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For Reading Out Loud

All I ever wanted was to replace a lost book.

The girl behind the counter swallowed hard and asked, "The second book?"

She struggled to maintain eye contact as she waited for me to confirm my request.

I paused for a moment. It wasn't as if I had asked for a Salinger, Blume or LaVey.

"Yes, it's called 'Yendi'," I said repeating myself. "It's the second book of Steven Brust's 'Jhereg' series."

"I'm sure we have 'Jhereg' on the shelf," she said nervously as she turned to her computer. "We have several good copies of 'Yendi', but they are in our used book warehouse," she noted. "I can get them here for you in the morning."

The book was light reading fantasy fiction. Her nervousness was odd.

"Sadly, tomorrow will be too late," I said, giving her a self-mocking smile.

"This is my kind of luck," I told her. "I stumble across a decent used book store and I still can't replace that book. I have a full schedule taking me back toward Chicago, so I won't be able to come back to get it."

She seemed to pale and flush at the same time.

"Are you staying close by?" she asked in a hushed tone. "If you really need the book, I could deliver it."

"It's probably worth the effort of ordering online, but it's hardly worth the bother for you to deliver a two dollar used book."

She briefly bit her lips to hide a smile. "It will be closer to three dollars," she laughed. "The warehouse isn't that far away. It wouldn't be a bother at all. You wouldn't have to give me the money unless I show up with the book."

It occurred to me that she must have been trying to get a raise. She had a hopeful gleam in her eyes as if she saw a chance to show her boss how much she was willing to do.

"It's up to you," I relented.

I gave her my cell number and hotel room number on a scrap of paper. I also bought a couple of other books, just so I wasn't leaving empty handed.


The bookstore didn't close until eight o'clock. I could see it across the parking lot from my hotel room. Although I kept myself busy working on my computer, I noted that they were busy right up to closing time. A half hour later, their lights went dim, and a group of employees left. Twenty minutes after that, there was a knock at my hotel room door.

She was holding up the book when I opened the door. It was cute how she bit her lips to keep her smile from beaming.

"Your boss should give you a raise," I teased. "Let me get you some money."

"You should invite me in," she teased back.

"Make yourself at home," I laughed. "There's cola and water in the mini-fridge."

She smiled at my offer, but she didn't look away from me. Her eyes were unnervingly focused on me as I produced three dollars. She smiled as she produced a receipt and twelve cents in change. I smiled and accepted them with the book.

If I were an unscrupulous old man, I might have been filled with wicked thoughts. There I was, alone with a pretty young woman who was half my age, in a hotel room. There are dozens of naughty suggestions that I could have made to see what luck was to be had.

I am an unscrupulous old man, but I am also a gentleman. I waited for her to say good-bye and leave.

"How long has it been since you read that book?" she asked conversationally.

"It's been a while," I answered. I wondered why she asked. "I guess it's been fifteen years since I read it."

"I'm a voracious reader," she admitted with that odd gleam in her eye. "A friend recommended Brust as a good fantasy read a couple of years ago. It took me two months to read all of his books. I remember the beginning of 'Yendi' as being odd. Want to know why?"

"I remember it being a bit dry at the start, especially compared to his later works," I said. "Once it gets going, it has all of the twists and surprises that you would expect, especially the unexpected ones."

I smiled at my weak pun, but waited for her to answer her own question.

"Throughout the series, the main character shares a lot of his feeling, especially about hatred, distain, and the pleasure of food." She paused for a short moment. "Right from the start, in this book, the main character shared that he is horny, and it comes up over and over in the plot."

My eyes opened wide at her words, and she nearly laughed at me. I am an unscrupulous old man. A thousand naughty thoughts flashed through my mind, and she saw every single one of them reflected in my eyes. Her shoulders dropped and her chest lifted as she leaned toward me.

"Do you want to know what makes me horny?" she asked in a husky voice.

"I'm afraid to say yes, but you should tell me anyways," I answered back. I'm sure she heard the restrained lust in my voice.

"I get really turned on by meeting someone who loves books as much as I do. Will you keep behaving nicely if I ask you to do something for me?"

I had to swallow and start over twice before I could answer. "I'm going to say yes, but you have to promise I won't wish I hadn't."

"Neither of us will have regrets if you do as I ask," she said. There was definitely a tremble in her voice. She took a slow deep breath that swelled her breasts magnificently. The breath may have calmed her, but it had the opposite effect on me.

"Normally, when I feel this way, I can wait until I get home," she said. "I've been thinking about it since you left the shop, and I'll never make it home now." She paused as her tongue slowly snuck out to wet her lips. "I could give the elevator security camera quite a show, or..." The gleam in her eyes intensified. “If you do as I say, I could let you watch instead."

I didn't trust my voice at all. I nodded, and her lips pressed into a tight smirk of triumph.

"Close the curtains, and then sit on the end of the bed," she ordered. "Take the book with you."

She didn't move as I complied.

"Read to me," she commanded.

It took a couple of tries again for me to find my voice. As I started to read, she started to sway and dance to an unheard tune. She did a spin, and her skirt twirled over onto the chair by the desk. She gave me a smile as she took in the way my eyes were devouring her cute panties, but then she stopped dancing and her eyes reminded me to keep reading. She smiled at the crack in my voice, but she started swaying again. I think I made it through another couple of paragraphs as she danced away her blouse and then her shoes.

"Keep reading," she reminded me as she brushed past me to sit at the head of the bed.

"Keep reading," she said yet again, "but I want you to see how wet my panties already are."

She smiled as my voice faltered. Her fingers brushed up and down the soaked panel of her panties. Her legs trembled as she teased her lips through the fabric. She covered herself with her hand and let her eyes direct my attention back to the book.

I started speaking, but I could tell she wasn't really listening. I was making up words so I could track her fingers as they teased up and down. She glanced at me and I pretended to glance down at the book as I pretended to read. Both of us had our eyes focused between her legs as she pulled the panel aside.

Her lower lips were already parted, and her fingers easily pressed inside. Her eyes rolled closed as she teased herself to a quick and intense orgasm. I couldn't take my eyes from watching her. I made sure it sounded like I was reading again before it ended.

She gave me a lazy smile as her eyes slowly opened. Her eyes seemed to linger on my mouth as I read, and then they drifted down to the book. They drifted lower still, and she took a deep shuddering breath.

"That's not covered by the rules," she said under her breath as she let it out.

I stopped reading for a moment, and then asked, "What rules?"

I jumped nearly as much as she did when she reacted to my question as if I had slapped her. Her legs slammed shut, trapping one hand there. The other hand jumped to her throat.

"Rules?" she gasped. Her eyes were round with fear. "There are no rules." We stared at each other, and she slowly pulled in her lips and bit them. Her eyebrows slowly relaxed back into place, and a slow smile touched her lips.

"The rules are you're doing what I tell you to do," she said. Her smile turned flirtatious. "Don't break the rules."

Her eyes returned to the straining bulge that remained between my legs.

"Stay there, keep reading, show it to me," she ordered.

As my mind struggled with finding the best way to obey, my eyes tried to find their way back to the book. I tried, but they were distracted by the renewed motion of her fingers between her legs.

"Stay. Read. Show me," she repeated.

I moved to obey. My eyes found the book, picked a random paragraph, and I started to read aloud. There was pure lust in her eyes as my boxers followed my pants to the floor, but her fingers slowed and stopped. My words faltered and stopped.

"Read," she said between panting breaths.

My eyes found some words, and I started to talk.

"You already read that," she laughed. Her face relaxed into a mask of lust. "Stand here," she commanded.

I continued to re-read the text as I kicked off my pants and moved to stand at the head of the bed as she had indicated. I struggled to keep reading as her free hand reached out in slow motion to grasp my hardness.

"Don't cum," she commanded.

My voice froze mid-word when I felt the heat of her breath. I pulled the book aside and watched her tongue and lips slide down over the head of my cock. I forgot to breathe as she rolled her head to tease her tongue back and forth. Her eyes raced up to mine as she realized I wasn't talking.

With an evil grin, she let her teeth touch my flesh, and she let them scrape the length of my shaft as she pulled her head back and away.

"Keep reading," she warned me.

She waited as I brought the book back in line so I could read it and watch her at the same time. I found some words and started reading them.

"Again?" she laughed as I started the same paragraph for the third time.

She didn't make me stop as she let her fingers start teasing again. Her tongue licked away the burning sparks of lust that her teeth had left behind, and then she swallowed my cock again. Before too long, I started making up words as I concentrated on obeying her command to not cum.

She let another intense orgasm overwhelm her body. Luckily for me, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and simply clutched it against her cheek as she came. I couldn't stop from slipping my hand into her hair and caressing her neck. I did remember to find real words to read before she recovered.

She took a deep breath to compose herself, and after she let it all the way out, she muttered, "Fuck the rules."

"Fuck which rules?" I teased softly. It wasn't the rules that I wanted to fuck, but her sigh said we were done. I was lucky she had taken things this far, and I wasn't going to force her to do more.

Her frightened response to my words almost scared me again, but she was smiling as she turned to kneel on the bed facing me.

"Keep doing what I tell you to do," she said as she pulled at the bottom of my shirt. "Take this off," she commanded.

I dropped the book and pulled my shirt up and off. As her hand wrapped around the base of my cock, I realized my luck had not yet run out. Her other hand played in the hair on my chest.

"Should I really be lusting a man old enough to be my father?" she asked. It sure felt like she did.

"I'm not going to stop you," I teased.

Her brow pinched for half a moment. I think she was considering what would stop her. Her next words probably proved I was right.

"Tell me you don't have any STD's," she commanded, but quickly added, "Wait!"

I waited. Her hand never let go of my hardness, but her eyes focused intently on mine.

"Tell me the truth," she said with a smile. I matched her smile.

"No STD's or other concerns, but no vasectomy either," I answered.

She smiled at my answer. She slid her hand from my chest to behind my neck. She used it and her grip on my cock to pull me onto the bed.

"Will a pregnancy risk stop you?" she teased as she rolled onto her back and pulled my body over her own.

"The rules are that I do what you tell me to do," I answered. I am certain she felt my body tense to plunge into her at her command.

"I want to feel you fill me," she cried as she pulled me forward. "Make me cum before you do!" she added as her hand released me and I pressed inside.

We both gasped in pleasure as her squeezing tightness gave way to my plunging hardness. I almost pressed deep and stopped, but her eyes demanded action. I worried for half a moment that I might be thrusting too hard. She dug in her heels and slammed her hips up to impale herself again. All I could do was try to keep up with her.

I worried for half a moment that I wouldn't be able to hold back to wait for her to finish. I resolved to use every trick I knew to make her cum first. I pulled her brastrap down over her shoulder to expose her breast so I could pinch and tease her nipple

Numerous unscrupulous thoughts entered my mind as I lusted her breast. I couldn't wait to discover whether she liked sucking or nibbling or pinching or biting more. I couldn't wait to see if her desires changed as she was cumming.

"Oh, fuck!" she cried out as she started to cum. Her eyes had seen my every last thought reflected in my eyes, and I think she was eager to know as well.

I struggled to hold back, but it was too late. She saved me by tightening her grip on the back of my neck and crying out, "Fill me! Fill me now!"

My release was every bit as intense as any of hers had been, and it curled my toes. She scared me again when her grip squeezed even tighter and she turned my face to hers. The kisses we shared through the end of our orgasms were both intense and loving at the same time.

We continued to gently kiss long after we caught our breath. After a while longer, I tried to push up off of her.

"Uh-uh," she laughed as she pulled me close again. "I like how you're covering me without crushing me."

"As long as we're not breaking the rules," I joked, and I gently kissed her again.

"I shouldn't get into too much trouble unless I end up pregnant," she teased. "It would serve her right if I do."

"It would serve who right?" I asked.

The scared look returned, and her eyes dropped to my chest. I slid my hand up and lifted her chin until she had to look at me.

"Promise you won't get mad," she begged softly.

"Only if you end up pregnant," I teased, and she smiled.

"I really have read all of Brust's books, but I lied about why I was horny," she admitted. I waited, and she continued.

"My partner and I have been having less and less sex since we bought the book business. She's a lawyer, and she makes good money, so she doesn't care, as long as I'm happy. I really want the business to succeed, and I've been putting in a lot of time and effort. I made the mistake of complaining about the lack of sex. Sometimes, she can be very dominant. She gives me orders, or rules, and I have to obey."

"I sort of broke the rules because you asked for the second book of the series," she continued, and I looked puzzled. "She knew I liked those books, so the order she gave me was to flirt with anyone that came looking for the first one. If things went well, she challenged me to find a way to let that person see me pleasuring myself."

"I bet you weren't supposed to end up with me on top of you," I teased.

She shyly glanced down as her body flexed against mine in pleasure. There was a twinkle in her eyes as they met mine again.

"She never said I shouldn't; you should read to me again."

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