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College Professors Desires

College preffors ends up doing it in shower and bed with other professor
Never in a million years could she believe she was going to do it. However, she decided she was seeing all the wrong men as of this point in her life. She was still lonely and so she decided she had to make a decision but in the very end she wanted someone’s help in making the decision.

So that’s what Mindy did. Knowing just the picture she wanted to send out, it was amongst a lot of other ones but the one she was to send out was the “safe” one. The one where she had on all her clothes unlike all the others where she was showing off parts or all of her body to whomever would see her. She’d decided it was the one. Of all the 50 or so images she’d taken of herself, this one was the one. She liked it for a lot of reasons but mainly due to she was fully clothed and she was ready to email in the original application but then she stopped. She had to know what to do with all the others too.

“Gosh, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said again, as she closed her eyes. “I mean I’m not that pretty, am I?”

A week back she was among a group of other professors at the university. Almost all of them had left except for her closest “buddy” Harikem. He was a few years older then her. They got along quite well. He was a professor who was from India and was married as well. He had two children as well but unlike all the others he could always be honest with you…if you asked him directly. She and Harikem knew one another well and seeing as they were in the same department of mathematics, they were able to communicate easily.

As they all started getting up she said “Don’t go.” He turned and stopped a moment and looked down at her. The sweet hazel eyed beauty with her thick and curvaceous features drew his attention once again. He waited. “I have a question for you Harikem,” she said. He nodded his head while he waited for her to ask it. She looked at him in the eyes. “As a man and I mean you being a man of course, do you think I am a pretty woman?”

He pinched his eyes together. He drew a curious look on his face. It grew serious. No, she was not this sleek beauty as if she was a runway model but she had, to him, many various classical features, he thought, which spoke multitudes to all the “right” men.

“Umm, sure you are Mindy,” he replied in his best American tongue. “I have always thought so but I am not the best man to answer that question. Or I may not be the best man to answer your question, Mindy.”

Still she smiled, humbly as she nodded her head. Then she asked “Let us assume you are not married, okay?” He said okay. “If you were not married, alright? Would you come to me and ask me out on a date?”

He was curious as ever and said “Mindy, why do you ask me this question?”

“Uhhhhhh, I’m not sure I can or should tell you Harikem,” she told him.

“Then I will not answer your question until you answer mine,” he came back.

“This will sound strange but we both know you are a married man but you and I are ‘close’ in a manner of speaking. Am I right?” she said. He nodded and said yes. I want to ask you a favor. Will you stop over at my house on your way home? I will explain myself to you then.” He agreed to stop over.

“Hi,” she said once she answered the door. She invited him inside and right away he saw them. Seeing as it was extremely hot out, she had turned on her air conditioning. Plus she had changed out of her work clothes and put on an every day tank top and shorts. To Harikem she looked marvelous but what she did not know was the reason why he thought so was due to her nipples had become so darn hard they had shown right through the bra and shirt she had on. He could see her lovely looking hard nipples like anyone might be able to. She didn’t realize it as his eyes, first focused on hers, but soon zipped down to her nipples.

With all the small talk out of the way, he asked why she asked him over. With her nipples still indicating, to him, that they were hard she said “Well to be honest with you, I replied to a dating service inquiry online. It’s for teachers, administrators, and other school or college personnel, and they told me it’s free. I’m single. You know that and well at one in my life I’d been told I was uhhh…pretty.”

Harikem, still glaced at her nice looking, and fat and fresh large nipples. Then she asked “Do you think I’m pretty? Be honest with me too. I have to send some pictures to them and well I only have one quality one which isn’t…well you know…it isn’t uhhh slutty.”

He looked at her and asked “What do you mean it isn’t slutty? Are they like of you but umm well you know naked or something?”

“Well,” she came back. “You know,” she added. She looked down at her feet. She felt bad once she did. As she looked down at them he wondered why she felt so bad about it all. “Uhhh at least one of them is uhhh somewhat naked of me,” she told him. “There may be a few others too. And I’m not sure they’re appropriate enough to send to them.” Then she went on to say “I know…I know what your thinking. You want to see my body naked too. Don’t you?” She was looking at him. He stopped looking at her delicious looking nipples at that point, and they were luscious looking to be honest and she also went on to say “I know you. You’re like almost every other man. You want to see my body free of any and all clothing too, wouldn’t you?” She was smiling by this time.

“I guess so,” he told her.

Thinking about it, he could see himself nodding vigorously, but he said “God would I would never think that Mindy. You have no idea how I feel towards something like that.” However, what he was thinking was entirely different.

“Let’s do this then,” she told him. “If I showed you a few of my pictures I planned to send could you help me pick a couple out? Would you?” she asked in what he thought was a very sweet tone of voice. “We know each other well, or so I think we do, that I think I could trust you to do that for me, couldn’t you Harikem?”

Smiling as he looked at her he said “Mindy, even if I uhhh see a picture of you when you’re naked I can already tell you that to me you have one of the the most beautiful bodies a man would want. I mean that too.” His eyes started to float over her, stopping first at those hardened nipples and then around her hips, and elsewhere he found tasty.

Initially she wasn’t sure how to accept his compliment but hortly after it was said she said “Well thank you Harikem.” She smiled and added “Here allow me to show you some of the pictures I’ve chosen. How’s that sound?” the one math professor with the wide hips, big boobs, and sweet thick thighs along with her round, round ass asked the other.

With a smile from ear to ear he said “It would be my honor Mindy,” he replied jokingly.

“Stop that Harikem. I’m being serious,” she told him.

“So am I,” he came back as he looked over her body again and as she wasn’t looking. “You have to know that you do have a nice figure even if you don’t want to believe it. At least I believe you do.”

“I do not,” she retorted. “I am…well I am fat! Plain and simple I think I am a big, fat woman. I mean look at me…look at my breasts.” He loved looking at them of course as she held her hands underneath them. “They are well they are huge right?”

He shook his head no and replied “To a man Mindy, your breasts are two incredibly beautiful goddesses. All a man wishes to do is to touch and make love to them. Your breasts and cleavage which and those two large nipples calling out my name wait for the touch of a man who wishes to be with them all day and all night long. Okay, yes, they are a bit large, but Mindy they are as stunning as any pair of breasts on this earth.”

She smiled but also added, as she shook her head, “Nooooo they’re not.”

He wished he could prove that they were but she went on and said “And look at this,” and out of nowhere she lifted up her tank top. Although she had a noticeable and definable waistline resulting in a man’s ability to see her extra wide hips she had a slightly flabby and somewhat rippled tummy. “Look at this.” She grabbed hold of her tummy’s extra fat. He was staring at it hard. He loved it. “Would you want this? Would you, really?”

He watched her take hold of her tummy’s extra fat along her tummy. She squeezed it. He swallowed hard while wishing he could do that for her. He liked what he was saw. He loved it in fact. It was slightly arousing. Not even his wife’s belly, or for that matter her body, was as stunning as Mindy’s he thought.

“Here…let me show you one other thing.” She then, suddenly, out of nowhere lifted her dress up for him. “Look at these! Look at these legs of mine, Harikem! They’re thick! They’re fat as fat can be. And they are white and ugly. Who wants fat white legs?”

He stared at her legs. He adored them. Her legs may be thick and juicy and white as white could be but they were shapely and he did not see any bit of cellulite on them whatsoever. He adored them. Then she went on to say “I can’t even get a tan when I try and go tanning. I can’t even do that, Harikem! So am I doing the wrong thing trying to join up with this dating group?”

He was totally taken in by her and what he considered an emotion filled body. “Gosh no Mindy,” he replied as he shook his head. “Your body…it’s a temple. Your body is,” and he wanted to tell her using the right words. “There are soooo many men who want to be with you, if they knew of you, and what you have. You are downright gorgeous. So don’t think of yourself any other way.”

And then he let it slip out. “Even I would attempt to get you undressed. That is if I was not married of course. I would attempt to lay down with you and make love to your incredibly awesome body if you could believe that and I’m being totally honest too.”

Did he just say what I think he said she asked herself? He’d make love to my body? Holy Mary mother of God she thought. I can’t believe I heard that out of his mouth. He thinks I’m very, very good-looking. Really, he thinks that. Then she said “Awwww, stop teasing me Harikem…I am not that pretty,” she said.

“Yes you are,” he assured her. “I see your body, kind of. “It turns me on. I know I am a married man but I see what is beneath that dress and Mindy…I do like what I have seen.”

And that’s when she considered it. “Soooo you still want to look at some of my pictures I took of myself?” she asked.

He was hornier then earlier but smiled and said yes. They walked over to her computer and she pulled out a chair for him. She sat beside him. He liked that. She pulled up the file with all the folders of herself an the images which were in them. He started looking at some of the “safe” pictures. Beneath the table and inside his pants, as he looked at the ones she wished him to see he was tingling. That’s possibly where the most movement was going on. His cock hadn’t gotten hard yet but there was more then enough tingling and quivering going on inside his slacks.

“Holy wow,” he said. “My Lord, Mindy…you took all these?” His eyes were indeed big.

She had taken pictures of herself in every possible position and in many various lingerie outfits imaginable. Anyone who may have seen them, which nobody had as of yet that she knew of, would love what they saw. And this included Harikem. He was definitely hooked, and already aroused, by her very pretty and very thick, curvy womanly figure.

Yes, she did have some incredible cleavage too and with the right piece of lingerie on you’d see more then enough of it as well. And all the others where she laid herself out or sat and knelt upright there was abundant cleavage preparing to “perform” its duties for hopefully a man of her choosing.

At this point he was hard as hard could be inside those slacks of his. He couldn’t put his hand down there and simply start jacking off of course. She’d see him do that. She sat next to him and watched as he looked at various pictures she’d taken of herself while hoping someone would come along and find her fascinating, and lovely as ever.

He had.

He finished looking at the ones she wished him to see. He turned to face her. “I never…I never imagined you’d look as stunning as you do in those images, Mindy,” he told her. He looked her body over. He looked into her eyes and smiled at her too. “I’ll say this again. You are one very, and I mean a very, gorgeous looking woman.” He looked into her eyes some more and then added “I would, if I wasn’t married, easily make love to you. I’d easily have passionate sex with you.” She was shocked that he’d said it. And he added “I mean that too.”

Still shocked she said “What did you just say, Harikem?”

He admitted it. “You heard me. You have the most delightful looking figure.” His eyes again floated down over her figure as he went on to add “All of your body is becoming to me. All of you is soooo adorably attractive,” and his voiced quivered a little as he said it, “that I’ll probably end up going home tonight, and seeing as Henola,” who is his wife, “is not home I’ll well I’ll end up doing something I haven’t done in months.”

“What’s that?” she said.

“What I mean Mindy is that I will get into my shower and I will masturbate. I will do what a guy does when he is horny and gets himself alone. I’ll jack off. I’ll most likely picture all of you naked and then I will jack off. I’ll masturbate because of you. Does that make sense?”

Again she was shocked. She thought about it for a moment. Then she said “Umm when does Henola come back?” asked out of nowhere.

“Not until the weekend,” he replied.

She looked into his eyes. She couldn’t believe she was considering this but she had. She wanted it too and she wanted this terribly. For a moment, the long overdue woman stood there wondering. As she looked at him, with hunger surfacing in her body, she prepared herself for something much bigger. Finally she offered him the possibility. “Harikem could I…might I act as if I am your wife tonight?”

“Uhhh pardon me…what did you just say?” he said, his voice allowing itself to show her he was shocked as ever to hear what she’d just asked him.

“You heard me. I want to be your wife tonight. I want to make love to you as if I am your wife. We can eat. We can have something to drink too,” she added as she openly smiled. “We can go to the shower and get all undressed and we can hold one another’s bodies in a loving, passionate way.” She paused as they looked at each other and then she said “How does this sound to you?” she told him.

He grew hornier as he looked into her eyes. Even his face showed something odd about him. He looked at her a bit longer and saw something he’d not seen before. He saw flashes of her body, her naked bulbous curvy body that “jumped” out in his thoughts as looked at her. He began to burn inside. All of a sudden, seeing as he was a single man that night, and he was, this was a great idea to him. Yes, it was an awesome idea. He was going to make love to Mindy that night. He told himself that they know each other and it sounded perfect seeing as he knew her quite well too and so without reservation he finally decided, without further questioning it, to make love to her.

“Yes…I will do it with you, Mindy,” he said. “I will be more then happy to make love with you.” And with that he stood up. He looked into her eyes as she sat back comfortably in the chair and then she stood up. They reached out and started hugging one another’s body. They held on to one another for some time as whatever heat there was within them began to slowly build up inside their bodies. As they hugged he said “Let us forget dinner. In fact, let us forget even imbibing on any alcohol too. I will make you feel good without all that tonight, alright? Just let me take off all your clothes and allow me to make love to your very attractive body.”

She liked how he told her what he wanted. She loved that he said she had a very pretty body as well. She watched him and waited to see what he was going to do next.

“May I?” he asked, referring to taking off her tank top.

“Do you want to kiss me first? Don’t you want to hold me first as you kiss my lips?” she asked him.

“Ohhhhhh, I did not know you wished for me to do that?” he said. “I would be very honored. It would be my pleasure if that is what you want. I am trying to be as American as possible. Please tell me if I do anything wrong…please?” he requested.

He took hold of her, slowly and gently, and put his arms around her. Once they were he did to her lips what every man would do or so he thought it at least. His lips went after her, and hers went after his, and it all occurred almost wildly.

Harikem doing what he was doing caused him to “erupt” in a magnificent fit of ardent kissing which she didn’t know even existed. At first he was kissing her gently but seconds later he was kissing her passionately.

And then suddenly he was kissing her so much harder she didn’t know what to make of it all. These two were kissing fervently as hell. But then he’d back off and kiss her softly and sweetly making this evening as memorable as could be to her. And he made sure of it that he was also kissing her with all his tongue and that his tongue was going all over the place when it was inside her mouth. He made sure it moved about it quite wildly too.

She didn’t know how to define it all. She knew she at least loved it. She felt that for sure. It was as if she was falling apart all over inside as it happened and she felt herself holding onto him as she tried to kiss him back. As impressively as he had kissed her she couldn’t do it like him. He was just too good a kisser for her. There was no way she could even get close to how he kissed her.

Even as he kissed excitedly, she began to feel his hands on her chest. All of a sudden she felt his hands groping her boobs although her top was still on. As he kissed more heavily his so did his hands on her big round breasts. She didn’t stop it. She adored and loved how they felt on her. Never would she stop a pair of hands on her tits in a situation such a s this. His tongue, still heavily involved, and moving about her mouth wildly like it was wasn’t a match for one of his hands which was all over her tank top while it felt her large, juicy boob.

All of a sudden, his hand dropped down. It wasn’t there any longer. It was not on her boob at all. She said to herself feel my boob Harikem! Feel my boob again! Go back up there and feel my boobs.

And out of nowhere she felt his hand again. She felt his hand as it went up inside her top. She screamed out inside and a smile soon came to her heart as his hand moved up her body and came to her big round tits. He went inside so he could feel the real thing again. He went over the soft, fleshy tummy, and then he went directly to her big wonderful round boobs.

Mmmmmm, she said to herself as his hand “rested” on it but then she felt him squeezing one of the tits. Moving about it, he’d shuffle the hand around her bra, and occasionally he’d stop and press the tit within her bra.

For a moment, they stopped, but only momentarily. As they did, the two of them pulled away from the other so they could look at the other in the eyes. She blinked and all of a sudden uttered what emotions she had inside of her.

“Ohhhhhh, oh God Harikem…don’t ever stop doing that, please? Please done ever stop! I love that! I just absolutely love how you’ve kissed me so far so don’t stop doing any of that to me. I want to feel your lips on mine. I have to feel that tongue of yours in my mouth like it was and your hands! Oh fucking God, Harikem…I love how your hands are all over my boobs too! Soooo please oh please don’t stop,” she cried out. “Don’t stop doing anything you’ve been doing please? I want and have to feel your body all over mine tonight.” And she moaned and her eyes and face showed all her desires in them.

Seeing as it had made an impression on him like it had he reached out, grabbed hold of her hair, and he pulled her face into his, along with her thick, soft, and curvy body back against his.

With that, he started it all over again. Slowly, as he held on to her hair, and had her arching into his body, he kissed her and he began kissing her more madly. As he did it, the passion grew. Her body, bending backwards as it was, and pushing into his, was clearly erotic to her. She kissed much better and she kissed as warmly and erotically too. She wouldn’t stop it all. And either way it all felt great to him as he held and pulled at her hair and body as the two kept on kissing for what seemed like forever.

However, he reached down and pulled it off. It happened so quickly she didn’t even know it. They kissed some more but all of a sudden his hands were behind her and doing something else. She felt it. He was undoing her bra. That came off. She was totally naked up top. He could see her boobs…all of them she told herself. And she let it come undone.

At this point she didn’t even care. She didn’t care at all. She wanted it and she wanted it soooo darn badly that even her hormones felt as if they were skyrocketing all over the place. They were out of control at this point. She knew that and she found she had starting pushing herself, freely, against his body while the two kissed crazily.

With her top and bra, now off her, it gave him a full view of her breasts. As he looked at them once they pulled away, he smiled a full satisfied smile. She reached up so she could undo his shirt. She loved what was going on. His chest gradually began to appear before her. Now his shirt was wide open and she saw his hairy chest. She adored it.

Smiling she said “I like your chest Harikem. I love how hairy it is.” She ran her fingers through the hair and added “It’s beautiful.” Mindy ran her hands through it some more as she kept on smiling. “I adore it. It turns me on a lot. I could play with this all night long you know,” she added.

He let her play with a few more minutes but then he said “Care to go to the shower?”

“Really you want to do that with me?” she asked, shocked that he meant it.

“Ohhhhhhh sure I do, Mindy. Sure I do,” he told her. “With a body…as lovely as yours…I would not have this night any other way.”

She was absolutely thrilled to death. To have a man in her shower and with her it had to be the thrill of a lifetime for her. “Yes! Of gosh yes of course I will,” she said with excitement.

She took him to her bathroom where she bent over and turned on the water to it. As she did he watched her huge round boobs hang down off her body. Once she turned it on she stood up and caught him looking at them. And he was smiling too. His shirt, pants, and everything else was off his body. All that was left were his boxers.

“Care to take them off?” he asked her, smiling.

She first said no, that he could do it himself, but then she reconsidered it and took them off herself. It was long. It was lean. And it was one very hairy cock. To her it was one very handsome looking cock. She stared hard at it and soon had herself naked down to her panties too.

“Ready?” he said.

Then they came off as well. She couldn’t believe it. The two of them were naked and in her shower together.

“Oh my Lord Harikem,” she said as she looked up at the taller, handsome looking man. “All of this is soooo captivating to me. Me and you together and were together in my shower? And we’re naked too? Can you believe it? Can you believe it?” she said again.

He was nodding his head but he told her, with his eyes wide open, “Wow Mindy, you are soooo so pretty to me!” He looked her body over as his mouth grew wide open. Everywhere he looked he felt she was extraordinarily beautiful. To him she had curves upon curves and it only got him hornier and hornier. “I could lay down with you and,” and for a moment he paused a second and then added “I could sink my teeth into every last inch of your body. That’s how much your body means to me.”

As they both stood there and allowed the other to get warm under the shower’s water they came together to hold the other. Each of them felt incredibly wonderful to each other. Her thick, curvy, and all the surrounding softness was to him a Godsend. He loved how she felt and he loved every how she looked too.

And she loved how he felt her body too. His hands came down and held her ass cheeks but all of a sudden there it was again. She felt it rising up and sticking out, again. His cock had gotten hard and seeing as it had, and the two of them were naked in the shower, she had no cause to think she wasn’t going to let it get between her and what she desired.

She wanted sex. She knew that first and foremost. It did not matter. If she got it from him. Great. If she got sex elsewhere that would be great too. But he was there with her so why not him?

“Want to have sex now?” she asked. “I’ll suck this a little first,” as she reached down and took hold of his cock in her hand.

“Really, you’ll get down on your knees and suck on my cock?” he said.

“Uhhhhhh sure,” she replied. “I won’t mind.” She smiled as she looked into his eyes. “I haven’t done it in soooo darn long.”

“Okay,” he said. “It’s like riding a bike…once you learn you never forget.”

With that she dropped to her knees and took hold of it and placed the tip of it into her mouth. Damn, she was good he told himself as he tongue and lips and all that comes with it were good. Her tongue was all over it as she licked it, sucked on it, and even swallowed it too. He was ready to fuck her any way she wished to be fucked but he knew better.

He took her hand as his cock stood practically straight up in the air. He had her standing up and it was like to two read each other’s mind. She jumped up, he caught her, and she positioned herself so she could put his long lean cock up into her pussy. He turned and put her up against the back wall.

Before either knew it, they were fucking madly, and even kissing a little too. Up and down numerous times he had her in the palms of his hands as he held her in place while they fucked happily and wildly.

It was great as far as he was concerned. It was super-great as far as she felt with his long lean erection doing its thing up inside her fat and thick cunt. Swollen already, she came, and before he even had a chance she orgasmed again.

As the two went after what they came for, he had her screaming “holy murder.” She loved and adored how it felt, once again after a long absence from the sex scene, and vowed, to herself, to do what she was doing with her married friend, all the time if it so warranted it of course.

Finally, he set her down, and with his cock in his hand, he came for her. They loved it and two of them became close, close friends, and he got to know her body probably better then her for that matter.

The hot water was still running. These two were smiling and breathing quite hard as he held her close, from the backside, and he whispered into her ear. “You ever, and I mean ever, need that again I’ll come running. You hear me?”

“I’ll call you. Trust me I’ll call you. You were perfect Harikem,” she told him.

Once the warm water ran out, they got out, and watched one another’s body as they dried off. “I don’t have any plans tonight so if you want to take another shower later, uhhh with me, well I can hang around, and we can play around. I’d sure like that,” he told her.

“Okay,” she said as she smiled and reached out to hold his limp, long, and lean cock. As she held it, she rolled it around in the palm of her hand.

It felt really, really good to him.

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