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Crossing The Line

Moving to a different town is never easy, but it can be exciting. I'm moving to a small town in Ohio. I'm moving here for a few reasons, I wanted to get away from the noisy, big city. I also wanted to move closer to my best friend Karen, and Jacob, her son.

Jacob has been in college, which means Karen is now all alone, with him barely being home anymore, so I thought I'd move here to keep her company.

I couldn't believe my luck when Karen called me and told me the owners needed to sell this house as quickly as possible, so she told them to please wait till she called me and told me to come out and have a look at the house, so I did, I made them an offer. Much to my surprise, they accepted my offer, so I'm now the happy owner.

I'm finally moved into my new house and can't wait to decorate the house. Karen and Jacob are coming over to help me decorate the house. Karen is fantastic at decorating, so she will probably be doing most of the decorating.

Jacob offered to do all of the painting, which is a huge relief. I would have paint everywhere in the house if it wasn't for him offering to do all of the painting for me.

My thank you gift to both of them for helping me out will be something they both will not expect. Karen lost her job last month and she is having to dip into her life savings in order to pay for Jacob's college, but they have no idea I have already paid it for them, so this will be a huge shock for both of them. I really want to do this for them.

I hear a horn. I look in my drive way and see Karen parking her car. She and Jacob get out of the car and run over to me.

“I am so happy to see you both," I smile and hug them.

"How are you liking your house, Nina?" Jacob asks.

"I love it, I have so much more space," I reply.

"Well, you do have plenty of space in this big house," Karen says.

“I’m so happy you called me and told me about this house, Karen. I really think I'm going to love being here," I say.

We all walk into my house and Jacob looks at the walls. He then looks over at me and smiles.

"Nina, I can paint a big tree on the back wall. Remember, you want to hang pictures on it?"

"You think you can paint it, Jacob? That would be great if you can," I say.

"Yes, I know I can paint it, Nina. This wall is so much bigger than the wall in your old house, so I'll get started on it tomorrow."

I walk over to him and hug him. My face is buried in his neck, I smell his intoxicating cologne. I feel his hands moving down on my ass.

"Hey you two, I'm going to your computer room Nina. I want to get on line to look at some lamps, pictures, and other things to give me an idea how we should decorate the house," Karen says and walks down the hall.

Jacob looks down at me and winks at me. I try and not read too much into his wink, but he then bites his bottom lip.

"Jacob, maybe we should look at the paint samples again," I say.

He grabs my hand and pulls me back next to his chest.

"You know Nina, I was so excited knowing you were moving closer to us. I couldn't wait till we got some time alone with you," he says with a seductive voice.

I try to move, but he warps his arms around me holding me in place.

"Jacob, what are you doing? Let go of me."

"No, Nina, I love feeling your body next to mine," he whispers in my ear.

“Jacob, have you lost your mind?" I hiss.

"Haven't you ever imagined us pleasuring each other, Nina?" he asks.

"Oh god, Jacob, I'm old enough to be your mother. This is not going to happen," I snap.

"Well, this is going to happen, Nina, it’s just a matter of time before you cross that line," he says.

"Nina, come in here and look at these lamps," Karen shouts.

I finally break free from his grip, but he grabs my arm and pulls me back.

"Nina, Remember a few months ago I told you when you move here I have a surprise for you? Surprise, I have wanted you for so long."

I look back at him like he has just lost his mind. I really think he is serious.

"Come on Nina, let’s go look at those lamps, then I'll send mom to go get the paint," he grins.

We walk into my computer room. Karen looks over at us and smiles, then she sees the look on my face.

"Nina, honey, what's wrong?" Karen asks.

"Nothing, just feeling bad putting all of this work on you and Jacob," I say and Jacob grins at me.

I can't believe I'm not blurting out Jacob just came onto me. I have to admit, a twenty-one year old coming onto me is a turn on.

"Oh, well, don't worry about it Nina, Jacob and I are more than happy to help you, aren't we Jacob?"

I look up at him and he is still grinning at me. He nods his head yes.

“I know I'm more than happy to help you, Nina," he says still grinning.

"Great, well, I think I will go to the store," she says.

"Wait, maybe I should go with you, Karen."

“Nina, mom knows what to look for, she knows what you like, so do I," he growls.

"Okay, well, I'll be back in a few hours. Call me if you think of anything you need me to bring back," she says and leaves.

"Well, looks like it’s finally just the two of us, Nina."

My heart starts to pound in my chest, my knees start to shake, but I also feel excited being here all alone with Jacob.

"Nina, look at me," he commands.

I look up at him and he pushes me against the door.

"I see from your body language how excited I'm making you. The thought of fucking a young guy has got you so turned on. I know you're dying to ride my dick till you feel an earth shattering orgasm."

My mouth slightly opens knowing he is so right. I want him; I want him deep inside of me until he makes me scream for mercy.

He rips my shirt open then pulls my short down. He steps back and rips his shirt open. My eyes are now glued to his smooth toned abs.

"Like what you see, my little slut?" he growls.

Hearing him calling me his little slut has got my panties soaked. I look over at him and grin.

"You will get on your knees, my little slut and suck me."

I get on my knees and look up at him. He grabs my head and shoves his thick cock into my watering mouth.

"Shit! Suck me harder and deeper," he commands.

I wrap my fingers around his shaft and start stroking him while I'm sucking his head. I spit on his head and suck him like a straw.

"Oh my god, Shit, Nina. Fuck! Stop, I want my seed deep inside of you,” he says and pulls me up.

He looks at my desk and grins. He takes his right arm and swipes everything off it.

"Nina, get yourself bent over that desk and stick that sweet ass up to me," he orders.

I bend over my desk with my left leg up on it. I feel him grabbing my ass and lifting it up. He grabs his cock and rubs the head over my opening. Without any warning, he drills it deep inside of me.

"Holy shit, Jacob," I loudly yell.

He grabs my hips and pulls out of me only to drill himself back inside of me. He does this several times before grabbing the back of my hair.

"Fuck! Oh god Nina, that's it baby, keep thrusting yourself back on me," he moans.

He reaches around me and gently pinches my clit.

"You like me pinching your swollen clit, my little slut?" he whispers.

I grab the side of my desk and brace myself from the amazing orgasm I feel building up. I close my eyes and bite my lip.

"Answer me, my little slut," he commands.

"Shit! Yes, don't stop. Fuck, I'm coming, Jacob."

"That's my good little slut."

He pulls out of me and turns me around lifting me up on my desk. He opens my legs and gets on his knees. I feel his tongue licking my wet pussy.

"I knew you would taste this good," he says.


"Now you get to taste my sweet juices," he whispers and strokes himself.

His hand is pumping his hard cock. His thumb is rubbing his tip. He is moaning loudly.

"Shit! Open wide, here it comes."

"Oh fuck, swallow it," he loudly moans.

"Shit, Jacob, I can't believe we just did this. If your mother ever finds out I just crossed a forbidden line with her son."

"Nina, I'm a big boy now, you just felt how big I am. Don't worry about my mother, mom will never have to know about us crossing any lines," he says.

"Hello, where are you two?" Karen shouts.

"Oh god, Jacob, your mother is back. Shit! We smell like sex, she will know what we did," I panic.

"And what great sex it was," he grins.

"Your mother will kill me if she catches us, Jacob."

"Mom already knows. I told her if she gets to have fun with my friends, it’s only fair I get to have fun with her best friend," he whispers in my ear.

"Wait, what?" I yell.

"You're not the only one who seems to like a young dick. My mother is the queen of liking young dick, as in my friends."

"Oh damn, I had no idea."

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