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College Golfers PT2

Slightly older golfer gets to play with ass and finally has sex too
He was sitting there, outside, on the deck and thinking about it all. All of a sudden, she started to pop up in his thoughts again. He smiled. He knew he liked her and was pretty sure she liked him too. There was so much more to it all that he wished he could sort it all out and soon. Okay, he told himself, so what if all they did was play around. So what if they never actually had sex with each other? Regardless, being with her and doing what they did had been lots of fun either way.

As he sat there out on the deck, he puffed on it hard. It was one of only five cigarettes he allowed himself each week and as he smoked it, he reminded himself to enjoy it all the way down to the filter.

Again she popped up in his thoughts. They’d done it, sort of, four times now. He played with her body but there was one thing he hadn’t done yet and then he corrected himself. No, there were two things he hadn’t done. Jeff smiled. They hadn’t had sex. He hadn’t played with that awesome ass of hers yet either.

“God, I have to lick that out” he told himself aloud. “I gotta get her to know I wanna do that too. Hmmm, will she let me do it? I think so” he said as he took another drag. He blew out the smoke. He looked at his cigarette. He played with it a little. He took another drag and pulled out his phone.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hey, what’s up?” he said.

“Oh you know,” she said as she sat on her bed playing around.

“Ohhh really,” he replied as he started to smile. “Really and without me there?”

He heard her laugh and tell him yes. She said a girl has to do what she’s got to do. He laughed and then the two sat silent for a moment. He knew he had to tell her. School was school and work was work. People had to do what they had to do. However, he knew he had to tell her anyway.

“I got some news,” he said but his tone of voice didn’t sound great.

“Ohhh?” she said as she waited to hear it.

He stopped. He decided not to tell her. He told her something else. “Hey I have another idea” and Maggie asked what it was. “Seeing as I got this new place, this house and all that I’m renting now uhhh do you wanna come over for the night?”

“Wow, really?” she exclaimed. “Come there? Should I bring anything special?”

He smiled. “Ohhh yeah,” he told her, “your pretty face and that body of yours too and of course that great personality of yours” he replied, adding “oh and something to wear I guess as well.”

She got his address and drove over. She only brought a few things with her. Along with some wine, she brought a change of panties, another top, and a very lightweight robe other then what she had on. She was elated she was invited over instead of the other way around. He was happy she had come over too. Once inside, they hugged and kissed as usual. It made both feel great seeing as neither had seen the other for weeks at least. Smiling, he looked her over although he knew she hadn’t changed a bit.

“God, you look soooo good to me,” he told her.

“Thanks and you look great too,” she replied. “I soooo want you. I have missed you and a lot too,” she added.

“Okay then let’s do it,” he went on to say.

In bed, they lay completely dressed. Even her flats were on still but she seemed to slip them off as they lay while they chatted. They laughed and as they did, he knew he wanted her more and more. He knew he wanted that most of all.

“Is everything alright?” he said as they talked.

“Yeah” she said although she was lying to him. In truth she wanted to get out of her clothes. In truth she wanted to put on her robe, however he could tell she wanted something more. It was only a matter of time before she told him. “Do you mind if I go and uhhh change out of this outfit?”

He said yes and lay there waiting but as he did he took off his shirt. She didn’t expect it and it was nice to see him more relaxed when she came out in her short trivial robe. His eyes opened once he saw her in it. Yes, he was surprised because that robe was showing lots of leg and it also showed more of those nice firm tits.

She smiled too. When she saw his chest she instantly liked how he looked. Not that she hadn’t seen it before but in the light of his bedroom he seemed to look more debonair or something like that Meanwhile, when he saw her emerge from the bathroom in her playful nightgown, his smile grew.

“What?” she asked. “What’s that smile mean?” she said “that you like me in this?”

“Oh yeah, it sure does. Come here” he told her and snuggled even closer to her when she hit the mattress. “I have a secret to tell you,” but it didn’t have anything to do with him being transferred out of town. “In all the times you and I have played around, in all of those times, I have always and I mean always wanted to do one thing.” She asked what it was. “I have always wanted to play with your ass but never have.”

She looked right at him and smiled mischievously. She told him to do as he pleased and wanted to do. So his hand reached down around her and she let him feel her ass. Her eyes lit up initially as one of the fingers crawled inside her cheeks. Then they closed once she felt his fingers on her asshole. She murmured something as it slowly danced along her ass’ hole. She smiled a wavering smile as his fingers eased down around each one. He told her to lie on top of him which she did and once she did his hands started to caress each ass cheek while he played around each one some more.

“Ohhh,” she bellowed once she felt his fingers inside her asshole. “Whoa Jeffy,” she said, “getting a little playful now are we?” He laughed as his fingers kept on playing around down in between the cheeks. She began to really feel them dribble down into her ass’ hole now. With that, once she felt them push inside the butt hole she cried out and told him how she really kind of liked how it felt to her.

“Ohhh, do that again will you?” she said as she smirked while he continued playing down inside her asshole a little more. So he did as she asked. As he did, one of two fingers dipped deeper down into her asshole. “Oooooohh, I’ve heard of a guy fucking a girl’s ass, not that I want that, but Jeffy this is kind of cool to me.” With that she leaned down and kissed his lips. He kissed her back.

Regardless, she did like it when he “plucked” her asshole with one of his fingers and he loved doing it too. It was erotic. It was kinky too. But doing it with her of all people was extraordinarily fun as well. Still one thing neither had done, despite that fact they done everything almost, was have good old fashioned sex. She would not allow it seeing as she didn’t want to risk becoming pregnant and she was having lots and lots of fun being with him intimately. Yes, she’d thought about it, but when back home all she did was play with herself and simply imagine the large fat dildo as his cock inside her hole.

However, due to what happened that day something else occurred. She got all “fucked” up kind of. Seeing as the two messed around and seeing as he played with her asshole too she had issues, she had a problem getting over it all. She had to walk the golf course and she had to walk all eighteen holes. Someone came up to her to ask her about it. And one day, while waiting to board the plane, she was sitting alone, and trying to focus on her game.

“Hey Cassie,” Maggie said as Cassie sat down beside her.

“Hey.” replied Cassie and went on to ask. “You still seeing that guy, that uhhh Jeff guy?”

Maggie turned and smiled and instead began thinking about her and him in his bed, or somewhere like that naked and playing around. “Yeah why do you ask?” Maggie said.

“I don’t know but something’s wrong,” Cassie went on to say.

“What do you mean?” Maggie said.

“Well for one, you’re now hitting in the upper seventies. You’ve never in your life done that, have you? I mean,” and Cassie looked right into Maggie’s face and she looked at her seriously too “your game right now sucks. Can I ask you a personal question?” Maggie said yes. “What the fuck,” and she whispered the question “are you two doing?”

Cassie was probably right. Maggie’s ass was sore as hell and seeing as Jeff’s finger had been “exploring” Maggie’s asshole a little bit, Maggie couldn’t walk properly lately. Regardless, if Maggie was to get back on track she was going to lay off any Jeff interaction, and she knew it too. Practically walking bull legged, Maggie’s ass was hurting, and unless you were paying close attention you wouldn’t know it.

“Soooo, what is going on Maggie?” Cassie said with great curiosity.

“Nothing,” Maggie said, “We uhhh just hang out. That’s all.”

“Don’t get involved with this guy. He’s too old for you anyway and you never know about older guys like that,” Cassie told her friend.

It was the eighth hole. Maggie again was playing like crap. That finger of his was playing games on her as she could “feel” up inside her asshole all of a sudden. On her way to shooting a 79 anyway, she decided to withdraw. Her asshole was in pain and she had no cream with her to alleviate the problems she was experiencing. As for the team, she let them down, but seeing as she was having some physical issues there wasn’t anything she could do that day.

“Nice job,” Cassie said in anger. “Maybe whatever it is you’re doing, you’ll stop it?”

Maggie got home and called him. He immediately asked her how she did and she told him. He asked why and she told him. “Ohhhhhhh, I never thought about that,” he said and profusely apologized to her. “I’ll stop it, okay.

“That’s okay Jeff” she said. “We did have fun didn’t we?” and she laughed regardless.

She visited him, they talked, and that’s when he decided it was time to tell her. “You’re getting...” and she stopped a moment. “You’re getting transferred? Where to?” she said. He told her. “Outside Phoenix?” she said with surprise. “When, how soon?”

When he told her, she leaped on him. She sprayed him with kisses all over his face. “You can’t, we are an...” but she knew better. What they had going wasn’t anything special. It was simply a chance for two people, a slightly older dude, and a college athlete to have some fun and play around here and there. Then she said it. “Jeff, we’ve never done it?” He asked what. “You and I have never ever masturbated in front of one another.”

She was right. They hadn’t. They’d each seen the other’s body but other then playing around with one another neither had masturbated once. She always wanted to do that with him but every time they did, something else came up. It was all good. It was all fun as heck too. Still, she wanted to bring along her dildos and vibrator and she wanted to sit naked or almost naked and do nothing but do that.

“Jeffy, I want that. That is all I’ve ever wanted. Well no that isn’t true but I have wanted that badly” she said as if disappointed.

So he sat down which led her to sit as well. They sat on his couch and before she knew it his pants were down and so were the boxers and she watched him start jacking off as he smiled and looked at her. Then she pulled her pants off and her panties too. He smiled as he either held it or jacked it off. Her fingers touched her pussy as she looked at him and sat back. It was nice. It was initially relaxing. They stroked themselves while enjoying the moments but he came first as she did soon enough.

Finally, both had cum, and both did it while masturbating in front of the other. With their pants down, they leaned in, and they kissed. Her hand reached over and felt his spent cock. He liked how it felt and allowed her to feel it although he didn’t think there was any more to offer. She got it hard again and he came again too. Jeff was impressed but she also was impressed that he was able to get hard and cum again. He fingered her and got her to orgasm again as well.

They hugged, huddled closely, and they kissed. “When do leave then?” she asked out of nowhere. He told her. “Oh man, I didn’t know it would be that soon.”

Two weeks later he was gone. Two months later she was now trying to make the pro circuit. Neither had seen one another for weeks. They’d call or email one another and soon found they needed to see the other soon. Weeks went by. Nothing but calls or emails were exchanged and even those became less and less. What now, he thought as she traveled the states in search of making the cut. He did not know and seeing as she was gone he slowly started dating others. None even came close to her and he wished he could be with her again but didn’t know what to do anymore.

“So I hear you guys will be in Tucson huh?” he emailed to her. She said yes. “Need a caddy yet?” and she said maybe. “Cool, I know how to caddy actually.”

She was out late and lining up her shots at the practice range when he headed towards her. It was the night of the first round. “It’s your back swing” he said as he approached. The sun being right in her eyes blinded her a little and she couldn’t see him but she knew the voice from anywhere. “Here, let me show you something” he went on to say. Without another word he came up behind her and put his arms around her. She smiled as he did and he told her to swing the club backwards as if out on the fairway. “Mmmmm, you sure feel great to me” he told her.

“Stop it,” she said kiddingly, “I need to seriously work on my swing.”

“I am serious. It’s your back swing. You correct it at the top and you’ll be doing great! “Do it like this” and he grabbed her from behind, which she loved how he held her body “and do it again and again” he told her. Within an hour he had her in good form.

“How’d you know all this?” she said.

“Because I golfed in college” he said then added “and would’ve golfed professionally if my knee didn’t go out on me. It was” and he explained what had happened and also said “Honestly, I played in college, but that’s the way it goes.”

Happy as heck, she dropped her club and lunged at him. She kissed him hard and right out in the middle of the practice tee. He loved it too and the two of them kissed and hugged, ferociously. It was evident these two needed more then some golf.

“I need sex,” she told out of nowhere, “and I mean real honest to goodness sex too. I need it badly Jeffy. I really need sex badly. What do you say?” she added as if pleading with him. “Would you do it with me as soon as this tournament is over?”

He looked at her. That statement alone produced a hormonal surge within him which had him wanting to say he’d do it that night. She was horny and he knew it too but he was as horny as her as well.

All he said was “Your place or mine? I have a nice condo but it’s about 45 miles away from here. Where’s your place? Where are you staying? I’ll do it tonight if you want?”

“Tonight” she said with surprise “but what about the tournament?”

“So what?” he said as if asking. “A good lay” and he paused a moment then said “a good fuck won’t hurt anyone. Never does it do that. You’ll see. Trust me. A good fuck can reenergize a woman’s body. Trust me, it can.”

She looked at the ground. She looked up into his eyes. He looked at her smiling. He was sure of himself and growing more aroused as the moments passed by. Those tits, her legs, her body, and now yes now her pussy and she was more then willing to let him put his great looking cock inside it.

“Let’s go. I’ll be slow and I’ll be gentle but in the end” he told her “you are going to wish we did it all night long. You will” he said as if teasing her.

It was the next day and he told her “Now remember what I told you last night.” He had said it after the third hole. Fans were standing nearby watching her, the golf pro as she stood inside the ropes and talked to him. Maggie, when she saw him, was wearing a huge grin on her face and Jeff knew immediately what was running through her mind. He knew exactly what it was that was going on in her head. He reminded her about the top of her swing.

In her polo shirt and shorts, he took her in his arms. They had kissed and they had kissed hard and passionately like never before. Before he knew it she was all over him as she pulled out his shirt out of his slacks. It came off. That chest of his, she loved it, and her hands were all over it as she petted and practically clawed at it letting him know she wanted so much more that night.

He felt those hands all over him and loved how she luxuriously clawed away at his chest and back. Meanwhile the two kissed some more. But before she knew it he was ripping off her shirt as well.

Ohhhhhh those sweet and sumptuous breasts of hers he loved so much. Hers were so magnificent, he thought, and would die for them he told himself as his hands reached in and took hold of them. He cupped her tits. He gently and lovingly squeezed their beauty. He took off her sports bra and once again their beauty controlled his “evil” power on her. He grabbed them again, this time without that sports bra on, and when he did he caressed and cupped and practically made love to them alone. How it felt, to her, was superb. How he moved about around them and how he squeezed and embraced them had her spirits rising up beyond words although she began murmuring and then almost moaning a little louder. He had kissed each one and she found herself pulling him into them sooner then she expected and as he kissed them his tongue found their way on to them too.

Before too long, these two were on the floor and kissing. Rolling back and forth as they did, she found him undoing her shorts. Ohhhhhhh a hand was reaching down inside her panties. Uhhh oooooohh, she found herself thinking as his fingers soon started feeling her up inside her pussy. Was he “priming” me she asked herself? Oh god yeah, he’s feeling me out again she thought. Oh god yes, she thought. Ohhhhhh that feels soooo good she kept saying as his fingers dug deeper and deeper and she wanted her clothes completely off. She wanted his cock. She wanted hold of it now. She wanted to have it in her hands. She wanted to stroke his cock and even in her mouth for that matter.

“I want to suck you off,” she heard herself tell him.

With that he took off his shorts and boxers. With that, she became naked too. They each stopped doing what they were doing but asked themselves one thing. Am I in love with him, or her, in his case? Oh god, I think I am. I really think I’m in love with him. Despite the question and seeing as their naked bodies were all over one another and each one’s hands were doing all sorts of unmentionables, his cock even without her hand stroking it was begging for her mouth.

She went down on him and began “tickling” it with her tongue. Her hand, holding it, soon shoved it all the way up inside. Swallowing his cock, she sucked him hard, and gallantly. She was ready and he was too and she positioned herself up on top of him.

Maggie placed his cock, as she watched his face while smiling, up inside her cunt. Her eyes seemed to close as she slowly lowered herself down on it. Her head fell back and she murmured something at the very same time. He watched her as she sat positioned up on his body. She raised herself up and then fell back down on it.

“Ohhhhhhh god,” she cried out, “you feel incredible,” and she did this repeatedly as he cock entered her pussy continually and pleased her forever that night.

They switched positions and he knelt up against her beautiful body. With her legs up in the air and his cock up inside her pussy he looked at her smiling face and then her awesome looking boobs. Her tight and lavish pussy was in rare form as she opened wide for his cock. He pushed and fucked her lovingly. He fucked her beautifully and plentifully as well. She came not once but she came three times it seemed.

“Ohhhhhh my fucking god, don’t stop. Don’t Jeffy, just don’t. You are so soooo gosh darn awesome. You’re cock feels soooo beautiful inside me. You’re cock is too awesome for words even” she said as her eyes finally opened. She was now smiling and added “Ohhhhhh god fuck me some more. I need this. I need you. I want you forever and I have to have this forever and ever and ever!”

So he did just that. He slammed her, affectionately, some more, and she took it like a princess. How it felt to have it up inside her like that reenergized her. Something about his cock and how she felt as he fucked her that night brought her tranquility of sorts she never felt she’d ever have in her life, but Jeff, who also truly wanted a night like this too fucked her like the charming and quality lover he was.

He came and he came like a man should cum. He came inside her that night although he never intended to come inside her like it happened. It just did through the passionate exchange they shared. Regardless, they lay together, and held one another closely.

In the morning, when he woke up, she was already gone. She left a note. “My dearest Jeffy, yes that’s right, Jeffy. I love calling you that you know. Thank you so much for last night. I feel wonderful and I hope you do too. Come and see me play, please. Love you forever. Maggie” the note read.

He smiled and having brought a change of clothes, he showered and dressed. He drove to the course to see his lover play golf. She was playing crappy and he walked along beside each hole she was playing. Finally she saw him and smiled and waved. He waved her over and shortly afterward she had walked over to the ropes.

“What honey?” she asked.

“Remember what I said yesterday. Top of the swing babe” he told her. “If you correct that and do it now you’ll make the cut. Understand me honey?”

She looked at him. Her face said it all. Oh my god. That’s right. My swing and with that she smiled and out of nowhere, as the other fans watched, she kissed him on his lips. The small crowd talked as they all wondered. Who is this guy? Why’s he so special? Regardless, she starting shooting a terrific round and by the eighth hole she was on her way. She ended up just out of the top twenty-five but it was, for her, her first substantial paycheck. It earned her some notoriety on the tour as well. Even some of the other golfers were asking about Jeff too, but she wasn’t kissing and telling. She kept him a secret from her golfing buddies at that point.

In the end, she had to take a break from golf. She was going to be having twins she learned. Oops, that one episode, months ago, on the tournament which he came to see her and didn’t use a condom well oh well. That’s the way it goes and then there’s Cassie.

“You’re pregnant?” she asked Maggie. “Who’s the lucky guy?”

“You know who he is” Maggie replied, smiling. “You know him a little bit.”

“That Jeff guy?” Cassie practically yelled. “That guy, really? Ohhhhhhh come on now! You are soooo lucky.”

“Yeah, I guess so, but we love each other and I think we will get married soon.”

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