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Correcting a young coworkers mistake

A young coworker and I stay late to fix an appearent issue on a major project
I met Simone at work when she started as an intern during her final year of college. She was 20 at the time and I was 40. It took some time for us to start interacting since we were in different departments, but eventually after she was hired full time, we started to have some conversations and working together.

I found her to be beautiful from the first time I saw her and thought there was no way she would ever be interested in a guy like me. She was young, long brown hair, around 5’4”; she wore glasses that made her all the more sexy, nice firm B cup breasts, and sexy brown eyes. Her figure was something out of a dream.

We chatted for months on IM at work and occasionally texted after work, and our conversations started to turn a little more on the erotic side as the time went by. I thought she was just doing it to help pass the day but after a while, I thought maybe, just maybe she may be interested in me. We started to share more intimate details, such as we both shave down below and how we both like feeling skin on skin during sex, and that she desires oral sex and that I enjoy giving women oral sex. So over time we got to know each other fairly intimately just through conversation. We both definitely had an erotic side to us that others didn’t know about.

Since we were in different departments, we rarely had projects that coincided, let alone ones that we would work on at the same time together. I had secretly hoped that we could be sent on a business trip together to be alone for a week or more away from coworkers and significant others. But that never seemed possible.

Then one meeting, we got a new project that was of high importance and a very short deadline. There was no travel, but there was a high possibility of overtime.

The project went better than expected, and was looking like we would meet the deadline without having to work overtime. But then one day we found a major mistake just a couple of days before the deadline. Simone and I couldn’t tell how involved the corrections would be, and it was late in the day. We decided after some discussion to stay and work the evening to figure it out to meet the deadline. If it was a quick fix, all the better then we could move on the next day. If it was more involved we could get a good start on it and still have more time the next day and evening if need be.

We worked for a little bit right after everyone left for the day, but then the cleaning people were around making lots of noise and being a bit of nuisance, so I suggested we should go out and get some food and take a break before re-grouping and coming back and really getting to the issues. Simone agreed whole heartedly and we rode together in my car to get some food.

We had never really talked about sexual things in person, always on IM or text. It was a bit awkward at first but after a little while we were both comfortable and we started to talk about our relationships. I was complaining about how little sex I was getting at home and she was complaining of how she hadn’t had oral sex in months. Of course hearing all about this had gotten me really hard. As we walked back into the office after the car ride back, I had a noticeable hard on. I could see her taking glances at it as we walked back to my office. She was wearing slacks, and a low cut sweater, and her ass looked amazing going up the steps in front of me. Once back at my office we did some more work and trying to figure out the issue. She was looking over my shoulder as we worked, and the scent of her perfume or body lotion was intoxicating. More than once as I turned to look and talk to her, I noticed her cleavage as her shirt fell forward slightly, the smooth skin of the inside of her breasts looking so wonderful. I am sure she noticed my looks, and again I sat there with my raging hard on which I knew had to be noticeable in my Dockers.

Finally I said, let’s take both our laptops and go to the conference room and sit. She said ok, and we got to the conference room. We sat down side by side with our computers looking at the design and trying to figure out what had happened and what needed changed to correct the issue. As we sat there looking at both computers, I suddenly saw something and put my hand on her knee without even thinking, and said to stop and go back to the last view. Simone did it, and as we sat looking at the screen, we tried to figure out if that was the issue. I hadn’t removed my hand from her knee and she hadn’t said anything. I hadn’t even taken notice of the fact I still had my hand on her knee until after a few minutes we decided what I saw wasn’t the issue. Only then did I pay attention to what I was doing, I started to take my hand off of her knee and started to apologize. She quickly said its ok, and she didn’t mind, and put her hand on top of mine and put it back on her leg, higher up her thigh than where I originally put it and she kept her hand on top of mine.

We continued looking at possible culprits of the issue for an hour or so, my hand still on her leg at times as she maneuvered the mouse around on the screen. Then I said we need a break. Simone agreed and said that she had an email that she thought I would like. She opened up her personal email, and up came a photo of a young woman in a 69 position with an older guy. I told her I did enjoy that photo, but that she was much more beautiful and sexy than the girl in the photo and the guy was better endowed than I was. She shook her head and said that she was sure I was just as well hung if not more so, and she put her hand on my leg and started to move it up towards my cock.

I didn’t say or do a thing. As her hand reached my cock, she smiled and nodded her head saying; yes I think you are bigger than the guy in the photo. With that, I leaned towards her and kissed her on the lips. It was just a gentle kiss, a kiss to say I want you, but I don’t want to make an ass of myself if you don’t want to go further. Simone and I looked deeply into each other's eyes as the kiss ended. In that moment it was clear that we very much wanted the other. All thoughts of anyone else were gone and it was just the two of us in the whole world.

We lean in again and kissed, this time our lips parting as our tongues seek to explore the others lips and mouth. My hand instinctively went to her shoulder, rubbing it softly as we kissed. Her hand running up and down my thigh as our passionate kiss intensified. My hand moving to her neck and side of her face, caressing her beautiful face, running through her long hair as we both taste each other's passion in our kiss.

Soon I feel her hand again on my cock through my pants, only this is not just a feel, she is rubbing its full length. I reach up with my other hand and find her breast caressing it through her sweater and bra, as we both moan softly with pleasure at the others touch.

I break off our kiss and start to kiss Simone’s neck and shoulders as my hands reach up under her sweater to rub her bare skin on her back as I kiss her neck and ear, her head leaning back to allow me access to kiss her neck around from side to side. My hands find the clasp of her bra and in one quick motion, unhook it as her hands rub up and down my back pulling my shirt out of my pants. I stop as she pulls my shirt up and over my head. As it clears my head, Simone leans down and starts to kiss my chest and shoulders and neck as her hands run over my bare skin. I pull her up after a few minutes and kiss her again and our tongues dance with each other in a romantic waltz.

My hands run up her under her sweater again, feeling her taut belly, her body shudders at my touch on her sensitive smooth skin, moving upwards towards her breasts. My hands slide easily under her unhooked bra and over her firm perky breasts, finding her hard nipples with my fingers. She moans at my touch as I feel her breasts, massaging and rubbing them with my hands.

I reach down and catch the bottom of her sweater and lift it up, she reaches up with her arms and lets me slide her sweater and bra off. I get my first look at Simone’s wonderful body and it doesn’t fail to meet and exceed my wildest expectations. Her breasts are perfect smooth globes of loveliness, topped off with perfect pink nipples. I lean down and find her nipple with my mouth and I kiss and suck them gently, making them harder and more sensitive as she runs her hands through my hair and down over my back as she leans back in her chair. She runs her nails up my back in a teasing way making me arch my back in pleasure at her touch.

She pushes me back into my chair, and stands up. She then slowly turns around and I can see by her hand motions she is undoing her belt and zipper of her pants. Very slowly and seductively she slides her pants down over her perfect ass, showing me her white silky boy short panties. Her ass looking amazing hugged by the material as she steps out of them, and then she turns to me, showing her lovely breasts and panty clad pussy. The material outlining the folds of her lips as they are pulled tight against them and the hint of a wet spot noticeable at the start of her pussy.

Simone walks to my chair and kneels down in front of me and reaches up and unbuckles my belt and unsnaps the button and slowly pulls the zipper down. Opening up my pants, showing my black sports briefs. She runs her hands up my legs, and I lift myself up off the chair as she grasps the waistband of my pants and slides them off my legs. My cock hard in my shorts and noticeable in the tight material, she again runs her hands up my legs and over my shorts and cock as she stands up and then lifts a leg and straddles my legs on the chair. Her panty clad pussy rubbing against my cock through my shorts.

Our arms go around each other again as our mouths again find each other, and our kiss long and passionate, as we explore each other's mostly unclothed bodies with our hands. My hands running over her panty clad ass, enjoying the feel and sensation as she slowly grinds her pussy on my cock. Her hands running over my chest and down over my belly.

We are in no hurry and enjoy each second of our explorations. Our kisses enjoyed from start to finish as we take each other passion in. After minutes of kissing, and rubbing against each other, I lift her up as I stand up and I sit her on the conference room table. I take our clothes and put behind her as she sits with her arms behind her, her hands on the table. I stand again and kiss her as I run my hands up her spread leg. Her hands on my hips and ass and she starts to pull down my shorts, releasing my cock. I break off my kiss and stand back and take off my shorts completely. Simone watches intensely taking in the site of my cock. Once I am naked in front of her, she says with a huge smile, you are much bigger than that guy in the photo. I smile and step towards her. Her hands find my cock and start to stroke it as I kiss and suck her neck and shoulders. My hands on her hips and then on her inner thighs rubbing her pussy through her panties. I feel the heat and wetness coming through them.

I break away in my kissing and licking of her body as she keeps stroking my cock. I grab the top of her panties and she lifts herself off the table so I can slide her wet panties off. My shaved cock dripping pre-cum from her touch. I take her panties off completely and spread her legs, taking in the view of her shaved young pussy, wet and so beautiful like the rest of her. I lean down and kiss her on the lips and then I pull a chair up and sit down.

I take her legs in either hand and lick and kiss my way down them, alternating between both legs, getting closer and closer to her awaiting pussy. I can smell and sense her excitement, feel the heat coming off of her womanhood. My tongue runs over her shaved pubes kissing and licking her as she quivers in anticipation of my mouth. My hands move up to her breasts and nipples as she puts her feet on the arm rest of the chair. My run my tongue up her spread lips, over her clit, and she shivers in pleasure. Her pussy tastes better than I could have imagined. I can’t control myself and I start to lick and suck her pussy in vigor.

I roll my tongue over her clit and inner lips. My fingers playing with her erect nipples, I savor every drop of her juices, sticking my tongue deep inside her to taste her from the source of her wetness. I move my hands to her thighs as I spread her legs wider, opening her up more so I can see every incredible part of her pussy. I run my fingers over her lips and clit, slide them inside her then out and down over her ass, watching her reaction with every movement of my hand.

My mouth again comes down, and I lick her from bottom to top, savoring her flavor. I want to make her cum, so I start to lick her clit more, spending more time building her up to her climax. My fingers running gently over her thighs and her ass, feeling her quiver as it brushes over her cute asshole. I slide two fingers inside her pussy as I feel her getting closer and closer to or first orgasm. Her thighs tighten against my head and her hand finds my hair and pulls me tight against her pussy. I increase my licking and find her sweet spot inside her pussy with my fingers, my other hand still wandering over her ass and thighs.

I can sense she is about to cum, I keep the pace to match her grinding motion, and she whispers out, I am going to cum, and starts to grind her pussy hard against my tongue as I increase my speed and pressure with both my tongue and fingers. Until, finally, she reaches her peak and starts the throes of orgasm; I feel her pussy squeezing my fingers with every wave of her pleasure, her body rigid in the ecstasy of her climax. Wave after wave of muscular contractions squeeze my fingers and head as she moans out loudly. I keep going wanting her to cum for as long as she cum, her juices running down over my hand and her ass as I try to lick them all up, savoring the taste of her cum.

Finally Simone pushes my head away as her orgasm subsides and her body is still quivering. I stand up and she looks down to see my hard cock pointing at her freshly orgasmed pussy and dripping pre-cum. She pulls me to her, kissing me deeply as she pulls me towards herself.

I feel her hand find my dripping cock and guides it’s towards her wet pussy. She takes it and rubs it up and down her spread pussy pleasuring herself with it as we kiss. Playing with her clit with the tip of my cock, and then I feel her have another small orgasm as she is playing with herself with my cock. I almost loose it right then and cum, but I withhold but barely. Then I feel her take my cock and rub it towards her pussy. I feel the heat coming off of her opening and feel the wetness on my cock head. She stops our kissing and we both look down as she lets go of my cock and it sits poised at the opening of her pussy. I start to slowly move my hips, slowly spreading her lips with my large head. We both watch and enjoy the feeling as my cock slowly is enters her pussy. Every withdrawal shows more of my cock coated in her juices as I slowly push it back in. What seems like an eternity, I am finally fully inside Simone, I stop when I am fully in as we kiss again and I try to calm down so I don’t cum too quickly.

After a minute I start to slowly rotate my hips, just slowly fucking her pussy. She breaks off the kiss again and looks down to watch as my shaved cock goes around in her tight young pussy, and the feeling of our shaved pubes rubbing against each other. I tell her how great she feels around my cock and she says she loves feeling my cock inside her. As we start to fuck each other, my cock sliding easily in and out of her wet pussy. We both getting off watching as we fuck, kissing once in awhile, but both like watching and feeling how great it feels to be fucking.

Simone whispers in my ear, she wants to cum around my cock. I smile and say sounds good. She starts to set the rhythm and pace and I match it. It doesn’t’ take long for her to start to build to her orgasm again. I am trying hard not to cum still as she fucks herself on my cock. My mouth finds her nipple and it pushes her over the edge and she starts to cum around my cock. Her tight pussy squeezing my cock hard with each crescendo of her orgasm. She softly moans and calls out my name to keep fucking her as her orgasm builds and ebbs in wave after wave. I keep fucking her feeling my cock dripping pre-cum and swelling inside her. Finally she holds me still and deep inside her for the last bit of her climax. I feel her pussy squeezing tight around my cock. I feel my cum leaking out slightly, but I am able to withhold on the full orgasm.

We sit like that for several minutes, I feel her cum running down my shaved balls and I am sure all over her cute ass. Simone lies back on the table on our clothes and I start to fuck her some more, nothing too serious just having fun feeling my cock inside her great pussy as I look at her tits and beautiful face, smiling at me knowing I am the cause of it for making her cum.

I pull out of her and look down at her pussy, gaping from my cock being inside it and glistening with wetness. I pull her back up and kiss her and I sit down. I tell her to turn around and she spreads her legs and backs up to straddle my legs. She slowly lowers herself on to my cock, her pussy and ass spread open for me to watch. Her pussy easily takes me in again and she starts to ride up and down on my cock.

I am now desensitized some, so she rides me hard, and I easily last for her. I grab her hair to keep it out of her face, and she turns and smiles and says she likes when her hair is pulled a little during sex. She leans forward, tightening my grip on her hair as she starts to ride me harder. Her ass looking so sexy spread open and watching her pussy being fucked by my cock. She leans forward to put her hands on the table in front of her, and starts to really ride my cock hard and rough. By this time we are both groaning in pleasure and she starts to cum around my cock again for the second time, this time fucking herself hard through her entire climax.

She turns and smiles and asks what it will take to make me cum. I smile back and say just keep doing this and I will. She turns and starts riding my cock again. This time I start to fuck her also, she matches my thrusts and I can feel her tightening her pussy to make me cum. I grab her hips, one hand still holding on to her hair and I start to pull her against my cock. I also spread her ass apart some too to so I can watch my cock in her and to see her cute ass.

I am building to my orgasm. Swelling inside her pussy, my cock head getting larger inside her with each thrust. The site of my young coworker riding my cock so hard is just too much to resist. I groan out I am going to cum, she moans out that she is too. My cock finally burst with my orgasm, my first hot shot of cum hits deep inside her pussy, and this is all that she needs to cum again. Our orgasm playing off of each other, my pulsating cock causing her pussy to squeeze with every contraction, squeezing my cum out of my throbbing cock. Our mutual orgasms continuing on for several seconds until my cock is spent of its cum. I look down to see her quivering pussy leaking our cum down over my balls. She slowly lifts herself off of my cock, having our cum run down her leg. She turns and sits on my lap and we wrap our arms around each other and kiss. We smile and talk about how wonderful it is we took this step and that it will be just the first of many wonderful times together.

After a bit, I look at the clock and can’t believe we had been fucking and talking for almost 2 hours. I look at her and say we need to get this issue fixed. She smirks and says don’t worry, she can fix it in 15 minutes since she is the one that made the change to cause us to have to work overtime, it was her plan all along. I laugh and kiss and hug her and say best mistake you ever made.

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