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Down on the Farm Part 1

My new veggie manager is a quick learner on farm life
I own and operate a 200 acre Pick-your-own farm near the metro area. I grow Christmas trees, apples and pumpkins. I've tried veggies in the past but found they were too labor intensive during June which was a busy time for the other crops.

Last year during pumpkin season, a pleasant middle aged woman approached me and asked if I'd considered growing veggies as she would like to have a place to come and pick fresh from quantity. I explained my time constraints during the month of June and if she was really interested in picking veggies, she could be my business partner and grow them with me.

She had a puzzled look her face and asked how that would work. I had given it some thought in the past, so I told her that I would spread manure on the field and till it and plant it with the planter when the time came. She would split the cost of the seed with me and do all the weeding and picking work during June when I was too busy tending the other crops.

I would help her as time permitted during the other months. At the end of the season, we would split the revenue less any other expenses. She smiled and said,"That sounds interesting. I'll get back with you after I go home and talk it over with my husband."

I told her that would be fine and she had plenty of time as seed needed to be ordered around the first of the year. She wasn't hard on the eyes at all. I'm guessing her to be around 32, 5'5" tall, 140 pounds with brown hair and B cups.

She was back the very next day and approached me with a beaming smile and her hand stuck out to shake. As I clasped her hand she said, "Howdy partner!"

I told her my name was Jim as we hadn't exchanged names the day before and she said hers was Jennifer but Jenn would be fine. As I continued holding her soft hand I cautioned her that these hands might not be so soft this time next year.

She said that was fine and we started to chat a bit. Turns out she's 36, married with no kids. She had a good career in the city, but wasn't so lucky when they decided it was time for her to be a mom. I didn't press her on the subject as it's a very private matter. She wanted to get back to basics, eating healthy and closer to the earth. 

As winter approached, I had her come out to the farm numerous times. Once to give her a safety class on operating and being around tractors. Another to select the seed and get it ordered. She even came out after a snow to get some practice operating a tractor. As I got to know her during these trips, she opened up about her childless situation. The doctors told her that everything checked out fine with her, but her husband refused to give a sperm sample. Said he wasn't jacking off in a cup for anybody. I felt sorry for her being married to someone so shallow. She seemed like she would be a good mom.

The spring day in early May finally arrived and Jenn was there to help with the planting. She was quite excited. I had her take my truck down with all the different seed and I took the tractor pulling the planter. We weren't down there long and I found I had to pee, which wasn't unusual as I stay well irrigated, which makes me pee often. I figured it was as good a time as any so I had a little pee talk with her. I told her that it's always just been just me and when I needed to pee, I would pee where I was.

I could be up to a mile from the farm potty and if I went up there to pee, I'd wouldn't get things done for traveling back and forth. I told her that I would be discreet. The same if she were a guy and I'd put a tree or tractor between us and by the way all my trucks have toilet paper in the glove box if she felt so inclined as well.

She said that was fine and she would keep a supply in her car glove box as well for when she drove her car down. She said, "Jim, I'm here to help make this work. Don't let a small thing like having to pee get in the way. Besides, I've been married 12 years and I grew up with three brothers so it's nothing I haven't seen." Planting went well and we got along well.

The seeds started sprouting up with the weeds a couple weeks later and I was out there with Jenn getting her used to pulling a cultivator through the rows. We were out in the middle of the field doing some hand hoeing and I had to pee again. I didn't want to walk 200 yards to the edge of the field and back just to pee so I turned away from Jenn and announced my intentions.

To my surprise, she said, "You don't need to turn the other way, Jim."

I said,"Really?"

She said, "Yeah, I really kinda miss being around it."

I reminded her that she had told me she's been married 12 years and grew up with 3 brothers. She said, "Mike has gotten a bit frustrated in the past five years since we've been unable to conceive. We might go two months between having sex and I've got to initiate it at that."

"What a waste!" I told her.

"How so?"

"If I were married to an attractive woman like you, I'd be tearing that thing up every day and twice on weekends!"

She smiled and said, "Somehow I'm not surprised. So come on now, don't be so bashful."

I smiled and turned towards her just as I was finishing my stream of pee. She smiled and while nodding her head said, "About what I expected given as tall as you are."

I'm 6"4" so I guess she equated being hung with the height. As the day went on, I didn't' turn away to pee and she generally stopped what she was doing to check it out. I was wondering where this pecker talk might go, but didn't want to press it and be accused of sexual harassment.

June came and I was busy shearing the Christmas trees and spraying the orchard. I was coming up from the orchard on the tractor and stopped by the veggie patch where Jenn was working and hollered out, "Hey Jenn, you want to come up to the house and join me for lunch?"

When she climbed up on the tractor I complimented her that she had tanned up well and she looked like a real farmer. She generally wore a sleeveless top so she didn't have the tan line on her upper arm as I did. After I paid her the compliment, she smiled and said, "Yeah, check out this tan!"

She pulled the material from below her armpit toward her front and I could see the pale top of her tit. I smiled while nodding my head and checking it out and said, "Yeah, that looks nice."

She said, "It's nice to hear that even though I can tell you're talking about my boob. Mike doesn't pay me compliments anymore since he's lost interest in sex and it's nice to hear that I might be attractive to someone."

I told her, "I've told you before I'd be tearing it up if it were mine and the only think keeping me away was decency and our working relationship."

She smiled as she nodded and said, "How about that." We had a nice lunch.

After lunch I put the backpack sprayer on the pickup and told her I'd drop her off at the field in the truck. When I stopped along the field where I had picked her up, she said, "Lunch was on you, dessert is on me."

I asked her, "What've you got in mind?"

She said, "Shut the truck off and whip it out," glancing down to my crotch.

I undid my pants and pulled them down to my thighs. She leaned down in the seat and had my limp dick in her mouth in no time. Since she had my dick in her mouth, I figured I was at liberty to reach up her blouse under her bra and fondle her tit. It was a pleasant handful as I squeeezed and kneaded it.

It didn't take long for me to be sporting a full woody. She came off the tip of it with a slurp and said, "Now that's some nice cock!"

"Is it much different from what you've got at home?"

She bobbed her head up and down a couple more times on the shaft and said, "Let's try it out and see for sure. Come around to the other side of the truck."

By the time I got my pants up enough to walk around to the other side, she had her boots kicked off and her pants and panties off. She scooted her butt to the edge of the seat with her back down against the seat and her legs spread in the air and said, "Lets see how it feels."

I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit a few times to pick up some of her ample moisture and pressed against her soft spot. I penetrated her easily although it was a snug fit. She was much tighter than my wife after having 5 kids. I held her thighs snug against my torso with her knees over my shoulders. She shuddered as I went in deep and I paused and asked if she wanted me to hold back a bit.

She said, "No, keep going. I like the feel of it. You've got lots more girth than what I'm used to."

I knew I wouldn't last too long in her snug pussy and asked her if she was on birth control. She said, "You know I've been trying to get pregnant for the past five years. If this gets me pregnant I'd be tickled pink as long as you're OK with it."

"I'd be delighted to tickle your pink." I steadily stroked her snug pussy. Her snatch was like I'd never had before. As I hit the bottom of my stroke, I could feel something squish against the head of my dick. I don't think it was an orgasm as it did it with every stroke but she seemed to produce fluid each time I squeezed her lemon. That's just what I started calling it, squeezing the lemon.

I'd never had that sensation with my wife. As my orgasm drew close and my cock swelled in girth she was flinching with each of my strokes as I hit bottom and squeezed her lemon. As I started spewing my cum in her snug glove, she flailed her arms and said, "Oh my god!"

I filled her with about 5 good spurts of cum and held her legs firm as I rested my shrinking cock in her. I looked down at her and said, "So you OK, then?"

She smiled and said, "That was wonderful!"

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