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Dedra's Fantasy Thrill-Ride

My life as a porn star and much,much more.

                                                            Chapter 1

          It was a cool autumn night when I found myself sitting alone in the park. The park was almost as big as the town I grew up in. I was an only child so my parents were very strict. We lived on a ranch two miles out of town. On our land we had horses, and cattle and all sorts of farm animals.

          Way out behind our house we also had another small house and that's where my dad's hired help would stay if they didn't already have a place in town. As I grew older and entered Junior High School, I would notice some of the boys in my school and High School would look at me a little different than before. Noone ever asked me out because they already knew my father wouldn't allow it. But once I entered High School, I realized I really liked boys. I was sixteen years old and I couldn't wait to turn seventeen because that's when my father said I could start going out with boys, but he also said he had to approve of the boy asking me out. I remember lying in bed at night dreaming about which boy I wanted to ask me out on that first date. He wasn't in my class, he was two years older than me and his name was Lance.  He was the biggest and cutest guy in school. As I was thinking about him kissing me, touching me all over my body, I found myself playing with my pussy. It felt so good, I was licking my finger and touching my pussy until I came with pure ecstasy for the first time in my life. After that night I looked at guys in a whole different light. I would actually find myself flirting with our ranch hands.


There was one I really liked, his name was Coy, I  followed him around everywhere. Usually he didn't give me the time of day. But then one day he actually talked to me and asked if I needed help feeding the horses. I told him he could come to the barn and help me with the bale of hay. He said he would, and he followed me to the barn, always a few steps behind. I swear I could feel his eyes staring at my behind the whole way.  Once we got to the barn, we went inside and Coy walked all the way back where the hay bales were. There was a lot of them stacked up neatly for the season coming up soon. I followed him back there, and touched his back as he reached for the bale of hay. He froze, and then slowly turned around to face me. He knew what I wanted, but he looked scared. I don't know if was because he knew my father would kill him, or because I was barely shy of seventeen years old. Probably both.  I told him softly,''I won't tell.'' That just made him more nervous, I think because he thought he might get away with it, but now it's on his mind, she's a virgin.  He reached down and touched my breasts with both hands, so gentle I almost came right there.  I looked down at his pants and I could see a huge bulge in them. My head was spinning, and my body was aching for the bulge in his pants.  My hand went down to touch him, and he bent down to kiss me.  I unbuckled his belt, and he stopped. At first I thought that was the end of it, but then he helped me with the belt and unbuttoned his pants.  He then took his shirt off and spread it out like a blanket on one of the bales of hay, then guided me over to it and took my shirt off.  At that point, I followed his lead and took my jeans off while he watched.  Then it happened, the moment I was waiting for. He took his big bulge out of his pants, and I couldn't believe my eyes.  It was so big. I didn't know how he was going to get that huge thing inside of me, but I was so hot and excited I didn't care.  He bent down and pulled my panties off of me and touched my little treasure chest.  My pussy was so wet with my juices that he stuck a finger in there.  I was so excited at this point, all I could think about was his huge cock in my pussy.  Then he did it, he put the tip of it in me.  I was thrusting up for more of it. He could tell I was ready, that's when he started going in a little deeper and deeper.  We were both so hot with lust, he gave it all to me.  I was screaming for ecstasy.  He was fucking my little wet pussy so good, I didn't want him to stop, but I knew that any minute I would be cumming and squirting my juices all over him.  Coy seen the look in my eyes and knew I was there. I couldn't last another minute. That's when it happened, we both came at the same time.  Coy pulled his cock from my pussy and came all over my stomach and titties. I was still cumming watching his cock shoot it's juices all over me.  After I came to my scenses a bit, I stood up and got dressed.  Coy was doing the same. He asked me if I was alright, and told me,"Thank you for letting me be your first."  I was still shaking from the whole experience, but I managed to tell him,"I'm glad that we did it. I've thought about you alot and wondered what it would be like."  He asked me,"So was it all it all that you expected?" And I told him,"It was more than I expected, in a good way."  I left the barn that day a different person. After that I knew I would never be the same as I was.  I knew I loved cock.  And I knew I would be looking for my next victim soon.






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