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Company Executive PT2

Wife of an employee who is another company's GM has sex with husband's friend
People do not change. They just don’t. At least she hadn’t changed. Not much that is and although like most people there were the little things which she did differently here and then, but nonetheless she always knew she wanted it all life and she felt it was time to pursue those after all these years had passed.

See, Marielle was always a “closet” slut in a manner of speaking. No, she didn’t flaunt it or dress up and act it out like in her younger years, but even then when she was younger when she was 18 or 20 or even later then that she would love meeting all sorts of various types of people and flirt to no end with them. Then with high hopes she’d find a way to end up going to bed with many of these people. Be it white or black, short or tall, she didn’t mind. She simply knew she loved having sex with a good looking virile man.

Yep, that was Marielle, your closet slut of sorts. Yep, she loved men of all kinds too and especially those cultured burly and handsome black guys such as that one who works with her husband. What was his name, she’d ask herself. I know it. I know I know it. Ohhhhhh that’s right. It’s Harold.

Now it wasn’t as if she knew all this right away but she did know she liked him for a lot of odd reasons. She simply had to come to terms with it. That’s all. She knew she had to learn why it was she always got along with him.

Now, Marielle wasn’t anyone’s stupid bitch by any stretch of the imagination. The company Marielle worked for was almost her company. She was its general manager. She ran it top to bottom.

She practically ran the company all on her very own. So when she needed to go on a business trip all she had to say to most anyone, regardless who they were, is that she was headed out of town and for her heading out of town was simply crossing the river into the small suburb adjacent to the city where she lived. In this instance, she’d stay overnight at one of the luxurious hotels which she liked so well.

But she’d always been that way and she knew this too. Even when she was young, too young in fact, she knew what she liked, and she knew what she wanted. In college she’d leave the dorm and even the house she was staying in and with one of her lovers in tow that she’d met she’d go with that guy to some skanky motel. She’d get them to pay for it and then she’d spend a wild but reclusive night with that man and they’d make love all night long. Even if she was dating one single guy, she’d still go of her way and do it.

Marielle couldn’t control it. She felt this need that she had to it regardless. Oh she loved doing it too. The activities of it all were burned into her system from day one and she knew she couldn’t ever escape the needs she had. She loved good looking guys more then ever. She desired a man’s body more then her own. Especially when he first touched her lips, ohhhhhh that energy which exploded throughout her as they kissed and they kissed and they grappled for control of one another she told herself.

Those steamy, soft, and exotic kisses were always too much for her way back when and when they happened, ohhhhhh she knew she was going to be beyond control. And as she thought about it all some more, she’d think about the man’s tongue. When it entered her mouth, how it entered her mouth, and what resulted after it had entered her mouth had always made her a wild and wooly woman.

She sat there, in the silence of her office, and seeing as it was empty of course she closed her eyes and began wondering. What if I did it again? What if I did it with someone who I knew? Who would that be, she asked herself. Who, she thought again and again. She threw out a boatload of names but the only one which came up, time and time again, was Harold. Yes, Harold was the only one which re-entered her thoughts. She wondered. What if his tongue entered into the picture? Oh lord, I know I’d go completely and utterly wild and nuts with him. Oh lord, oh god, she thought. No oh no nooooo she went on to say but she was too far gone. She knew what she wanted. She knew what she needed

People just don’t change.

She needed him. She just needed this man, she decided. Regardless if it wasn’t her husband and especially if it was someone like Harold who is one of her husband’s best friends where he works, she knew he would be perfect for this venture. He could be soooo darn sexy. He was so darn ideal she told herself as a smile emerged upon her face. He could easily swoop down and lift her up off her feet and she’d easily lay with him while the two kissed endlessly as she felt his sensuous lips roving, carelessly all over her lips and her body.

She smiled some more as the feelings became much stronger.

Now she knew this had been going on almost all her adult life. These emotions ruled her. When she met Jason, her husband, she immediately asked herself why’d she do this. What in the world possessed her to get married to him? Oh he is a great guy. He is a great fuck too but she knew she needed so much more then her husband’s cock inside her. She needed so soooo much more in her life she felt.

She found she was passionately in love with him at that time however it still rested in the back of her head that she wanted so much more and now she felt she was unable to have it. Now, she was stuck she felt. She was bound to be with this one man. She had to admit to herself that she didn’t want or like being bound to only one man in life. It wasn’t her way. It wasn’t her style.

People just don’t change.

It got worse, in a manner of speaking. He wanted children. Oh so did she. She loved kids but didn’t want any of her own or so she thought. She didn’t want the expectations which came with that. She didn’t want to have to carry a child for nine months in her body. And worse yet, she had to admit, she didn’t want to lose that wonderful figure she so gloriously coveted all her adult life.

Now at 40 years of age, she still carried a wonderfully slender and buxom figure too. So many men appreciated her figure from what she could tell and seeing as they did, seeing as they’d all do double takes of her when she’d walk into a room, she’d smile and look at them all looking at her and how she “swayed” into a filled room of mainly men. Yes, she too also appreciated that as well.

Every day she’d get up in the morning and every morning she’d go out and run over three or four hard miles. In addition to that, instead of hitting a fitness center, she’d come home and do her pushups and sit-ups and finally she’d sit down to a nice long cup of coffee.

Then she’d hit the shower after having her coffee and this was before Jason even woke up. Once out, she dried her hair, did her makeup, and brushed her teeth. Then to the dresser drawer which was where she’d pull one out each and every day.

Smiling, she dropped the towel to the floor and slipped it on. With her eyes closed as she slipped it on she quietly said “Mmmmmm, this feels soooo nice” and as she said it her hands slithered up and down over her figure.

Smiling, she looked at her tight and trim figure in the bustier she had put on. She looked at herself and how she looked in the mirror. Yes, at 40 years old, Marielle still looked as if she was in her every early 30’s. Still fantastic looking as hell and even she knew it too.

Looking at herself, she looked at her thighs. Even her thighs, which most would expect to look old and a bit scraggly, still looked excellent as ever. She truly believed it and she was right. While she ran her fingers over her thighs, she also ran them up and over her bustier and over her flat belly as well as over and around her breasts. All the while she was smiling all that time.

She loved herself. She knew it. She didn’t care. That was who Marielle was.

People don’t change. They just don’t.

She got dressed. She put on one of her blouses. She slipped on one of her relatively sexy skirts and jumped into one of her sets of heels and then whoosh, she was off. She was downstairs in a flash. She grabbed another cup of coffee for the road and then she soared off in her Mercedes Benz. Another day of work and as usual, she was feeling like she was a new woman again. Yes, she was a vixen of sorts and she felt alive and ready for anything as the music blasted form her stereo just so she could feel relaxed.

“So Jason how’s that lovely wife of yours doing?” Harold asked that day at work.

Like Marielle, it was another day at the office. It was no different then any other day. Harold, who was always asking him about his wife, was in a good mood as usual. They talked as usual after Jason received notice of a recertification session he had to attend to for two days straight up north.

“You have to go to that, honestly? Why’s that dude?” Harold asked.

And out of nowhere, for some reason, Harold got even more personal. “Things good with her still, you know” and he went on to ask “Still bouncing her like you used always do?”

Jason knew Harold well and knowing him as well as he did and Harold’s sense of humor, Jason smiled and took it all in stride. He laughed at the comments and said yeah they were sexing it up still but in truth, what Jason didn’t know was that the sex had declined some. It was a part of life or so he thought but as far as Marielle was concerned, her life was way, way too empty. She totally felt unfulfilled. She needed so much more in her life. Jason and sex with him just wasn’t enough any more. No, life hadn’t gotten in the way. Although the intimacy between Jason and Marielle actually seemed to be less and less it wouldn’t have mattered to their marriage. She was bound and she was determined to get out and get it on, somehow with Harold, or someone just like him some how.

“Yeah, you know” he said “we still jump in the sack and make love all the time” he lied.

“Good, good” Harold said. “Keep that up. A good woman like Marielle needs that. I’m sure of it man. I guarantee you that a woman, like her, needs it as much as possible.” And once he said it, he told himself that he’d do all himself. He’d do it every damn night to help out Jason. They talked a few more minutes and then they went back to work. Meanwhile, here was Harold. He liked Jason’s wife. He always liked her from day one. He couldn’t stop thinking about Jason’s woman. He couldn’t stop thinking about bedding the damn fine good looking woman down, for at least one evening for some good old sexual fun and pleasure. That was Harold of course.

Marielle’s savior in fact and he didn’t even know it yet.

And by coincidence Marielle, at lunch that day, having met Harold a few years ago had thought about him too. Oddly, she still felt the same way about him. Yes, that’s right. She knew how she felt. She always knew how she felt about Harold. She had been attracted to him, other then that scruffy, scraggly beard of his, but despite his appearance, he was so sweet and so very nice she told herself, and he had a body any woman would desire. It almost felt if it was the old days she told herself that morning while she was running.

People just never change, do they?

Yep, just like when she was back in college or back in her twenties she thought. Ohhhhhh those were the days she told herself. No, she didn’t have in a guy every night of the week but sure enough she could bed one down almost any day of the week if she wanted to and yes all of a sudden, after a good ten plus years she wanted to bed him down.

And what better way to do this then to “have to go out of town on business?”

“Honey” she said as she kissed him on his lips “I have to go out of town for two or three days possibly next week. Maybe it’s the week after. I’ll have to double check my schedule” she told Jason.

Jason replied with “Well, we have this recertification class of sorts and I’ll be gone for two days up north. Remember I told you that?”

She did remember. It was perfect too. She asked what days. He told her. She looked at her planner, and lied, and she told him that was the same time period she had to go out of town. So the following day she planned it out. She drove over to his office, careful not to let him see her, and she drove around looking for Harold. She couldn’t find him and so she called and tried locating him that way.

“Mam, who’s calling please?” the sweet young receptionist asked.

She gave a first name but that was it as if she was a friend. They couldn’t find him. That was odd. How many Harold’s work there she had asked.

“We have three on staff, mam” the girl said.

Eventually she figured it all out. Eventually, she simply went back and she went back until she located her Harold. However, he wasn’t available to speak with so she wrote a note, gave it to the Harold who was the Supply Manager and asked that the note, in the envelope she put it in, be delivered to his mailbox.

“Hi” the note began. “You do know me. I want you to call me late this afternoon, around 4:30 pm. I’ll be waiting.” She didn’t sign it but she did put down her cell phone number and she waited for him to call later that day.

“Hello?” he said when she answered.

“Hiiiii Harold, how are you?” she said. He said he was fine and then went silent for a moment. “You can’t figure out who this is, can you?”

“No, not at all” he told her.

She said she would give him some hints. “And lots of men still find me hot and sexy even at 40 years old.”

“Marielle, honestly?” he said and the two broke out in a fit of laughter but he still couldn’t figure out why she was calling him, why he was supposed to call her back.

“Well, to be truthfully honest, Harold I’ve always found you to be a very, very handsome man, and I’m sure you think this is odd, but I have a proposal for you” she said, softly.

“Yeah, what is that?” he said with a bit of hesitancy in his voice.

“You, me, together in a hotel room for one or two nights” is all she told him.

There was complete and dead silence on the phone.

“Harold, you still there dear?” she said.

“Oh uh yeah, I’m here” he replied.

“Well, how’s that sound to you honey?” she said.

“But, but you’re a married woman Marielle” he came back.

“Ohhhhhh Harold, marriage has nothing to do with this at all. Yes, I’m married. No, you’re not. This isn’t about me being married or not married. It’s about needs, Harold. I have a deep seated need for passion beyond what I can get out of my marriage. I can explain it all once we get together.”

Dead silence on the phone. She waited. He thought about what she’d said.

“Is it a deal Harold?” she asked. “Me and you, alone with some champagne and of course some good old profound passionate sex for two days straight?”

Still, dead silence on the phone.

He was floored. He was shocked that of all people she would call him and propose this to him. He couldn’t believe it. He knew he admired her. He knew having sex with her would be totally unbelievable if he ever got the chance but she was the wife of a friend and he did not want to mess up his friendship with Jason no matter what the cause was.

“But, but me, me and Jason” he began to tell her. “We’re friends Marielle. I mean we’re really good friends. And” and he stopped a second.

“I know you are but let me explain all that when we get together” she told him.

He loved the sound of her voice. He loved the idea of doing this with her. He absolutely loved the idea of making love to this married woman of a man he was friends with and with that he said “Okay, where, and exactly when?”

She told him exactly where and exactly when and with that, when he got home, he went and did it all. First was that ugly, scruffy, and scraggly beard he’d been sporting all year long. He shaved it clean off. Even Harold didn’t recognize himself after that. He already appeared as if he was a new man. He went and got his hair cut. Clean and all trimmed up, he decided to go all the way. He went and got himself a complete manicure. He was so darn excited he even decided on doing a pedicure too.

With that, the day of the rendezvous with her, he shaved again, and showered twice and he packed his bag with all his best clothes he could muster. He double checked everything and headed “out of town.”

Okay, so what if out of town was just over the river. He was headed out for a wonderful romantic rendezvous with a 40 year old woman who, to Harold, was still super sexy, and still a sweet and incredibly wonderful woman. She had passion burning so heavily within her that he knew he couldn’t pass this up. Okay, he knew it. He was only 35. So what if she was “old” because in truth she wasn’t all that old at all.

He drove through town. He drove over the bridge to the small suburb over the river. He headed towards the hotel. He drove the speed limit just so he wouldn’t be pulled over for something dumb and ridiculous. He pulled in, pulled his overnight bag, and he went inside. He headed right for the elevators and he headed up to the room she had reserved.

She had already prepared herself earlier. Having reserved the room, she arrived early, and took herself another refreshing shower. She did it all the same way. Makeup, brushed her teeth, and then she went and put it on.

“Ooooooohh it feels soooo darn good” she said again about the bustier she so loved. With that, she put on her blouse. She pulled on her skirt. She double checked her hair. She turned and twisted and double checked her figure. “I look good don’t I?” she asked herself in the mirror. “I hope he thinks so.”

There was a knock at the door. She slipped on her heels and headed to the door. She looked, through the peephole, and she smiled. Wow, he looks incredible she told herself. He looked so dapper she happened to think and that’s when she opened the door, cradling a smile made for the ages. Marielle was as excited as a young woman she once was.

“Hiiiii Harold” she said, immediately wrapping her arms around his neck, and giving him a huge and warm hug.

They went inside. She offered him a drink. They sat down. They chilled out. They talked a while and relaxed some more. She got up and got a couple more drinks but neither really drank any of those second ones. Despite that, when she came back, she sat down beside him, and these two soon became a lot more comfortable.

Then she told him why she wanted him. She told him everything, almost. He loved her reasoning. He loved sitting with her and talking. He felt her presence like never before and all of a sudden everything went silent. The two stared into one another’s eyes.

“I want to kiss you on the lips, Harold” she finally told him after a moment of silence.

“Me too” he told her and with that, they leaned into one another and gently, slowly kissed one another’s lips.

“Mmmmmm oooooohh that felt soooo good” she said, offering a welcoming smile which he liked a lot.

He pulled her in again. He hugged her and then he kissed her lips more passionately. Before too long they were kissing and kissing passionately and falling all over one another as they did. Clothes remained on their bodies at this point as the fever built up inside each one.

“I want you” he said, quietly.

“I want you too, Harold.”

He stood up. He took her hand in his. She easily followed, smiling as she did, and once inside the bedroom he turned and laid a million kisses on her as if she’d never been kissed before in her life. A fever of unprecedented proportions erupted within her. She had to have more. She felt it, again. Ohhhhhh, she it again finally. The heat rose up. She felt the burning inside her thighs. She began to feel it in her stomach. It rose and it rose. And before she knew it she was holding him more firmly as the two kissed more intensely then she had kissed a man in years and years.

People do not change.

A hand slowly but surely found its way downward. Down his back, around to his front, over his belly, and all of a sudden she was petting his crotch. She so wanted it, again.

They kissed and they kissed. Tongues lashed out as they kissed. He held her closely as they kissed passionately. It went on forever it seemed. Holding her juicy matured but trim figure, to him, was a blessing he didn’t know what to think about. Nevertheless, he was not going to stop any of it at all.

“Let’s sit down” she said, referring to sitting down on the bed. “You are such a great kisser. Do you know that?”

He didn’t know but he sure knew one thing. He was enjoying it. It was as if she was a young, young woman again, and he was the beneficiary of those sweet, sexy kisses she threw out at him. And with that tongue wildly whipping around all over the place inside his mouth he wonder what else was in store for the next 48 hours.

They stopped all of a sudden as his hands climbed to her blouse. He undid one, then another, and then another and finally her blouse was entirely unbuttoned. He saw it. Her satiny bustier showing itself beneath the already hot looking blouse she was tantalizing him with. It was a turn on in itself.

He looked deep into her eyes and once he did he stopped everything and simply reached in to feel her boobs. He did so tenderly. He did it slowly when he began to feel her breasts and as he felt them Marielle began to relive her past as she remembered how it all went in years before.

As he felt them, she reached down and began untucking his shirt. Slowly, little by little it came untucked. Once untucked, she lifted it up so that she could reach up underneath his shirt and feel that defined sharpness in his pectorals and also his stomach. He stopped feeling her tits as she caressed his chest and stomach. She pushed him back and looked meaningfully into his eyes as she continued caressing his chest and also occasionally kissing him on his lips.

Then, suddenly, she kissed his chest. One side then the other, she kissed his deep brown pectorals and with each kiss indicated she wanted more and more and even more. So she kept on kissing and rubbing his upper body as she lay on top of him while doing it.

Suddenly, she stopped and removed her blouse. All that remained now was her bustier and skirt, which soon lost its way off her body too. He was in heaven. He soooo wanted her and he wanted her badly now.

He flipped her. Now he was on top and with that he began kissing her all over. First her lips, then her neck, and sometimes he’d even kiss her chin and elsewhere. However, he moved on down and as he stroked her upper body, he’d kiss above her breasts before starting to remove her bustier.

“Ohhhhhh Harold, yes I soooo want you. I soooo want your body tonight” she said.

He kissed her all over. Her boobs, her flat belly, and he eased on down around her thighs next all the while he’d take hold her breasts and feel them and squeeze them for his own self pleasure, in addition to hers too.

Sucking and kissing her boobs, he worked at getting her nipples hard. He worked at making them tingle again because he assumed hers hadn’t felt that way in ages seeing as she was married although he really didn’t know.

The bustier was completely off. She was naked and a vision of loveliness to him. It was unbelievable that at 40 years old she could look this terrific he told himself as he made love to her beautiful body. Once he got to a certain point, he took off his shirt, and he finally also took off his slacks.

They were at one another now. Kissing like it was the end of the world. Passion filled the bedroom as they rolled and rolled all over the bed embracing one another’s body as if there was no tomorrow. She couldn’t get enough of him. He wanted her more then anything else in life.

By this point, she was petting his soft limp penis, but it wouldn’t take too long for him to get all that hard. She was good and she was as experienced as they came. She knew what she was doing. Yes she did. She’d done it a thousand times in the past.

People don’t change.

He went down on her and as soon as he did, his mouth was inside her legs. Licking and sucking away at her, he was tantalizing the older beautiful woman like never before. Not even Marielle thought she could feel this way. So heightened that she found herself buckling up off the mattress as her body lightly rammed into his as he ate her out.

She took hold of his nig brown cock. She slowly and tenderly stroked it but knew he’d love having it in her mouth as soon as possible. So that’s what she did. She went down and lifted the soft shaft and soon enough she began licking the underside of his cock. He laid back as she licked and she licked and she continued to lick until, finally, she took that monstrous baby, and she swallowed it whole.

“Oh man, wow” he must have said a number of times. And as he said it he too was buckling up and down so that the cock went up and into her mouth.

Soon enough he again flipped her and soon enough, before either could bat an eye the two were into it all full force as he injected himself up inside her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh Harold, yes oh Harold that is soooo good honey. Oh god I need you” she told him as she pulled him into her and began kissing him as he fucked her.

This went on and on and he’d been the only man, in years that could get her to orgasm like that. She had orgasmed three times, which Jason could never do, but despite it all she knew she loved doing it with Harold and would forever remember this day.

She dropped. Breathing hard, she looked up, and smiled or tried to smile. He knelt down before her and held his cock in his hand. He began stroking it and before she realized it, he exploded all over her flawlessly beautiful upper body. Once he did, she wiped her fingers in it all over, and once in a while she’d swallow it too.

They laid around, holding one another. They made love a few more times in the next 48 hours. They ate, slept, and even showered together and never left the hotel room except to head home a couple days later.

“You know, I shouldn’t tell you this, but there’s word out that our company is possibly coming in to examine your books. This is a head's up. It is possible that we might buy out your company. That's all I know right now Harold. I heard it on the grapevine so it’s only rumor at thsi point. Don’t worry though" she went on to tell him "I’m always going to protect you and Jason as best I can. Thank you very, very much for the last couple of days honey" she went on to tell him.

She took his hands and looked him straight in the eyes. Once she did she kissed his lips hard and long and passionately too. Then they left in separate cars.

She was a happy woman again and she knew it. People just don’t change do they?

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