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College Golfers

Slightly older guy impressed and almost gets to have sex with young female golfer
Yes, they were a little too young. That is of course if you were speaking to the others but Jeff, the 30 year old and youngest of them all didn’t think, so he watched them. He watched them closely as the tightly clad young women in their school colors teed off on the first hole.

Each one for the most part was well dressed. In short shorts, which emphasized these young women’s maturing set of legs. He loved seeing those. Thick and also somewhat wavy so to speak, he could already feel his teeth sinking into those, and in addition to that he looked them all over too. Each wore a polo shirt which was topped off by a very tight looking sweater vest. That alone would have him later needing to refocus is attention. He watched their faces. He stared at their tits. He gazed upon their cute little asses and then he took a quick sweet look at those budding set of hips. Yes, it all caught his attention on Friday afternoon. This college team of female golfers didn’t hurt his day at all. He was happier then usual. He felt a little more primed. And in addition to that he even shot a good score on the course.

They finally got in. They tallied their scores. All of his playing partners, all were over 40, and all of them were haggard by how badly they shot that day. Of course he wasn’t. He was proud of himself. All of a sudden he heard some laughing. He heard girls talking. Nobody knew who it was but it sounded like young ladies. As they all talked, he was listening, but his other eye kept watch.

Ohhhhhh wow, the girls he thought. Are they coming in? Are they going to sit down in here? God, look at them! Look at those bodies! Then he told himself it’s like having ice cream after dinner or something like that. Those thighs and asses and hips and boobs too he thought as they walked in talking and laughing and parading around like that.

I sure wish I could go and sit over there, he thought. I’d smile until the day was over. I’d introduce myself and laugh with them and heck, I’d joke around too. Wow, who knows what else could happen he told himself as he occasionally eyed the women golfers at the other table. Then he thought of course to get myself a date with a couple of them would an undertaking. Geez, what am I thinking? I’m like acting as if I’m some horny old dude or something. While the others talked he watched the cute 18 through 22 year old girls chat away and laugh.

A few days later, he was alone at home. His mind wandered about what had happened over the course of those last few days. He got online. He went and did this and that and before he knew it he was at the college site where these young women golfed out of. He looked them up in the golfing section. Cute, cute, and even cuter then ever he thought as he studied the picture of the women golfers. Then he wondered. Do they go out and play on their own.

Hmmm, he wondered some more. He studied it. He kept on wondering. He went over, on one given day, and another and even another until he finally caught on. Tuesday nights two or three of them come and practice golf. Hitting, putting, and even playing nine to eighteen holes as they talk and laugh and advise one another of this, that, and other things.

The Saturday came. He thought what the hell? Let’s see if any of them come out. He had no idea if they did. He drove over. Of course he didn’t expect anything to happen but stopped in at the lunch counter and had something to eat.

“Those girls” he said to the bar waitress “They still doing well?” The barmaid said as far as she knew they were. “Sure would love to watch them play some more” he told her.

“They are always here, at least two or three of them in the afternoons” she said.

“Ohhh really?” he replied. “Wow, that’s cool” he went on to say. Then he lied to her. “I saw them playing the other day in a tournament. They are good. I mean really good in fact.” He added “I should go and play with them for well grins and giggles” he told her with a smile. She ignored it and he paid and left saying goodbye.

He got out of his car and picked up his clubs out of the trunk. He went and practiced at the putting green. He practiced for an hour. People were everywhere. Seeing as it was Saturday he expected it. He putted, he watched, and he listened for any sign of them that day. He didn’t see any of them at all. He left.

The following week he decided what the heck? He came again about the same time. Oh yeah, he said as he saw them on the green. It was overcast and seeing as it was it wasn’t as crowded but there was still lots of people ahead of them. He was alone. He didn’t want to really play by himself. Somehow, if he could, he wanted to play with someone, and his preference was with those three young ladies. He smiled as he headed in their direction.

“Sorry about that” he said as he “accidentally” stepped on her “line.” She said it wasn’t any problem and flippantly allowed his mistake. “Hey uhhh aren’t you and those two from the college? I mean, don’t you three play golf for the school?”

She said yes and seemed to beam when he asked her. “But I’m not playing well at all right now” she went on to say. He looked at her and asked if she was Cassie. She smiled one of her grand smiles which lights up her face. “How’d you know?” she asked as she stuck out her hand to shake his as he introduced himself to her.

Short, she wasn’t petite at all or so he thought. Nice physique he told himself. Automatically he wished he could “see” more of it. Oh god, he thought, I’m like my golfing buddies. Old and horny, all they do is stare, and wish. Well I am not going to be that way. Hell, he told himself, I’ve got life in these lungs of mine. Let’s see if I can get out and play with them today. Go for it, he thought. Just do it.

“Hey Cassie, mind a fourth?” he said out of nowhere.

Again, as she turned, she smiled. “Sure, I don’t care. Why not? It’d be fun.”

Cool and double cool. They teed off. She happened to hit near him so the two walked up the same side of the hole. They talked, casually. He asked questions. She answered. It was the turn. By this point, he was hitting it badly. She was hitting it superbly.

“Hey, great shot Cassie. I thought you told me you’ve been hitting it horribly” he said.

“I don’t know. Maybe you’re bringing me good luck today?” she replied, smiling and looking right at him. “Thanks if you are” she went on to say as their eyes met.

God, I wish I could and then he changed thoughts. I wonder if I could or if I should. “So what do you and your buddies do for fun when you’re not golfing?” Jeff asked openly. She told him. “Oh, that’s cool. How do you go about doing that?” he went on to ask. She explained briefly. “And I have to ask this” he added. “Okay, I’m a guy and okay you’re a girl of course so” and he stopped walking altogether which had her stop as well. She was still smiling as they talked “how is it that all you guys, you women, stay in incredible shape. I mean your figures to me well they look awesome. I mean from a guys standpoint of view. Do you all work out and exercise?”

She turned a slight shade of red but said yes. They walked on and hit their shots. She hit it horribly. She hit it into the rough. He said something uplifting. She thanked him and they went on.

On the thirteenth hole, he decided to get a little bolder. He asked about what they did for fun but in a little more detail. “So when you guys are all alone, you of course study?”

“Yeah” she said.

“May I ask you something uhhh personal?” Jeff said.

“Sure, I guess I don’t mind” she replied.

“Do many of you like ever, how do I say this?” he began. They were still walking to their next shot of course. As they headed to their balls she looked over at him, wondering. “I mean you girl golfers are great. I mean you’re sweet golfers. If I could I’d follow you all over the place except that I work and all but that wasn’t what I was going to ask you.”

“Oh?” she said. “Uhhh what were you going to ask me?” she went and said frivolously.

“You guys, you girls well do you all like to uhhh” and he paused a few seconds before saying “masturbate?”

She stopped dead in her tracks. Yes, all of them did. All of them have done it together, to a degree, but usually all of them have done it in the privacy of their dorm rooms or apartments.

“Yes Jeff, we all masturbate, but Jeff my question to you is this” and he asked what. “Do you enjoy jacking off as you think about a woman and her body?” She asked it so casually it caught him off guard. “I mean, to be honest with you, I love putting a vibrator up inside my pussy, and I love playing with myself using that and even my fingers too. And as I do guess what?”

He swallowed hard as if feeling like he was being caught off guard and he was. “Uhhh what’s that uhhh Cassie” he tried saying in reply to her.

“I even love imagining I’m with a good looking guy” she told him. “You know” and went on to add “A guy like you even?”

He had hit his earlier shot up the right side of the fairway earlier but she had shot hers right up the middle. It happened again. His straight up the right side and hers straight up the middle. Separated because of the sots had each thinking.

Me huh, he thought. She imagines guys like me she said. Now that’s cool he told himself as he smiled once he thought about it. It was the end of the seventeenth hole. They each teed off. Both had brilliant shots near one another.

“Soooo” he said “guys like me you said a little while back?” he told her.

“Yeah, guys like you” she replied and turned and smiled right at him. She nodded. “That’s right. I love doing that too to be honest. Umm that isn’t uhhh turning you off is it? I mean lots and lots of girls and women think of older guys. Not that you’re all that old” she said.

“No I’m not” and he turned to look at her. They smiled at one another. “Anyway, now I have a question for you.” She looked at him and asked what. She knew the question she thought. She smiled and waited. “Maybe some day I could come by and well you know uhhh visit?”

They looked at each other. He hoped but waited for a “welcoming” type of smile. They hit their next shots. Both hit great shots and just happened to be near one another as the two merged soon enough. He watched her walk. God, what a fine looking figure he thought as he followed it as they came upon their golf balls. Nice boobs, great ass, sweet looking hips, and those legs he told himself. What guy wouldn’t like being with her?

“Maybe” she said out of nowhere. “There’s a very good chance for that” she told him.

Huh, what did she mean by, and then as they separated near the green he thought ohhhhhh, ohhh yeah. I could come and visit her at her place? Cool very cool indeed he thought. I can go for that.

She tapped in the 35 footer for a birdie. He had a two putter for a bogie. His mind well it was elsewhere. His thoughts were in that apartment and undressing himself and her also.

The two of them finally decided to discover one another’s “gifts” of life. Hers, in his opinion, had to be much better then his of course, but maybe that was who you were talking to. She was talking with her friends at the end of the match. They were laughing and then she turned and walked his way.

“Hey Jeff, come here, alright?” she said.

Of course he thankfully walked towards her. She told him to hold on and gave him her email but not her cell number. He tore off part of the paper and willingly gave her his email but also his cell phone number too.

“Oh cool” she told him. She smiled and added “Thanks, I’ll be in touch alright?”

At home, he quickly cleaned up his condo. He didn’t like the way it looked so he also hired a cleaning service too. He didn’t really know why but did it anyway. Online, right away he looked for any email from her but nothing showed up from Cassie. However he did receive an email but it wasn’t from her. It was from a Monique O’Reilly.

“Monique O’Reilly?” he said. “Who’s that?”

He opened it. “Hi Jeff” it read. “I’m Maggie, one of the golfers on the team. We golfed today but I heard from Cassie and Cassie gave me some interesting news. Now first off, I’ve hesitated sending this and I’ve already re-written this email like four times already. Can you believe that?” it went on to say.

He kept on reading. Regardless, it was from one of the female golfers, all of which to him were exceptionally pretty and had great looking figures too, and in his opinion all of them were potentially fine specimens for a great day or night in bed.

“Personally I hope you think as much of me as you do Cassie. I think I’m pretty and if you are interested maybe you can find out too? I mean some guys have told me, and this part is a little slutty of me, but personally some guys have told me what a hot looking woman I am.”

He was more then a little intrigued. He loved the email too. So much so that he reread it a couple of times. She gave him her address, which was an apartment, and he knew almost exactly where it was. He showered and again brushed his teeth of course. He cleaned up and decided what the heck? Go for it. Do it. Have fun and he left and hoped for the best.

She was a very pretty young woman. All of 21, she bought wine and even beer as well. He arrived and stood at the door as he waited for her to invite him in. Finally they sat on her couch. He liked her place immediately and told her which had her feeling better. They soon were chatting freely and before she knew it she was laughing and giggling and she knew she wanted to know him a lot more.

“Soooo Cassie tells me you uhhh like uhhh masturbating too huh?” she asked him.

“Hmmm, Cassie told you guys a lot I see” and he laughed willingly. “Yeah I do and have and yes, I love jacking off once in a while. And what about you, do you enjoy it too?”

It threw her off. She didn’t expect it but had to know she would be doing something with him related to this. She smiled and nodded her head and said yes that she enjoyed it. Then out of nowhere she offered him some wine which he accepted almost right away. The two slowly became more and more comfortable with one another. Soon enough they were edged up against one another as they “felt” out the other’s energy so to speak.

“I like this” Maggie said. “You really are a nice guy.”

He told her he was the lucky one. He thanked her and told her he had fun golfing as well although he didn’t really speak with her at all that day seeing as he was playing, for the most part, with Cassie. As he mentioned that he found she was checking him out but he also found himself looking her over too. Once he discovered that he noticed she inched closer to him as if almost telling him she wanted something more. She smiled and so did he as they talked. At this point it appeared the two were soon becoming a bit more at ease with one another. At that point it was easy to see what the other wanted as well.

“So what do you want to do now uhhh Jeff?” she asked.

“What do you want to do?” he said back to her in a confident and willing manner.

She knew but wasn’t sure how to tell him but she did say it. “Uhhh want to uhhh you know get a little undressed. Want to uhhh you know kind of play around or something?”

“Sure why not?” he said freely.

Without another word she started undoing her top. Short, she wasn’t small breasted. Right away he saw some cleavage. He licked it. That made him feel “special” inside. His eyes focused. That had him also wondering. Have guys ever or have they ever gotten it on with Maggie at all he asked himself.

“Maggie?” he started to say as she unbuttoned a couple more buttons. “Have you ever done it before?”

He felt comfortable asking the question. He had no qualms about it. Seeing as she was the one who invited him he didn’t see why he couldn’t ask her. He watched her breasts appear once she undid her top. It was a really sweet looking bra. Dark, it was half lace. Her tits were not big but they certainly didn’t look small or so he thought.

“Yes” she told him. “I did it once. Do you like them?” she asked with regards to her tits.

“Oh yeah” he said while nodding. “I like them a lot.” He smiled as he ogled her boobs.

She smiled and said “Want to feel them?”

He smiled some more. Do I want to feel them? Do I he thought. Hell yes! I want to feel those tits and while I’m at it can I suck and lick them too he told himself. He told her yes and as soon as he did he slowly reached out to touch one of them while she watched his hand come closer and closer. Her eyes closed as she felt a fingertip touch one of the breasts although her bra was still on her at that moment.

She opened her eyes but with a huge smile too. “How do they feel?”

“They feel great” he told her quietly as he looked at them. “Do you like how it feels?”

“Ohhhhhh yeah” she said rather loudly and with an even grander smile then earlier. “I love how your hand feels on it” and she looked down at her bra and tit and his fingers. “Hey, will you take off your shirt?”

So he did. He undid the shirt and exposed his chest for her. She looked at it. She looked at him. She smiled and looked at his chest again. She asked if she could touch it and he said yes and slowly she reached out and felt it with her fingers.

“Mmmmmm, I am so darn lucky” she told him as her fingers peeled away at the defining jaunts of his upper body. “You’re in such great shape” she told him, which only made him smile. “Wanna lay down and uhhh get more comfortable?”

“Only if you take off your top” he replied, nicely.

She did. They laid down. They got comfortable. They snuggled and talked as they snuggled a little closer together. Seeing as they were close together, he took the lead. Looking her over and looking at her tits and then into her eyes, he kissed her on her lips. It surprised her. She loved how that felt. She wanted another kiss but it didn’t look like he was about to do it again so she decided to do it herself. She leaned in and kissed his lips, sensuously and for what appeared a long time too.

“Ooooooohh,” he said. “I liked that. You can do that any time you want.”

She smiled as she looked at him. She said “Really, you did?” and he nodded and told her “Yeah, I did. This was a smart decision coming here today. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yeah, I think so” she said and leaned in and kissed her new friend and visitor again. She had a look on her face. He saw it but didn’t know why she had it. It was an odd look too. Out of nowhere she said “Care to uhhh get uhhh naked, kind of” she asked.

He got a little tingly, a little horny actually, and thought about it although there wasn’t much to think about. Yeah, of course he’d like to get naked with her. Yeah, sure, he’d like to see her body all over. Hell yes. Why not? So he smiled and said yes.

His shoes and jeans came off but he left his boxers on. She took off her shorts and shirt but not her bra and panties. He told her to stand up and she asked why.

“You’ll see in a moment” he said. He stood up and then she did too. “Got a mirror?”

“Uhhh sure, what girl doesn’t?” she said jokingly and he asked to see it.

She led him to it. Of course it was in the bedroom. As they walked, he checked out her body. He checked out almost all of it too. Nice, he thought as he looked at her bottom half. The waist, the hips, her ass, and those legs he told himself. She was one fine looking specimen he thought as they headed to her bedroom.

“Stand here” he said as he pointed to her mirror. She did. “I wish you could see yourself from the backside. Let’s put it this way. You impress me. You have a great looking body and I mean it too.” He stood behind her and smiled into the image of her. Then she smiled too seeing as he was looking at her by way of the mirror. “If you don’t mind me saying this, you have one excellent looking figure with these” and he used his fingers to highlight her boobs as they reached out along the outsides of each tit. He practically enveloped her breasts which only made grin more as she watched. “Now here” he went on to tell her “you have a great waist and sweet looking hips as well and your ass, which I truly love, could be kissed and licked and even sucked on and played with forever. Oh and don’t let me forget your thighs. Yeah, I love them too.”

He made her feel special. He had her feeling tingly all over as well. He had her wanting him a little more too. However, she wasn’t sure what to do or where all this was going. “Wanna lay down?” she said rather sheepishly.

They laid in bed. Lying close to one another, they talked and joked around a little, but as they did he began touching her here and there and she enjoyed feeling his hands on her body. He didn’t feel her boobs or even her cleavage but he made sure he paid close attention to the other parts of her body such as around the tits, down along her waistline, feeling her hips, and even reaching behind her a little so that he could touch her ass. He knew he wouldn’t mind feeling inside the c rack of her ass and piddling with that a little more too but for now just being “intimate” in a manner of speaking as they talked and got to know one another this 30 year old and Maggie the 21 year old senior were having a little bit of undiscovered fun with each other.

“You know what?” Jeff said as he looked her straight in the eye and she asked what. “I’d sure love to play around with you some time. I mean without all the sex, but it isn’t as though I wouldn’t mind doing that too” and he looked into her eyes and smiled.

He kind of stunned her but she kind of wanted and even expected the sex portion too, at least out of a good looking 30 year old dude. “Uhhh me too” she said while forcing a smile. “I mean it isn’t as if I’m a kid any more or anything like that. I mean I like guys. You know that by now. But I also think about them a lot too. That is when I have time and all and well today this is a rare chance for me to have some fun.”

“I know what we could do?” he told her and she asked what. “Uhhh, how do I uhhh put this?” She looked at him oddly and asked. “When I was talking to Cassie I asked her about you guys masturbating and whatnot. Wanna start there?”

That was odd for her to admit it but it was a start at least. No sex that day wasn’t what she was expected but still being with a guy and getting naked or almost completely naked and doing herself in front of him wasn’t a bad idea was it?

So she said “Sure, why not. Uhhh, I’ll start, or uhhh you can.”

He did and shoved his hand down inside his boxers but then stopped which had her wondering what he was doing. Then out of nowhere he took the boxers off.

“Holy shit” she said as her eyes widened. “That thing is like big isn’t it?”

He smiled and appreciated the “compliment.” Then he said “I don’t know. Is it?” He thought it was “okay” but he didn’t think so. That was up to her to decide.

“Wanna feel it?” he said.

“Uh me feel that? You want me to feel your cock, really?” she said as if amazed as hell.

“Sure, why not?” he told her in a more confident tone then she sounded or felt. “Isn’t that why we got together?” He was smiling right at her and reached for her arm and then took hold of her hand and led it to his limp cock. “Go on. It’ll be okay. Just hold me. Just hold it and when you’re ready, stroke it. Alright?” he said. “Don’t worry I’m going to return the favor. I guarantee you I will.”

With that, she looked at him, but looked down at her hand on his limp cock. She smiled, kind of as she held on to it, and he watched it all happen. Before she knew it she was moving her hand up and down it, but not a lot yet. Basically she moved up and around the tip of it. Still it felt nice either way and he watched her and her facial expressions. She’d watch him and how he reacted too. Before long, she grew more and more comfortable doing it.

“I like doing this” she said. “Do you? Does it feel nice?”

He nodded and said yes but added “I want to return the favor. It’s exciting. It is turning me on. I don’t want to cum too soon. Want me to feel you? Want me to finger you or even lick you out? I’d love to do that if you’d like it.”

He was ready and more then willing to finger her and even lick her out, when she was ready, and so she looked at him and gave in and took off her panties. She shaves, he told himself. Cool beans, he thought. No pubic to have to deal with, he thought. Let’s go for it and so he did. He started to finger her but eased down and put his head inside her thighs.

Before long, she was ooohing and ahhhing and quietly moaning. Maggie found she loved how she felt as he licked her clean. “Ohhhhhh my god” she cried out. “Ohhh Jeff, that feels great! Ohhh fuck yeah” she cried out repeatedly as her body moved all over.

As he licked at her shaven pussy his hands reached up to feel her tits. Covered by her bra, he wished she’d take the damn thing off. He wanted to feel her boobs and better yet her nipples. If he was licking her crazily like had been, she had to be hornier then hell he thought. He grabbed at them a few more times and before he knew it, it had come off.

Flesh. Soft and supple flesh, he told himself as his hands held them comfortably. Round, they held their ground as they didn’t droop. They were still in control so to speak as he squeezed and massaged and he even played around with her supple young nipples all the while as he licked her pussy out.

Meanwhile she laid their reaching for bedsheets and felt his tongue go all over as it toyed with her clitoris and also dove deep into the cunt itself. She was crying out. She was moving all over too. He had her feeling wonderful as she began to orgasm and without being fucked either.

As he ate her out and as he played with her tits all at the same time he brought his hands down over her hips and pulled her body into his mouth, even as his cock remained hard and hornier then ever. He loved how she tasted. She came again. She oozed white thick cream from it and seeing as she did, he seemed to swallow some of it, and also enjoyed it too. With his hands on her hips firmly, he pressed her cunt up against his mouth. He licked her out until there wasn’t any more.

Finally, he came up for air. And he was smiling too. “How’d you like that?”

“Wow and we didn’t even masturbate did we? That Jeff, well that was awesome. I mean wow that was absolutely amazing.” Then she teased him and said “Live with me and I’ll let you do that all the time, okay?” and she giggled with bright eyes looking at him.

He teased her back. “Well, I do love your pussy. I’ll think about it, okay?” They laughed and then hugged but he asked her a favor. “Wanna jack me off now?”

“Oh okay” and she did.

He came. He came hard. He came all over her hands and on the bed sheet too but that was okay. They took the comforter and laid down on the floor and the two snuggled and talked.

Before he left he told her to email him when she had enough time. He said he’d make arrangements to come back over and do that again, if she wanted him too, and she said yes that she did. They hugged and kissed and he left.

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