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Company Executive, final chapter

Marielle breaks off relationship, buys out company, has sex with hubby, and also Harold
And that was what he did. He removed her top, as she smiled and looked deep into what she thought were his soulful looking eyes, and once he did that he looked down at her skirt she was wearing and removed that as well.

The tub, meanwhile, was still filling up with water, and from what she could see, the young man of 34 years of age couldn’t wait to get her into it. She smiled back at him, looking him directly in his eyes while he smiled and of course she too kept on smiling as well as she felt his hands taking off all her clothes. This part felt good to her as it always had in the past.

She grew more excited as the seconds ticked off the clock but then she realized that he hadn’t removed his clothes as of that point. She told him to let her take off his, which he did, and once she did she loved what she had seen so far.

Yes, he was tall as any basketball player should be she told herself. She was overly pleased with everything about this guys features from his face, to his eyes, to his smile, and all the way down his chest and hands and fingers and then she finally looked.

Ohhhhhhh yes, what a fine and regimental cock Thomas had she had easily decided. She looked up and into his eyes. He was proud of himself as she smiled, willingly, back at him, and with that, although she hadn’t expected it as of yet, he took her and kissed her on her lips.

It was a warm and rather soothing kiss she decided but something seemed amiss as well although she couldn’t put her finger on it. What was wrong she wondered? She didn’t know, she decided. She needed to know what it was about her situation and she needed to know as soon as possible.

“You go in first” she told him.

So he did. He stepped in and slid down and then she followed him and as soon as she did, he wrapped his loving arms around her, and though she liked how that felt something still didn’t feel quite right she told herself.

He pulled her in. She liked how he had done that. He wrapped his arms around her, gently, and she also liked that. But something still wasn’t right as his arms laid wrapped around her upper body and his fingers, his long and dubious fingers, appeared to be playing with her boobs and also her big fat nipples.

He loved them. She knew he did from lots of past experiences. Still, something wasn’t quite right as of that moment. She wasn’t feeling “it” as of that point. No arousing signals letting her know he was the one. No feelings or sensations which told her, in a manner of speaking, that whatever they were about to do was going to be magnificent.

Nope, she was not feeling it one bit at all.

Still, she sat there in that humongous tub of his, and she sat against him comfortably and she never seemed to mind that part one bit at all. Why not, well that’s because for the time being, he was doing it all quite well she decided.

He was holding her comfortably. She did like that as she leaned back and into his chest. She loved how his hands were against her bosoms and lightly and tenderly playing with them and also her nipples too. He talked to her, she listened, but mainly she simply sat there in the warmth of that bath water while he tended to her beautiful breasts she “carried around” for his pleasure and his pleasure only or so he thought.

“Enjoying this I hope?” he asked.

She softly said yes as if a smile had appeared on her face, which she knew he’d interpret it that way, but she also knew he couldn’t see her face and in truth she never smiled at all.

She rubbed his legs and why she did she didn’t know. However, she did know that he’d enjoy all of it nonetheless. “I’m assuming that you’re enjoying my boobs Thomas?” she asked and he said, with a smile, which she didn’t see but knew he was smiling regardless yes he was enjoying his situation wholeheartedly. “Good, I’m glad you are” she lied.

Still she wasn’t “feeling” it as of yet. Nope, she wasn’t feeling it at all. For a good half hour, while he played and meandered over her upper body, she sat back against him, and tried to enjoy it all. However, in truth, she really wasn’t although she wanted to.

He lowered one of his hands. She knew exactly where it was headed and seeing as she did, she allowed it all to happen. Maybe that would set off the spark she had so hoped for but no, it didn’t happen. Still, she tried to enjoy herself as best she could while Thomas’ hand strolled, slowly, down inside the shafts of her thighs.

She even murmured some so that he could assume she felt all the pleasure a woman, like her, should feel, but she wasn’t feeling it at all. Nope, she felt sterile actually. She didn’t and couldn’t feel it at all. No arousing hormonal discharges whatsoever. Nope, she didn’t feel any influx of hormonal uprisings she always longed for with a man, like Thomas, when he went about feeling her boobs and her belly and her pussy and thighs. None of that occurred at all.

No sensational output from that arena of arousal occurred whatsoever. She was blank. She was removed. She was unemotional throughout it all. She could “care” less about her “business meeting” with him, in his bathtub, and for whatever reason she could care less about being with him too.

30 minutes passed as he felt her out all over and she made noises allowing him to assume she was truly enjoying it all as well. Nope, she knew this was wrong, and she knew nothing was going to become of it either.

Finally, she’d had enough. “Thomas” she said and he answered her. “This isn’t working” she told him. He was unclear why. “It just isn’t. It never will either” she said in all honesty.

“What?” he said surprised as hell that it wasn’t working out.

“I’m sorry” she said, lying.

She slowly stood up and naked, she turned to face him so that he was able to see her breast, her body, her lovely looking demonstrative hips, and her cleanly cut almost virgin like pussy.

“I don’t know what to tell you other then that but this isn’t going to work out” she said.

With that, while he sat in the tub, she stepped out, grabbed a towel, and wrapped herself up in it. She walked out. She dressed up as she was before she even got to the bathroom and she left.

She didn’t go home though. Instead, she headed to his place. Oh, she knew she still wanted Harold. Right now, she definitely knew she wanted to be with him of all people. She knocked. He wasn’t doing anything but watching some stupid TV show. He greeted her with one of his huge warm smiles and a hug, which she always loved.

“I need to talk” she said. He was all ears he told her. They sat and she told him the whole truth. “And see, even though you came all over me, I faked it with you earlier. I’ve never done that with you before Harold. I’m sorry” she said in all sincerity.

All of a sudden, she did something which she’d never done before in her life. She broke down and cried. She didn’t know why but she did. He watched her cry. Finally, he scooted closer and took her in his arms. He held her lovingly in them as she continued crying in his arms. He didn’t talk. He didn’t try and kiss her or make any sort of sexual move on her. He simply held her in his arms. He knew he loved her and he also knew she loved him too.

Finally, she stopped. She pulled her head out of his shoulder. She looked up into his face, with tears on her cheeks, and she simply stared at him. He looked back. Suddenly, she did it. She leaned into his lips and placed a heartfelt but long and loving kiss on Harold’s lips. He kissed her back but made sure he allowed her to lead. It was her call.

“Make love with me Harold” she said. “I want to do it right this time.”

He did. He held her. He kissed her too. She kissed him back as he held her. Before too much longer she was on her back, with him on top of her, and his body pushed into hers.

She felt it. She felt all of it. She adored that series of emotions she was feeling and she wasn’t letting it go. She pushed for it as his hand reached up inside her top and he began feeling her breasts, the right way, and before she knew it his hands had her top off and his mouth was all over her boobs like a man’s mouth was supposed to be.

“Ohhhhhh god, yes that’s it Harold” she told him earnestly. “I want that and soooo much more. More Harold more” she said, passionately. “Keep going, keep ohhh keep doing what you’re doing honey. I love that. Ohhhhhh I so love how you’re kissing and grappling my breasts” and with that she wrapped her arms around his body so that she could pull him even closer then he was.

They were wrapped tight and close and as intimately as two people could be against one another. His shirt was off. She loved his upper body too. She got right into that as she lunged into his upper body and began kissing and even licking Harold’s big and beautiful chest the way she knew how to do it.

He kissed hers, she kissed his, and between the two they kissed and kissed and licked and splurged on each other’s upper body. “Make me cum, make me orgasm Harold” she said pleading with him and with that he pulled up her skirt, and he reached inside her panties and he had her wetting herself in a most gratifying way.

She was soaked. Her crotch was wetter then she could imagine but He had fingered her and he had played with her pussy the way he knew how to do it. Seeing as he had cum earlier he did not see a need to cum all over her. It didn’t matter. He held her close. They kissed afterward. She looked him straight in the eyes and smiled and told him how much she loved him as they snuggled a while.

“I’ve got stuff to do at work tomorrow that is important” she said. “So I’ve got to get going. We’ll talk soon. I love you.”

The next day, after thinking about what to do all night long, she got up, and headed to his office. She knocked. He said give him a minute. But instead, she walked in, and kicked out a secretary because she knew exactly what she had to do.

“Sit down, Thomas” she said in an emotional tone of voice. No, she was not in any way, in love with him. However, she had nothing against him either. But, he had one choice and one choice only as far as she was concerned. “Were going to go over a few things” she said lining her face with nothing but a serious looking sentiment.

He was concerned about her posture, about her tone of voice. He didn’t know what to expect but he also thought about her and that exceptional looking body as well that he’d seen last night.

“Listen” she told him. “First and foremost, put any and all thoughts about me and my exceptional, yes my exceptional looking figure out of your head.” She looked into his eyes with nothing but certainty of that idea. “Now, here is how it’s all going to work. You are done here. You’re going to forfeiture over a million dollars, tax free, the company, and whatever else it takes to remove you from this business.”

“What the fuck?” he exclaimed. “What in the hell are you talking” but she cut him off.

“It’s like this” she began. And then she did it. “Thomas” she screamed out. “Thomas” she yelled out again as if trying to resist him. “What are you” and then she yelled something else. “Stop that! Stop it now Thomas” and as she yelled it, loud enough for anyone out in the corridors to hear her, she messed up her hair, she messed up her blouse, and she messed up her skirt and pulled off a shoe.

He sat there staring at her. He was dumbfounded. He was absolutely shocked at what she had done. She looked a mess. He couldn’t defend himself and he knew it. She stood up. She looked right into his eyes. And then she winked and she smiled. She proceeded to the door to his office. Her hair was still messed up. Her blouse was all untucked from her skirt. Her skirt was all askew and she was carrying one of her shoes in her hand as she reached his door.

She looked at him and smiled one last time. Then she said, quietly “Have a nice life.”

Afterward, as she walked or better yet “stormed” out of his office with a lot of people watching too, she rushed down the corridor, and out of the building. She put herself back together again as best she could, including putting her shoe back on.

Back in her office she immediately called her attorney. “Jane, I need to get together with you right away. And I mean right away, dear.”

They met later on that afternoon. She went over all the details, including all the personal details of her former lifestyle, and once Jane listened to it all she was amazed. “You’ve been doing this since you were in your twenties, Marielle?” she asked.

Marielle nodded, with a straight face, and said “I know. I’m not sure I’m as proud of it as I used to be although there is one man I still love deeply.”

Regardless of all that, they began working out all the details. Nevertheless, Marielle went into work the next day. Yes, all sorts of people were curious as hell, but nobody asked any questions. That was fine with her. As far as she was concerned, she lifted all the inside paperwork she needed, and copied it to diskettes and she left early. She stopped at Jane’s office and dropped those off for safekeeping and then went on to her husband’s office so she could say hello, tell him how much she loved him, and also tell him a few deeply hidden secrets.

That meant telling him the truth about Harold. “What, huh?” he said. “What are you saying?” he asked. But he himself had his own secrets he’d been keeping from her. “Well, seeing as we are being honest with one another then let me tell you something.” She listened closely. Nothing ever bothered her in life or not too much. “You remember that one lovely young woman Harold had dated for a number of years?” he asked.

“What about her?” Marielle asked.

Yes, she recalled her. That girl, that young lady was one very, very beautiful woman who had more assets to her then anyone would ever fathom.

“Well the truth is” and he stalled a moment while Marielle waited for Jason to tell her. “Well the truth is we’ve been together a lot Marielle. I’ve been lying to you about it for a few years now too.”

“You’ve had sexual relations with her?” Marielle said.

He nodded and said yes and all she told him was that they would talk at home. They did talk more while at home. Yes, they did. They talked and they talked and they talked. And once they finished talking they asked themselves what was left.

“Love and sex?” she answered along with a sincere smile.

He looked into her eyes. He saw the sincerity in them and he finally smiled back. He cuddled up into her body and took her in his eyes. “I do love you, you should know. I’ve always loved you.” She knew that. “So what do you say? Let’s go on upstairs, draw a bath, and let’s have fun in it?” he told her.

Anything to fix her semi-broken marriage. They drew that bath. They undressed and got into the tub. She leaned into him. He took hold of her body. And with that, he went ahead and began with her breasts, and of course playing with those fantastic looking large ass nipples he so loved.

Before he knew it, his hands crawled down inside her thighs. Before she knew it, his hand was up inside her pussy, and they were playing it tremendously. She was ready for anything at that point. He stood up and took her hand.

They dried off and headed for the bedroom. He dove right in. He went right inside her legs and mouthed away at her cunt. She expected it and couldn’t wait for the results so to speak. He got her hornier and hornier and she knew what she wanted by then. She wanted his cock in her hand. She called for it. He gave it up to her. Her hand was on it and stroking him fabulously. He was hard and he was horny and she wanted it inside her mature pussy like never before.

Her tits were flapping all over the place as he pumped her with joyous and majestic manliness. He filled her with his white spousal cock and as far as she was concerned it was the very first time she truly enjoyed the experience. She began swelling up all over inside her body as the two, for one of the first times in their marriage, passionately made love the way a husband and a wife should make love to one another.

They kissed like they had never kissed before. It was a heated. It was a frantically charged kissing session. Their hands and arms were all over one another and making it even better, she kissed more ardently then she ever recalled kissing him before this point.

Ohhhhhhh, he came alright. He came hard. She orgasmed twice and she enjoyed the new romance she hadn’t enjoyed in years before. They snuggled a long while afterward and they talked a while as they held one another too.

“So does this mean you’re still planning on being with him?” Jason asked, referring to Harold. He turned and looked directly at her.

“Oh I don’t know” she said lying.

However, she knew the answer to that and she didn’t even ask him if he’d still be getting together with Harold’s former girlfriend. She didn’t care. That would always give her an out to do as she pleased.

Regardless, she did get her money from Thomas. She did get the company too but she quickly turned around and sold it to others within that company. And she left it and started a new company but then sold that off almost as quickly and she decided, at almost 42 years of age to retire. She was a very rich woman who cared about three things in life- Her body, her buddies Jason and Harold, and her money.

She retained all of that and she was forever happy in life seeing as both Jason and Harold were still in love with her too. And so, life never changes much she decided.

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