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Down on the Farm Part 3

I got to lay a surprise on Jenn
This story will make most sense if you start with, 'Down on the Farm' Parts 1 and 2.

I developed a genuine comfort level being with Jenn. Here I am fucking some guy's wife, whom I'd never even met and fucking her with no protection at all. On top of that she even relished the thought of me getting her pregnant. By early July Jen had said that she'd lost 15 pounds so far this season. That was enough to shed away that 'baby fat' look she had prior to working in the fields with me. She wore a tank top shirt every day so she had a really gorgeous tan on her arms and upper torso. Her buns had slimmed down very nicely and had toned up with the work she was doing. She had told me that she was a runner back in high school and I could see that runner physique in her. To me she was the perfect vision.

Not all of our fucking that summer was passionate but it was often. We had lots of quickies. Several times we fucked twice in a day and a couple times we did it three times. There was one time I was coming up from the back field in the big tractor and I stopped the tractor when I got even with her. She was bent over picking string beans with her ass pointed toward me and I just couldn't resist. She was only about 30 yards into the field and I called out to her "I sure would love to snap off a piece of that gorgeous ass winking at me out there!"

She stood and smiled and said, "Anytime, anyplace...that's the deal!"

As she walked over to me I was looking for a place to plop her ass down and not get ants in her crack or the like and I spied on the front tractor tire. It's a pretty big tire about 16 inches wide, which can be viewed in my profile pics. It was clean as I'd been driving on grass so I had her lean over the tire after she freed her shorts and panties. She was very wet without any foreplay so I slid in easily. This was getting to be the norm. This had me squatting with a bit more bend in my knees than I was comfortable with so I had her stand and lean forward with her elbows on the tire. This is probably not the way the people in the tire store size a tire but I told her, "Perhaps they should size tires for fucking comfort with little smiley faces on the side wall."

She said, "At that rate they could put handles about a foot apart for the gal to hang on to."

I chuckled as my member began to twitch and fill her with my seed.

Another time I was out there picking tomatoes with her and loading them onto the back of the pick-up. Tomatoes boxes cannot be stacked as they would crush so we load the bed from the front to the back. We both had a full box at the same time and I was about thirty feet ahead of her and slid my box across the tailgate to mid-bed. I stood back as Jenn did the same with her box but as I saw the box leave her fingertips with her hips up against the tailgate with her beautiful arse on display, I immediately stepped behind her pressing my groin against her ass. She held still with her arms stretched across the bed of the truck and with both hands I put them on her hips and said, "Oh what a heavenly sight!"

I ran my hands up her sides pushing her top up as they went. I massaged her boobs with both hands and began dry humping her butt. To my surprise she didn't have a bra on today. I remarked, "Were you planning on getting fucked today leaving the bra home?"

"I like getting fucked every day but I figured what's the point with the bra. I lost 15 pounds so far this summer and I think 5 came off each boob."

"I think your tits are gorgeous just the way they are!"

By now I had developed a full erection and pulled her up to vertical and reached around her front and unsnapped her shorts and with a thumb on each side pulled her shorts and panties down. I then unsnapped my pants and let them fall to the ground. I leaned against her so she was back down against the tailgate and slid my pole in her wet love tunnel. As I started stroking in her snug, wet love tube I reached up and resumed kneading her tits.

"I thought all guys wanted big boobs," she said.

"Not me. I like these just fine. As a matter of fact, I am repulsed by a boob job. I like everything natural, the food I eat, your smell, the taste of your snatch and your boobs just like they are."

"I've never heard a guy say something like that. What is it that repulses you about fake boobs?" she said as I steadily stroked her.

"I think that fake boobs do me the same way that a comb-over affects most women."

"Yuck!" She shrugged and I could feel it on my cock.

"So would I still have my cock buried to the base in your snatch if I had a comb-over? After all, I am bald."

"I'd never looked at it that way. Oh and by the way, your being bald doesn't bother me at all. But yeah, a comb-over might have kept you out of the promised land."

I got each nipple between my thumb and index finger and rolled them a bit firmer and she flinched and said, "Gentle there big boy!"

"OK, sorry. Hey I got a surprise for you."

"Would it be that load of cum you're about to blast into my snatch?"

"Naw, but you can feel it coming?" As soon as I got the words out, I started sending blasts of my seed up into her burying as deep as I could.

"Yeah, I enjoy the feel of you swelling up and cumming in me. It pleases me to make you feel good. So what's this surprise?"

"Might be a couple actually. I know it's short notice, but do you think you could get away later in the week for an overnight road trip without Mike being too suspicious?" I said as my dick began shrinking.

"I think so. What ya got in mind?"

"The apple growers convention is coming up in West Virginia later this week and we could take the Harley up and ride the mountains and then I could spring the rest of the surprise on you."

"Oh god, I wouldn't miss that trip even if I had to tell Mike I was going off to fuck my boyfriend for the weekend!"

"Ok, I'll leave the farm early Thursday morning on the bike. You come out here and pick the tomatoes without me so the wife isn't suspicious. We'll pick them hard Wednesday so there won't be much here. You drop the tomatoes off and meet me at the Belair Shopping Center, where I'll be waiting for you. Pack an overnight bag and we'll actually get to fuck in a bed for a change and we'll come back the next evening."

She snapped her ass to turn around and my limp dick slid out and she said, "Geez! You're going to make me wait till Thursday for this surprise?"

"Well, I was going to wait till Friday but I guess Thursday will work"

"I am sooo looking forward to this! I've never been on a motorcycle before , you know."

"You've never had something hot and throbbing between your legs?"

"Well, I have that, but it didn't have Harley Davidson written on the side of it! And I hadn't had something REALLY hot and throbbing till I met you!"

Jenn was beside herself the rest of the week and I enjoyed toying with her. She kept asking for a clue. I'd smile while shaking my head 'no' and put my hand to my crotch and say, "It's gonna cost you girl!"

She'd say, "Ill pay! I'll pay!" She was putty in my hand and we both enjoyed playing with it.

Thursday finally came and I was off on the bike early. Jenn arrived at the shopping center early but I wasn't surprised. I was at the far end of the lot where her car would not be as visible. She pulled up beside me with a smile on her face. She jumped out of her car and jumped up to me and wrapped her legs above my hips and gave me the tightest hug and a wet, sloppy kiss and said, "I have soooo been looking forward to this trip!"

She reached in her car and grabbed a little tote bag which she presented to me and I placed in the side bag. I lifted a biker babe tank top out of the side bag and told her, "This is for you to wear."

"Oh nice, I like it!" as she slid her top off and started to pull the biker top on.

"Woa, woa, woa!" I said.

She pulled the top the rest of the way down and said, "What?"

"The bra stays here."

She looked around and not seeing anyone in the immediate area lifted the top back up, spun her bra around, unclasped it, tossed it in her car and put the top back on.

"That's better. Today and tomorrow you're my biker babe!"

She gave me a hug and said, "You'd better believe it! Ok now, what do I need to know about riding?"

"Not much, just leave the driving to me. In other words don't try to help lean the bike for a turn, just stay behind me. No sudden, large movements so don't sing YMCA and form the letters with your arms. Oh, and you should reach around and stroke the driver's cock at least twice every hour." As I smiled.
Oh, and every time I turn my head to look in the side view mirror, I expect to get flashed a titty on that side.

"You're kidding me aren't you!"

"Hey, why do you think every Harley has fine print at the bottom of the mirror that says, 'Tits in the mirror are larger than they appear'?"

I fired up the bike and pulled out with Jenn on the back and she gave me a big hug and said, "I am soo happy!"

As we were on the road for about half hour and she got acclimated to riding she said, "I'm ready for the surprise!"

"Not quite yet" I said.

"How about a clue?"

"What's in it for me?"

"How about a super-duper blow job?"

"In that case, bucket."

"What bucket?"

"That's your clue"

"What kind of a fuckin' clue is bucket?" As she squeezed me tight.

"What, a five gallon bucket?"

"That's all you get!"

"You gotta give me more than that!"

"Ok, be looking for a quiet spot and I'll pull over and give you some."

"I'll take that too, but I was looking for more of a clue than just bucket." She said as she reached around and ran her hand down the front of my pants and started fondling my cock.

"You're trying to hurry the stop aren't you?"

"Hey a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!"

Shortly I saw an old logging road going off into the woods. It was smooth enough I could maneuver the bike on it.

We came to a stop in a shady cleared area and I shut the bike off. "Is the surprise out here?" she asked.

"Yeah, we brought it with us."

"You got a bucket in one of the other bags?"

"Nope. But you can start with taking your clothes off. Then hop on my seat of the bike and lay back but watch those pipes 'cause they're hot as hell."

She did as I said and after I got my clothes off I threw a leg over the gas tank facing her, raised her legs up and slid my cock into her snatch. If you have trouble with the visual, check the pic at my profile. She rested her arms across the arm rests and her head rested against the top of her seat. "Well I knew we were gonna fuck today and tomorrow so that's not much of a surprise," she says.

"Awww! You're being a party pooper!" I said as I stroked in and out of her heavenly snatch.

"So what's a bucket got to do with fuckin?" She says.

"Can we think ....Bucket.....List?"

"Ohhhh! I'm gettin it!"

"Yeah, you're gettin it!" as I shoved in deeper and squeezed her lemon and made her squirt.

"Yeah! Gettin fucked on a Harley!" She paused and said, "But that really wasn't on my bucket list."

"Maybe not, but gettin' fucked on a Harley while you're pregnant sure is!"

With those words, her eyes grew wide open and her mouth gapped open and she said very loudly, "You think I'm pregnant?"

"I'm quite certain you are!"

With that she pulled me tight and hugged tightly so just her butt was resting on the seat and then kissed me all about my face. "Oh my god, now that's a surprise! How can you tell? I mean I can't tell I'm pregnant! I feel fine! How can you tell I'm pregnant?"

"For starters, I noticed those dark blue veins on your tits. Haven't you noticed them when you get out of the shower?"

"Yeah, but I thought it was from losing 15 pounds in two months."

I laid her back against the seat and with my right hand rolled her nipple between my fingers. She said, "Oooo!"

"You haven't noticed the tenderness in your nipples?"

Then I stroked her a bit harder and said, "You haven't noticed how you're always wet and ready for cock without warming up at all? Oh, I love pregnant pussy! By the way, when did you last have your period?"

"It's been a couple months ago but I thought that was from all the exercise! When I was running in high school I went a couple years without a period and the doctor said it was from running."

"And didn't you tell me that you were down 15 pounds a couple weeks ago and you couldn't figure why you put a couple back on?"

"Cause I'm pregnant huh? That's so incredible that you noticed things about my body that I didn't notice!"

"Well don't forget that I've got 5 kids so I know what to look for."
I could tell she was excited 'cause I was squeezing her lemon and causing her to squirt on every stroke. With her legs over my shoulders I leaned in a bit more to suckle her tender nipple and shortly it sent her over the edge. Her sloppy wet snatch clamped down on my shaft and I started unloading my sperm into her womb containing my child.

I held myself there as my member began shrinking and said to her, "You can make an appointment with your doctor when we get back so you can tell Mike"

"Oh yeah, that would be a good idea wouldn't it!"

"Yeah, or you could just say 'oh honey we're going to have a baby and I know that cause my boyfriend told me that when he was banging the tar out of my snatch.' Yeah, that wouldn't go over too well."

"Oh, Oh! Let me get my I phone out of my handbag and I can call right now! Oh, I can't wait!" as she scooted up and reached for her phone and punched a few buttons.

"Yes, this is Jennifer Miller and I'd like to make an appointment for my first prenatal exam. (Pause) Yes, I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant.....about 2 months ago.....Yes, I'll take whatever you've got.......Yes, Monday at 9 will be fine. Ok, thanks. Bye. Yesss! But I guess I shouldn't get too excited...just in case. But I believe you! Yesss!"

She wrapped her arms around my neck and looked me in the eyes and said, "Well Mister daddy-o, I am going to fuck you so hard on this trip you're gonna think your balls are going to fall off for that wonderful surprise you laid on me."

"I'm looking forward to it."

A stream of her squirt fluid had run down the side of the bike and baked onto the exhaust pipe (see pic). I smiled and shook my head and said, "Now that's a new one. I'd never heard bikers say they've had cum burned onto their pipes. It'll clean up but that's our souvenir for the trip."

The convention was at the Canaan Valley resort. Jenn really enjoyed riding the mountains. The rooms and accommodations were very nice. The dining room had one wall in glass overlooking a huge expanse of the golf course and some wilderness. At dusk, we could see the fog moving in. The waiter came by and asked if we'd like a drink. With a smile on Jenn's face and about ready to order I told the waiter we'd pass on drinks. After he left, Jenn had a puzzled look on her face and I told her, "No alcohol for you for the next year or so. Babies don't drink."

"Oh my gosh! I wasn't thinking!"

"That's all right, in your mind you've only been pregnant for a few hours. There will be lots of changes though so be ready for your life to change in a big sort of way."

She reached over with both her hands and clasped mine and said, "Thank-you so much for changing my life in such a big way!"

After a wonderful dinner, we went back to our room and grabbed a shower together for the first time. We both enjoyed running our hands over the other's soapy body. After we dried off I grabbed a dry towel and headed over to the bed and she gently pushed me back onto the bed and said, "All right big Daddy, your ass is mine now! So you just lay right there while I drain every drop of cum out of your balls!"

I knew it was her 'payback' time for me so I let her have her way with me and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. She started off laying her clean, soft body on top of mine and kissing me deeply. Then she licked her way down my neck and licked about my armpit. She breathed deeply and said, "Ummmm, that's my man!"

She then licked about one nipple and then over to the other for the same. She licked her way down the center of my belly and stuck her tongue in my navel. When she got to my cock, she just licked the limp top of it and continued licking her way down my left leg. When she got yo my toes she ran her tongue between each toe and then sucked each one in her mouth and licked it around. This ran quite the sensation up my legs and she could tell from my tensing. She licked the arch of my foot and then went to the other foot and did the same thing. This had me quivering a bit. She licked her way up my right leg and sucked and licked my balls when she got to them. She then got all of my semi-limp shaft in her mouth and worked miracles with her tongue. She had to relinquish some penetration as my length started to grow to full size. She was working up and down the shaft as I tapped her butt and said, "Bring it over here so I can talk to baby."

She put her knees on either side of my head so we were in 69 position. I licked about her tunnel and said, "Wake up baby. This is Daddy. Time to wake up for bath time."

I licked farther up her slit and started circular motions over her clit with my tongue. While I was doing that I reached up with my right hand and stuck my middle finger in her wet tunnel. I pulled it out and gently started pressing it into her anus while sticking my thumb in her snatch. As I rubbed my two fingers together inside her, she reacted almost immediately. A squirt erupted from her snatch. Some went down the base of my thumb and some went into my face. She squirted a couple more times and said, "Oh my gosh! I've got to have more than your thumb in there right now!"

"Just scoot down and help yourself, Hon," I said. As she scooted, I lifted my ass and placed the towel underneath. She remained facing my feet and guided my ready member into her wet tunnel. My thumb was still wet so I pressed it gently into her anus.

"Oh my god! It's like my nerve endings go on hyper drive when you stick a finger up my butt!" At this point I could feel my aching cock squeeze her lemon juice with each of her downward thrusts.

"You've never had a finger up your butt?"

"No, but I love the feeling!"

As she clamped down on my slippery shaft, more fluid squished out with each stroke and she sent me over the edge. I arched my groin upward to meet each of her strokes as my shaft swelled to maximum girth and started spewing wave after wave of my cum up into her very wet tunnel. After our climax, she collapsed on my legs with my cock still imbeded. I asked her, "So does baby like bath time?"

"OH my gosh! I just never knew such feelings were possible! That's the strongest orgasm I've ever had. I guess I could say that's the strongest orgasm I've had this year since I'd never had an orgasm before being with you."

"No kiddin."

"Yup! You're the only person that has ever opened and entered my orgasm chambers."

"I feel flattered."

"You're just a damn good fuck, big Daddy!"

We kissed, hugged and fell asleep in each others arms.

I was awakened a little after midnight with Jenn under the sheets sucking on my cock. Maybe she thought she had to one-up me since she enjoyed the last fuck so much. I just layed there and enjoyed her talents and stroked her torso as I could reach her. She brought me to climax and kept her head on my cock. She had never swallowed my load before so I wasn't sure how she would handle it. She came up to my face and started kissing me which was her way of showing that she had swallowed all of it. I said, "Good girl."

I was awakened again around sunrise with her mouth on my cock again. After she worked on my rod for about five minutes I told her, "If you're going for another mouthful of cum, it may be a tall order to fill. My balls fuel gauge tells me that I'm low on cum. Let me stick it in spooning and we'll see what you get."

She did and I slipped in her snug love noose that was still wet from last night when I filled her with cum. "Ahh, the only thing better than sloppy seconds is wallowing in my own sloppy seconds" , I said.

"I gave Mike some of your sloppy seconds and he was none the wiser. And just so you know, you've never had his sloppy seconds...I wouldn't consider giving you his sloppy seconds."

"So why does he get my sloppy and I don't get his sloppy?"

"Because you're special and I cherish your cum. He's never cum in my mouth either much less swallowing him."

"Why's that, you've been married for what, twelve years?"

"He's just not into it like you are. You're just so much more exciting and sexual and immersed than he is."

"Even though I'm twenty years older than him, you'd rather fuck an old man?"

"Oh, the age is not a factor at all. Your gray hair doesn't bother me at all. I think it just adds to your sexiness." I stopped humping her for a moment and leaned in a gave her a kiss on the back of her neck. I ran my hand up and down her shapely side which felt so good.

Then I reached my hand around to her tummy and asked, "So are you ready to start getting really big in here?" 

"You have no idea how long I've been looking forward to this day. It means the world to me. It makes me complete."

I started stroking deeper and soon filled her with more cum. After we rested for a few minutes I said, "Let's get a shower and get some breakfast. My balls are hungry after this workout you've given them all night long. Humm, I've still got your cum on my face from last night."

After we got out of the shower and dried off, she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist and hugged me so tight and said, "I just love you so much, Jim."

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