Ex-Girlfriend's Mom

By wannaswing

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Girlfriend's mom proved the hotter lay
"Come in." Mrs. Salazar said with a smile. Tyler entered the house with a polite nod. He stepped out of the Saturday sun into the foyer as Mrs. Salazar closed the door behind him. She was pretty woman, about 5'5", black shoulder-length hair, and brown eyes.

"I haven't seen you in a while." she said, slightly out of breath. She was dressed in gray leotards and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. "Am I interrupting?" Tyler asked.

"No, not at all. I was just doing some exercises on tape." she pointed to the TV where 3 women also in leotards were twisting their torsos in some sort of warm-up exercise. "You can help me hold my feet while I do sit-ups." Mrs. Salazar said. "Uh, okay, sure." Tyler suddenly got excited at this suggestion. Being a foot fetishist was something he kept private.

Mrs. Salazar lay on the a mat set in front of the television. Her legs were bent at the knees, her feet flat on the ground. Tyler licked his lips and wrapped his hands around Mrs. Salazar's ankles. She placed her hands behind her head and proceeded to do crunches. "So, what brings you by?" she asked, continuing to do her sit-ups.

"I was looking for Kimberly." he said, eyes on her tanned feet. He studied her polishless feet, admiring them. Nails trimmed short and manicured. Skin not too dry or corn-ridden like most older women he knew. No bunyuns, no calluses. In fact, she had the feet of a woman half her age....hell, she had the face and body of a twenty-year old.

"Tyler?" she said, snapping him to attention. "Huh?" "She went out." "Well do you know when she'll be back? I can wait for her..." "She went out with a boy, Tyler." "Oh." Tyler felt like he was slapped. "She met him in one of her classes up at FSU." "Okay." he sighed, forgetting about her feet. "Well, I better get going then." "You still miss her, don't you?" Tyler looked at her. He nodded. "You'll find someone else, Tyler. Don't worry about it." "I guess."

"You're young and handsome. I bet there are hundreds of girls out there for you." "Is that what you did?" "Oh yeah, as soon as I broke up with a guy in college, I'd be dating another guy within the week." Tyler shrugged. "Heck, if I were young enough, I'd date you!" she laughed. "Besides, I bet it's just the sex you miss." This last part surprised him. "I was young once. I know what it was like." she smiled. "You're still young. Look at you, still doing exercises. You're more active than most girls I know in college." "I try." He looked at her body. "You certainly do."

Mrs. Salazar laughed. "Typical male." she outstretched a leg and nudged his crotch with her foot. "Always thinking with this...Oh my." She pressed her foot against him.

He smiled, embarassed. "Sorry." "Don't be, " she said, foot still resting against his crotch. "You see? You ARE young and virile! You should move on to new girls." Tyler suddenly had trouble swallowing as he stared down at her playful foot. "Anyone in mind?" "Maybe a more mature woman." she said slyfully. Tyler closed his eyes and spread his legs. He leaned back against the wall as Mrs. Salazar continued her foot assault. She lifted her other foot to his face, which he gratefully took into his mouth. She cooed. "You like that don't you, Tyler? Did Kim do that for you?" He nodded as he ran his tongue along her instep to her heels and then back up to her toes, which he hungrily suckled. "Ooh, that feels nice." He inhaled, smelling lotion and soap. He ran his tongue all over her foot as she rubbed at herself through the spandex.

He hurriedly undid his belt buckle and zipper, letting his cock free. "Yep, I was right. Very verile." "Will anyone be back soon? I don't want to be interrupted." "We have a few hours." Mrs. Salazar rubbed her bare foot on his cock as if it were a gas pedal to a car. She stroked the underside of his cock with the ball of her foot, rubbing it from root to head. "You know, Tyler, once I got up in the middle of the night and went downstairs. I saw you and Kimberly on the couch, naked, and it turned me on."

"Really?" he said, enjoying her footjob. His hips thrusted uncontrollable against her silky smooth foot. "Oh yeah. You were on top, your back muscles rippling and your tight butt pumping away. It made me wet to listen to you moan." Tyler turned red with embarassment. "I was at the top of the stairs fingering myself, in fact."

"Really?! Wow. Did you cum too?" "Twice. How about you? Did you ever fantasize about me?" "Yep, constantly." he replied, "I imagined you and Kim both doing me at the same time. A mother-daughter combo." Mrs. Salazar switched feet so that the foot in his mouth was on his cock and the other was in his mouth. The saliva made her foot more slippery, and Tyler groaned at the feel of her lubricated toes. "Shit, that feels good." he groaned.

Tyler studied Mrs. Salazar's foot as it glistened with saliva. He inhaled deeply as he was intent on licking every square inch of this woman's beautifully tanned feet. He weaved his tongue in and out of her toes. Mrs. Salazar purred in excitement. She clenched and flexed her toes wonderfully in his mouth.

Tyler watched as she brought both feet to his stiff cock, rubbing up and down. Mrs. Salazar's hand against her own crotch began rubbing faster as well. "It's so warm, and hard Tyler." she said, teasing him. He moaned in response. "You're going to cum soon, aren't you, Tyler...all over my toes like a naughty boy..." He bit his lip, as his breathing became more and more ragged. "C'mon, Tyler, do it all over my toes like you've always fantasized." Tyler arched his back and his eyes rolled up in the back of his head. He fired his wad, smearing all ten toes with his cum. It dripped and oozed between her digits and down the tops of her foot. Mrs. Salazar groaned in pleasure too as she masturbated to a climax. She shuddered, bringing her thighs together as she came. "Ooh, Tyler, that was so nice."

"Thanks, Mrs. Salazar." he said tiredly, staring at the wet spot between her leotard legs.

Tyler saw Mrs. Salazar for a few years after that. Usually after he broke up with a girl.