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Confessions of a BoyToy: Part 2, Liz

She sat sitting on the front steps, knees spread beyond shoulder width.
Liz lives on a small ranch off of CR 269 near Cobb Rd." Gypsy said, giving me directions to my 6pm appointment. "Make sure you close the gate behind you coming and going. Whatever you do, do not let Widow Maker, her prized Brahman rodeo bull get out. If you think we make a lot of money on your sperm, you should hear what she makes in stud fees off of this bull." she laughed. "Seriously, Liz will kill you if anything happens to that bull, that is unless Widow Maker gets to you first." Gypsy warned. "And don't be late! Liz HATES late."

"Oh great!" I laughed, "my first day on the job and you're already trying to kill me."

It's a good thing I drove Gypsy's Jeep I thought as I crossed the rickety wooden bridge over the heavily wooded creek bed. I slowed to a crawl before making a hard right turn onto her gravel road. Sure enough, as I pulled up to the iron gate that lead up a winding road to Liz's house, there within 100 feet of the gate, stood Widow Maker. He stood like an imposing giant in the shade of a cluster of century old oak trees. As I unlatched the gate, he took a few jittery warning steps towards me as if he would charge. I guess he was my self appointed welcoming committee of one.

"This woman better be the best fuck I've ever had!" I said to myself as I hurriedly secured the gate and made a mad dash for the Jeep.

Widow Maker never blinked as he nervously followed every move I made. He lowered his head, brandishing his massive rack, and snorted loudly a few times as his huge front hooves took turns pounding at the dirt.

Somehow I managed to avoid a confrontation with Widow Maker and made it up the hill to Liz's front door. I pulled the Jeep around the circular gravel drive and stopped by the front steps. There sitting on the steps of the large front porch, sat this gorgeous 'Daisy Duke' looking blond of about 35. She sat leaning back on both elbows with knees spread beyond shoulder width. With her long wheat colored hair in a ponytail, and a foot long piece of straw clinched between her pearly whites, she looked like a picture out of a book. Her long sleeved blue and white checkered cotton blouse was rolled up almost to her elbows. Of course I noticed it was totally unbuttoned and tied beneath her large tanned breasts. She had on a pair of worn Levi cutoff jeans that barely reached the bottom of her ass cheeks. The seam fit snugly between her meaty lips as her swaying legs invited me to see for myself. Her broken in pair of rattlesnake skinned Tony Lamas came more than halfway up her shins. A sweat stained toyo straw cowboy hat with a bent down front brim shaded her eyes from the evening sun. The only thing I had failed to mention was how good this country girl smelled.

"Are you Liz?" I asked, hoping to God she was.

"Depends on who wants to know." she answered with a broad smile.

"Oh, I'm sorry ma'am." I apologized as I stepped forward to extend my hand. "My name is Howdy, and a friend of Gypsy's. You know Gypsy, right? I have an appointment here at 6 with a lady named Liz."

"Well Howdy Howdy." she flirted. "really nice to meetcha ."

"Yes ma'am, the pleasure is all mine, trust me." I said as my gaze dropped to where her tan muscular thighs met.

She took my hand and pulled herself to stand up. "Bet you worked up a thirst after facing Widow Maker so bravely huh? That was fun to watch from here." she winked. " C'mon in Howdy. It's too f u c k I n g hot out here." she said as she started up the steps, tanned ass cheeks falling out the shorts with each step.

Half way up the steps, she stopped abruptly and turned to face me with piercing blue eyes and a smile. "Oh Howdy, your manners are charming, but if you say 'Ma'am' to me one more time, I swear I will slap your balls." Then she puckered up her sexy pink lips and blew me a sweet kiss.

She poured us both a tall glass of iced tea and handed me mine. "Cheers Howdy." she said as she pushed the front brim higher, then tapped her tea glass to mine. "Please, sit down."

"Cheers." I saluted.

We sat across from each other leaning on the kitchen table. My eyes stealing glimpses of her incredible tits when I thought she wasn't looking.

"So Howdy, just what's the nature of your visit? Why do you think Gypsy wanted you to come all the way out here risking life and limb?" she asked innocently as her fingers teased the rim of the tall glass.

"Well, Gypsy and I are partners in a new business M..." I stopped short of using that word again.

She raised both eyebrows, smiled and wagged her index finger in the air as a friendly reminder.

"Don't you know why I'm here?

"Of course I do Howdy. I just wanna hear you say it." she said lowering her voice as she leaned forward.

"Gypsy told me she had a number of lady friends who would pay me to have sex with them." I said in a shy voice.

" OHhhhh , she did did she? Gypsy must be a real believer in your talents then huh?" She scooted her chair next to me and sat facing me with legs spread wide, and elbows resting on her knees. She leaned forward giving me a great view of her tanned cleavage. Then she slipped her hand between my legs.

"Is it too early to examine the goods Howdy?" she asked as her eyes half closed and hand kneaded up and down my leg, groping the muscles in my inner thigh. Then with her eyes on mine, she slowly worked her hand to my crotch. I sat staring at her, breathing heavily, as she played with my growing bulge. My legs opened wide to give her easier access to my hard cock.

"Wouldn't you love to be sucking on my hard nipples Howdy?" she purred, pulling her shirt to the side, exposing a very large erect nipple. Then she teasingly covered it back up. "I know I'd like to be sucking on this big cock of yours."

Her eyes invited me to return the favor. I leaned to kiss her as my hand gently massaged her tit through the soft cotton. She moaned her approval and took my hand and pushed it inside her shirt. "Feel these nice hard nipples Howdy. Mmmmm ? They are begging you to suck them. Don't you want to suck my nipples for me Howdy? Hmmm ?"

The blond goddess squirmed in her chair, then said as she glanced at her watch. "Well Howdy, you're about 20 minutes early, but that shouldn't keep us from getting to know each other earlier than scheduled should it?"

She took another sip of tea and reached for my hand. "Come with me you little man slut you." she laughed.

She shut her bedroom door behind us and leaned back against the door, and then told me to undress for her. More than happy to oblige, I stood next to her bed a few feet away, facing her as I quickly pulled my shirt over my head. Her eyes studied my upper body and she told me not to stop. She ran her hands across the cotton fabric that hid her luscious tits from my view. I kicked off my shoes and unzipped my pants, dropping them to my ankles. Her eyes gravitated to the huge bulge in my boxers.

"Lay on your back for me Howdy." she said undoing her shirt as she walked towards the bed.

I did as instructed and laid down. She crawled onto the bed next to me, resting her weight on one elbow as her hand once again worked up my leg. She leaned over and pushed her tongue in my mouth as she began to writhe against me. Her kisses were hot and full of intense passion. My cock was straining in my shorts, wanting to be inside this gorgeous woman. I wanted to feel her tight pussy wrapped around my cock, fucking me.

She teased at me, rubbing my shaft through the fabric. Finally, she slipped her hand under my waistband and took hold of my love muscle as she complimented his size and strength. She played with my cock and balls for what seemed to be an eternity before finally pulling my boxers off. Her hand wrapped around my shaft and began slowly stroking it up and down while she watched me enjoy her touch. Then kissing me deeply, she slowly pecked her way down my chest and stomach. Her nipples pushed hard against my chest and stomach as she slowly worked her way down. Slowly, she took the head of my cock in her mouth. licking it as it filled her mouth. She sucked hungrily on me as I slowly pistoned into her mouth.

She knew young men usually had a hair trigger. Gripping my cock tightly, she looked at me as saliva dripped from her chin and warned me, "You better save all that cum for my hot pussy Howdy!' as she squeezed my cock hard.

Then she rolled over and told me to undress her. I pulled her boots and socks off. Her feet were small and sensitive and she told me my touches tickled her. She must have sowered just before I got there. Her body smelled wonderful and her feet were soft and nails freshly painted.

"Please rub my sore aching calves Howdy. Pretty please."

How could I resist such an offer. I took each foot and firmly massaged each one starting with her toes. As my strong hands worked the soreness from her feet, I took each toe into my mouth, sucking it hard and licking between them. She squirmed about as she reached between her legs to rub at the seam between her wet lips. She was puddy in my hands by the time I got to her thighs. Her shorts were unsnapped and unzipped, and she had her fingers working their magic on her hard button. Her shirt had been pulled to the sides and her large natural breasts moved back and forth like jello on her heaving chest.

I reached under her and pulled her shorts off. She wiggled her fingers to me to come get it. Reaching behind her knees, she pulled her knees to her tits, giving me unfettered access to her luscious wet pussy. It was cleanly shaven and glistened with her wetness. Her aroma was fresh and flowery.

I kissed at the inside backs of her thighs as I drank in her aroma. Her hips wiggled as she begged for me to lick and suck her swollen lips. Using both thumbs, I spread her lips as juices flowed. Then burying my face between her legs, I forced my tongue hard into her cunt. Holding her meaty folds wide, I sucked and licked at her swollen clit, making her scream with pleasure.

"Oh my gawwwd ! That's it...right there. Suck my pussy." she moaned loudly , grabbing for the back of my head.

She held my head firm against her as she ground her womanliness into my delving tongue. I pushed two fingers inside her juicy cunt and rubbed at her G-Spot as I licked and sucked. Hard violent pelvic jerks quickly announced her first orgasm and she shook uncontrollably . Beautiful creamy cum poured from her vagina. She laid there moaning as her legs squeezed against my head. I quickly lapped up her sweet offering, making goose bumps cover her body.

Then she turned over on her tummy and raised her ass in the air. "Fuck me from behind baby. Take this hot cunt and make it all yours." she groaned as she reached behind her legs, shoving two fingers deep, then spreading her lips wide.

I couldn't resist another taste of that delectable wet treat and shoved my face back between her legs. I held her hips in place as I ravaged her honey hole. She came again as she begged me to fuck her.

With her juices flowing freely, I pulled in behind her and ran my cock up and down her slit before sliding it in. She moaned loudly as I pushed it's entire length into her slippery depths. She laid motionless for a moment, then began to thrust back and forth, working herself into a frenzy. She pulled herself nearly completely off of me before ramming herself back harder and harder.

"Fill my pussy with cum Howdy. FUCK ME like I'm your slut!" she screamed as we pistoned hard against each other.

Long low guttural groans filled her bedroom as I fucked this gorgeous blond for all she was worth. We both sensed the other was ready to cum and I held her hips in place as I quickened my speed, pounding her pussy hard. We exploded simultaneously as a flood of hot cum mixed inside her pussy. I held my cock deep in her to make sure she felt my pulsing cock deliver the last spurts of cum into her hungry pussy.

I fell onto the bed next to her, caressing her hot flesh. She leaned up on both elbows and smothered me again with hot kisses.

The sound of a car door slamming shattered my tranquility. "What the fuck?" I said sitting up quickly looking at her. "Is that your boyfriend or husband coming home?" Dammit, I thought. This is going to be one of the shortest careers in history. I am so about to be a dead fucker.

She casually rolled over onto her side and started to giggle loudly as if she was about to watch something big unfold before her very eyes. With a finger between her teeth, she feigned an apology.

"Im sorry Howdy. Forgive me?"

The front door slammed and I held my breath as the sound of boots on the wood floor came directly towards her door. A knock came on the door as it opened, " Girlfriend , are you in here? a woman's soft voice called. "Hello? Anyone home?

"OH MY!" Blurted the surprised and very attractive tall brunette as she stood erect in the doorway and stared at the both of us. She stood silently for a long second, glancing back and forth at us, gathering in what she was seeing.

"Hello hun." the beautiful blond purred loudly with a sultry grin.

"Hello Dee Dee." the attractive tall brunette replied somewhat confuzed.

With eyes darting back and forth at both of us, the tall brunette finally smiled and stepped into the bedroom. Dee Dee burst out laughing as she stomped her feet gleefully into the mattress as if she had won some game show prize.

"Liz darling, look what Gypsy sent us. Our very own boytoy."

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