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Confessions of a BoyToy: Part 10, Family Feud

I met her angry pelvic thrusts with equal force, trying to ram my cock out the back of her vagina.
My tires squealed as I rounded corner after corner and sped through the levels of the parking garage searching for an open spot. Dammit I thought as the car in front of me slipped into the only open space I saw. As I got closer, I realized there was another spot across from that one, hidden initially from my view by a pickup truck.

I hopped out of my car, and quickly pulled my wrinkled shirt over my head. Then I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants to tuck in the freshly laundered shirt that I was about to change into. As I leaned in to grab the shirt from behind my seat, my stance shifted and my pants fell over my hips and to the ground. My futile attempt to grab them was too slow and I was left standing there nearly naked in the parking garage.

The slam of a car door made my head jerk towards the sound. I looked up to see a young woman in sun glasses stopped dead in her tracks, staring at me from across the isle. She had just exited the car that took the parking spot ahead of me.

"Howdy, is that you?" I heard a giggle as this young lady removed her sunglasses.

"Uh, Hey Veronica. What are you doing here?"

"Well Howdy, I work here. Remember?" Veronica smirked.

"Well, yeah, I know that." I answered, groping for my shirt. "Aren't you supposed to be in the office by now?"

"I had to run errands for Aunt Melissa, I mean Ms. Thompson this morning and am just getting back to the office. Please don't mention that to her. She would kill me if she knew I told you that."

"It's okay Veronica, I already knew." I said, smiling.

"Is everything okay over there?" Veronica asked, walking my direction as her slender fingers casually pointed towards the crumpled mass of pants around my ankles.

"Oh shit! I'm sorry Veronica. I'm running late and needed to change my shirt. So I pulled the other one off and started to..." I muttered as I reached for my pants.

By now Veronica was standing just a few feet away. I noticed as she talked, her eyes kept stealing glances at the bulge in my shorts. Admittedly, I feigned an attempt at modesty. It wasn't that I was opposed to this beautiful creature seeing me almost naked, quiet the contrary. I was hoping to someday soon break that coveted hymen I had heard that she was keeping for her Prince Charming.

"Howdy. It's okay." Veronica laughed, leaning a hand on the trunk of my car as her stance shifted.

"Nice legs Howdy." she said as an excuse to take another look at my crotch, "By the way, I just talked to Ms. Thompson and the appointment ahead of yours is running about 15 minutes over. So, you have plenty of time. That is unless you intend to stand around the parking garage all day with your pants down".

"Howdy, are you trying to pick up innocent young women?" she asked me with a demure smile.

My laugh melted into hers and I quickly slipped on the other shirt, buttoned my pants, grabbed my jacket. Then I walked with Veronica to the elevators.

The elevator door closed behind us and Veronica hit the floor button. Just the two of us, standing there facing each other. Her eyes continued to flash back and forth to my crotch. This is nice I said to myself. Before now, I had never noticed how smoking hot she was. And those tits just stood there so perky, with hard nipples pointing at me. Her perfume filled the tiny space with floral delight.

"Veronica, what is that perfume? It smells wonderful on you. I love a good smelling woman." I winked.

"Howdy, are you flirting with me?"

"Uh, no. Uh uh uh, I mean, that's not a bad thing if I was is it? But no, of course not." I stumbled and stuttered.

The elevator took it's sweet time moving up the floors, and I was surprised no one else got on. As we approached our floor, Veronica looked at me and said as her eyes dropped again to my crotch,

"Howdy, You will make a much greater impression on Ms. Thompson if your zipper is up."

The elevator came to a bumpy stop, the bell dinged and the doors opened with Veronica giggling as she exited. I fumbled with my zipper as I walked out behind her.

"Do I look alright Veronica?" I asked as we walked towards the reception area.

"Howdy, Is your zipper up, or are you still running unpaid advertisements for Jockey?" Veronica asked without breaking her brisk stride or turning her head.

"It's up Veronica."

"Then I'm sure you look perfectly handsome then, as always." she said, stopping abruptly and spinning almost into my arms as she turned to face me. We stood there, less than a foot separating us, looking at each other.

I was trailing her so closely, I nearly ran over her when she stopped so unexpectedly. "Good!" I said. "I always want to make a good impression."

"And I'm sure you did. I mean will." she said, lashes aflutter, blushing at her misspoken words.

Melissa's happened to walk out her office door at that exact moment. The sight of Veronica and me standing nearly on top of each other broke Melissa's concentration and she stood silently staring at us for a brief moment. Then turning her attention back to her departing guests, she warmly thanked them for stopping by. I could almost see the wheels in her head spinning as she took a few steps towards us.

It looked more indicting than it was in reality, but explain that to a woman who schedules her orgasms three weeks in advance. Her gaze towards us was business like yet polite.

"Hello Howdy. Come on in. I apologize for running over. I trust Veronica kept you entertained?" she said with a forced smile as she directed me into her office ahead of her.

"Veronica, hold my calls dear." Melissa said with a lingering glance.

Melissa locked the door behind us as always.

"How are you Howdy?" Melissa asked quietly as we walked shoulder to shoulder towards her plush couch. Every time I entered this office, I noticed features I had yet discovered, and became more impressed with it's dimensions and the amount of detail given to the architectural features.

Melissa unbuttoned her shear blouse in a very calm, methodical manner as we slowly walked. She deliberately took her time as she started pulling the shirt tails out of her long skirt. Melissa was obviously flustered by what she thought she saw.

"Melissa, I'm not interested in dating Veronica." I blurted, offering an answer to her unspoken question.

Melissa stopped, turn to face me as her fingers reached for my lips, "Why would you make such a statement Howdy? Do you think I'm naive? Do you think I don't know you two are much younger? I'm happy you two find each other attractive Howdy. Old ladies like me have a hard time keeping the attention of their young lovers."

"Melissa," I said, interrupting her, "I don't see you as an 'old lady'. I only see a beautiful woman I love to spend time with. Regardless of age, I find you extremely attractive. I've fantasized about you since I was a young teenager."

Melissa's eyes narrowed and her mouth fell open. "What did you just say?"

"Truth be known Melissa, I used to fantasize about you when I was younger. My friends all fantasized about movie stars and performers. I fantasized about you. You were always the hot friend of my mom's that I couldn't wait to see again. You were, and still are, beautiful to me." I said planting a kiss on her lips.

"Melissa, remember the night you caught me masturbating in my room? Well, when I heard you were coming over, I got really turned on. I sneaked naked down the hall and listened to you talking to my mom. Your voice was so sweet and sexy. When I heard you tell my mom you needed to use the bathroom, I guessed you would use the one next to my room. Quietly, I raced back to my room. I intentionally left my door open a bit hoping you would be drawn in, like a moth to an open flame, as they say. Melissa, I was jacking off for you!"

Melissa's eyes teared up and her breathing grew heavier at the words that had just serenaded her. Our lips seemed to become glued to each others as she parted her lips to accept my probing tongue. She let out a gasp as my kiss turned it's attention to her ear, then neck. My unshaven face brushed across her face like sandpaper. The rise and fall of her heaving breasts told me she was a time bomb ready to go off. A little jealousy is a wonderfully passionate emotion to exploit I said to myself. Her nipples poked hard against the lacy white bra that gently cradled her tits.

Melissa's hands slid up my chest and pushed my jacket off of my shoulders and arms. She kicked off her heels as I kissed down her neck to her naked shoulder. My fingers slid under her bra strap, slipping it off her shoulder. Her right breast escaped the lacy bondage of her bra.

"Kiss me again Howdy." Melissa moaned as her head tilted backwards. I lifted her off the ground. She closed her eyes as my lips met hers. I nibbled at her lower lip as her hands reached around my waist, pulling our hips together in a grinding swarm of tiny pushes. Short staccato gasps punctuated her arousal as her hungry clit found the head of my cock and she began rocking herself on it's bulge.

Melissa moaned loudly as she felt the length of my cock rub her clit, then up her tummy as I set her back down. I pulled the tails of her blouse, finally liberating it from her skirt. Then I carefully held it while she turned and pulled her arms free. I hung it on the valet by the couch.

"Take off all your clothes and sit down Howdy." Melissa purred in a demanding tone.

She sat all lady-like on the marble coffee table in front of the couch, facing me. Her mid knee dress buttoned up the front. I sat with legs spread wide and her knees rested between my knees. She leaned forward as she slowly unbuttoned her skirt from the bottom up. Her large breasts practically fell into my lap. She ignored the my hand as I slowly pumping my hard cock. With each inch of new found freedom, her legs edged wider apart until her skirt was completely unbuttoned, and her knees were spread wider than mine.

Then Melissa unfurled the long skirt, spreading it over the table as she stood. Silver white curls escaped the confinement of the elastic bands as she so graciously spread her legs for my viewing pleasure. The narrow strip of damp cotton that connected the elastic leg bands, barely covered her swollen outer lips. Her fur covered meaty folds beckoned to be touched. Melissa made eye contact with me as her hands slipped between her legs, nails leaving faint red marks up her inner thighs. Her body trembled as several pelvic thrusts pushed her cunt against her own fingers. She pushed her middle finger hard, pushing panties part way inside her.

Melissa's sweet cunt had a very distinctive, sweet scented muskiness about it. She could soak her panties with just a single smile or sensuous touch. It was delightful to watch.

She stood in front of me, waiting for my move, which was apparently too slow in coming. She reached out and grabbed the top of my head and pulled it into her cunt as she pushed herself towards my face. I opened my mouth to catch her cunt as I wrapped my arms around her at mid hip. My fingers pushed under her panties, slipping inside her ass crack from both sides, squeezing hard, spreading them. She let out a loud squeal as my tongue found her hard clit. I sucked her sweet fountain through her panties and my teeth clinched around her womanhood. I swatted her ass cheeks hard as I rubbed my face in her wetness and licked at the pubic hair that laid against her inner most thighs. She came quickly, loudly, in a gush that soaked her panties.

After sucking her cum through her panties for a number of seconds, I pulled my face away from her and squeezed her lips together, pinching her swollen clit between my thumb and fingertips. Melissa's knees buckled and she nearly collapsed into my lap. The pinch delivered another spontaneous clitoral orgasm that ricocheted through her body. Her shriek pierced the otherwise quiet room.

Melissa lowered her bra and her tits fell over the cups. Her nipples were hard and needing attention. She straddled one of my knees, rubbing her aching cunt up and down my leg like a dog in heat. Melissa was so wet, she soaked my pants leg instantly. She shoved her tits in my face.

"Suck them Howdy! Suck them hard."

I took my time with each lovely pendulous breast. I loved Melissa's hypersensitive tits and loved sucking them. I loved how they felt in my hands as I squeezed them, and played with them. I loved how turned on Melissa got when I titty fucked her. She loved watching my cock emerge from between them as she held them in place around me.

Melissa's behavior was becoming uncommonly aggressive and she desperately wanted to reassert her control over the situation, over me. I let her have her way with me and eagerly complied to all her selfish immature demands. There was no way I was going to challenge her authority today. Seeing Veronica and me talking this morning made her even more determined to show me that she still had everything a young woman could offer, and more.

Melissa pushed me onto my back on the couch and slipped a leg across me. As I reached for her, she grabbed my wrists, pushing them over my head, pinning them to the plushly padded armrest. Lowering her face to mine, she licked the glistening coating of her pussy from my lips. She brushed her tits slowly across my face, teasing my mouth with her hard nipples. Then holding my hands in place with one hand, she pulled her panties to the side and forcefully slid herself down my shaft. Melissa impaled herself so roughly, I wasn't sure who she thought she was punishing.

As her hips rocked back and forth, she let out a deep guttural groan, feeling my size stretch her warm wet walls. Her breathing grew heavier as she became a woman possessed. Soon she was bouncing on top of me, grinding hard on me like I had never seen her do. She seemed bound and determined to prove that no matter what, she could compete with any aged woman.

Her angry pelvic thrusts were matched by mine as I tried to ram my cock out the back of her vagina. It became an angry fuck packed full of a myriad of emotions as her face grimaced each time I sadistically stretched the limits of her tight cunt. We had fucked enough times by now to recognize when the other was going to cum. Our emotions, our body slamming thrusts, our grunts and moaning hit a feverish pitch as our own orgasms raced towards each other like two out of control trains on a collision course. With mouths agape, our bodies tensed violently in hard jerking hip thrusts as we both came in a flood of hot cum. Melissa yelped as each new hard spurt splattered inside her.

Melissa's long silver hair brushed across my face as her head bowed in exhaustion, landing on my shoulder. Our hearts pounded in unison. Her subtle hip movements gently rocked up and down my cock, feeling the cum awash inside her pulsing cunt, stirred by my still twitching member. Drinking in a large breath, she leaned back, taking her tits in her hands, squeezing them just right, as only she can do. Her hips made small circles, trying to hold my retreating hardness inside her for as long as possible. Her vaginal muscles fought valiantly to keep me inside. She made a sexy little gasp as the head popped out, slapping upwards against her very sensitive clit, and coming to rest between us in a sticky oozing mess. I was convinced that enough freshly deposited cum poured from her vagina to repopulate the world.

"Don't you want to fuck me anymore Howdy?" Melissa pouted, as her fingertips circled the head of my semi-erect cock, smearing the last droplets of my cum as they emerged from my cock slit.

"Oh course I do, but don't we have a meeting after this?" I asked, leaning up on my elbows to look at the wall clock over her shoulder.

"Oh shit Howdy! I lost track of time again. We need to shower and get going." Melissa said suddenly switching personalities.

The race was on. Her tiny, but nicely appointed shower barely accommodated one person comfortably. How we both fit and both managed to get soaped and rinsed off was a miracle in it's self.

We bolted out her office door, catching Veronica by surprise.

"Let's get going Vee." Melissa said tersely , patting Veronica's desk top as we walked quickly passed her.

I gave 'Vee' a quick wink and a funny face as I waved for her to join us. I hurried to stay up with Melissa. Veronica quickly caught up to us and matched our pace as we reached the elevator doors. Veronica, or Vee as Melissa had just called her, silently studied Melissa and me as the three of us stood crowded between other riders.

Veronica's nostrils flared as she caught the fresh familiar scent of Melissa's perfume on both of us. Her eyes squinted slightly as her eyes shifted back and forth between us as she tried to make sense of what her nose was trying to tell her. Something was up. Something didn't add up in her mind, and it was messing with her head. Finally, the doors opened and we headed out the front door to Melissa's waiting limo.

I climbed in after the ladies and sat directly across from both of them. You could have cut the air with a knife. Here, both of the beauties sat facing me, both wearing dresses and showing modest cleavage and legs. One I had just fucked, the other I was determined to fuck, virgin or otherwise.

Veronica's skirt was much shorter than Melissa's and I managed to take a quick peek up Vee's short skirt as I entered the car with my head down. I made a mental note that her panties were a pretty shade of pink. With what had transpired earlier, I didn't dare try to confirm my earlier findings. Regardless of being freshly fucked, if Melissa caught me flirting, or hell even looking at Veronica for that matter, I was certain war would erupt, and I would be the first, and most likely, the only casualty.

My mind drifted as I turned my head towards sights outside the car. What was it about sitting in such a small space with all these juices running wild that made me feel bolder than I should have felt? I came close to suggesting we three get together for a drink after work, but Melissa's steady glare warned me to choose my words judicially. One thing was for sure, I knew damn well who was paying me to fuck her every week, and it wasn't Veronica.

We arrived on time at the chamber mixer, Both Veronica and Melissa took an arm as we mingled, and they introduced me to various other members. We were only there a few minutes before Melissa asked Veronica to go do something menial . Veronica cordially obeyed and gave my arm a subtle squeeze , leaving Melissa and me alone in the crowd. As we walked, she discretely pointed out a few of other women who had expressed interest in my services. They must have shared a special handshake, sign language or some kind of code words when she introduced me to these beautiful ladies. How the hell did they instinctively know? Make no mistake about it, the 'other' women Melissa introduced me to, used a completely different vernacular when they spoke about obtaining my services.

Soon, I was standing in a small circle between Melissa and three of her friends, listening to them cackle about everything from jewelry to tan lines to orgasms. It quickly became even more entertaining watching the old fuckers in the crowd try to horn in on our conversations. Rudely interrupting and extending their hands between us in order to be included in our small talk, seemed to be standard operating procedures for them.

Margot was a very successful real estate broker in her late forties, tall, slender with disproportionately large breasts. She was a tennis star in college and credited her youthful athletic figure on the fact she still played several times a week. She had piercing sky blue eyes that peeked through half closed eyelids as she spoke, and had wavy shoulder length sandy blond hair that begged to be pulled. At least that is what I surmised as I watched her twirl strands of hair around her index finger, gently tugging at it as she spoke. Margot had nice full natural lips that looked like they could suck a mean nasty cock on demand.

Sara, who looked to be a bit younger than Margot, was a stay at home mom of college age girls, both step-daughters. Both were in vet school at Texas A&M. Sara was married to a banking exec who traveled extensively as part of an auditing team. She wasn't as tall as Margot, and according to Melissa, the two of them loved to sip their umbrella drinks together and tan nude at one or the others home on a regular basis. Word had it according to Melissa, these two could go either way in a heartbeat. It aroused me to think of just how Melissa might have come by such knowledge.

Sara's figure was more shapely, with curvier hips and nice D cups that filled out beautifully. These lovely assets were tied together nicely with a small waist that complimented her figure. Her eyes were blue, but darker and more mysterious. She had gorgeous soft skin that begged to be caressed and nipples that defied any bra to dare and contain them. Her tiny dress fit her like a sausage casing, leaving little to the imagination. My cock, even though sufficiently drained twice already, stirred.

A steamy Peurto Rican woman named Marcella joined our little makeshift crowd. Although considerably younger that the other two, apparently she was part of 'the group', as she spoke the same code too. Marcella wasn't as tall as the others. But what she lacked in height, she more than made up for in shear beauty and figure. She had the exotic tropical look, beautiful olive colored skin, dark eyes and jet black hair that reached between her shoulder blades. Did I mention her accent? I loved accents, and Marcella's got me hard just listening to her talk. Melissa noticed me being drawn in by Marcella's full pouty lips and her sparkling inviting dark eyes.

Melissa pulled my forearm into her bosom , leaned forward into the tight circle of ladies and whispered, "Girls, Howdy comes highly recommended. Just give Gypsy a call." she said as she made eye contact with each of the women. "Please excuse us. We need to leave."

Melissa had just straightened up when Veronica returned with drinks for us. Melissa gave the ladies a wink and a nod as we parted company with them. She kept her tight reign on me as we mingled, holding my arm, keeping me close to her as we said our hellos and goodbyes. Veronica trailed behind us. It was odd I thought, this beautiful powerful woman with all the money in the world was clinging to me, a guy young enough to be her son, like I was a security blanket.

As we approached the front door, Melissa suddenly excused herself to go to the ladies room. Apparently, the earlier deposit I had made, was trying to make a run towards daylight and was making her feel squishy and very uncomfortable. That left me in the care of Veronica.

"Great crowd don't you think Vee?"

"Vee? Are you going to call me Vee too Howdy? Veronica asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"I meant it in a nice way Veronica."

"I know. It's just the way that Ms. Thompson says it sometimes really grates on my nerves. I'm sorry for barking at you."

"It's gonna cost you Vee." I said playfully.

"Oh really Howdy? What's it gonna cost me, hmmm ? Is that a threat or a promise?" she quizzed softly as one brow raised and her head cocked to the side.

My cock was more than stirring at the veiled invitation I had just heard. Veronica's nipples stood erect, pushing hard against her blouse. Veronica and I stood staring at each other. Her tongue licking at the corner of her mouth while one of us tried to think of what to say next. Suddenly, I felt like a school boy with a fresh crush.

Catching Melissa's return out of the corner of my eye, I quickly signaled Veronica.

"Everything okay?" I asked Melissa as I reached for the back of her shoulder.

Melissa took a suspicious glance at both of us. Then she reached for my arm.

"Couldn't be better Howdy! Thank you for asking." she warmly smiled, looking at the both of us again. Melissa glowed and seemed refreshed. It looked like her old confidence and composure had beaten the hell out of whatever insecurities had previously high jacked her emotions. Melissa was back!

"Let's get back to the office. There is a lot to do yet and the day is young." Melissa said as she ushered us towards the door.

I got another nice peek at Veronica's pink panties when we got back in the car. Her dress seemed to be hiked up a bit higher than before, knees slightly further apart. I wondered to myself if it was incidental or intentional.

Melissa hadn't noticed me looking because she had turned to say something to the driver. But Veronica noticed me peeking, and gave me a sweet innocent smile. Women, God I love 'em!

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