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Former Military Officers

Former Captain in army does his former assistant from the Military Police
It has been at least four years since he’s left the army. He was a policeman, a military one at that, but now that he’s out he has established himself as something of a nomad. He travels around. He has nothing he knows about that’s in his name. He owns no home or car and although he has a bank account he does all his banking…well that isn’t important.

On a bus somewhere out in the Midwest, he was traveling to some God forsaken odd town. It wasn’t a bad town. It was just small. It barely existed on the map. However, it was on his way to another town, a bigger city, and Joe Dupree thought he’d stop and get something to eat. He’d get on another bus at some other time. He was the type of man who had no set schedule. So that’s what he did. He got off early and sat down at the non-descript diner to have something to eat.

He watched the buss leave afterward. He didn’t care. He told himself he’d grab a motel and hang around for a few days and see what this small place had to offer to a guy like him. After only one hour he knew it wasn’t much as he walked the town’s main city streets. It was like many others. It had nothing too exciting he thought.

And as he walked around, something unusual happened. “Joe?” a woman’s voice said. He heard the voice calling out for him from somewhere behind him. “Joe Dupree? Is that you?”

He smiled. He liked the sound of the voice. He kind of knew it too. From where, though he asked himself. Where did he know it from? He gradually turned around. Next to a car a woman with relatively short hair stood by it in a blouse and jeans. She was smiling his way. He smiled at her.

Yes, he knew her. It had been four years since he’d seen her and she looked as lovely that day he saw her as she did four years ago. Slim and firm as ever, she was probably curvy too like in her past. He stared her down. She looked back at him. Neither moved. They simply stared at one another, or the other’s bodies, and each one smiled more generously while neither moved a muscle.

Then she asked the question. “What in the world brings you to this part of the country?”

He shrugged his shoulders but lied. “I don’t know…I guess I was looking for you.”

“Ohhhhhhh come on Joe,” she replied as she shook her head. “You were not. I know you better. You never looked at me…ever.”

Bullshit I didn’t he told himself. With an ass like that…with hips and a body like yours hell yes I was looking at you. I’d look at you all the time Darlene. “Sure I did,” he said.

She stayed standing where she did. He did too only he was far enough away that his eyes could take another unnoticed view of her figure. He then smiled as he told himself yes, she still has one fine ass figure. That’s for sure.

“Soooo what brings you into this small hamlet?” she said.

“Ohhhhhhh I don’t know…maybe you?” he replied.

“Oh stop it Joe. I’ve never warranted a man’s look like you’re doing right now. See…that look. Right there. I’m talking how you’re staring at me…like that,” she said as she closed in on him.

“Come on Darlene,” he told her. “Why wouldn’t they? Heck…I mean wow,” he went on to say. “You…you haven’t changed a bit.”

“What do you mean? You never indicated to me you were ever attracted to me…ever,” she said as the two stared into one another’s eyes. Then she asked “Where are you staying at anyway?”

“I have no idea,” he replied.

Silence surfaced between them. You could see it. She was thinking. Thoughts tumbled throughout her brain. He watched her think. He wondered what she was thinking about. “Stay with me…at my house. It’s small. It needs some work. But I have room for you. Nobody else lives there. I’d be more then happy to have you.”

“Are you sure?” Joe asked and she smiled and said yes. “Okay. I’d be happy to. I mean if it isn’t putting you out that is.”

“It isn’t,” she came back. “Trust me. It isn’t.”

He was told to get in the car. She took him to her home. It was a nice, very small three bedroom house. One story with one bathroom which needed a lot of work and Joe noticed that it did too. She felt bad about that. He didn’t care. He could do some of that work. He knew how to and although he didn’t tell her he did a lot of it on his own.

By days end the grass was already mowed. He trimmed around everything. It looked prim and proper finally. She loved it. However, her bathroom needed the most work. There was a leak just inside the wall. Plus she had plans to redo the whole bathroom anyway. He poked and he prodded her on what she wanted and she loaned him her extra car so he could drive around and check out the town. Instead, once he got the info he wanted, he went to the supply store, and he bought all the supplies he needed to redo her bathroom.

They delivered it all that morning.

He went right to work. He tore it all out and started redoing her bathroom the following morning and almost as she wanted it. Regardless of how it turned out it wasn’t done when she got home so as far as she was concerned she was happy as a lark but only a little disappointed.

“Wow,” she said somewhat excitedly. “You…you did all that today? You did all of this on your own?” He said yes. But she knew there was still work to be done and he knew it involved her somehow getting a shower before she went on to work.

She stared at the shower. She kept asking herself how she was going to shower. He saw it in her eyes and came up with the “perfect” answer in his mind. He smiled as she looked at the almost finished bathtub. But she turned around to look at him, and while she had on a smile on her face, she asked “So how am I going to shower, Joe…not that this isn’t incredible. It’s great…it really is. But I do need to shower before tomorrow of course.”

He smiled at her. She didn’t understand why. Then he said “You know how.” She grew inquisitive and asked how. He nodded his head and said “The army’s old fashioned way.” She knew what that was. It was a trick way, a way in which some of the underachieving military personnel were washed. Usually it was for the men although once in a while a woman could be washed that way too.

“Ohhhhhhh no…uh uhhh Joe,” she said as she shook her head. “I can’t. You wouldn’t.” But all he did was smile as he looked at his former assistant in her eyes. “No way Joe,” she added and as he nodded his head.

“I’d be gentle. You know I would be. I wouldn’t be rough at all, Darlene. You know I’d be that way for sure.”

He was probably right. Seeing as neither of them were in the military any longer she knew he’d probably and most likely be sweet and gentle and to have her body washed down by his hands, all over the place too, she’d easily, more then she would expect, enjoy every last inch of her body as he leisurely and unhurriedly washed it from top to bottom. All of it too she told herself.

“Okay but only if you do it…you know, gently.”

“When do we do it? After dinner?” he said.

“Yes, after dinner,” she came back a little nervously.

Dinner was over and they sat and talked. But as they talked he only pictured her body as it stood naked and shapely as ever before his eyes. They cleaned up and waited for her to ask “Ready?”

“Are you ready?” she finally asked.

“I’ve been ready for two hours, Darlene.”

They went to the bathroom. She was in a robe and nothing else. She came with two rags and a towel. She turned away from him and he filled up the sink with semi-hot water and dipped one of the rags into it.

He began with her neck and at first the back of her shoulders. He wiped and rubbed it down. He washed it thoroughly. He was soft and gentle as he washed her shoulders and back. She definitely enjoyed his stroking motions. She closed her eyes while she felt the soft rag roll across her back and shoulders. It moved down over he lower back. Her eyes remained closed as he rubbed her back.

He stopped there. He dipped the rag and washed it out and filled it up with soap again. He began wiping her stomach, from the backside. She loved and adored how he did it. Her eyes stayed closed as she felt him delicately wipe down her flat belly. Her eyes remained closed as he wiped it down. It moved higher.

Ohhhhhhh, she told herself. He was wiping down her breasts now. Mmmmmm, this feels soooo good she thought. God, you can do this every night Joe. Oh God yes, mmmmmm. He wiped them over real good. He was spending an inordinate amount of time on them but he was not being rough as he wiped them down. He was being gentle about it.

Then, out of nowhere, she felt her ass’ cheeks getting rubbed down. “Is this okay?” he asked. “It’s not too hard is it?”

“Oh uh no,” she said. “It’s uh fine. Thanks uh Joe.”

All of a sudden his hand slid up and in between each cheek. Her eyes went wide. She tightened up her ass’ cheeks as she felt the hand inside her ass’ cheeks. It went up inside of it. It went down inside of it. It did it again both ways. She loved it. She clamped her mouth shut as his hand, gently, rubbed her body’s parts over.

She was becoming horny. He was effective in how he was doing it all. She liked it. No, she was loving it. He was more then effective. Seeing as he was on his knees she easily could have turned around and dove on him. She could have “thrown” him to the ground and began smothering him with endless kisses that she didn’t care if they were out of line or not. He was arousing her a lot.

“Oh my God, Joe…uhhh this has uhhh got to umm stop,” she said.

She wasn’t looking down at him but she wanted to. She wasn’t sure anything should become of it as his hands moved, and washed her, up between her inner thighs. God was it felt good. It felt incredibly good as he gently moved that rag around her inner thighs especially and op into her pussy, almost. But that was when she told him it had to stop.

“Are you umm sure about that?” he asked, smiling.

Still she wasn’t looking down at him but by the tone of his voice she could tell he was happy at what he had been doing. He looked her over. Man, what a body he thought. She still looks great. So he said it again. “We’re done then?” Yes, he was finished washing her up but he could spend the rest of the night doing this. He knew that. He knew it for sure he told himself.

“Yes Joe…we’re done.” She reached for the lightweight robe and put it on, immediately. She turned around. She saw his smile. She smiled back at him. “I see you enjoyed that,” she went on to say. “I bet you could do that all day long, couldn’t you?”

“Yes, I enjoyed it and yes, I could do it all day long. Too bad you have to go to work tomorrow,” he went on to say.

“I can umm…get off early. I could come home early and umm help umm initiate the shower…with you. I mean that is if you wanted me too.”

She stared into his face. She was smiling as she did. He realized she was serious about it. “Okay,” he said as he smiled back at her. “I’m game if you are.”

He stood up. He was face to face with her. She instantly and before he knew it wrapped her arms around him and she kissed him hard on the lips. She pulled away and shook her head. “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to umm do that,” she said. “I just uhhh got caught-”

He didn’t give her a chance. He pulled her body forward and his lips were on hers. He kissed her and threw his tongue out. It dove into her mouth and swam around it, causing her to get hornier by the moment.

Before he knew it, her hand took his, and she led him into her bedroom. She was pulling off his shirt and undoing his shorts he had on and she undid her clothes too and all that was left were his boxers and her bra and panties.

She pulled him down on top of him and wrapped her arms around him. Heat built up. Desire grew rapidly. She found herself pushing up into his body as she kissed him madly. He was doing the same to her. Lips moved wildly as their tongues fought for passionate “dominance.” That heat within her moved into his body. They each rolled from one side of the bed to the other.

Her hand slowly eased down to his boxers. She slid it inside of it, finding his manhood once she did, and it was waiting for her to do her thing. She grabbed hold of it and at first held it gently but as her passion grew for love and sex with him her hand moved about his cock more energetically.

He pushed into her as she stroked his cock. He was holding her with one arm and hand and pushing off his boxers with the other. She helped. She helped get them off entirely. Once that happened, she went down on him. She took it in her fingers. She stroked it and then swallowed it, whole. Up and down she went on it…all the way down it went. She pulled out and held his cock up. Once she did that she went underneath him and Darlene looked at his balls. She liked them soooo much that she dared herself and stuck out her tongue. She licked them, several times, and even put her mouth against them so she could swallow them into her mouth.

He liked that. Any girl who did that was a winner in his book and there weren’t many he knew who would do that. But Darlene had and she did it quite well he thought. She sucked him off and stroked him too and as she did that he got her bra and panties off.

Both were naked and flesh was against flesh at that point. There was lust and heat and passion which was as fluid as fluid could be. He was hard. They were horny. What was next…well you all know what was next.

He went into her, slowly, but once he was inside of her he stuck his hand down there too. He played with her as he slowly fucked her generous pussy. She was still somewhat tight but she was wet and she was more then willing to fuck him back.

They bounced all over her bed. They kissed and held the other, passionately as they fucked, and as they fucked she cried out for something unusual. “Ohhhhhh God Joe, I’ve soooo wanted this from you for soooo long. Fuck me Joe fuck me. Don’t ever stop fucking me honey.”

And he fucked and he fucked and he fucked her. He came. She did too. And he tried to keep on fucking her but Joe went limp, eventually. Still he sat, limp, inside of her, and they nestled up against one another. She held him close and kissed his chest and lips. She didn’t want to let go of him.

She must have said thank you, as she wore that smile of hers, a hundred times over.

“Ohhhhhh Darlene…you’re soooo welcome but I’m the one who should be saying thank you. You were so perfect. Maybe we were perfect. I don’t know. But either way…I loved being here the last couple days with you.”

“Does that mean you’ll stay and be with me a few more days? Will that mean you’ll umm you know…stay and be a bed-mate?” she asked.

“Sure…for a few days,” he told her.

She turned and reached for her cell phone. She called a number. “I’m taking a few days off. I’ll be back in,” and went on to tell them what day she’d be back in on. She turned back and smiled at him, and said “Joe…hold me will you?”

He pulled her against him He felt her naked body and wrapped his arms around her. She smiled. She felt his nakedness up against hers and as his hands started to cup her breasts. She loved it once he held her like that.

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