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Former Teacher PT1

Older teacher invites former student in; some sex is the result
She was exhausted. Simply worn out from teaching and counseling and as well, listening to all those students and administrators throughout the past year she was relaxing on her bed, and reading a new romance novel she’d heard about as she drank some of the favorite wine she’d bought.

Lying on her bed she stripped off the skirt and unbuttoned her blouse, leaving her only in that top and also her panties. The book had already engulfed her as she sipped on the wine faster then she normally drank it. As she looked away from the book she pictured it; graphic visions came to her mind. That was the only word to describe it as she read the book and she couldn’t seem to put this one down.

“Wow” she said aloud. “This is one of the best I’ve ever read.” By this time she was lying sideways and she found herself getting into it more and more. “I can’t believe this. I sure wish I had a man right now.”

She kept on reading when she heard the doorbell ring. She stopped, listened, and realized she had company and then she frantically stood up and put on her skirt she had worn that day. She tucked in the blouse and looked herself over in the mirror. It was then she realized she was slightly aroused by the contents so far written in the novel she was reading.

She walked to the door and opened it up. Her eyes went big. The guy smiled. He said hi to her. She smiled and wondered why he was there.

“Well hello, Devin. What brings you around?” she said.

“Well Ms. Harbor, umm I wanted to umm thank you for helping me out this past year. I mean if it wasn’t for you” he went on to say as he shook his head “I wouldn’t have graduated. And I didn’t want that to happen. That’s for sure.”

”Well Devin, you’re quite welcome” she replied smiling. “Come on in for a bit” she went on to say. “I mean that is if you’re not busy or anything. I know how it is for almost all high school graduates. They’ve graduated, free and independent, and they are all ready to well you know conquer the world. So come on in. Sit down. You’ve got time, right?”

He said yes and came in. She immediately escorted him to a seat on the chair. He watched her as she offered him something to drink and he accepted and she walked to the kitchen. He found himself saying how attractive the curvy but slightly pudgy woman of 33 years of age was. He also found himself thinking he should compliment her figure, in some way, but so far he hadn’t. He watched her walk back. He now found himself saying to himself that Ms. Harbor had nice tits too.

She saw his eyes. Why is he looking at me like that, she asked herself. She handed him his glass, sat down, and the two began conversing. It was a nice conversation. He seemed open, relaxed, and a little more mature then he used to be.

“You seem, how do I put this Devin?” she began to say. “A little more mature then usual since you graduated?”

“I do?” he said in a surprised tone of voice. “And how’s that?”

She explained but it didn’t hurt that Devin had on a nice pair of jeans along with a button down oxford shirt which was pressed. He looked sharp and he had recently had a haircut too.

“That’s it” she told him. “You’re wearing that shirt, which you never wore in high school, and you had your hair cut. You just look older” and she smiled once she said it. He looked a few years older actually. Not 18, not 19 which he was, but maybe a little more like 21? “Yes, that’s it. You look more like a 21 year old.”

Me, 21 years old he thought. No way, no how he told himself, but it was cool he also thought that she would tell him this, so he asked “Why do you think that?”

She told him and with that he said “Really, you mean that?” He was shocked at what she’d said.

She nodded and also smiled.

“Guess what?” he went on to say. “I don’t know if this is appropriate or not but I had been uhhh thinking. I was uhhh just telling myself something.” She looked at him, curiously. “Well to be honest I wanted to say I thought you looked umm” and then he paused a moment. “Well uhhh really umm pretty” he looked down, then up and added “Uhhh, kind of sexy in a way? I hope that’s alright to tell you that?”

She was shocked. Yes, it was nice to hear but from a kid his age, a kid of only 19? She asked herself. She looked at him in disbelief. She wasn’t sure how to accept his compliment. She thought about it. It was a truly nice thing to hear and it filled her heart with hope. He was a good looking kid. He was a nice boy as well but seeing as she was 33 and he was only 19, did she even have any feelings for a boy, a young man, his age? No, she did not think so.

They talked a little bit longer. Then he said “Well Ms. Harbor, thank you very much again. I appreciate everything you did for me.”

Once he said that, she stood up, and looked him in the eyes. He looked back at her. What was she doing? He knew he liked her eyes. They were green and as attractive as anyone’s could be. He started to get up and when they did, she hugged him, unexpectedly. Once they hugged, they split apart. She was smiling and looking right into his eyes.

What’s going on, he asked himself, but not showing any signs of concern on his face. Then he thought about her and the hug. The hug felt nice. She told him he didn’t have to go. He could stay a little longer if he wanted to and so he sat back down. Before he knew it she sat along side him on the couch, smiling and looking him in the eyes still.

For whatever reason, he felt immersed in her matured figure. There were her eyes, her hair, her voluptuous looking lips, and of course there were her boobs and last but not least her curvaceous thicker figure which led to his attraction to her possibly. She stared at him. She looked deep into the younger man’s eyes. He now drew a curious looking expression on his face. What is going on here?

“It’s really nice that you came over, Devin. Earlier, before you arrived, I was lying around, and reading and wondering what I should do tonight.” She shrugged her shoulders as she looked at him. “Now that you’re here well maybe I do have something to do” she went on to add.

“Pardon me?” he said as he looked at all her facial features.

“Have dinner with me possibly?” she went on to say.

“Pardon me?” he said again.

He looked down. He looked away. Then he felt her hand on his. He looked up. He immediately looked at her hand on his. He looked right back at her. Her eyes looked different to him. What was going on, he asked himself. Why does she look like that?

Mmmmm, gosh am I lucky or what, she asked herself. A man, although younger, he is still a man who could… wow, is this right? Am I off center, she asked herself. Do it, she heard herself saying deep down in the inner sanctum of her mind. It’s just a one night stand. Let him know. He has been looking at you… in a special way. You see that, right?

She was sure of herself and the attraction she was 99% there. She let go of his hand and as she looked at him she smiled and then lightly rubbed his leg. She jumped, kind of, but she did not let go of his leg, at all. With her hand on his leg and still smiling at him, she caressed it again, but this time Devin did not jump. He looked down, then up into her eyes, and he saw that look.

“Mam, I mean Ms. Harbor” he said. “Uhhh, should you be umm doing that?” He looked down, then back up at her hand on his thigh.

“You don’t like that, Devin?” she asked in a soft toned voice.

“Uh well I don’t know mam” he told her as his eyes blinked and as he swallowed hard.

“It is nice when a man, and a woman, come together like this to talk. Wouldn’t you agree Devin?” she again said in her soft toned voice. Again she rubbed his leg lightly.

He did like it, he decided. Her hand, nicely manicured, felt nice on his leg as it caressed it but he didn’t know if he should be allowing her to do what she was doing. He didn’t push her hand off his leg and he did not know what to do about his situation either.

“Devin dear?” she began to say. “Have you ever had fantasies about any specific teachers or people before?” she asked out of nowhere. Her hand lifted off his leg and attached itself to his hand. “I need something” she went on to say and added “Something special.” He didn’t say a word but she could tell he was listening so she went on to say as she led his hand “Feel these for me” and she led his hands to her boobs as she closed her eyes.

He did not resist. They were really nice looking tits. His eyes grew wide. Yes, she was kind of sexy, he always thought. However to sit there, in her house, and be feeling her soft rotund boobs like he was doing… oh fucking god, he told himself.

And as he thought what he was thinking he heard her say “Squeeze them, okay?”

His legs seemed to move. They opened and they closed and a number of times too. She saw them as they did. She wondered why they were doing that and so she asked if he was okay.

“Uh no” he told her.

“Why, what is wrong?” she asked.

“This, me… me touching and holding your uhhh bosoms.” he told her as he shook his head. He looked at his hands on her tits. He looked at her. She was smiling as if enjoying it all. “Do you really want me doing this Ms. Harbor?” he asked.

She nodded then said “Unless you’d like it better with my blouse off, of course.”

For a moment his eyes detached themselves off her chest. He looked up. She was gleaming and looking right at him. He swallowed hard and almost began letting go of her boobs. She stepped a half step closer, almost six inches from his face.

“You do like women, right Devin?” she asked.

Again, he swallowed hard, but as he did he appeared to nod a few times. Then he looked back down at her tits. “Umm of course I do” he told her. “Yes. Yes I do Ms. Harbor.”

“Mmmmmm, good because I really like men myself” she came back adding “a lot as a matter of fact. Oh and Devin you may call me Hannah, if you’d like to. Now that we are no longer, you know, teacher and student and all.” She leaned in and kissed him on his lips, which was totally unexpected.

He let go of them. He took a step away from her. He looked at her as if dumbfounded. It was amazing. She just kissed his lips. And she was a woman, a full grown, and beautiful woman… kissing him?

He felt something; something really weird suddenly coursing through him. He felt a pinching pang of sorts inside his legs, in his crotch to be exact. He squeezed his thighs together. His stomach even seemed to turn over, twice. He swallowed hard as her hand came up and rested on his chest. Smiling, she caressed his chest, and he looked down to see what it was that he felt on his chest. He was beside himself for a moment.

“Let’s get naked, Devin. Have sex with me tonight. Make love with me, will you?”

Devin was dumbfounded. “What… do what Ms Harbor?” he said.

“Undo my blouse, feel my breast, even kiss them, and then I’ll take off your shirt and do the same with you. Let’s make love tonight” she told him.

She reached down and felt his crotch. His cock was harder now and she smiled as she caressed its beauty. She leaned in, again, and kissed his lips as she thought about the romance novel she’d been reading a little earlier. So what if he’s younger and so what if he isn’t as hunky as the guy in the story, she told herself. He’s still a man even if he’s a little younger. Mmmmmm, I want his guy in bed with me she told herself.

“Go on. It is okay. Undo my blouse, sweetheart” she said in her soft, almost flirtatious voice.

He became even hornier, wanting her he realized more then ever. Nervously, he reached down, and after fumbling a little, he finally got her first button undone. He looked at her. She was grinning and also nodding as if to reassure him he was doing it all okay. He fumbled again with the next one but she kept reassuring him all he was doing was just right and to keep going, until the last one was undone.

Finally, as her boobs and wondrous cleavage seemed to occupy everything he could see, the blouse was entirely undone, and he saw these two magnificent breasts colliding with destiny and him.

“Do you like my breasts, Devin?” she asked.

He nodded.

“Please… feel them, will you?” she said.

He reached out, carefully, and then he touched what wasn’t covered by the bra. Yes, it did feel special and yes, his hands on them made it even more special to her because it had been a long, long time since she’d been with a man to pleasure her like this.

“So Devin, am I still the sexy woman you said I was?” she said.

He nodded as he felt the upper portions of her tits. She removed the top allowing him to see all of her shapely and gifted upper body. He swallowed hard but found himself enjoying her upper body more and more. She pushed down the straps of her bra and then lowered it for him. Devin stopped. He lowered his hands. His eyes seemed to grow wide as he ogled their beauty. He looked at her.

“They are beautiful” he told her.

She loved his comment and told him thank you and wished for much, much more. “Have you ever kissed a woman’s breasts?” she said gently. He shook his head and said no. “Would you like to… please?” she said.

“Uhhh, kiss your boobs?” he said.

“Yes. I would love to feel you kiss them” she replied almost lovingly. “Here, let’s do this. Let’s go to my bedroom… where we can become more comfortable.”

“Oh god” he uttered as he followed her down the hallway.

She turned around. He looked right at them. They were absolutely gorgeous, in his opinion. She immediately took his hand and placed it on her boob. She told him to feel them and to pet them all he wanted. So he did. She enjoyed the sensations she was receiving as a result of him feeling her tits. She watched and grew hornier.

“Do you know what else a woman, like me, enjoys?

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Well for me… I love being licked out? Have you ever done that before?” she said.

Lying, he said yes. She began to undo her skirt and stepped backwards towards her bed. As she did, she pulled him with her. Already horny as ever he realized he could easily cum, if presented the right circumstances.

“Oh god” he moaned again.

“Is all this too much for you sweetheart?” she asked.

He lied again. “No” he said as she shook his head.

“Good,” she said “because I’d surely love to feel your penis, your cock if you’ll let me.”

The skirt dropped. She had terrific looking, thicker thighs and legs. He moaned again. She undid his shirt and then his pants and before he knew it he was standing before her in his underwear only.

A nervous sounding “Ohhhhhhh my god” came out of his mouth.

“Here honey, lie down, and feel me… everywhere” she told him.

She laid down and pulled him up to her. His eyes were on her boobs. They seemed magical. Almost perfectly round, her nipples were already big and hard, but she insisted he feel them regardless. He did as requested but before he knew it she pushed his hand down between her thighs.

“I do shave, as you can see, so I am smooth. Take off my panties. You’ll see” she said.

He did. Wow, she was glorious as ever. She told him to feel her inside them. He did, slowly, but sure enough he seemed to get better and more at ease with what he was supposed to do.

“Is that good?” he asked.

“Ohhh yes. Yes honey yes” she told him. “Mmmmmm” she murmured.

He kept feeling her pussy’s lips and as he did he studied it. As he studied and felt around it he began thinking… thinking about anatomy, biology from when he was in school. God she is like terrific, he told himself and that’s when he did it. He pushed his fingers inside his pussy. She cried out, quietly, and enjoyed feeling his fingers up inside her. He moved them around, pushing in and out, and hoping he was turning her on.

“Lick me will you dear?” she said.

Lick her he asked himself. Really, he thought. Oh my fucking god he told himself but he did it. He shoved his head up in between her silky but slightly thicker looking thighs. God, she was terrific as he licked both inside and out. Then he heard her.

“Ohhhhhh yeah. Yeah baby yeah” she cried out. “More baby more” she said as she bullied her way around her bed. He did not stop. He licked and sucked her “dry.” She seemed to rise and fall and push around her bed as his head, and his tongue, did their thing. “More baby, more. Oh Devin, yes honey yes!”

She came. He knelt down below her as he watched her cum slide down out of her pussy. For whatever reason he wiped some of it out and tasted it. “Mmmmm, I kind of like this” he said and she asked what he meant. “Your uhhh pussy’s” but corrected himself and said “your cum.”

“Good, because I loved it a lot myself” she told him. “Come here. You need some attention too, don’t you?”

“Uh I uhhh guess so” he said.

With that she got over him. She took hold of it in her hands as he waited. He felt her soft warm hand cradle his cock in it. It was terrific feeling as she began caressing and stroking him slowly. As she did, she looked into his eyes and smiled.

“Mmmmmm, this is really a beautiful cock Devin” she told him and then she mouthed it and began sucking it, slowly, and eventually harder and faster.

“Uh oh god. Yes… freaking yes” he uttered. It felt awesome. He was being sucked off, by his former teacher and tutor. “Oh my, oh god… oh yeah” he cried out again.

Then it happened. He exploded. He erupted. He came hard, into her mouth, and she never saw it coming. It splashed everywhere and it spread all over her face and down her chin and also landed on him as well.

There she was. Kneeling and cleaning up the mess that she could. She looked up and smiled at him. “You were terrific Devin. I mean absolutely terrific. Did you know that?” she said.

He shook his head but he did smile. He thanked her and wondered what was next.

“Think I’m going to let you go this easily?” she said.

“Uhhh I’m not sure what you mean?” he replied.

“Come back again and you and I’ll have another chance at this. How’s that sound?”

“Wow, really? You really mean that?” he answered.

She pulled him down beside her and snuggled against him. He could feel her breasts and looked at them and then into her eyes. “Let me explain” she said openly. “Bottom line is I’d love you to come back and do me like this again… for sure, okay?” He agreed to come back any time she wanted him. “Good sweetheart because I can’t wait.”

Me neither, he thought. Me neither.

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