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Emily Visits the Major

Emily Visits the Major

Living alone in Fresno, Emily was finally on her own. She had finished college and had found a job here in her field which was perfect for her. She was no longer near her parents or her old friends, but she was making the best of it. She had a great apartment with a pool that she could sunbathe beside and could cool off in the pool when the California sun got too hot for her.

She didn't mind the stares when she went down to the pool. She knew that her long blond wavy hair was beautiful. And because of her activity, she was as fine physically as they come. She had long curvaceous legs and her breasts were real. Large, soft and touchable.

Her parents and most of her family lived in the Bay area. She had attended Berkeley and was now engaged in her life's work. By day she was a financial advisor, but by night she practiced her passion for writing. She was well along on her first novel.

She was an avid outdoorswoman, and living so close to Yosemite and King's Canyon was a great treat for her. She looked forward to going there as often as feasible. She was fully aware that her father's old army commander lived not too far away, in Madera. Her father always said that Major Harkness had saved his life several times in Vietnam. She had always seen him at all the family gatherings, but they had never been alone. She knew he loved the outdoors, too. And he was always well-tanned and buff for a sixty-five year old duffer. They had sometimes spoken about his trips into the wilderness at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

She decided to give the major a call and see how he was. When she reached him one day after work, they caught up on family gossip, and then he asked what she was doing that weekend. It was early summer, and he was going up to Yosemite to camp out. He knew places to avoid the crowds, up in the hills. Primitive, but private.

She eagerly agreed to accompany him for the weekend. He would pick her up in Fresno and take his all-wheel drive up to Yosemite. This would be fun, she thought. She spent the rest of the week getting her camping gear together. For just a week-end a backpack would hold everything she needed. They were to leave early Saturday to give them time to drive up and then pack in to the major's favorite spot.

He picked her up at 6:00 a.m. They quickly hugged and then got their gear packed away and got on the road. When she called him major, he corrected her. Barry was fine with him now that she was a lovely young woman on her own. And he gave her a crooked little grin. She smiled back. She had always liked him.

Both of them were dressed for the occasion. Both wore khaki shirts and khaki shorts, his displaying strong manly calves while hers displayed those luscious long and tanned legs that turned heads. And she noticed he often turned his eyes towards those legs. She just giggled inside. She was just giving an old man a little thrill.

When they reached Yosemite they had to wait a while to enter. While they sat in traffic Barry would often squeeze her thigh for emphasis as he spoke of the coming hike and the camp-out tonight. She didn't mind. It was just his way. Besides, it gave her a little tingle that was not unpleasant. Finally when they entered the park using his Senior Pass to get in for free, and he quickly found a little used side road, probably illegally. But since he seemed to know what he was doing she didn't object. It would be fun to see something everyone else hadn't seen.

Barry parked in a little grove of trees, carefully staying on the old road and not destroying any of the environment. Then they put on their packs and began hiking. As Barry led the way Emily couldn't help noticing his great ass and his strong legs as they worked up into the hills.

After three hours they had reached his hidden private camp site. You wouldn't know it had ever been camped in because he kept it pristine. He cleaned up everything after his camp-outs. First off they pitched his tent, which would hold two easily, then placed their sleeping bags and other gear inside. Picking up some deadfall, they put together a fire pit with some scattered stones. They would be roughing it, but in style. He had brought beef and vegetables for a stew and ham and eggs for breakfast.

Now they could relax and sit on a log and really talk, enjoying the outdoors together. Barry told her stories about his service and his other travels around the world, often mentioning the women he had met. And since she was a grown woman now, he didn't bother to bowdlerize his stories. They got pretty explicit. Again, she didn't mind. She liked Barry.

Besides, she was no young virgin herself. During college she had several boyfriends and had fucked all of them. Sexuality was nothing new to her. She actually loved it with a passion. Especially giving head. So Barry's stories didn't affect her in the least, except they did make her somewhat horny.

In late afternoon they got the stew cooking and decided to go into the tent to get out of some of the sun that was lowering to the west right into their campsite. They both stretched out on their sleeping bags. After a few minutes Barry started to snore and Emily looked at his strong body and thought she could see why so many women had loved this man over the years. Then she noticed that he had a massive hard on. She wondered if he was dreaming, and then wondered if it was about her. She blushed. Should she be ashamed to think of that?

After another few minutes Barry awoke, looked down at his crotch then over to Emily. He gave his crooked grin, and she couldn't help grinning back.

"I have no control over him. He does that around every beautiful woman I am near."

Again she blushed. Barry reached out to touch her cheek and told her not to be embarrassed. It happened to men all the time. She told him she was well aware of that. She wasn't a virgin by a long shot. At that his touch turned to a caress and he drew her face to his and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

"That was nice, Barry."

"It could get nicer, you know."

"Yes, I know. I'm confused. Isn't this wrong? You're my father's best buddy."

"It wasn't wrong when your mother had some fun with me."

And then he drew her close again and began to kiss her with passion this time, and her lips couldn't help but respond. They began spreading saliva all over their lips, trading nips, and cramming tongues into each other's mouth.

Their hands were busy too. They starting groping their bodies through the khaki but needed to finally shed those garments. She hadn't been wearing a bra anyway, and he took off her panties. He shed his boxer briefs and it was showtime. He had been lusting for this body for a time now. Ever since he first saw her come home from college all grown up. He wasn't going to waste this chance.

He had always known that she was eating pussy. Now he found out that others must know it too. It was bare of any pubic hair. Completely bare and fucking forcing him to gobble it. He started his tongue at her clit which was peeking out of hiding and gave it a good washing. It was causing Emily to squeal with delight and hold his head tight against her crotch. He moved down to the labia which were all shiny from the cunt juices seeping out of her pussy. This was fine eating pussy.

"I want some cock in me Barry. Please fuck me. Please."

No sooner said than done. Barry put those fine long legs up on his shoulders and fed her some cock. Then he rammed it deep into her cooze. She squealed again, and told him to do it harder. He did. He was fucking so hard he could feel his cock bumping up against her cervix. And still she wanted it harder. So he thrust and thrust. He was feeling cunt fluids oozing out around her pussy lips and onto her thighs. Finally he came hard and pulled out quickly. He wanted to shoot come on her taut belly and tits. He discovered she was a squirter. She squirted on his tight belly as he shot wads on her tummy and perfect tits. They were covered with love juices.

It was early summer but the waterfall they washed up in was chilly. They both rubbed each other good, getting the love juices off of their still naked bodies. Then they went back to camp and dressed. They had the stew which had cooked to perfection during their love-making.

The weekend was far from over and so was the sex. This was going to be a campout to remember fondly, thought Emily, as she and Barry companionably sat on the log eating their stew and anticipating what was going to happen tonight.

Their sleeping bags were covered with come, so they just turned them over and decided to sleep nude on the clean sides. They sat up talking until full darkness descended and then climbed into the tent and stripped again.

"The first time I fucked your mother I told her she was a naughty girl. She had come home from work while I was there at your family's home. I could smell the sex on her. Then I made her take off all of her work clothes and I gave her a good spanking, even though she was forty. Your father was still at work. Then I made her take a shower to wash off her workplace lover. And I fucked her again, only the right way this time. That's what she told me later. That he had come in about a minute and hadn't even thanked her."

"I don't begrudge Mom having some fun. Daddy hasn't always been as attentive as he might have been. I think the war affected him more than it did you. You know Barry, I was a naughty girl with one of my professors. No one ever knew."

"Then it's about time you got the punishment you missed."

He grabbed her as she giggled and put her over his lap. She could feel his hard cock under her. And he began to spank her quite hard. So hard her ass was getting sore and redder and redder. But she was coming on him as he did it. The juices were streaming out of her pussy.

Then he picked her up and put her down on her hands and knees. He began to lick and caress her red ass. He was soothing it. He moved his mouth to the pussy, then up to the ass hole and stuck his tongue in it. Then he stopped and she heard him get up. He knelt behind her and started feeding hard cock into her abused ass. It was so fucking hot. It was so fucking tight.

He fucked her properly and came in her as her own juices leaked out and down her thighs. Then it was time to relax again. They had some hand wipes and she cleaned up his cock. She had plans for later.

They were both exhausted, so they fell asleep early holding each other to their naked bodies.

Emily awoke just as the morning birds began to sing, before daylight. She could see by the false dawn light and she could feel. She felt around and found what she wanted. A man's cock. It was a wondrous thing to her. And as she fondled it it got harder. But Barry was dead tired and didn't wake up. That did not matter to her. She leaned over him with her tits dangling, and began to slowly lick his dick. It definitely stayed hard, and some pre-cum seeped out. She gobbled it all up. She thought he was finally coming awake. But he surely didn't stop her. She began to get more aggressive, sucking hard and fucking her own face, bobbing up and down faster and faster. At last he had to come, and she got the breakfast she wanted.

She ate so much come it dribbled down her chin. All this while he had been squeezing and pinching her tits. What a lovely way to get up in Yosemite in the morning.

They spent the day hiking around various trails he knew that few others seemed to use. It was so spectacularly beautiful. The whole day was magical. She had been to Yosemite many times, but had never seen it from the places he found for them. She was glad for that, and for the marvelous sex this old man could still pump out. It got late in the afternoon. They returned to camp. They would have to leave soon. They would have dinner on the way home. But Barry was not quite ready to leave.

"Emily. Take off your clothes and sit here on the log. I've a treat for you."

Emily loved treats. Especially the kind she knew she would surely get now. All of her clothes were off. Barry stripped his khaki shorts off and his cock was growing. He approached her and began jerking his old prick making it harder and harder. He wouldn't allow her to touch him. He just tipped her head up to receive his treat. She held her mouth wide as she massaged her nipples and tits. One finger was fucking her cunt as she waited eagerly. And she was rewarded. He began panting and groaning. A spurt of spunk shot out and hit her face. Then more spurts began to hose her down. It went all over her face and tits, and even dripped down to her wet cunt.

"Now lick it clean for me baby. That's a good girl."

She grabbed his cock and sucked it dry. He was wiping white cream from her tits and face. She licked his hands clean. Finally he found a wet wipe and cleaned up the traces of his man juice. All the while, except when swallowing, she had be grinning widely.

Needless to say, that was not the last time Barry took her camping.

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