“Well, it’s a nice walk to the lake, if you’d like to join Chloe and me.”

Ron didn’t want to come across as desperate, but he knew he didn’t want her to leave.

Carol smiled.  She felt an instant attraction to this man.  “That would be nice,” she said quietly.  All of a sudden, she felt shy.  So many thoughts were racing through her mind, but she was sure of one thing – she didn’t want to leave him.

The two set off with their dogs leading the way.  It was a struggle for Bubba to walk at such a leisurely pace, but soon he adapted and settled down.  They walked for some time before either of them spoke, and when they did it was at the same time.

“So, how…” 

“Where do…” 

“No, go ahead.” 

“No, you go.”

The words intertwined just as their bodies had. 

“Please,” Ron said.

Carol smiled, “How often do you come here?  I don’t remember ever having seen you.”

“Actually, I just moved to this neighborhood.  I recently retired from the military, wasn’t sure where to settle, so I decided to stick around here, close to the base.  I’ve got to say, things are looking better and better.”  Ron really hoped he hadn’t gone too far, but he only knew one way to be – honest.

If Carol was flustered, she didn’t show it.  There was just the slighted hint of pink creeping up her cheeks.  “So, you and your family decided to stay.  That’s great.”

“No family, just me.  I’ve never been married.  I refused to do that while I was being sent all over the world.  That’s no life for a family, being left alone, sometimes wondering if their soldier would return.”

Carol nodded.  “I know.  My husband was a career Marine.  He made it through
Viet Nam, but he was killed in the Gulf War in 1990.”

“Oh Carol, I’m sorry.”

“Thank you, but that was a long time ago.  Another lifetime.”

“So do you have any kids?” asked Ron.

“No – just Bubba.  Steve and I talked about starting a family, but we didn’t think it would be fair to have kids.  We were talking about adopting older children when he was deployed.”  She smiled sadly, “At least he died doing what he loved.”

The pair came to the edge of the lake.  Silence enveloped them.  Ron glanced over at Carol.  She looked so sad and lost.  He didn’t mean for it to happen, but he turned to her and pulled her into his arms.  She did not fight him, but instead melted against him, resting her head on his shoulder.

No words were necessary.  The two just held each other, mourning.  She, the loss of her husband, he the loss of a family he would never know.

Her body fit with his perfectly.  He loved the feel of her luscious breasts against him, the feel of the most intimate part of her, touching the most intimate part of him.  It caused his manhood to stir.

Carol lifted her head and pulled back a bit, but didn’t let him go.  No, it felt good to be held by this man.  She looked at him with her wide eyes, her mouth opening slightly, as if to speak.  Ron lowered his mouth to hers, accepting her invitation.

That first kiss was all it should have been.  It was soft and gentle, but not shy.  Carol’s mouth opened a little more, asking Ron’s tongue to dance with hers.  The soft gentle kiss became more intense.  It seemed like forever, before the two broke apart.

Ron cupped her face in his hands and looked into eyes that begged him not to stop.  He kissed her again, passionately. 

Coming up for a breath, he heard her exhale, “Oh God….”

As if knowing this was a time to be quiet, Chloe and Bubba lay at their owner’s feet.  Carol’s hands were around Ron’s waist, his rested on her shoulders.  Their foreheads were touching, as they both looked down.  For a time, all you could hear was the sound of their breathing.

Ron spoke first, “I know this sounds crazy, but I’ve never done anything like this.  Jesus, Carol, I’m feeling things I’ve never felt before.”

“No,” she implored him.  “Don’t say anything you might regret later.”

“What do you mean regret?  Carol, I…”

“Please Ron – please let’s not say anything.”  With that, she pulled him close and raised her mouth to kiss him.  Gone were the soft, gentle kisses.  In their place, were ones filled with hunger and passion.

Ron crushed her to him, and she held him as if she were afraid he would try to leave.  She felt undeniable proof of his passion, as he ground his hips into hers.

Hot, urgent kisses took over.  Ron’s tongue explored Carol’s mouth.  She moaned as he dropped his hands to her rounded backside and pulled her closer still.

She broke their kiss, “Ron, we need to stop.”

He looked at her and questioned, “Why?  Give me one good reason why.”

“Because you really need to take me home now.”  She kissed him again lightly, tracing his lips with her tongue.  “Come on, it’s a short walk”, she said huskily.

The two did not touch or speak as they briskly walked to Carol’s house.  She opened the front door and let Ron and the dogs in.  Bubba bounced to the French doors that opened to the back yard.  She tossed him a biscuit and let him out.  Chloe just stood, watching him enjoy his freedom and began to whine.

“It’s fenced in – okay?”

Ron nodded in agreement.  Carol broke a biscuit in half, gave it to the poodle and let her out to play.

After closing the door, she turned to him, took his hand and led him down the hallway.  Ron couldn’t remember when he had been more nervous, like a boy on his first real date.

As they entered her bedroom, Carol moved to close the draperies and light some candles.  The atmosphere was soft and cozy, just like the way she felt in his arms.  Ron was still standing near the door.  She returned to him, put her arms around his neck and kissed him, long, slow and deep.

When the kiss ended, he buried his face in her neck, and breathed her lavender scent.  He was torn.  He wanted her, but…

“Carol, I don’t think we should do this.”

“What?  Those words may be coming out of your mouth, but your body is saying something altogether different.”

“Look, I didn’t expect to meet you.  I’m not prepared for this.”

Carol raised her eyebrows, but smiled and let him go on.

“I may never have been married, but I was no priest.  Hell, when I was young it was all about “free love”.  I won’t do this unless I can protect you.”

Carol again drew him in for a kiss.  Backing away she led him to the small table beside her bed.  She opened the drawer and showed him all the protection he was going to need.

“I may have been a widow for twenty years, but I was no nun.”

She turned to him and began unbuttoning his shirt.  As confidently as she spoke, her hands shook slightly.  She eased the shirt down his arms.  Both of his biceps displayed military tattoos.  She kissed each one and traced them with her finger.  She swept her hands across his broad chest, stopping to rub his nipples.  She could hear his breathing quicken.

Ron gently grabbed her hands and held them behind her back, bringing her chest against his.  He kissed her passionately, before freeing her hands, taking the waist of her sweater, and lifting it over her head.

Her hair was now tousled and her eyes were bright.  The vision that stood before him filled him with excitement.  He could see her pink nipples straining against her white lace bra.  Using only his fingertips, he ran his hands over the tops of her breasts, down her sides and around to her back, taking her into his arms.  He kissed the top of her cleavage, and then ran his tongue down between her soft globes, licking her lightly.

Carol’s hands went to his head, holding him there, and she moved her hips against him.  The two stepped back at the same time, each reaching for the other’s belt.  Looking into each other’s eyes, belts were undone, zippers pulled down and jeans dropped to the floor.  Ron kicked his aside, and then helped Carol step out of hers.

Her white lace panties rode low on her generous hips.  The urge Ron now felt was unstoppable.  He was going to have this woman.  He was going to show her his hunger.

Reaching around to her back, Ron unclasped her bra.  Snow-white breasts gently slipped out as he removed the garment.  Large pink aureoles and nipples, already hard with excitement, greeted him.  Gently, he pushed her back towards the bed and eased her down.  As she lay back, she opened her arms to him.

Ron lay down next to her.  He covered her face with light, feathery kisses.  His hand barely touched her as he passed them over her breasts.  Carol shivered at this light touch.  Her nipples tightened even more.

He bent over her, trailing his kisses down her neck, towards her ear, to the spot where her neck met her shoulder.  Her breath caught in her throat and her hands gripped his arm.  Feeling her reaction, he continued nuzzling that spot as he trailed his one hand lazily over her skin.

Carol moved her head to reciprocate his kisses by kissing and nibbling his strong neck.  Her attention caused Ron’s hands to become less light and more insistent. 

Taking one of her large breasts in his hand, he came away from her neck and lowered his lips to her sensitive nipple.  He covered it with his mouth, not sucking it but wetting it and using his tongue to play with it.

Ron was kneading her flesh, moving his tongue, making her nipple hot and moist.  Carol began to feel a familiar throbbing between her legs.  She moaned as her hips began to move, involuntarily.

Ron sucked her nipple into his mouth hard – sending chills up her spine.  Her hands gripped his head harder, as he began to take gentle bites.  First one breast, then the other - it had been a long time since Ron had made love to a woman and he was going to take his time.

As he enjoyed the bounty of her breasts, his hand began its journey downward.  Just his fingertips touched her skin, raising goose bumps.  Slowly, so very slowly, he made his way down her ribs, stopping once to play with her navel, before reaching her lace panties.

Carol spread her legs in anticipation.  Ron moved his hand lower, reaching down and feeling the wetness that had formed on the lace.  He removed his mouth from her breasts and looked her into her eyes.  His look smoldered with lust as he brought his hand back up and began to slide it under the flimsy fabric.

He moved his hand over her smooth, bare mound.  He smiled at her, all the time looking in her eyes.  She nervously smiled back.  His finger began to trail up and down her lips, again so lightly she could barely feel it.

From the tip of her slit downward, he kept moving, gently separating her lips.  Still moving, slowly, deliberately, he began to toy with her wet opening.  Watching her face, he slid his finger deep inside her.  He was welcomed by the sound of her gasp.

His finger moved in and out, fucking her slowly, sensually.  He never took his eyes off hers.  Each time he slid his finger in it was a little firmer and he would hold it in her a little longer.  You could hear the sound of her wetness, and her occasional moan.

He pulled his finger out of her and slid it up around her hard nub that was throbbing with need.  Watching her, he made slow circles all around it, but did not touch it.

“Oh God, Ron, please…” she begged.  Her eyes had a desperate look.

He smiled, circling round and around and around, before touching her smooth sweet pearl.  Carol inhaled sharply and went to close her eyes.

“No – open your eyes, Carol.  I want you to watch me.”  He bent and kissed her belly.

He played with her clit, watching her pleasure climb, and then backing off.  Higher and higher he took her, then easing back to let her calm before starting over.

He never took his eyes off her.  She never stopped watching him.  He smelled the mixed aromas of lavender, candles and her sex.

Ron ceased his attention to her clit and returned to her hot, wet hole.  He curled two fingers up and slid them inside.  He found what he was looking for immediately.  The spongy, ridged texture was prominent, and he began to rub.  Carol’s hands tore at the sheets looking for something to hold onto.  Ron raised his thumb and gently brought it to rub her clit once more.

Her eyes opened wider as she looked into his eyes.  Not only his hand, but his eyes were fucking her.  A little harder, a little faster, a little deeper, he continued until he saw her face – her mouth opening in a silent cry.

Ron felt his hand fill with wetness as her back arched, her legs tensed and a soft high-pitched squeal exploded from her.  On and on, Ron kept his hand moving, keeping Carol in a continual orgasm.

“No, no, no,” she begged him.

Ron slowed and then gently removed his hand, still watching her he brought it to his face.  He inhaled her scent and then put his fingers into his mouth to clean them.

Carol lay back staring at the man who had just taken her so high, as he sucked his own fingers.  She tried to slow her breathing, to calm down.  Her breasts moved as her chest rose and fell.  Her entire body tingled.

Ron took her into his arms and kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth, so she could taste herself.  Carol’s eyes closed and she wrapped her arms around him and got as close as possible.  He ended the kiss, moving up to kiss her nose, then her forehead, before resting his cheek on the top of her head.  He held her, being quiet, and thinking – I don’t ever want this to end.

Carol didn’t know if she dozed, but the stillness and the quiet made her wonder.  She couldn’t remember the last time she had been made love to so completely – and without being ridden.  Damn, what this man could do with his hands.  She tilted her head back to look at him.  Ron’s eyes opened and he smiled at her.

Very gently she sat up and leaned over, and pushing him flat on his back, she lay half on top of him.  His skin felt good under her breasts.  She smiled back at him and gave him a soft kiss, before getting up.

Ron had a questioning look on his face as she got out of the bed and walked to the end of it.  She reached up and took hold of the waistband of his boxers.  He raised his hips as Carol pulled them down his legs and tossed them on the floor.  She put one hand on each ankle and gently opened his legs.  Ron smiled and put his arm under his head to prop it up so he could watch her.

Carol got on her belly, between his legs and came up so that her face was poised over his cock. 
Ron waited for her to wrap those full, sensuous lips around him, but Carol had other ideas.

With the tip of one finger, of one hand, Carol began to run it up and down the underside of Ron’s cock.  Softly, barely touching him, one finger only, she stroked. 

It was a sensation unlike any he had ever felt.  So light, so gentle, so soft, he thought it was probably the most erotic thing he had ever experienced.

Up and down his cock she ran her finger tip – every so often using just her finger nail.  From the base to the ridge of the head, Carol kept up her feather light touches.  The longer she worked on it, the more Ron’s cock jumped and grew.  She watched his face as she played.

She smiled at him as she brought her finger to the front of his cock, and ran her thumb up and down the back.  Two fingers were all she used.  Two fingers barely touching him, and never touching the tip, brought him to full hardness.

Ron groaned as he watched her toy with him.  His cock was more hard and more swollen than it had ever been.  
A small drop of precum began to form, and Carol leaned in to sweep it away with her tongue.  Ron jumped at the touch.  Carol simply smiled and lowered her head.

He couldn’t see what she was doing, but he felt it.  First, the hot breath on his balls, and then her hot wet tongue.  Carol licked them before taking them into her mouth, one at a time.

The sensations of having his cock tickled with fairy wings and his balls being sucked were almost more than he could bear.  More than anything, he wanted to grab her head and force her to take him into her mouth, but he wouldn’t.  This lady knew what she was doing, and he had never had it this good.

On and on, she used her fingers on his cock and her mouth on his balls.  She felt them tense in her mouth before she heard him warn her.

“Jesus, Carol!  I’m going to…” Ron cried out.

Carol had already taken her mouth away but had kept her fingers moving.  She looked at him trying to stay in control, and slowed way down.  She squeezed his cock down at the base, on top and underneath, and held it.   She could tell his urges were subsiding.  She rose up and ran her tongue all around the tip, then kissed it before getting off the bed.

Now Ron was the one who was panting.  Carol stood up and lowered her panties.  Her baby-soft smooth pussy came into his view, and his cock jumped again.

She moved to the bedside table and got out a condom.  She removed it from the wrapper and put it in her mouth.  She walked back over to him, held his cock still, lowering her mouth on him, she put the condom on, her fingers helping to roll it down the shaft.

She stood up, smiling at him and said, “Take me from behind, Ron.”

Ron leaped out of the bed.  Carol got on her hands and knees on the edge of it and wiggled her sexy ass at him, her knees wide apart.  He got behind her, seeing her swollen lips and pink hole, glistening with her juices.  Taking his cock in his hand, he ran it up and down her slit a couple of times, from her clit to her puckered rosebud.

Carol moaned each time he hit her hard little nub.  Ron lined his eager shaft up with her hole, pushing it just a little.  His strong hands held onto her hips, and with one long, slow, sensual movement, he entered her completely.

“Ohhhh…” Carol moaned, and she pushed back against him.  This was what she wanted - that feeling of being filled with male passion.

Ron started ever so slowly and gently.  In and out, in and out, a little more each time.  He drew back until his cock was almost completely out of her.  He held her tighter and pushed it in all the way again, as she pushed back against him.  Slowly he moved in and out, each time almost to the point of fully exiting her, only to push completely in.  He noticed each time he reentered her tight pussy, Carol pushed back against him harder.

The next time Ron pushed in he bent forward and nipped her back, then kissed it.  Carol gasped.
“What do you want, babe?” Ron asked, already anticipating her reply.  He pulled back.

Carol looked over her shoulder, a wild look in her eyes.  “Fuck me, Ron.  Take me!” she cried.

That was all the encouragement he needed.  Ron grabbed her hips and began to move harder and faster.

In and out, long firm strokes moving the length of her tunnel.   Ron was done being soft and gentle.  He held her tightly as he performed his piston-like movements.  Harder, faster, grunting with each push.

Carol met him thrust for thrust, with equal urgency.  She braced herself each time he entered her, and returned his push with equal force of her own. 
Sounds of panting, skin slapping as it came together, and moist wet sex sounds filled the room.

“Want you…” Carol panted, her hands gripping the bed.

The two were lost in a fury of passion.  Harder, faster, moving, slapping, panting, grunting, over and over, until Carol screamed out.


“Arghhhh!” Ron yelled as his cock exploded at the sound of her scream, shoving into her deeper.

Her pussy – contracting, milking.  His cock – jerking, spurting.  In and out movements continuing, but slowing as the couple began to calm.  Ron finally withdrew.

Carol’s arms buckled and she collapsed face down on the bed.  Ron was sweating as he removed the used condom.  He walked over and lay down next to her, rubbing her back.  She rolled onto her side to face him.

Once more, he took her in his arms and kissed her.  He couldn’t look at her face right now.  Despite all the tours of duty he had been on, and all the horrors of war he had seen, he had never been more afraid than he was right now.  He held her close, her face buried in his neck.

His voice cracked.  “Look, I know this isn’t possible.  Things like this just don’t happen – not in real life, but Carol – I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Carol drew back to look at him.  Ron avoided her eyes.  She reached up and took his face in her hands, forcing him to look at her.

“I think I’ve been waiting for you my whole life”, she whispered.

With those confessions, the couple’s lips came together for another long, slow, sweet and ardent kiss - the kiss of two people celebrating new-found love.  The only thing that would stop the passion from igniting again was the sound of barking, from two very hungry dogs.
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