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Christmas With The Family Part 4

While Carla slept soundly, dreaming of Harry's long cock,
Christmas With The Family


Part 4


While Carla slept soundly, dreaming of Harry's long cock, and Todd was dead to the world in his room, Harry and Sara prepared to play out their Christmas sexual fantasy.


Sara had excused herself and gone to the bathroom to wash the dry cum from her face and while she was gone, Harry got out of her dead husband's clothes. He had to admit to himself, it felt kind of creepy wearing a dead man's things and then banging his widow. But, a piece of ass was a piece of ass and Sara was the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen.


She emerged from the bathroom in a diaphanous gown that highlighted her most prominent assets, her breasts, beautifully. The woman surely knew how to entice a man. Harry approached her and took her in his arms and she pushed softly against him. He could feel her huge but firm breasts pressing against him thru the sheer fabric of the dressing gown, or perhaps its better to call it an "undressing gown" as that is what he intended to do.


Their mouths touched with open, expectant lips and their tongues danced  as if on fire. Sara sucked his tongue deep in her mouth and closed her teeth gently on it. The feeling was electrifying to Harry. He returned the favor and they continued to kiss, deeply, and long, their hands feeling each others body. Sara reached down and fondled Harry's balls and cock while he gripped her ass and pulled her closer. He began to rub his hard cock against her Venus mound and she moaned a soft moan in his ear. "Your cock feels wonderful, dear boy."


He reached up and pushed the gown from her shoulders and stood back to admire her body. She was somewhat non-plussed by this but said nothing. "I have to look at you. You are simply the most breath takingly beautiful  woman I have ever seen."


Sara smiled and cupped her hands under her magnificent breasts and offered them out to him. "Harry dear, please suck my breasts. I want to feel your soft, sweet mouth on my nipples as they harden. Bite me, suck me, do whatever you like."


Harry went to her and took her left breast in his trembling hands and began to suck and fondle her. Her tits were firm, yet soft. He could feel her nipple start to harden in his mouth as he sucked hungrily on it She had an aromatic essence that was very pleasing to him and emanated from her entire body.


She could feel his tongue slowly licking at her nipple as it hardened. This is what Jim liked to do, he loved her tits so much. Oh, his teeth are on me, yes, bite me a little, oh, so good. She felt him shift his mouth from one breast to the other. Ahh, its so good, yes, yes, suck my nipples, make them hard as rocks, oh yes, a little bite, my, you are just like Jim. I just hope you can fuck me as good as he did. Sara had problems getting off and her deceased husband was the only man with whom she was ever able to achieve orgasm. This was the primary reason she had not taken a lover since his death. She had to be sure that she would get off. She did not want to be a mere receptacle for some man's cum. She had to receive, as well as give.


And this young man was stirring old feelings in her that she had not felt for two years. God she was horny.


As Harry continue to suck on her beautiful and bountiful breasts, Sara reached down and began to stroke his already rock hard prick. He felt so good and hard. She longed to feel it deep inside her but she knew to get what she wanted she had to work hard and make this last as long as possible. He began to moan into her tits as she stroked him. She wanted to suck him some more but felt he should take control. And he began to.


He broke off from her tits and dropped to his knees slowly, licking every inch of her body as he made his way to her place of nirvana, He could smell her womanly musk and it was making him hotter. He reached the top of her hooded clit and nibbled at it setting off a neural reaction that shot thru Sara's body. Her clit was on fire and when his tongue hit it, she could hardly contain herself.. She wanted him so badly. She needed to feel his hard cock entering and filling her. She wanted to feel the spasms shake his body, his breath come in gasps and lastly, the impact on his cum inside her.


Her hands softly gripped his cock and she could feel his heart beating thru its thickly veined skin. It was stretched so tight that his cock veins were very prominent and she could trace their outline with her fingers. She licked at her lips  lasciviously, thinking of his young cum filling her mouth. She had drank of his essence and wanted more. Should she suck him off again? No, this time would be the ultimate, a pure , prolonged fuck and she would end with a screaming orgasm. Her body began to shake at the thought of it.


He licked and bit at her clit and hood letting his tongue wander over her most sensitive part. He could feel her clit between his lips harden. He spread her lengthy labia and inserted his finger into her as he lapped at her clit. He could feel her body shake with desire. Her pussy juice flowed freely and he lapped at it like a dog. She was beginning to groan in ecstasy and he wondered how long she could stand up so he stood, picked her up and carried her to the bed while they exchanged another deep and penetrating kiss. His mind was a whirl of lustful thoughts. This was no longer a MILF game, but a pure and beautiful fuck. He wanted her and knew she wanted him.


They lay there, facing each other on the bed, their breath coming in short gasps. She reached again, for his prick. She loved to touch it, feel it, hold it in her hand. It was like a part of him became one with her. How could she feel this way about a boy young enough to be her son? She didn't care, she was living for the moment; the moment when he would slide his manliness into her. The moment she felt his hard body begin to spasm in sex and the moment when his hot cum poured into her waiting and hungry pussy. This is what she wanted and she didn't care how she got it.


They looked at each other, each reading the other's thoughts, each knowing instinctively what the other wanted. Without a word spoken she rose and positioned her wonderful smelling pussy over his face while grabbing his cock with both hands. Each licked, lapped and ate at the other. Savoring the others flavor and scents. His was a heavy musk emanating from the sweat he had generated between his legs and around his balls. Hers was an aromatic scent mixed with the distinctive odor of fresh cunt juice. They continued in a easy, slow sixty nine, enjoying each minute as if it were their last.


God, he thought, her pussy is so sweet as he engulfed her entire vulva in his mouth and sucked on her.


She gasped as she felt the tightness begin in her pussy as he sucked her into him. Oh, she thought, he is so good, I am going to cum!


He sucked hard on her entire vulva, his teeth locked on her rosebud clit and  heard her groan loudly. She forgot sucking his cock and he didn't care. He was getting off on her pleasure, a complete unknown for him. He thrust his tongue into her and then he felt her entire body go rigid as an earth shattering climax began to flow thru her. It started in her pussy and emanated outward, touching every neural center in her body. She groaned loudly and  began to shake from head to toe. "Oh God, its so fucking good, yes, yes, eat me Harry, suck me,  make me cum!" Her orgasm seemed never ending as she ground her pussy into Harry's face. It was all he could do to breathe. He could feel her body convulsing in paroxysms of pleasure and bit down on her clit.


"OH GOD, OH, OH, I'M CUMMIMNG. ITS SO GOOOOOD!"  She was practically crushing Harry with the bucking of her body as wave after wave of pleasure ripped thru her. She could not stop and he obliged by sucking harder and harder on her vulva. It seemed to go on forever when finally it started to subside and she could think almost coherently. Completely satiated, she lay there, on top of him, his hard, throbbing  cock still in her mouth. He wondered, does she want more of this or should I let her catch her breath?


He didn't have to wait long when she began slowly drawing his cock fully into her mouth and down her throat. "Harry, fuck my mouth dear boy, I need to taste your young, sweet cum again."


"But," he protested, "I want to fuck you."


"In due time, dear boy, in due time, I haven't had a climax like that in years and now its time to return the favor."


"But I need to fuck you, you don't understand. I want to feel your cunt wrap around my cock and drain my balls into you."


"Well maybe it is time for a little fucking dear boy," and she rolled off him. "But, I'm going to do the fucking. You just lie there and keep the rod hard and straight and I'm going to do a reverse cowgirl on you."


Harry was bewildered, reverse cowgirl? What the hell was that? He soon found out.


Sara stood on the bed astride Harry with her back facing him. She lowered herself slowly onto his hardened shaft and began a slow up and down slide on him. He felt her pussy cover first the tip of his cock. Then the head went in, then inch by agonizing inch she let him enter her. It was tantalizing torture but he loved it. She would grip his cock with the muscles in the walls of her cunt and squeeze him as if her hands were there. This bitch could really fuck, he thought to himself. Finally she was seated on his hips, his cock buried to the hilt in her.


Sara began to rock back and forth on his cock, riding him like a horse. He felt the pressure start to build within him as she raised up a little each time and slid down him. His balls ached as if they were to burst. "Oh God Sara, keep it up, fuck me baby, yeah, yeah, fuck my cock, make me cum, I need to cum so bad!" She then began to rise and fall on his prick, sending it as deep as possible within her. She wanted to feel his moment of ejaculation just as she bottomed out on him. She could feel his cock getting super hard and knew it was almost time.


Harry groaned, "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum, make me cum, oh yeah, here it cums!" and he shot his load deep in her cervix as she pushed hard against him. She could feel the hot jets of cum hit the inside of her and suddenly her body stiffened as another wave of orgasm hit her. She bent forward and pushed and pulled in and out for all she was worth to make this second orgasm last. "Omyfuckinggod!" she screamed as he emptied himself into her and wave after wave of sheer pleasure crashed thru her body. They fucked each other long past the point where there was anything left in either of them. His waist area was awash in her pussy flow and his cum.


She got off him and licked him clean like a cat does to its mate. She loved the taste of his cum and mingled with her own sexual juices, it was a perfect "cock-tail".



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