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Christmas With The Family

Two College buddies share the holidays together and some other things as well.
Christmas With The Family


An Original Work by Donato, Copyright 2007




Harry and Todd had been friends since grade school and now were freshmen at the same college, State University. It was almost Christmas and Todd had invited Harry to stay with he and his family as Harry's folks had been called out of town on a family emergency. It was the first time Harry was not to see his folks over Christmas and he was really down in the dumper.


The two friends were driving home and Todd noticed Harry was unusually quiet.


"Hey pal, what's wrong?" asked Todd.


"Oh you know, I have no where to go and I feel like I'm intruding on your family."


"Hey, don't sweat it. You know my whole family loves you. In fact, I think my sis, Carla has the hots for you."  Carl was 18 and a senior in high school.


"Aw, cut it out, you know I could never date your sister."


"Why not, not cute enough?"


"Cut it out," was all he could say and then went silent. Todd figured he had better leave him alone so the duo drove on in silence. But, Harry's mind was churning with lascivious thoughts of Carla. He let his mind wander as he thought of her taught, full breasts and what it would be like to feel them, suck them. Her long blond hair spilled out on a pillow as he knelt before her, his throbbing cock in his hand, ready to plunge it deep in her sweet, hot pussy.


Wow, he thought, I'm giving myself a hardon thinking about my best bud's sister. Better cool it. He tried but all he could see was Carla. He wondered if she was a virgin. That would be some stroke if she were. Fucking her and getting to pop her cherry as well. Wow! Cool it, Harry.


They drove on as it was still another three hours to their home town of Pontiac, Michigan.


About an hour later Todd said, "Hey, need gas, lets pull over get something to eat, get gas and push on. OK?"


"Sounds good."


They pulled into a rest stop a few miles down the road and Harry went into the restaurant while Todd fueled the car. He grabbed a booth and sat down as the waitress approached. She was a good looking , dark haired, older woman with high breasts, a slim waist and a great ass. Harry was an ass man.


"What can I get you cutie/" she asked in a low sultry voice which caught Harry completely off guard. "Uh, can you give me a minute, my friends out getting gas and will be right in."


"Sure baby, anything you want. Just give me a nod when you want something." And with that she sauntered away, putting a little more movement into her ass than was required. Man, he thought, I think she's coming on to me. Wouldn't that be something. Knock off some strange cunt on the road. Shit. I'm a dreamer.


Just then Todd plopped down in the booth and said, "What the heck is on your mind? You look a thousand miles away."


"Wait til you get a look at our waitress. Is she hot", and then he motioned her over to the booth. "I think we're ready now, what do you suggest?' he asked boldly.


Charlene, (the waitress) looked both boys over and thought to herself, nice looking young studs. Sure don't get many that look as good as they do around here in this crummy old joint. Wonder if they would be interested in some fun and games? Hmmm, wonder how I should broach the subject? The one kid looks really down in the dumps. Maybe the "motherly" approach might work.


"Hey cutie, what's the matter? Girl friend dump you?"


Harry looked up and saw what looked like genuine concern on her face. "No, nothing  like that, its Christmas and my folks are away and I'm going to my friends house to spend the Holidays."


"Well that's not so bad, is it?"


"I guess not, its just not home."


"Well, I'm sure they'll make you feel like one of the family. I know, I would." There she thought, the first little hint is out there. Lets see if he, or better yet, they pick up on it and take the bait.


Todd was the first to bite. "Oh, I bet you say that to all the guys who come in here."


"Honey, the caliber of man that usually tries to put a hit on me here, is one step below a pig."


"No offense meant, m'am."


"None taken, hon, just that I sort of feel the same way. You know Christmas and all."


"No family to celebrate with?"


"Not really. I'm in the same boat as cutie, here."


"Name is Harry, miss."


"Nice to meet you Harry, I'm Charlene. And you," she said looking at Todd with a little gleam in her eye.


"Todd, nice to meet you Charlene." Hm, am I picking up on something here. Is this babe hot for us?  Let's see. "You could have fooled me, good looking woman like you should have guys all over town."


"Not in this burg, honey." You two are the best I've seen in weeks," was Charlene's reply hoping to set the hook a little deeper.


Now Harry seemed to notice a little electricity in the air. "Look it doesn't look real busy here, why not join us, are you due a break?" he asked hopefully.


"Well, I am due for a half hour or, why not?", and she slid into the booth beside Harry. Both young men exchanged quick glances and knew they would score here, but how?


They needn't have worried as Charlene had her own plan worked out. As slid into the booth she let her hand wander under the table to Harry's thigh. He jumped a little at her touch but she smiled at him and winked.


Todd caught the wink and said, "Is there a back room where we might have a little privacy?"


"Matter of fact sweetie, you took the words right out of my mouth. Its thru that door at the end of the hall. Give me five minutes and then follow me."


She got up and headed for the door.


"Holy fuckhouse, do you believe this?" exclaimed Todd.


"Unfuckingbelieveable," replied Harry as he thought of those gorgeous tits on Charlene. "How old, you figure?"


"Oh, I'd guess early forties, who cares, man, it's a pussy!"


"C'mon, lets get back there before someone else sees us or she changes her mind.


The boys quickly got up and followed her into the back room. They opened the door and were they surprised. There, sitting on a cot, with her blouse opened, her ample breast held up by an under wire bra, sat Charlene. She stood and walked toward the boys and said, "Well fellas, like what you see and unhooked her bra, freeing her ample breasts, Her nipples were hard as rocks and her areole huge. "Who would like to suck my tits first?"


Harry had his mouth on her right breast in a flash and Todd began to suck her left. She moaned softly   "Oh, that feels so nice" as they bit and licked her. "Umm, that's so good guys, but my pussy needs some attention too."


Todd hiked her skirt up, got on his knees and pulled her bikini panties aside to gain access to her already dripping cunt. He could smell her cunt aroma and it went right to his head and balls. He could not stop from plunging his tongue into her waiting gash. She groaned as she felt his tongue enter her. "Oh God boy, you are good. Yeah, that's the spot, eat me, suck my pussy, yeah, yeah, right there."


Harry grew tired of sucking on Charlene's big tits so he jumped up on the cot and lowered his jeans to free his cock. Charlene's eyes grew wide when she saw the size of him. "Oh Baby, she said, come to Momma, let me suck that gorgeous cock of yours." Harry's cock slid into her mouth like a train slowly pulling into a station. She sucked his cock head and tongued his shaft. He was so hot from thinking about her and sucking her gorgeous tits that his balls almost exploded in a huge orgasm and he shot his load deep down her throat.


Charlene  had not expected him to cum so quickly and was overcome by the load of cum she had to swallow, but she did with only small spurts leaking from lips. She grabbed his cock with her hands and licked the remaining cum from him, savoring each hot, viscous drop. "Um, you taste good. I love the taste of cum especially when it comes hot and young like yours."


Not to be out done Todd pulled himself from her dripping pussy, dropped his pants and rammed his cock home. "Umpf," she grunted at the onslaught but squeezed the walls of her vagina around him. He pumped her hard and she knew he would cum quickly so she bore down on him trying to reach her own orgasm while Harry stood and watched, his cock in his hand trying to make it hard again. Todd grunted and let his load go inside her, keeping up a rapid humping pace and suddenly she cried out, "OH YES!" as she came.


A few minutes later she gave both boys a quick blow job but neither could get hard or cum. "Its been fun boys, but a girl has to make a living and I have to get back to work. I'll leave first and you follow in about five minutes, OK?"


A few minutes later both boys walked from the diner to thir car and drove off.


"Oh fuck", said Todd, we never got anything to eat!"


Harry just sat there rubbing his crotch and smiled.








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