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Christmas With Family Part 3

Harry was about to get lucky

Christmas With The Family Part 3


By Donato Copyright 2007



While Harry and Carla were carrying out their tryst, little did they know that Mrs. Clark had not taken a sleeping pill that night and heard everything that went on. She had a plan of her own for Harry but her daughter beat her to the punch. Mrs. Clark had lost her husband almost two years ago and was a very horny, middle aged woman. There were no single men anywhere nearby and she was certainly not going to start dating again. She needed to get laid, badly, and figured Harry as a house guest offered a great opportunity. But that bitch daughter got to him first. Well, she would have to wait until another night.


Mrs. Clark was a very attractive woman with an ample figure if not downright voluptuous. She was fairly tall at five foot nine, had shoulder length auburn hair with a few streak of gray in it. Her breast were her greatest asset. She had a boob job about five years ago and increased her cup size to EE to please her husband. The surgeon had done a fabulous job and Jim really loved them. And, even at 45 they still stood out straight and firm with no droop. But no man save Jim, had ever seen them.


Her waist was trim and she had a slight belly that was followed by a very firm ass. No cottage cheese as she was gym rat, hoping to meet somewhere there. But it was full of women like herself. Her legs were taut and muscular. All-in all, one hell of a package.


Now, she thought, how do I get between my daughter and Harry? His cock sounds amazing and he sure knows how to treat a lady with the way he handled Carla's virginity. I know they will be fucking like rabbits again tomorrow night so I wonder.......


The next day was Christmas eve and the family plus Harry decorated the tree, and prepared a family feast for the evening. Mrs. Clark couldn't help but notice the "first fucked" glow that was emanating from her daughter. Carla meanwhile tried to contain herself. She wanted to tell everyone that Harry had made love to her. She had never used the word "fuck". But there was a first time for everything as she had found out, so gloriously. She yearned to have a big dick stuck in her and now she was thinking maybe it didn't have to be Harry. So fleeting is first love. Bitch.


Mrs. Clark managed to corner Harry in a secluded part of the house and said, "You know Harry, I hear you are quite the stud with the ladies."


"I am sure I don't know what you mean Mrs. Clark."


"Harry, call me Sara and lets be honest with one another, OK?"


Harry gulped and said, "What do you mean?"


"I heard everything last night you naughty boy," and smiled at with a knowing look.


"Oh Mrs. Clark..."




"Oh yes, Sara, you see I didn't mean anything to happened...."


"And Carla just walked into your room and said, "Fuck me, Harry" so you obliged."


He could see the smirk on her face and knew she was toying with him. "Ah Sara, you are pulling my leg right?"


"Well, let's put it in some language you can understand. Judging from what I heard thru the wall last night, you gave Carla a pretty good fucking and for a virgin, she really enjoyed. In fact, she went back for seconds. Am I right?"


Harry looked at his feet. A little ashamed.


"Nothing to be ashamed about dear boy, she wanted to lose her cheery, and you obliged. I just wish you had used a condom."


"Oh, no problem there Mrs. er, Sara, I have never had unprotected sex."


"Well, that's a relief. Now, what do I do with you?" she said with a sly smile on her face.


Harry knew where she was going as he ran his eyes all over voluptuous body. Man he thought, she is built for comfort and a long ride. Let's see where I can get to.


"Anything you want, Sara."


Sara gave me a knowing look and wink and said, "We'll see dear boy, we'll see." She turned and walked into the kitchen and Harry had a growing hardon.


The family spent the day preparing for Christmas. That is, everyone but Harry. Harry could not keep his eyes off Sara. And she knew it. She purposely walked close by him and used every excuse to touch him suggestively. She was driving him wild with desire.


The Clark family had a holiday tradtion and that was everyone gressed to the nines for Christmas eve. But Harry had no decent clothes with him so Mrs. Clark suggested that he look in her closet for some of her deceased husband's things as they looked about the same size. He felt a little odd but agreed. He went up to her bedroom and walked into the huge walk in closet. All her clothes were on one side with Jim's on the other. He picked out a dark suit, shirt, tie and even found some shoes that fit. While there he happened to notice a box on the floor with the top slightly opopen so he looked in. What a surprise!


It was filld with all sorts of sex toys. Boy, he thought, they must have been wild couple. Just them Sara walked in and found him examining the dildos. "Well, I see you have found my box of toys."


"Oh Mrs. Clark, I am so sorry, I had no idea......."


:Tut, tut, dear boy, a single woman needs to find enjoyment somehow, don't you agree?"


"Well, whatever you say----Sara"


"Shall we go downstairs and join the others?"


The two walked down the stairs with Harry leading. Sara Clark could not keep her eyes off him. He looked so much like Jim, and in that suit. God, she wanted to rape him right there on the stairs but knew better than that. She recalled that he filled out the crotch area in his jeans quite well and wondered if his cock would be as large as Jim's. She hoped it would be large, hard and stiff and that he had some staying power to stay with her, Jim had always said he had never met a woman with a sexual appetite as great as her's. Oh well, we'll find out soon enough, she mused.


Harry was not oblivious to the vibes Sara was sending out and could almost feel her eyes boring into his back. It was obvious to him that they would end up in bed together tonight but what to do about Carla? That concerned him as he was developing feelings for her, of all things. And, he certainly did not want to pass up a chance at either of them. Her love of cum fascinated him and he fully intended to take advantage of that. But, was mother like daughter? He'd have to wait and see.


Sara couldn't keep her eyes off Harry during dinner. They had several bottles of wine and she was really emboldened. Oh her last trip to the kitchen to fetch the last bottle of wine she slipped one of her sleeping pils into Carla's glass to insure she had complete privacy with Harry.


After about an hour Carla was barely able to keep her eyes open so she wandered off to bed. Sara went upstairs to get ready for bed while Todd and Harry cleaned up. When they were finished, they wished each other Merry Christmas and went to their rooms.


As Harry started to take off his clothes he heard the connecting door between his room and Sara and he turned to greet her. She looked absolutely stunning. Her long auburn hair cascaded over her shoulders and down her back. He had no idea it was so long. Her eyes were bright like diamonds and her body was cloaked in a shimmering gold, satin robe. She stood there before him and said, "Do you like what you see?" and then slowly opened the robe to let him see her body. And what a body! Her breast were magnificent at 38 DD with no middle gae droop at all. Her waist was just thick enough to make her look soft and comfortable. Her pussy was shaven and she had a protruding pudendum. She spread her legs slightly so he could see her beautiful labia and vulva. Her lips looked to hand down and two inches. She pulled up on the hood of her clitoris and he almost came in his pants. Her clit was red, shiny and already wet.


"My God Sara, you are truly beautiful and he walked toward her stripping off his suit jacket.


"No, leave your clothes on for a while. I will take them off. Let's do this slow as I want to savor every moment," she told him as she let her robe slip to the floor and walked to ward him. She knelt in front of him, unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. She saw that he was hard already and softly rubbed his cock thru his briefs. "Um, your cock feels wonderful," and she gave it a gentle squeeze as he groaned in pleasure. She slowly drew his briefs to free his cock and liked what she saw. "Oh how nice, its thick and long. Bet you've made quite a few girls happy with this hunk of man meat, of course including my daughter." She let her fingers run along his shaft and then caressed his balls. She was driving him crazy with longing.


She gripped his prick in one hand and held it up so she had access to his balls and began to lick his balls ever so gently. His groans were now accompanied by increased breathing. She wasn't worried about him cumming as she knew he was young enough to come back quickly. In fact her plan was to suck him off first, so the second time would last longer.


"Oh Sara, you are so good," he groaned as she sucked one of his balls into her mouth while her a finger across his asshole She knew she could stop his cumming by inserting her finger and putting pressure on his gland and she might do that if he came too quickly but he seemed pretty good right now. She released his second ball from her hot mouth and pulled his cock close to her lips. The tip was covered with the seepage of his pre-cum which she loved. She let her tobgue run over the hard head of his cock and he shuddered. She sucked the head softly, enjoying the sweet taste of him; so young, so hot and so eager. She was glad she had waited over a year for this. It was starting out just as she expected it would.


Harry had lost sense of time and was lost in the feel of her soft mouth and tongue on his throbbing dick when suddenly he remembered Carla. He managed to stammer out in short gasps, "What about your daughter?"


"Not to worry darling, I slipped her a mickey and she will sleep all night!" and she continued to suck on his cock, while fondling his balls with one hand and slowly slipping her index finger into his ass with the other. God, she thought, he is so gorgeous, I think I'll fuck him all night and she slowly took more of his cock into her mouth while using a twisting motion on his shaft.


"Oh God Sara, you're gonna make me cum, please stop, I want to fuck you!"


"Not yet darling", she mumbled thru a mouth full of cock. She slowly slid it in and out of her mouth, increasing the sucking pressure each time and pushing her finger deeper in his ass. She looked up him and said, "Oh I just love the feel of your young, hard cock in my mouth and in my hands.  Its long and hard and I can't wait until you plunge it deep in my pussy."


"Oh God Sara, let me fuck you, PLEASE!," he pleaded. But it was too late, he felt his cock go deep in her mouth, and he came. Torrents of hot cum spurt into her mouth and down her chin. She did her best to contain his sweet cum but could not. He grabbed her head and rammed his pulsing, spewing cock down her throat. She gagged somewhat but let him do it as she was lost in the moment as well. She gulped down as much she could and the rest she let drip in her beautiful tits.


She pulled back from him still holding his cock, now just remembering the gland trick. Oh well, she thought, it was a great cum shot and he tasted so good. He looked down at her and grinned. "Are you ready for round two?"





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