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Deidre's mom

the summer I came of age - capturing the wild eyed youthful amazement of totally uninhibited sex

Summer of '78 would be a memorable one. A few months away from turning 18; I had just got my driver’s license. Four months prior I lost my virginity to Deidre’s cousin Donna. Donna would occasionally give me head or let me fuck her it was never quite enough.

We lived it up partying and going to the beach, I was the oldest of the group, but not by much, so I started to grow a mustache to try to look older. It was scraggly and itched but I was proud of its growth, I constantly checked the mirror to see how much more had filled in.

Most of the days were spent at Deidre’s house; she had a pool and lived in a very exclusive neighborhood overlooking the city, her stepfather was very wealthy, a successful businessman who loved to gamble. Each night many guests came to play high stakes poker or mah-jongg.

Yvonne, his wife, was a very beautiful and exotic woman, with rich olive skin that gave her an always tanned look. Predominantly Chinese, with a mixture of German and black she had the most seductive looking eyes.

Almond shaped, her honey colored eyes framed with long lashes, were large, bright and intelligent, sparkling with life.

Her long black hair was waist length and plain, occasionally though it was pinned up with gold clips or lacquered chopsticks.

Shapely legs and a firm body which belied our seventeen year difference. Often bra less, her breast were like small oranges with taut nipples that I loved to watch jiggle as she walked by.

Deidre, who was a younger looking clone of her mom, had firm tits and a tight body and so did her cousin, though Donna had the sexier ass. At night while the adults gambled Donna and I would sneak off while my brother and  Deidre did the same.

Donna would let me fondle her and give me head, afraid of getting pregnant, we fucked less frequently. I suggested that I fuck her ass but she would have none of that, calling me disgusting for even suggesting it.

Frustrated one night, and with my hormones racing out of control, I decided to watch the mah-jongg game. Yvonne was the only woman there but she dominated the room, a skillful and crafty player I couldn't help notice that she had the same hypnotic effect on all the men. She was every schoolboys dream.

Dressed in a simple white summer dress, the only jewelry she wore were tiny diamond studs and her wedding band, I watched her delicately manicured hands turned each tile over, moving with precision she stacked and arranged her tiles with a click.

Her faint perfume reached my nostrils and I felt a twitch in my loins. Deidre was hot but her mom  exuded womanhood, more curvy hips and softer breast; she had a seductive aura. I noticed how eyes turned and followed her around the room.

I sat behind her watching, trying to learn the intricacy of the game. Winning the first hand, she leaned back and tossed me a chip, "thanks" she said "for the luck", I was caught unawares as I could not believe she had noticed me. I would later realize that her greatest weapon was her ability to reveal absolutely nothing.

The night continued and so did her winning streak, along with her habit of tossing me a chip for good luck, I settled into a dream state remembering an incident a couple weeks back, we were all laying out by the pool, she called me over in a most nonchalant way, "I think I am burning ...would you pour some lotion on my back" I did it without a thought; but the memory of her firm skin and the little sigh that escaped her lips lay imprinted on my mind.

My little brother used to tease me that I over analyzed things, almost 2 years younger, he had lost his virginity more than three years earlier. Was there a clue that I was missing? I tried but came up blank.

I retired shortly, as it was quite late; in the morning I had planned to drive us kids to the beach and from there link up with Deidre uncle for a boat ride to Lime Key where we would spend the weekend camping.

I tossed and turned all night, dreaming of Yvonne's body, her smile and inviting lips. I woke to a wet sticky feeling between my legs; it was my first wet dream!

After breakfast as we were loading our gear in the truck, Yvonne sauntered over. Her black satin kimono did little to conceal her figure, she must have slept only an hour but she looked as fresh as ever.
Touching my arm ever so lightly she asked if I could do her a big favor. Her touch evoked a ball of confusion and I could feel my face flush as I remembered my dream.

There was a big party and she wanted to cook something special, "would I mind driving her to a few places to get the stuff she needed?" I looked over at my crew, they needed me to drive them, but Yvonne quickly interjected that since her brother had to tow the boat, they should ride with him all the way.

Something in her eyes told me to protest no more, I agreed and watched my friends drive off; promising to catch up later.

"Do you mind making me some tea and toast while I shower and change?" she asked. Proceeding to the kitchen I watched her ass swivel, the satin material enveloping her pronounced curves as she continued to her room, I realized then she wore nothing else beneath.
"Bring it here when its ready OK" she called out.

Her bedroom was large and spacious, with a small den a large TV and a huge poster bed, the biggest I had ever seen, why at least 10 people could sleep on this and I began thinking orgy. I laughed at how my mind was constantly thinking about sex.

Her bathroom door was left slightly ajar; from my seated angle I could see the reflection of her body through the steamy vapor. She soaped her breast lifting and separating almost playing with them as the water splashed across her body, I watched for awhile till she stepped outside and with a leg propped on the edge of the bath, she proceeded to shave her legs.

Through the mirror I had a clear view of her sweet Mons, shielded by a thin strip of hair. Her stomach was incredibly flat for having two children, and her nipples peaked in tiny nubs, she had a perfect ass with two tiny dimples in her back.

Adjusting my ever hardening cock I pinched myself, "does she know I can see her?" Thoughts flooded my mind, only to have them penetrated by her voice as she asks me to hand her a towel for her hair.

Standing before me was a vision, the silhouette of her curves were clearly defined by towel she wore; her large breast strained the material to its limits.

Taking the towel from my hand, she lightly brushes my chest, my hard-on bulging, I search her face for a clue but her parted smile reveals none, with her back to me she bends over letting her long hair fall loosely as she rubs it dry.

The imprint of her ass cheeks are apparent and so is my hard-on, she lets the towel slip to the floor giving me a glimpse of her bare ass as she walked into the closet.

In an instant she emerges wearing black linen pants which are molded to her curves, matching linen blouse with embroidered patterns covering the most revealing areas, she wore no bra. A pair of thin gold sandals adorned her feet showcasing her beautifully manicured toes.

Conversation turns to the things she needed to purchase and the general direction we will be heading. Watching her slowly eat the toast, I am a little disappointed, I had hoped for a different scenario, but when she handed me the keys to the Mercedes I quickly cheered up.

It was a beautiful car, antique black, sleek and sexy with a personality much like its owner. "It's such a fine day" and suggested that I drop the top down.

We must have stopped at least eight to ten places before she concluded that we had everything, while loading the stuff in the trunk, Yvonne seemed to linger a bit longer, touching my arm or sometimes squeezing my biceps in an attempt to make sure I hadn't hurt myself.

"Let’s go for a ride on the freeway ...I want you to see how this baby rides when you open her up" her choice of words were not lost on me. We cruised along the highway turning onto the Palisadoes highway, the motor humming along pleasantly, roared to life when I floored it, I had never driven this fast and the feeling was exhilarating.

"Turn off over here, right by the dunes", evening was approaching, the sunset glowed and the city across the bay seemed to belong to another planet. Shaking her hair loose she leaned over and rubbed my chest, I looked at her, she was so beautiful.

Bringing my hands to her breast she asked "Do you think I am beautiful?"

"Absolutely!" I said while feeling her firm globes. Leaning over she kissed my lips, her tongue snaked out forcing its way into my mouth claiming territory and exploring at will. Confidence growing, my tongue followed hers in hot pursuit, darting and twisting we locked passionately. 

Her blouse now open she brought my lips to her breast, I sucked them tenderly, her nipples hardened as little sighs escaped her parted lips; her hand now searched fervently between my legs, and in a flash she had my cock out and in her mouth.

"MMMMM, I need this!"
My cock thickened as I felt her tongue flick across the tip, while her hands began to jerk me up and down. I watched in awe as she gobbled each inch, forcing her mouth wide to accommodate my ever enlarging member.

This soon became too much for me and I exploded in her mouth, with squeals of joy she swallowed my load, wiping the dribbles with her fingers, she licked them clean.

We dressed and headed back home, she cuddled up to me as the air blew colder; her head resting on my shoulder I put my arm around her, her hands remained warm though as they maintained their post between my legs.

The house was quiet when we arrived, "Where is the staff?" I asked, "Ooh I gave them the weekend off" she smiled. My friends were also away camping this weekend ...coincidence? My brothers voice echoed, "go with the flow and stop analyzing!"

Once we entered the house she lead me to the bedroom, with a youthful spring in her step I watched her sandaled feet skip lightly across the floor. Laughing, giggling with glee, she kissed and hugged me, she danced me around as she enticed me to enter.  After years of classical ballet she remained quite flexible; as if to prove it she bent over backwards till she had flipped over and was standing on the bed.

Motioning me over she stripped me naked shedding her own as well, pushing me down on the bed she covered me with her body, and ground and rubbed herself over every inch of my body.

Sitting upright now she opened her pussy and led my hands to finger her.
"Do you like my pussy? Is it pretty?" she teased. I on looked with excitement, her outer lips were a deep purple while the insides were a shell pink, she smelled scrumptious and invited me to taste her.

Hooking her leg behind my neck she pulled me closer. "Come suck me" she sweetly said. I sucked her delectable pussy, while her muscular legs thrown across my back held me in place. Teasing me with her feet, her toes ran up and down massaging my back. Squirming around she held my head tightly, manipulating my tongue to better pleasure her.

Spreading her legs wide and high above her head, I slipped my tongue inside tasting her sweet hotness, her moaning encouraged me more, I chewed her lips sucking them inside my mouth feeling the heat as it exuded from her body. Licking and flicking, I soon learned how to bring her to a climax with my tongue. With one finger on her clit she strummed the little nub of joy, while her other hand reached around to finger her asshole.

My eyes widened as I saw this but when she placed it in my mouth and told me to suck it clean I lost it, holding my head steady she elevated her ass till it was right at my lips then she clamped down and soon I was tonguing her ass for all it was worth.

She screamed! Calling me dirty names  "slut, lick my dirty hole, suck my asshole, you whore." it turned me on even more.

Things were moving faster and faster, Yvonne was a lot of fun, totally uninhibited she had a light and airy side was which I had never seen before. She clearly enjoyed sex and lots of it, her proper lady mannerism now replaced with a bawdy mouth spewing lewd things she wanted to do to me and have done to her in return.

Squeezing her large titties together she knelt on the bed while I stood, her perfect globes showed no tan lines. Her tongue extended to meet my thrust flicking and licking my precum with gusto as I fucked her mouth and then her boobies.

Holding my cock firm she placed it inside her pussy and we began to fuck, then she rolled over and was astride me, we pushed and met each other, changing positions often, I mounted her doggy style, lizard lap and a host of other variations.

Her tight pussy contracted gently milking my cock, enveloping it with wet silky heat, raising her leg she put her toes in my mouth while my cock plunged deeply into her pussy. I sucked each toe hard, licking between them; she got so excited she began to fuck my mouth forcing her foot deep inside.

With her head down and her ass in the air she asked me to finger her asshole while I fucked her. I slipped my finger into her tight sphincter, which opened up greedily sucking my finger deep inside, I then placed two fingers which elicited more squeals of delight, soon I was finger fucking her ass while I plowed her very lubricated pussy.

"Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass before?" she asked, sheepishly I said "no, but that I fantasized about fucking her ass." Slowing her movements down I felt her reach around and pull my cock out then just as quickly I felt her press it against her wrinkled bum hole.

I pushed against her tightness and with a certain firmness pushed the head past her anus, her ass opened up slowly ceding territory an inch at a time. I stopped for a moment to enjoy this new experience. Yvonne had such a perfect ass and here I was sodomizing her. She waited for a while then started shouting for me to fuck her ass hard.

With long slow strokes I began to move but Yvonne would have none of that, she bounced her ass hard, backing her way in and grinding hard against my cock, the more I fucked her ass the wetter her pussy became, I lay on my back while she rode it up and down, in the mirror I watched her pussy lips open with each stroke, I reached around to tickle her clit which triggered another explosion in her body and soon my body started to heave in unison.

"Yes yes fill my ass with your cum" she shouted, I was all too happy to fulfill her request and like a tidal wave I released my second load deep into her tight ass.

Time faded and there was little recollection as to the time, exhausted, we drifted off to sleep. She brought me breakfast in bed the next morning, after I woke to her her gentle suckling of my cock, it was always hard in the morning and spying such a treasure she took advantage of the opportunity. Her tongue played a wicked beat as her fingers massaged and pulled my hardening cock, lifting my balls she tongued my ass then inserted her finger while she sucked my cock, this immediately caused an eruption in my loins and like a satisfied cum slut she drank it all down.

 The next two days I filled all her holes, we fucked and sucked each other, trying every position we had seen and inventing a few of our own. The freedom I felt as we fucked in the pool or the exercise room, not having to sneak around was incredible, our lust for each other was unbridled and unconstrained. Memories of my inept attempts with my teen lover which soon paled into obscurity.

She continued my education over the summer, from golden showers, dildoes, nipple play, light bondage; she taught me much about my own body as hers. Her legacy ...a healthy attitude to sex and very open mind.

What about the party? "It's next weekend, we are having a surprise party when your uncle returns!" She said with a wink.

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