Divorce Women...

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After some time she told me that if she is feeling hot and so removed her shirt and her skirt and wa


First experience when i lost my virginity. This happened when i was in my graduation. We had a neighbor named LATA. She was a divorcee and had recently shifted next to us. But her nature was good and she became quite friendly with us.I used to keep on going to her house to play videogames. One day when i had been to her house in the afternoon she opened the door and went back to her bedroom. I asked her what happened and she told me that her legs were paining. I asked whether i should press her legs. She smiled at me and spread out her legs. I started pressing her legs from her toes to her knees.

She started uttering some sound and i asked whether it was paining. She said she was fine and asked me to press a little further. I started pressing her thighs. The sounds increased. After some time she smiled at me and asked me to stop. She told me she will prepare some milk shake for me and went into the kitchen. I looked around and some adult magazines lying around. I had seen them when one of my friends had brought it to University. But i had very little knowledge about sex. By now my prick was aroused. I heard her coming and quickly kept the magazine and tried to cover my bulge. But she must have noticed it as she had a smile on her face and she was constantly staring at my bulge. I drank the milk shake and told her your milk shake was excellent. At this she replied her Milk Shake is always very good. She told me that she was going to watch the Movie SIN CITY at night and if i wanted i could come too. I took my mothers permission and went to her house at 9.30 at night. She seemed happy to have me. She put on the cassette and told me she will have a quick bath and come back. I started watching the movie but it turned out to DOBLE XX and had some hot scenes.

She came out of the bath room and i saw she was wearing a half sleeved tight T-SHIRT and a short skirt which was showing most of her thighs. As it is by watching the movie my i was already aroused and the view of her thighs aroused me further. The top 2 buttons of her shirt was opened and a good amount of cleavage was visible. Lata was an extremely sexy woman with good maintained figure. Big, tight Boobs, a solid ass and milky white thighs. Her boobs were struggling to tear her shirt. She sat beside me and told me that   was not available and so she had brought this movie. After some time she told me that if she is feeling hot and so removed her shirt and her skirt and was only in her Bra and Lacy panty. She asked me to do the same but i only removed my shirt. after some time she started stroking my neck and pulling my light beard. She started making fun of my beard and i told her it was really irritating to have beard and women were lucky not to have one. She said that even women had beard but at a different place and pointed towards her crotch. She told me that if i dont mind would u massage my back. I said ok and she took me into her bedroom and gave me some sweet smelling oil and laid down on her back.I applied some oil on her back and started massaging.

She asked me to unclasp her BRA and apply oil completely. I did as she told. She then turned and asked me to remove her bra. I was confused but she caught my hand and made me remove her BRA.I was shocked at the size of them. They were magnificent and beautiful. The nipples were almost pointing out and her boobs were tight. I kept staring at them. She was all the while she was smiling at me. I slowly touched her nipples and they were rock hard. She said they would taste better. I asked what. She caught my face and brought it near her boobs. I slowly took one of her nipples in my mouth and started sucking it. She was moaning. I caught the other boob and started pressing it slowly. She was running her hands thru my hair. She asked me to chew her nipples I bit it a little and she gave a little scream. Even i was excited and had seen a scene in the movie. Slowly she raised my face towards her face. She brought her lips and placed them on mine and parted my lips and inserted her tongue into my mouth. I too did the same thing. She rolled her tongue into my mouth and started sucking my tongue. we were drinking each others saliva.

She was running her hands all over my back. Then she asked me to remove my shorts. I removed them and was in my underwear which almost open as my prick was at 90 degrees. She asked me to remove her panty. I slowly removed her panty and smell it. It was kind of musky. She asked me to kneel down and she shifted to the edge of the bed. She parted her legs. her pussy was not visible as it was covered with hair. She told me to bring her razor and cream from her bathroom. I brought it. She asked me to apply some cream on her crotch and rub it. I did it accordingly and built up a lather. Her crotch was very hot. I then took the razor and shaved the hair into a heart shape. and trimmed the hair near her pussy. She had a beautiful meaty pussy. I saw some fluid coming out of her pussy and she put her finger into her pussy and brought near my mouth. I took her finger and licked it. She then told me to eat her pussy .I told her i didn't know what it was. She told me to insert my tongue into her pussy and lick it. I started licking her pussy and slowly put my tongue into it. She was shuddering. I started rolling my tongue inside her pussy. She was shouting with excitement and told me not to stop. I continued and she caught her face and pressed it to her pussy. Suddenly she gave a sigh and cummed. I didn't what it was but she asked me to drink every drop of it. It was salty. She then got up and again kissed me. She then removed my underwear and let out a slight whistle at the sight of it. She asked me to sit as she had and she knelt down.

She flickered her tongue over my prick. It was a new sensation for me. Then slowly she took my prick into her mouth which went down till her throat. Slowly she started sucking it and moving it in and out. But as it was my first time i cummed very soon and she hungrily drank every drop of it. She then got up and pushed me on the bed and jumped on me and started kissing my chest and sucking my nipples. At this my prick stood up again. She then got up and asked me to put my prick into her pussy. I got onto her and she spread her thighs. I brought my prick near her pussy and tried to push it slowly into her but pussy was tight as if she was a virgin. She asked me to give a push. I gave a push and it went in halfway. I then applied great pressure and got it in. Then slowly she told me to move up and down with my prick in her. Initially the rhythm was slow but slowly she asked me to increase the speed. I did as she told me she asked me fuck her faster and harder. I was giving it to her fully and was on the verge to cum and told her something pleasurable is happening in my groin. She asked me to do it faster and soon i exploded into her. I was totally exhausted and lay down on her my head resting on her boobs. We were drenched with sweat. Slowly i got down and lay beside her.

She stroked my face and thanked me saying she had enjoyed after a long time. She then took me in her arms and started kissing me, rubbing her legs against mine. Slowly i was aroused again. She told me she wanted to be fucked like a dog in her Ass. She knelt at the edge of the bed with her Ass pointing out. I went and licked her ass which was covered with sweat. Slowly i inserted my finger into her Ass and moved it in and out. Then a inserted my tongue and licked inside her. She asked me to fetch the bottle of Vaseline. I took it and applied it to her ASS. Her ass was a little loose by now and i slowly inserted my prick into her ass and started fucking her. It was painful at the beginning and i wanted to stop but she begged me to go ahead with it. As i had cummed twice before, it took me a little longer and i came into her ass. By now was so exhausted that i simply fell down on the bed. She came near me and we lay hugging each other. We don't know when we slept. In the morning when i got up it was already 9.30 and Lata was nude preparing Tea in the kitchen. I went and hugged her from behind and thanked her for teaching me how to achieve sex. She turned around and kissed me and said there were more nights to come. We enjoyed a lot but she was there only for i more year and then she left.   I must remember her in memory and as well in Bed..