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Finally Fucked My High School Dreamgirl Part 3: Kim's Mom and I

I show Kim’s mom what it feels like to be loved
Be warned this story starts out slow but I think it builds up pretty nicely.

If you’ll recall from my last story my name is Nick. I’m 18, 6’ 1” 190lbs, black and about to be senior at my school. I had finally gotten to have sex with my high school dream girl, Kim. She’s 18, 5’4” 140lbs and Hawaiian. She’s absolutely beautiful with raven black hair, gorgeous blue eyes, D-cup boobs, and big round scrumptious ass. Not to mention a smile that makes my day.

So anyway it's been a few months since Kim and I first fucked and I’d say our relationship is pretty damn great. We’re practically together all the time, going to the movies, staring at clouds, or her wanting to hang around girlfriends so she can brag about me sometimes. She’s also help me to come out of my shell and be able to make some new friends. We mostly hangout at her house and sometimes mine. We also fuck like 4 or 5 times a week which is amazing. She’s a like a vixen in bed, a squirter, a screamer, a sucker, and much more, she simply wears me out sometimes but it is well worth it.

The only problem is Kim’s mother, Laura. Laura is about 41, 5’7 and 125lbs. She’s a very beautiful woman just like her daughter. With a 34D chest, long gorgeous legs, a big tight ass, and a well-toned body since she goes to the gym three days a week. She also had sexy green eyes and black hair but she recently dyed it red which just makes her look even hotter (I kind of have thing for redheads). If she wanted she could easily pass for a 25 year old or younger. She’s works for some big law firm so she and Kim are pretty well off with a nice house.

So what’s the problem? The problem is she hates me, well not me in general but all men. Kim’s dad used to be the 12 th grade English teacher at our high school, Mr. Wilson. Apparently one day Laura walked in on her husband getting sucked off by one of his young female students. Since she was 18 he didn’t go to jail but he lost his job, she divorced him and got the house, and they haven’t heard from him since (he was a dick anyway).

Now, two years later, she hates men with a passion and thinks we’re all sex obsessed, loveless assholes. When she sees me on couch watching TV with Kim she says things like “What the fuck are you doing here” or yells “Would you go home already” and other verbally abusive comments. She even goes so low as to try to get Kim to stay away from me saying I’m no good and I’ll only hurt her. Needless to say this really pisses Kim off and causes arguments between the two women often.

This story begins in August when we were into the last couple weeks of our summer break. Kim was going down to visit her relatives and get away from her mom for the next week, they live about 3 or 4 hours away in Pennsylvania. I offered to drive her as she was packing the car, but she said that she wanted go by herself. Before she left I grabbed her by the waist to get a hug.

“I’ll miss you,” I said as I looked into piercing eyes.

She smiled at me big and gave me several little kisses on my lips. “I’ll miss you more.”

“Not possible.” I laughed.

“Hey while I’m gone can you do me a big favor?”

“What is it?” I asked questioningly.

“Could you watch my mom for me please.”

“What, Come on!?” I said annoyed. It’s not that I hate her mom, I don’t hate too many people. I cared about her just like Kim, she just really can piss me off though I’m polite enough not to say anything.

“Please Nick, I know she can be a bitch at a lot of the time but she’s lonely and I’m all she’s got, I just worry about her. Just hang around with her, get to know her maybe, she might lighten up,” she stated pleadingly.

“But she hates me, Kim. I mean I understand her being mad at guys 'cause of the divorce and everything but she’ll just kick me out and yell at me like always,” I said.

“I just want you and her to get along or try to, I hate fighting with her and her being an ass to you all the time, please baby?” she said as stared deeply in my eyes asking in a saddening tone.

I sighed loudly and lowered my head on her shoulder in defeat, I just couldn’t say no to her.

“Yeah know, it’s the rare times like this when I hate being such a good boyfriend, I’ll watch her.”

“Thank you so much baby!” she smiled excitedly giving me one more kiss before getting her car and driving away. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, just playing video games with some of buds and watching some TV. I took a nice hot shower and as I laid in bed I couldn’t help but think of the hell I was about to go through tomorrow with Laura. Just.

Just. Fucking. Great.

The next day I woke up at 10 am and had some pancakes, bacon, and eggs with coffee. I told my parents that I was going out for a bit, just having a day to myself. I arrived at Kim’s house at about noon and rang the door. Laura looked gorgeous as she opened the door, wearing some tight blue jeans the accentuated her ass and a white tank top that hugged her big tits. It’s such a shame that a gorgeous woman like her can be a giant frigid bitch.

She crossed her arms and gave me a dirty look as she said, “What the hell are you doing here? Kim’s gone, or are you such a horny bastard thinking with a different head that you forgot?”

What have I gotten myself into?

“I just thought that we could get to know one another better?” I said.

“That sounds like fucking hell to me, but I have a feeling that if I kick you out you just go bitching to your parents about me. So you can come in just stay out of my way!” she snarled. 

“Thanks,” I said sarcastically.

She sat down on the couch, turned the TV on and started painting toe nails black. She had nice feet, she wore the long white fake fingers too, so hot. I sat next to her and tried to strike up a conversation but she wouldn’t talk so I eventually gave up and watch the TV. About after an hour of silence and no eye contact I decided to give Kim call and see how she was.

“Hey babe did you make there alright?” I asked

“Hi baby, yeah I got here ok, long and boring though. How are things with you and mom?” she asked with a hint of hope in her voice.

“Not making any progress yet,” I said frustrated.

“Oh don’t worry just try harder ok? For me?” she pleaded in her baby voice.

“Ugggh where is the patron saint of good boy friends when you need him? Alright alright I’ll try,” I said and groaned.

“Don’t worry when I get back I promise to I promise to make it all worthwhile. Got to go now, bye.” The sexual hint in the tone could not be any more accurate. Truth be told I wanted to get to know Laura and I felt bad about what her husband did, but she just won’t let go of it and move on. Who would guess that one second later she would push me beyond my limit.

“Why don’t you just break up and leave my daughter alone already,” she bluntly and seriously said to me. 

That was last straw. I stood up in anger and began raising my voice. “Jesus what the hell is your problem. I’ve never done anything to you!”

She stood up as well equally mad. “My problem!? MY PROBLEM IS YOU! You and all men, just because you haven’t done anything doesn’t mean shit! All guys are the same just like my ex, unloving and only caring about one thing! A girl gives and gives and gives to you and it’s still not good enough! You toss us a side and find a new one you can use like a fuck toy, well guess what!? I’m not letting that happen my only child, I’m not going let Kim go through what I did! SO WHY DON’T YOU JUST GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE AND OUR LIVES!”

I don’t think there’s ever been a point in my life where I was angrier at a woman. “SHUT THE FUCK UP! I am so fucking tired of you treating me like shit just because of your husband! You can’t put every single guy up on the same pedestal saying we’re all the same, that’s not fair! I love Kim and I care about her a lot, I’m not leaving her just cuz of your say so! You’re a fucking beautiful woman, with gorgeous body, and Kim always says you’re a great mom and I believe her, any guy would be lucky to have you! BUT YOU’RE GOING TO KEEP BEING THIS ABSOLUTE BITCH TO ME AND OTHER GUYS JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN'T GET OVER YOUR ASSHOLE EX THEN YOU CAN GO STARIGHT TO FUCKING HELL!”

Three months of my holding my tongue and not saying a word had finally been unleashed. She stood there in silence for a what felt like ages as I stood in front of her huffing and puffing. Then she finally teared up and began crying. She ran all the way up stairs to her room, slammed the door, and I sat on the couch with my head between my legs feeling biggest piece of scum in the world.

It was about 4pm, three hours after the fight and I was still trying to think of a way to fix my mess. All could hear was constant crying and my guilty conscience gnawing at the back of my brain. I had to fix this. I’d never liked hurting people’s feelings and I really cared about Laura. I walked up stairs and open the door, surprised it was unlocked. The room had a cabinet with a TV inside of it (you know, the ones with doors and dressers attached), a walk in closet, a big queen sized bed with a brown head bored, a master bathroom, and dressers on either side of the room. Laura was laying in the bed on her right side tissues all over. I looked down at the floor because I couldn’t bare to face her.

“Mrs Paris (her last name) I am…I…I cant even to say how sorry I am to you it was--” I was cut off because she came up and hugged me tight, still crying. I didn’t know how to respond except hold her in my arms.

She then looked up at me with green, red rimmed eyes. “Nick I'm the one who’s sorry. I'm sorry that all I’ve done is treat you badly and say awful things to you. You’ve been good to Kim, she tells me how amazing you are, and I should’ve acted more like an adult. I wasn’t just worried about her being hurt by you, but jealous of her because she has a wonderful man like you who really does care about her. When me and Henry (her husband) were married I loved him and I always wanted to keep our love alive and make him happy. I tried to have sex with him a lot, stayed in shape for him, and devoted my life to him but he still cheated.”

“What a fucking dick!” I thought to myself. 

She continued to hold onto me and my heart went out to her. All she wanted was a guy in her life to show her some affection and to be loved.

“Nick can you ever find a way to forgive me and maybe we could start over?” she asked in the same innocent pleading expression her daughter had.

“Of course Mrs. Paris, if you’d like I could come back tomorrow and we can spend the day together?” I said as I smiled and looked deeply in her big beautiful green eyes.

Tears started rolling off eyes but the look inside of the told me they were ones of joy. “I’d really love that Nick. Can I ask you something else?”

“Yeah sure.”

“Did you mean what you said about me being beautiful, having a gorgeous body and any guy being lucky to have me? Did you really mean it?” I could hear the hope in her voice.

“Absolutely Mrs. Paris, you’re a very attractive woman, I wasn’t lying,” I said truthfully. As I said that she smiled big and I could feel her heart start to race.

“Thank you so much, Kimmy was right, you’re very sweet. She’s one lucky girl.” She leaned up to give me a kiss on the forehead, as she did I felt this spark from her lips travel throughout my down to my dick. She leaned up to give me another kiss this time a small peck on the lips and I could feel myself getting a little hard. Oddly she gave this slightly seductive looking expression, probably just nothing.

“Mrs. Paris do you wanna go maybe watch some TV together?” I asked mostly trying to get to a new subject to avoid getting a boner.

“Yes that’d be delightful Nick, and please call me Laura.”

We sat on the couch watched a couple episodes of CSI: Miami together (one of my favorite shows). We mostly sat in silence but holding each other. Like Kim, Laura liked to lie on top of me and hold me, in a cuddling manner. I found a little strange she was my girlfriend's mom but I guess it was because she wanted to be able to hold a guy again in caring but nonsexual manner.

She was on top of me in a fetal position and as I looked down I could see pretty much all of her cleavage and as I examined her beauty further I found her to be more and more sexy than I'd thought before. The long wavy dyed red her complimenting the big green eyes, a small cute nose, a slim waist line, and a pair of small black painted feet. Her ass was a bit big but tight and firm. I could feel my cock growing harder under her. I squirmed and tried to move hoping she wouldn’t feel it, this caused her to look at me confused.

“Is something wrong Nick?” as she asked that she looked down and so the outline of my hardening cock and gasped. I went crimson red with embarrassment expecting her to yell at me, but to my surprise she didn’t, she actually smiled.

“I'm sorry Mrs. Paris I coudnt help my self,” I said feeling like some little kid.

“Laura, remember? Call me Laura. It’s alright, Nick, it’s only normal for a young handsome man like you to get excited,” she said and smiled very sexily. And what she said next shocked me beyond belief. “If I must say Nick that’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, bigger than my ex's.” She was flustered turning as red as me and breathing was getting a little heavy. It was about 7pm when this point I decided it was best to leave before anything else got weird.

“I better get going Mrs. Par… I mean Laura. I’ll be over tomorrow if that’s alright,” I said as got up and headed for the door.

“Yes that’d be great Nick, I cant wait,” she said as she winked at me. As I walked down the path I looked back at Laura once and I could swear she looked straight down at my crotch and licked her lips.

“Oh stop you’re just seeing things,” I thought to myself.

The Next Day

The next I arrived a little earlier at Laura’s so we could hangout for a bit longer. As I sat in my car getting ready to go to the door my phone rang. I looked at to see that it was Kim:

“Hey baaabbyyy, how’s everything going,” she asked ecstatically.

“Pretty good actually though I still do miss you, how are things going with you?” I said to her lovingly.

“Aww I miss you to sweetness, and things are good here to just hanging out with my cousins, my aunt and uncle. Going shopping, mannies and peddies, the works.”

“Ahh just like a woman.” I laughed.

“Oh whatever. How are things going with you and Mom?”

“Actually they’re going great,” I said happily.

“Seriously!?” she said surprisingly.

“Yeah, we did get in a little argument but after that she finally softened up, apologized, and wants to start over,” I said.

“That’s amazing, finally. Well, now I simply have to “show” my appreciation for making her happy.” Her sexual emphasis was obvious.

“Ha. Like you “have” to. Making it sound like you don’t have a choice,” I joked.

“Of course I do. Like choosing to put that big hard cock in my mouth and suck you till you scream my name. Or choosing to put it up my pretty little puckered hole and make you fuck it till I cant feel my ass. Or choosing to put that huge cock between my big tits and have you expl--”

“Ok ok enough. I’m about to go inside your house and I don’t need to go in there hard,” I said unable to resist the worlds of my vixen of a girlfriend.

“True, though I bet Mom’s jaw would drop to the floor if she saw the big ass piece of meat. Later baby, kiss kiss,” she said and hung up.

When I up to the door and Kim’s mom opened it my eyes nearly popped out of my head at the sight. Laura was wearing this short pink see through nightie. Through the material I could see sexy white bra and panties connected to each other with straps like lingerie. The bra looked like it was a size or two too small and was barely managing to contain her boobs. Since her panties were a little clear I could see a the outline of her pussy lips. I never realized how much of a MILF my girlfriend’s mom could be. Instant boner.

“Oh hi, Nick, sorry about my attire I wasn’t expecting you so early.” She smiled at me and I thought I saw a twinkle in her eye.

“It’s fine Laura, dress however you want it’s your house,” I said my dick pushing up against my pants aching for release. “So what do you want to do first?”

“How about we just lay on the couch and talk?” she asked.

“That sounds fine.”

“I’ll go change.” She winked at me as she let me inside.

She came backed wearing these sexy high Gucci heels and this extremely short black mini skirt that barely covered her ass with this red spaghetti strap belly shirt. Not as sensual as the nightie but still incredibly hot.

As we laid on the couch we just talked and got to know each other. I found out that when she was in high school she was a little like me, shy and alone a lot. She was an A student, she focused more on her studies than her social life. When she went to college she became more uninhibited, like a party girl, drinking partying and having sex. She still was a good student and got good grades, she even started getting s few a boyfriends except they were all assholes who ended up breaking up or cheating on her. I guess that’s why she wanted to please her ex so much, to keep him from leaving and why she developed this whole mentality of guys being nothing but bad news.

“Something like politics maybe or maintenance, something that allows me do something a little different everyday but help people as well. It’s my dream to help people who need it,” I said.

“Aww that’s a very thoughtful thing to do, you’re so caring.” She smiled big. Her smile was beginning to make my day just like Kim’s did. I swear if she hadn’t dyed her hair she and Kim would be like sisters. Just then the next song started and she clapped excitedly. It was like waltz music.

“Oh I like music like this, Nick, would like to dance with me?” she asked holding her hand out.

“Sure I’d love to.” I smiled at her. We started moving in a waltz movement, hand in hand and twirling around in circles. She laughed happily saying that doing this made her feel like school girl again. I twirled her around like a ballerina and she moved with such grace as one. The problem that happened is she accidently tripped her heels and fell on me as I caught her. I asked if she was alright and she moaned a bit. As I looked down I saw that as I caught her I had grabbed on to her crotch. She was dripping wet! I tried to let go but she stopped.

“Please Nick don’t stop. I… I’ve seen the way you look at me and it makes me feel so happy and aroused to be wanted again especially by a handsome young man like you,” she said with her face being flustered.

“I don’t know if we should do this Laura, you’re my girlfriend's mother!” I exclaimed.

She looked at me with such want and pleading. “Please Nick Please, I just wanna be loved again,” she said. I looked at her and knew that she didn’t merely want sex but loved, and as I stared into her beautiful eyes, my heart started forming this deep feeling of love not just for Kim but Laura to.

I got up off the floor and swept her into my arms and she squealed not out of fear but shock. I kissed her deeply on her lips a couple of times and as I carried her up stairs she kept grabbing onto my head exploring my mouth with her passionate tongue. I carried her into her room gently laying her on the bed. I kissed her neck on each side sucking a little bit more each time.

“Oh my god Nick I didn’t know you could be so romantic,” she said as she started to remove her shirt then mine. She took a moment to admire my physique.

“Oh god and a sexy rock hard body.” She sexily grinned. She tried to remove my pants but I stopped her to which she looked confused.

“Laura I want to please you first, I want to show you what is like to be loved.” I smiled as I reached around unhooking her bra. I then started kneading her big boobs in my hands one at a time. I stuck my tongue out and licked the areolas teasingly until her nipples grew hard. Her breathing increased more becoming heavier.

“Oh my god, Nick, yes,” she moaned. I began kissing my way down her body till I reached her panties. I lifted up her skirt and removed them to admire her pussy. It was a bit small and looked pretty tight, I guess a couple years of no sex could do that to a woman. It was shaved cleaned with plumpish lips. I rubbed it with my hand and opened it up to see her big hard clit poking out and flicked it with my tongue a couple times, this made her juices flow on my fingers as she moaned, “Fuuuccck”.

I decided to tease her first, kissing the crease of her left leg then licking her right. She must have really wanted me on her box because she kept squirming it front of my mouth. I let her believe that she had me and instead I kissed the very top of her pussy and all around it. She was breathing faster moaning and juices kept flowing soaking the sheets under her. I licked the very outer lips with tip of my tongue and her legs began to shudder.

“Please, Nick, stop teasing me, I need it so bad. Eat my fucking pussy,” she almost screamed. I wanted to keep teasing her but I realized her needs were more important. I opened up her pussy began run my tongue in and out of her tight hole. She began to scream and moan even louder.

“Ohhhh Fuck Nick. No man has ever done this for me. Shit you're good,” she heaved as she arched her body upwards and squeezed her big boobs. I reveled in being called a man. I stuck two fingers inside and started moving them in and out in a “come here motion”.

“Oh my god, Oh my god. That’s my fucking spot. FUCK!” she screamed. She was really getting into it. I sucked on to her clit as I continuously hit her spot with my fingers and she was shouting and screaming like crazy, wriggling her body under me.

“Ohhhhhh fucking god this is god. Fuck fuck fuck! Your better than man I’ve been with. Oh Shiiiit,” she screamed. I then lifted her up a little and began tonguing her brown puckerhole. “Holy shit I never had anything my ass. Eat it! EAT my mothering fucking as. OHHHH Shit.” I continued to do so until she told she was gonna cum I focused all my attention on tongue fucking her pussy and rubbing her clit.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! I'M GONNA CUM I'M GONNA FUCKING CUM! Shit shit shit shit shit. OH SHHHHIIIIIITTTTTT!” she screamed so loud I swear the neighbors could hear. Know I knew Kim was a squirter but her mom was like a fucking firehose! It sprayed at me streamed after stream of sweet nectar. Not only was there a lot of it but it was sweeter than honey.

I lapped up as much as I could but it was like trying to drink an ocean. I even counted how many times she blasted me as she ground her pussy in my face, legs shuddering the whole time.

After a couple minutes it stopped. Most of the bed and myself were soaking wet. She then looked up at me and I saw carnal lust in her eyes. She got up and attacked me like a hungry lioness, ramming her tongue in my mouth.

“That was fucking amazing stud. Now it's my turn to make you scream.” She grinned devilishly as she had me stand up and practically ripped my pants off.

To be continued…

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