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Fin and Travis

Where will it end???

Fin and Travis
by Jena121©

I ask my readers once again to please vote and submit comments -- that enables me to get a feel of what you all like to read. I would also reiterate that my stories are Love stories -- not lust stories.

As background to this story. Fin was forced to have her baby adopted at birth, when she was only 15 years old.  Fin found Jessie and luckily has managed to create a new relationship with her. She has explained the reasons for her adoption and Jessie has accepted her.

Travis Clayton is the adoptive father of Jessie, and has already met Fin at his ranch in Colorado, but has come to the city for his adopted daughter's wedding. Jessie is marrying Fin's right-hand man, Chad McMann.

Fin and Travis met in the restaurant and waited for Jessie to join him. They spoke of a few things while waiting and then Travis was called to the phone. It was Jessie, who apologized profusely to her Dad and told him that she and her fiancé had decided to have an early night, but to go ahead and enjoy a nice night with Fin.

When Travis came back to the table and told Fin the news, he asked her is she knew of a better place to eat as the waiter had been annoying him so much.

Fin said, "Chez Fin Elliot."

"We're going to your place," he stuttered.

Nodding, she smiled. "If you don't mind missing out on your steak. I thought we could go back to my apartment, order some Chinese and talk without someone in the background continuously."

Before she could change her mind, Travis raised his arm. "Taxi."

Whilst waiting for the food to be delivered, Travis looked around the apartment and wondered if Fin had a decorator in to design the rooms as there didn't seem to be any personal touches. It was so different to his home, where the house was roomy, welcoming and cozy. This place was a study in black and white, chrome and glass and seemed so cold.

Fin came into the lounge and asked if he would like something to drink while waiting for the food.

"I have a bottle of wine in the cooler, or I could make a cup of tea or coffee, if you prefer."

"A cup of coffee would be great."

"I'll start the coffeemaker,"

"Need help.?

She stopped in her tracks and slowly turned to face him. He stood across the room, but his presence made the space seem smaller. The kitchen would feel so much smaller if he joined her. Besides, having him in there would defeat the purpose of her much needed escape.

"No." To soften her hasty reply, she smiled. "By no stretch of the imagination am I domestic, but I think I can manage a pot of coffee without too much trouble. Why don't you make yourself comfortable, I'll only be a few minutes."

"I think I'll do that." His grin sent a wave of heat from the top of her head to the soles of her feet.

When Travis took of his hat and coat and lay them on a nearby chair, then unsnapped the cuffs of his shirt and started rolling up the sleeves, she remembered the night of passion in the barn on his ranch. That was the first time they had met. Everything about that night was pure magic and she had been trying to come to terms with it for the last month.

Since learning that Jessie Clayton was her long lost daughter, she realized that the career she had loved and worked so hard at, for so long, was not the be-all and end-all in life. As a young girl she had wanted a home and family of her own, but had ended up as a successful business woman, She realized that she was approaching her middle age alone, childless and a hopeless workaholic.

"Are you alright?"

"Of course, why shouldn't I be?"

He pushed away from the doorframe where he had been standing, watching her. "You seemed to be miles away. You looked as if your best roping horse just pulled up lame."

"That's a bit of a twist if ever I heard one, considering the fact that I don't even know how to ride a horse, let alone owned one. As for roping, I'm afraid I'd be a hopeless failure."

"You've never ridden a horse?" he asked, clearly shocked.

She shook her head. "Not unless the rocking horse I had as a kid counts."

"Looks like the next time you visit the ranch, I'll have to teach you how to ride, as well as drive."

She swallowed hard as she tried to think of the many other things he could teach her, not all of them involved with any type of horse power -- mechanical or four-footed.

There was a knock at the door.

"Why don't you set the table while I take care of the delivery guy?" Travis asked,

On his way to the door, Travis was wondering what had made him accept having a meal at Fin's place. They couldn't be within 20feet of each other more than a couple of minutes without the sexual tension becoming so thick it could be cut with a knife.

He thought of how responsive she had been to his touch that night in the barn and it was enough to make his body as hard as granite. Nothing could come of it though, Fin was a sophisticated career woman with a glitz and glamour life, while his was the simple life led in the wide open spaces of his Silver Moon Ranch.

He thought that the best thing to do would be make up an excuse and get back to his hotel. He hadn't counted on Fin's smile as he lay the cartons on the table. He settled into a chair while she took the lids off.

"How much did you order, it looks like you're getting ready to feed an army. Lucky for you, I've always had a pretty healthy appetite."

Fin replied with a smile, "I usually try to watch what I eat, but lately I've be ravenous."

They ate for several minutes. Travis's mouth had gone dry when he watched Fin nibbling on a barbeque rib. When her index finger disappeared between her kissable lips as she sucked away the last trace of sauce, he felt as though he'd taken a sucker punch to the gut.

Later, they settled down to drink their coffee.

"I'm sorry you missed out on your steak," she smiled apologetically.

"I wouldn't have enjoyed it anyway." Fin may be the most sexy woman alive but she couldn't make coffee worth a damn.

"You wouldn't have enjoyed it because you missed getting to spend time with Jessie?"

"Not really, I'd had about all I could take from that blasted waiter and his hovering."

"You know what Jessie was up to this evening, don't you?"

He pulled her closer. "Our daughter is trying to set us up."

"That would be my guess." Fin's voice was softer and a little breathless.

Staring into her beautiful emerald eyes, Travis couldn't have stopped himself of his life depended on it. He leaned forward to press his lips to hers, but instead of the brief, friendly peck he'd intended, the feel of her lips sent a wave of longing all the way to his soul and he didn't think twice about taking the kiss to the next level.

Fin's heart raced and her knees just started to tremble, but calling a halt to what she and Travis were about to do wasn't a consideration. She felt as if she would burn to a cinder if she didn't once again feel the tenderness of his touch and experience the power of his passion.

Then his mouth covered hers, raw and hungry, devouring her. His tongue was rapacious, delving deeply into her mouth, making her quiver through every part of her body. She met his exploration with enthusiasm, responding with eager, demanding thrusts of her own tongue.

Fin felt the world tilt as she was eased onto her back, with Travis' legs thrown over hers and his hand working upward from the hem of her shirt. When his large, calloused hand cupped her breast, the rightness of it make her cry out against his mouth, and lift herself more fully, offering her all.

"Oh, Fin, you're so sweet." His words were raspy, like whiskey and smoke.

Shoving up her bra and her shirt, he laved the satiny mounds of her breasts with his tongue. Fearing he would stop, she held tightly to the back of his head and drew him closer to her. When he took one turgid nipple into his mouth, she felt her whole being melting to a liquid heat of molten need.

His breathing was gutsy against her neck, his hands all over her, massaging, teasing her nipples, and curling down to explore the indentation at her waist. He snapped the button of her jeans and slid his fingertips beneath the waistband into the soft, dark nest at the junction of her thighs.

Fin nearly came apart, her breath sobbing in her throat. This blatant sexual hunger with a man she barely knew! She caught his wrist, her eyes flying open.

"Travis, no."

"What is it, Fin?" Tell me to stop and to get the hell away from you before this goes any further," he said.

"I don't think ...... I can," she answered honestly.

"Then we may be in a heap of trouble, sweetheart, because I'm not sure I have enough strength to do the noble thing and leave at this moment."

"You're right. We have a big problem, because I'm not sure I want you to be noble," she replied before she could stop herself.

"I haven't been able to forget that night in October when you visited the ranch,"

"I haven't either."

"I don't know how it is possible, but I want you more now than I did then."

Fin caught her breath as she felt his hand slide along her ribs to the underside of her breasts. "This is insane," she whimpered.

"I couldn't agree more," he said, cupping the soft mounds in his large hands.

"I'm not good ..... ."at relationships," she reminded him.

"Like I told you earlier, I'm not looking for one," Travis replied. "But I know what it is like to make love to you, and I would love to do it again."

"No strings attached."

"We have already been over that. I can't see the harm in having one last time together.

Before she could change her mind, Fin stood up and held out her hand. "One last night," she said, as she led him into her bedroom.

"I know this is going to sound as if I've lost my mind," he said, his voice low and intimate as he turned her to face him. "Are you sure about this, Fin?"

Just like everyone else, there had been several instances where she had been uncertain about her decisions, but this wasn't one of them.

"If we don't make love, I think I'll go up in flames, Travis."

"No regrets tomorrow?"

"Maybe." She caught her lower lip to keep it from trembling before she shook her head. "But not about you or our lovemaking."

"Rest assured, I don't regret making love that night at your ranch, nor will I regret making love to you tonight. Please hold me Travis, kiss me and make love to me."

"You feel so good," he said as he raised his head to look at her face. "It's not enough though, I need to see your beautiful body while I'm pleasuring you."

"I want to see and touch you too, Travis."

"Taking off each others clothes was one of the many things we missed getting to do, the first time we were together."

"What else did we miss?" she asked, as she unfastened the snap of his shirt.

"We didn't take our time, the way I would have liked to," he answered, as he leaned forward to nibble at her earlobe.

"How long ....."

"What I have in mind will take all night, sweetheart."

"A-anything else?" Her fingers seemed to fumble at the next snap.

"I didn't get to kiss you in ways that will make you blush just thinking about it."

When he whispered what he intended to do, a jolt of electrified desire shot through her whole being. He was doing an excellent job of sending her into a complete meltdown.

"Is that what you want, Fin?"

She managed to part the shirt and gazed at his perfectly sculptured chest and stomach.

"You are magnificent," she said, deciding he had a point about them missing out on several enjoyable steps in the fine art of foreplay.

"I have been called a lot of things in my time, but this is the first time anyone's ever referred to me as magnificent."

She grinned. "Trust me on this, darling. Your body is quite remarkable."

"I'll bet it can't hold a candle to yours," he replied as he pulled her closer.

As he released the clips on her bra and let them slip over her shoulders, he stepped back to gaze at her. "My God, Fin, you're beautiful."

She managed to push his shirt off his shoulders and added it to the pile of clothes amassing on the floor. Travis pulled her back into his chest, and she had to force herself to breathe at the first contact of feminine skin meeting hair roughened male flesh.

"You feel as good as I knew you would," he said, his breathing quite labored.

"So" He wasn't the only one trying to breathe normally.

"You really meant it, when you said our lovemaking would take all night."

"I'm going to take my time, and by tomorrow morning there won't be a single inch of you that I haven't kissed and made love to. I'm a country boy with country ways. I take my time and don't rush with anything, especially when I am loving a woman." His smile sent an arrow of heat to her most feminine core.

"Th-there won't be anything left of me but a pile of ashes," she said.

His sexy grin increased the heat building inside her. "Then I guess we'll go up in a blaze of glory together, sweetheart."

She decided to put him through a little torture of her own, and ran her fingertip along the waistband of his jeans.

"I don't want you to get the wrong idea, and I swear I'm not trying to hurry things along, but these jeans are a getting pretty uncomfortable."

"It does appear you have a problem in that area," she teased. Taking pity on him, she eased the zipper right down. "Does that feel better?"

"Oh, yeah." He stepped back and removed his jeans. "You have no idea how painful a pair of jeans can be to a man in my condition."

"Now, as good as you look in this scrap of silk, I think you'll look even better without it." He pulled her bikini panties down her legs as she held onto his shoulders to balance.

"By the same token, I think you'll look fantastic out of these," and proceeded to slip his boxers down his long, lean legs.

He carried her to the bed and dropped her onto the comforter. "You may make me out to be a liar, baby."

"Why do you say that?" she asked as his body touched hers from shoulder to knees.

"I promised I was going to love you all night, but I'm not sure that's going to be an option. Just the sight of you has me hotter than a barbeque on a Saturday night."

"That makes two of us. I feel as if I am going to go up in flames at any moment."

He gathered her to him and fused their lips in a kiss that caused her head to spin. She tasted the hunger and depth of his passion and marveled that it was all for her. As he broke the kiss to nibble his way down to her collarbone and onto the hardened peak, her breath caught. Taking her nipple into his mouth, he gently teased and sucked, as he slip his hand down her side and along her outer thigh. As he moved his palm up the inside of her leg to her nest of feminine curls, a jolt raced through every fibre of her being.

Nothing could have prepared her for the next level Travis created as he parted her soft folds and, with a feather light touch, stroked the tiny node hidden within. She moved restlessly against him as wave after wave of intense sensation coursed through her.

Travis was taking her to heights of passion she'd never known before.

"Please, Travis .... "I can't ..... take much more."

"What do you need, Fin."

"I make love to me. Now!"

"But I'm just getting started, sweetheart," he said, stroking her more deeply.

"I'll never......survive."

"Are you sure?"


She found him and rubbed her palm against the hardness laying between their bodies.

He caught her hands in his to stop her. "I get the message."

He slid his hand under the pillow and retrieved the foil packet he had tucked in there. He slipped it on and rose over her to nudge her knees apart and settled himself between her thighs.

"Let's do this together," he said, smiling as he took her hand in his and helped her guide him into her.

When he was buried completely inside her, with the weight of his body pressed intimately to hers; the exquisite friction of their movements sent tingling sparks to every nerve of her body, and in no time, she felt the coil in the pit of her stomach tighten to breaking point.

Holding him to her, Fin fought to prolong the feeling of being one with this amazing man. All too soon, the tension inside her shattered into a million shards of sensation and she moaned his name as the sweet waves of release coursed through her.

Her satisfaction must have taken him over the edge; a moment later Travis's body stiffened, then surged into her one final time as he released his essence with a shuddering groan.

When morning broke, Travis lay and thought that their time was coming to an end. She would resume her life as the glamorous editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, while he went back to being a rancher, chasing a herd of cattle all over hell's half acre.

When Fin moaned and stirred next to him, he glanced down to find her satiny cheeks pale and ashen, and misty tears in her emerald eyes.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?"

"I think.....I'm going sick." She had no sooner got the words out than she was up and bolting for the bathroom.


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