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Encounter at the Restaurant

Sometimes you find holemates in ordinary places
Encounter at the Restaurant.

Damian and Sasha are travelling together from the west to the east of Australia. Damian is driving and Sasha is a young girl of twenty or so he picked up as a hitchhiker. They have been travelling together for the whole day and have pulled into a Road House for dinner and a stay overnight.

They booked into the Road House in separate rooms for the night. “I'll see you in the restaurant about seven for dinner. It will give us a chance to get a shower and change,” said Damian as they parted to go to their separate rooms.

Damian glanced at the amenities listed in the folder inside his room and noticed that they had “R” and “X” rated movies on demand. He changed into a casual dress shirt and his R.M. Williams jeans. They always made him feel good and he didn't wear them very often. After a coffee in his room he made his way to the restaurant out the front and found a table for two looking over the driveway. He was only there for five minutes when Sasha joined him with a new evening look.

She wore high heeled strappy sandals, and moving up her sheer long legs the eyes were led up to a short transparent floral skirt with a flair at the bottom and further up her breasts were confined by a tight bone coloured top with a scoop neckline. The whole picture looked just too good to be true. Damian noticed the stir she caused from the other blokes who were sitting at the bar as she cruised into the restaurant. He was aware of the scowls of envy directed to him as they wondered how an older man could hold the attention of a much younger chick. A short wait between ordering and the food arriving did not give them much time to talk. The food was served and presented to the standard of any high class restaurant in any capital city of Australia. It was accompanied with a complimentary bottle of wine which they both appreciated. The first glass was used as a toast to their pleasant meeting and the company they had both enjoyed during the short time they had been travelling together.

With the coffee came the band. Two young men and a girl started to set up the chairs and music and the girl set up the drum kit. The guys brought their guitars out of the cases and placed them in the stands by the front microphones. After plugging them into the house speakers a quick sound check made sure everything was working.

Then with a crash of cymbals and drums they launched into their first instrumental. Playing with extreme skill they convinced their audience that they were in for a real musical encounter tonight. A combination of chords and riffs with solo drums in the middle convinced the audience that this was original music, probably composed by the band members themselves. “Hey they're good,” Sasha commented when there was a break in the rhythm and sound. “I don't know what they call themselves but they could be the next INXS.”

After the first shock of sound the band smoothly set about going into cover songs in which all members joined in with the words. Most of the songs were familiar to Damian and even he could see that this small band had a future in the world of music.

Sasha was getting restless with the rhythm pouring from the stage, her upper body was bouncing and her head weaving from side to side in time with the beat. The first set ended and the band took a break at the bar.

“Would you mind if I try to join in with this group they really turn me on musically?” “No, why should I; you are free to do what you like, I don't own you.” Damian said. “Thanks.” Sasha said as she rose from her chair and went to the bar to chat with the band. She was very smart at this move because she did not try to catch the attention of the male members, but went straight up to the girl drummer and started a conversation about her experience and how she would like to join in. Fortunately for Sasha she had chosen the right person, because the girl drummer was the leader of the group and was secretly pleased that Sasha had chosen her to ask instead of the usual groupie behaviour of going straight for the guys. “ Hi;” she said, “My name is Terri, and this is Jason and Steve. We have been together since High School so we have got used to each other. If you want to join in we have no objection as we sometimes do Karaoke so we are used to having others sing with us. If you have your own song sheets with you we could really get into it tonight.” “O.K. I'll be back in a jiff, I have them with me in my room so I'll let you have your drinks and go and get them.” Sasha scooted off out of the Restaurant while Damian watched the swish of her skirt as it tried to stay in time with her movements without success.

Damian just had time to finish his third glass of wine when Sasha returned and went straight to the bandstand. By the nodding of heads they all seemed to know what each was getting at and Sasha distributed her music sheets to each one and they were off on the first of her choice of standards. She took the lead singers part and the others joined in as backing singers. Terri took the harmony parts and the effect on the crowd was electrifying. All the conversation died and several couples got up to dance. Movement and music took over the crowd and loud applause greeted the first set of the new combination. Damian was aroused by the sight of Sasha as she performed because she had chosen to stand in front of the drum kit and the bass was lit inside by a bright light which in turn shone through Sasha's skirt and showed off her full figure to anybody keen enough to observe as Damian was. Love is a bright light and a sheer skirt- he thought to himself as he made up a new saying. This is the life; his brain told his body. Without even trying I am in heaven living my personal dream. Who else in OZ. could be as fortunate as me; and the best part is that I have at least four hours of this to look forward to.

Sasha returned to their table after the second set to congratulations from Damian. “ You did well with that band; are you sure you want to go on to Adelaide or stay here with this lot?” commented Damian. “Oh no, I am going to try to get into a better known band than this one. The band I am joining has an offer they are considering of a record contract whereas this one still has to be noticed in their State before they can progress. I am sure that they are in for big things though and you and I will be able to say that we knew them when they were playing in the country gigs.” Sasha replied. Pushing a full glass of wine towards her Damian said, “ I have ordered a drink for you, I thought you would be thirsty after that effort. You look tremendous up there, your clothes really set off your personality and match your voice.” “ Thank you kind sir”, I really need the drink. They have asked me to continue with them for the night I hope you don't mind being on your own.” “No, that's alright I am used to being on my own a lot; but I am enjoying your performance it helps me get to know you better.”After a ten minute break Sasha was called back to the stage and rejoined the group.

Damian got up to refresh his own drink from the bar when he was spoken to by a very attractive woman who was probably in her thirties. “Hi, I'm Linda. I see you are a musical widower waiting on your girl to finish the gig. I used to be the female equivalent and waited on my boyfriend just by the side of the stage like you are every night he was playing. I eventually got sick of it and we drifted apart especially when he couldn't stop sampling the young chicks that hung around the fellas in the band.”

Damian explained that Sasha was just a travelling companion for a few days and he had no particular attachment to her. “Are you on your own, and would you like to join my table? I will get you a drink if you like and we can enjoy each others company while we listen to the band.” “O.K.” Linda said, “but before we do there is some slow music playing at the moment why don't we have a dance?” “Well I would like that,” he said, “I haven't danced with a smart lady like you for ages.” Leaving his drink on the bar he walked around in front of Linda and placing his hands just above her hips he lifted her down to deposit her on the floor in front of him. Slipping one hand around to hold her back he lifted her left hand in the regulation hold for close dancing and swept her with three masterful pirouettes onto the tiny dance floor. “Wow, you really know how to dance,” Linda said breathlessly. Damian replied, “Well I have had plenty of time to watch :”Dancing with the Stars” and improve my technique mentally at least. But when I was a kid I used to compete at junior level in competitions.” “Just keep doing what you are doing, I love dancing with somebody who knows how. I improve dramatically when I have a good partner so keep going you are making me look good,” Linda remarked.

Damian glanced up to the stage to see Sasha beaming at him, pleased that he was not just sitting down waiting for her. The music changed to a Tango and Linda moulded herself to Damian's body from the breasts to the knees. She placed one of her legs inside Damian's and pressed herself closer to him if that were possible. They moved so well together that other couples on the tiny floor left them to dance alone like a show couple. Damian felt his body responding to the feel of this woman pressing herself against him. His nipples got hard, and this was matched by his penis working it's way into a straight erect missile contained painfully within his jeans. Linda obviously felt his reaction to the situation because she started to murmur and he could feel the outline of her mons rubbing up and down his leg while still keeping the momentum of the dance going. The music stopped at the end of the song, but neither wanted this magic moment to finish; besides they both were very much aroused by their movements that the only way they could cover their now prominent feelings was to glide back to Damian's table together as a dancing couple. The patrons applauded them loudly, knowing that they had seen something usually reserved for Theatre shows.

“Wow! You are both so hot!” Sasha said as she arrived at the table for the rest break. “You both looked like professional dancers. Damian; you didn't tell me you could do this as well as all your other talents.” Damian replied, “I know, I know, but some of us are modest you see. Anyway this is Linda; She is travelling alone in the opposite direction to us and heading back to the West.” Greetings were exchanged between them both and some of their history exchanged. Damian was interested to hear that Linda was a nurse working in one of the big hospitals in Perth but had just finished two weeks holiday in Victoria visiting her Mother. Damian was then able to tell her that he was in the same industry as her and they should keep in touch when he returned. “That is if you are not already in a relationship at the moment.” “No.” Linda said, “I have found it hard to find anybody that will fit in with my shifts and erratic working hours. So I have been on my own for over two years now.”

Sasha was once again called back to the stage and because he enjoyed the last dance so much it compelled Damian to ask Linda to dance again. She rose up immediately and her dress swished around her thighs as she spun around to take his hand. They moved into a smooth Foxtrot, hopping and gliding across the tiny dance space. They did not talk while they danced, each contained in the moment of bliss as they became one person together. No matter what the beat from the band they managed to fit some kind of movement that was smooth and complete within itself. Some of the steps were made up as they went, both in tune to each other. Sasha was singing her heart out on the stage but Damian had diverted his attention to the woman in his arms feeling her smooth curves moulded to his body, blissfully unaware of the sensation this pair was having on the crowd. Even the waitresses had stopped to watch and they had seen almost everything.

This entertainment for everyone continued until the band stopped playing at midnight and Sasha came back to the table to say goodnight to Damian and Linda. “I'll see you in the morning, what time will we be on the move again?” Damian replied: “I think we will be leaving here about nine o'clock so I will meet you here for breakfast at eight thirty.”

Linda wished Sasha well and then turned to Damian and asked: “Would you like to take me to my room?” Damian in his haste to take her up in this offer nearly overturned the table. “Yes!” he said. “Lets go”.

They moved out of the restaurant as a couple and Linda directed them down a long corridor and then swung in front of Damian to enter her swipe card in the slot and pushed the door open. “Do you want a drink? I haven't used the mini bar yet so there is plenty in there to drink.” “No thanks, I have had enough already tonight. You know I can't believe that we got on so well after just meeting”.

Damian moved slowly towards her and placing his hands on her shoulders drew her towards him and lightly kissed her on the lips. Linda responded with an open mouth kiss which excited and encouraged Damian to be more bold with his advances. He stretched his arms around her back as he brought his body up close to hers to feel the softness that was being offered to him. Linda responded in turn by moving her hands down his side to his hips, where she then changed direction and brought them together between them to hold his erection in both hands. Damain jerked back but did not break the kiss which had got more liquid now the both of them were involved.

He murmured to Linda. “Lets get naked and more relaxed.” She replied in a gesture of breaking the kiss and reaching down to the hem of the short skirt brought it up in one fluid motion over her head and threw it towards the nearest chair. “Christ! He said. “No wonder everyone was looking at us, you had no pants on when we were dancing. I knew you were naked under your top as I could feel the motion of your breasts against me when we danced. But I had no idea when I threw you about that you were giving them all a show they won't forget. You look stupendous, by the way.” he said with enthusiasm as he ripped the shirt over his head and stripped his chinos and underpants down to reveal a rampant cock. “You don't look too bad yourself,” said Linda as she turned exposing her finely toned buttocks and removed the bed covers down to the sheets. When this was done she lay down and wantonly bent up her legs and moved them apart to reveal a naked cunt to his view. Damian's eyes were drawn to a view of a glistening, wide open orifice with an engorged clitoris of major proportions showing itself poking from the top of the opening. Linda was obviously excited because she was moving her body from side to side and up and down on the sheets now revealing, and now closing the slippery opening on show.

“I can't resist this,” Damian whispered, as he brought his mouth in contact with Linda's slippery cunt. His tongue probing between the juicy lips and his lips sucking gently on the clitoris which hardened to his ministrations. “Keep doing that, and don't stop for a hundred years, “ Linda implored. Damian had too much to occupy himself to answer, but just kept licking and sucking while trying not to come on the sheets as his body rubbed against the smooth sheets. He desperately tried to think of other things beside the excitement he was feeling in his groin. Linda tried to reach his equipment but was not able to because Damian was forcing her upper body further away and the motions of her own excitement brought her upper body up from the pillow to collapse just as quickly as the spasms in her cunt matched the motions of her upper body.

The electric currents starting in her brain were travelling over the surface of her skin, down her throat and filling her breasts up with charges before moving down her belly to culminate with a jolt inside her honey pot. Her clitoris throbbed with electricity and discharged into Damian lips and mouth. Damian reared back; as if struck by lightning. “Shit!” he said, “What was that, my mouth's gone numb. Do I sound alright, because I am not sure I am speaking O.K.” Linda replied; “You think you have been shocked.” My whole body feels as if it has been completely wrung out. That was Heaven, with a capital H. Do you do this often to your partners?”

“No,” he said; “only the ones I want to really impress.” He crawled up onto the bed proper and lay next to Linda with his arms beneath her neck. “ I am going to rest now as I am truly whacked out.” “Yes; I feel the same, lets just relax as we have all night and perhaps the rest of our life to continue this marvellous exploration.”

It was not until the early hours of the next morning that either of them came slowly out of the torpor that had overcome them. Linda was the first to come to the brink of wakefulness and seeing Damian stretched out on his back could not resist reaching out one hand and feeling his now half hard cock. The cock reacted immediately to her touch by coming to attention so she moved her body down to bring her head in line with his erection. She slowly opened her mouth and with tongue extended, took the head of his love muscle inside her eager mouth. Moving very slowly so as not to wake him straight away she slowly mouthed her way down to the root of the appendage. There she rested. And without moving her lips she rolled her tongue back and with the tip massaged the bare head and the opening. Damian could no longer pretend to stay asleep. He felt the first exploratory touch and decided that he would wait for developments. But now with a blood filled, rock hard starting to throb cock he opened his eyes and softly said; “Thanks, I love it. Please keep doing that; it sends shivers right through me.” Linda; unable to reply, just kept doing it until she became so wet herself that she moved her legs over his head and lowered her clitoris again to his mouth. She then moved directly over him and bore down to his now eager mouth with her mushy cunt.

The feelings raised by this event got them both so hot that they could not just keep doing what they were doing slowly. So they reversed positions once again and Linda opened herself to Damian's full and throbbing erection. They only managed to thrust towards each other three times when they both ejaculated; over, and into each other. They did not feel short changed emotionally but were completely satisfied with the feelings they had brought out in each other. Damian said; “My good that was good. I don't think anyone has done it better.” “We must keep in touch with each other when I return to Western Australia. I am in need of someone like you as I have been on my own too long.”

“I have to be at the door ready for when the bus leaves in an hour so I better have a shower and get dressed. I will wait with you to leave on your bus though before I go.” “Wait for me I need a shower too!” They moved together into the shower where they stood immobilised while the water sluiced their bodies to freshness. They did not commence any further erotic moments having only a limited time to be ready for departure. Dressing later Linda spoke as she pulled her dress over her head. “I like you and what you can do. I think we could get on very well in the real world when we return from our small adventure.”

Leaving the room,they both moved off to the restaurant again to order breakfast where they again met up with Sasha “Hi you two, did you sleep well, by the look of both of you the beds could not have been very comfortable.” Linda chuckled; “Well the beds had little to do with it but we did the best we could. Anyway here's my bus I will see you in Perth when you get back.” “Yes! See you,” said Damian as he placed a soft kiss on Linda's lips. “Bye.”

“That was a great stopover,” said Sasha. “I really enjoyed the singing and the meal we had last night. I slept like there was no tomorrow as well, so I am ready for anything today.” “Me too; I am refreshed in my mind and I think I may have met someone who can be with me and do us both a lot of good.” “Well that's great; I am glad to know that you have got a new purpose in your life.”
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