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Daughter's Ex-Boyfriend

Guy run's into ex-girlfriends mom and lives with her and ends up doing it
The mother was still young, relatively speaking. Elliott was too although he was a few years older than her daughter. He and Cindy broke up. He lived near downtown, in a dinky apartment. He had lost his job doing construction, which he loved but he knew deep down he wanted to go back to college. How he’d do it he wasn’t sure and so seeing as he had been working for the last few years in construction he decided to stick with it if possible.

He was at the library doing himself some good. Researching the internet for good jobs in the area, he was at a terminal, spending a good part of the afternoon looking for jobs he knew he could do well enough.

She came in. She stopped at the counter and dropped off the library books but as she turned to leave she saw him. It was the first time she’d seen him since her daughter, of 21 years of age, broke up with him, and seeing as they had there wasn’t anything she could do. It was their situation to deal with. Life goes on.

He was done. She’d begun to walk out even though she knew he was in there doing something online. Still it wasn’t any of her business. Whatever business he had, whatever relationship he had with her daughter was between her daughter and him. Even if she really liked the guy as guys go.

Angela is over 40. Elliott is somewhere near 25. Her daughter is 21 going on 22 soon enough.

He walked out right behind her. He was staring at her thick curvy figure. He noticed them. He kept on looking at those thick wide hips of hers but he kept on looking at them. Something about her hips said, “Look at them. Aren’t they thick and juicy? Don’t you like them when you look at them?” At least that was what his mind was saying as he looked at the woman’s body ahead of him when he walked out behind her.

His pace was faster then hers. He was slowly catching up on her even though he did not know the woman ahead of him was his ex-girlfriends mom. He knew he always liked her. She’d been the nicest and sweetest and most open and giving person he had ever known.

He started to pass her by. Seeing as his eyes had been studying her thicker, rounder, and what he considered personally her curvy set of hips he’d turned his head to look at the woman supporting that figure as he passed her up.

“Mrs. Calletti?” he said in a surprised tone of voice. “I… I had no idea you were here at the library.”

She smiled and said hello to Elliott in her soft toned voice.

“How have you been, mam?”

“I’ve been well Elliott. How about you?” she replied, smiling.

He always adored that set of eyes of hers. With blue eyes, she always appeared to stand out. He noticed that. He answered her question.

“Well, I’ve been okay. Life’s going okay. Well, maybe not,” he went on to say. “I lost my job and I’m trying to find another one. It’ll be okay but then, well, I’m going to lose my apartment and I’ll have no where to live.”

She listened to him and thought about it. “That’s too bad. Really, honestly that stinks that you’re losing your apartment. What will you do?”

He said he did not know.

“Maybe I can help you. Let me see if I know anyone who can refer you to somewhere so you can live and find a job. How would that sound?” she said, still wearing a smile.

“That sounds great,” he told her. “Thank you very much.”

She told him she was still at the very same house. She told him that it was completely empty but why she said that she didn’t know. She told him to stop by some night and have dinner with her regardless, even if he and her daughter had broken up. She said she would love to have him over. She didn’t say that any man, no matter how old or how young the man is would be an improvement over her current situation.

Obviously she had no boyfriend to speak of.

He stopped by one night a few nights later. Hesitant at first to do so, he was timid in a manner of speaking, but to her it was a joy and a treat to have a visitor at all. She invited him in. She was the perfect hostess. He felt more then comfy being hosted by her and as the night went on he felt right at home.

“So what do you think about my offer then?” she asked.

“I don’t know for sure. It does sound kind of weird. You know what I mean,” he said, referring to the fact that he’d broken up with her daughter and now he was being offered a chance to live with her for as long as he wanted to live there. “I’ll have to find ways to repay you. I mean I know I’ll be getting some money but how much I don’t know.”

“Ohhhhhh Elliott… Elliott,” she said. “Don’t worry about it. You and I will figure out something, okay?” she said, sounding sweet as ever as she sat on the couch reducing the situation to nothing but a woman who wanted a man, like him, next to her in bed.

She did not know it but Elliott liked her lots more than she realized. There was something to be said about her, he thought, and what it was he could not put his finger on. He wished he could but it was going to take some time.

He decided to take her up on her offer and he moved in to one of the open rooms upstairs in her house. Initially it was odd seeing as Alyssa’s room was just up the way. It felt odd to him knowing his ex-girlfriends room was two doors down even if she was away at college for the next two years.

Regardless, at the very end of that hallway was Angela Calletti’s bedroom. Hmmm, what did that room look like he wondered. Yeah, there were many a night he’d thought about that he told himself.

“Elliott,” she called out. He answered her. “Can you come here please?”

It was his very first time, his very first visit to her bedroom which was couple weeks after he had moved into the house, and into his bedroom upstairs. It was in the late evening. She couldn’t get something to work right. She grew frustrated because she had never had a problem with it before. So she called him in to see if he might be able to help out.

When he walked in he stopped. He looked around. He was impressed by the room’s décor. He smiled with wide eyes and he complimented her about it. Now to top that off, his landlord, so to speak, had on a satiny robe which covered up her thick body which only had on a bra and panties which may have been a little on the questionable side of it all.

He looked at her first. His eyes seemed to drop as he looked her over next. He liked that robe she wore. It highlighted what his mind was suggesting to him. Nice robe huh he said to himself. She saw his eyes as they floated over his body. She smiled to herself knowing that his eyes checked her out.

He looked at the problem she was having and in a minute or two he fixed the problem in seconds. Right then and there she soooo wanted to invite him to sit down on the bed beside her. But she didn’t, at least not that evening she didn’t.

The days went by and knowing he was living in her house she started to wonder, a lot, when that day would come when he would make his move on her. She’d seen it. His eyes checked her out. It looked to her as if he’d been checking her out all the time but when and if he was going to do anything she’d had enough.

She needed it. She wanted and needed it a lot. Be it cuddling, be it sexual romance, and be it intimacy as well she knew she had to have it all but how she was going to get that she did not know for sure.

Then she broke down about 10 days later.

“Elliott dear can we talk?” she said as she stood in the kitchen in a pair of jeans and thin short sleeved, low necked top.

He said yes.

“Just go in and sit down. I’ve got a couple drinks here. Let me bring them out.”

He went and sat down and she brought out the drinks and set them down. She was going to get her concerns out in the open and she was about to make sure he knew what they were.

“I’ve noticed a couple things honey,” she said. The most important one is I’ve noticed you a lot as you eye me or eye my body or better yet maybe I should put it this way. You are always checking me out.” She stopped and looked right at his eyes.

 “Why is that dear? Is there something about me, something about this figure of mine,” and she stood up at that point. “Is there something about my ‘lovely round and to a degree curvy physique’ that you like?”

He was stunned that she caught on to it all. He couldn’t believe what he heard her say. To him it was incredible. He’d thought he’d hidden it whenever he stared down her body. He loved it. In the shower he had jacked off if he thought about it. He just couldn’t believe that she ever knew he’d been looking at her.

“I uhhh…I uh just don’t know what to umm say,” he replied.

“It’s alright,” she said. “Just tell me what you’re thinking. Tell me what’s going on in your mind. I won’t be upset dear. I won’t be.” Then she said it to herself. Ohhhhhh, God, Elliott tell me the truth. I so want a man and you’d be that perfect man right now."

He felt weird and what he started to say to her, seeing as he was a little on the huskier side of things too, he said, “Uhhh I’ve always felt uhhh your uhhh body is uh attractive Angela.” He was shaking his head and forcing the words out of his mouth. “I... uhhh, like it. No, I love it and I’ve admired it for a couple years now.” They looked at each other. “I guess I had hoped that Alyssa would possibly gotten a little bigger like I like my women. But she hasn’t so it wasn’t a huge deal when she broke up with me.”

She looked at him. “Hmmm, have you two ever had sex or made love to one another?”

“Uhhhhhh does that even matter?” he said.

“I guess not but let me ask you this. Do you want to make love to me? Have you wanted to since you moved in the house here?” she asked.

He was a little shocked she asked the question but her face and the look on it answered the question. His tone of voice said it all even as he said it. “I guess so but we’re-”

“That’s alright dear. I understand. I’d love to make love to you too but I wouldn’t want to force you to do anything you wouldn’t want to do dear,” she said. “When and if you still want to make love to an older woman like me I’ll be here.”

She turned and headed upstairs, changing into her satiny bathrobe, and then she headed for the bathroom where she turned on the shower that night. For whatever reason she left the door slightly open. She rarely did that but happened to that night. She took off the robe and stepped got in the shower.

He’d thought about what she’d said to him a few minutes earlier. He decided to head upstairs to her bedroom and as he did he passed by the bathroom. He stopped and looked in. He saw it all. He saw her bra and underwear which hung on the toilet. He saw her robe on a hook and decided to step into the bathroom.

He stared at them. He leaned down, slowly, and picked up them up so that he could hold them with both his hands. Wow, he said to himself as he looked at her undies. Aren’t these boy shorts? Wow, I wonder how good she looks in them he told himself. Does she love wearing these all the time?

He wanted to get into the shower with her. He felt like it would be a great time to put it mildly. Seeing her naked just seemed to feel right.

“Angela, can we uhhh talk?” he called out.

She was surprised he was in the bathroom but said yes. She felt it too. She was excited.

“Uhhhhhh may I come in there with you? I won’t if you don’t want me too.”

“Elliott oh!” she replied. “Oh my gosh yes. Please do honey,” she told him.

He took it all off. Standing there his naked, thick and nicely dimensioned body showed it all off, and that included his manhood which was a major piece of history in her opinion. He pulled back the curtain. She was turned away from him so that when he stepped in he only saw her backside. He was in the shower and looking down at those hips and her ass. And he was not moving a muscle as he looked at her thick, curvy, round features.

She started to turn and face him but he stopped her from doing it. She felt a little uncomfortable but she remained where she was at. He instantly fell in love with those curves of hers. He stared at them hard. He stared at her backside for a long time. His mind swallowed it up. His heart filled with lust and desire as he looked at her hips and that ass some more.

“God Angela, do you know or do you have any idea just how gosh darn sexy you really are?” he asked her. She remained quiet. “I mean that too,” he went on to say.

Naked and wet she finally turned around on him and he got to see her big round breasts as well as her soft and slightly floppy belly. It was not big. She was simply a thick woman whose beauty and eyes defied a lot of other thinner woman in life. And Elliott liked those looks too.

“Ohhhhhhh Elliott,” she said. “Stop teasing me.”

“Angela, I am not teasing. I never tease a pretty woman. Never have I done that,” he said.

They looked at each other. He looked at her body. She looked at his. She smiled and then said “Let’s go. Let’s go make love to one another. Will you do that for me?” she said.

“I would be more then happy to lay down with you and make love to you and this body,” he said. “It would be my pleasure.”

She shut off the water and took his hand in hers and they got out and dried off and went right to her bedroom where they dropped to the bed to make love.

She went right at it. Looking at him in his eyes she leaned in and kissed him, gently, on his lips. He felt good about it and kissed her right back. Holding one another, closely as they kissed, felt right too, and seeing as it al felt right they fell back and were all over each other’s body as they kissed and kissed and kissed as if two little kids in their twenties. Okay, so he already was in his 20s. So what. He enjoyed it anyway.

She reached down and in between them and seeing as she did she grabbed hold of it and eased herself down so that she could do something she’d wanted to do in a long time. She put her mouth on it and quickly swallowed it.

He felt good. He felt so much better as it got harder and even harder and then as she sucked him off he tried reaching down so that he could finger her pussy and although it felt nice for her it did not seem worth it.

"Just the cock, Elliott. That’s all I want. I want your cock. Fuck me honey,” she said.

And so seeing as he was hard and erect, he went inside of her, but he fucked her slowly. As he did they kissed. For her being fucked again like he had fucked her felt wonderful. It was fun to be able to make love to a man as gentle as him once again too. To have a man’s cock, his cock especially she decided, in her pussy and not doing it all too rambunctiously either was out of this world.

She came. He came too. To be able to do that again for her felt magnificent. At the end of the night she held him close. She held him and snuggled with him. And they didn’t even know it but they fell asleep together, in her bed, and in the morning when they woke up he was still there holding her against him.

She smiled and whispered to herself how much she loved his body against hers.

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