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Former Teacher PT2

Former teacher and tutor also has sex with student
He was almost jubilant as he drove away. As he drove away all he saw was her boobs… her gloriously bigger then life round boobs. They were gorgeous and he screamed that word out as if to tell the world but no one heard him. His windows were closed and the car stereo was blasting away.

He pictured her thighs and pussy. “Oh yeah your pussy was great” he said about Hannah Harbor, his former teacher and also his former tutor. “God you were great” she shouted again as he drove through the stop sign. “Shit” he yelled after realizing what he’d done.

But he didn’t care too much longer. Devin was all smiles after exiting what he considered the thrill of a lifetime for him. Man, he thought as he turned into his subdivision, and drove up towards his house. “I gotta do that again! That is for sure. You are one amazing lady” he yelled out. “We have to… just have to do that again” and then he paused before yelling “and again. That is for sure.”

He was all smiles. And his mind was miles away and up against her naked body. His eyes closed and then opened just as he pulled into the driveway. He stopped, shut off the engine, but he sat in the car thinking. He thought about how he unbuttoned her blouse. He smiled. He thought about how he felt when he saw more and more and even more of her upper body. His heartbeat rose. He thought about how he felt when he saw her fluffy and jubilant looking cleavage. His eyes closed. He pictured his hands on her breasts. He smiled as he felt them on that plush layer of velvet like flesh, or so he thought.

When he felt it, her breasts, he noticed something else. “Oh shit” he said as he noticed himself becoming slightly aroused suddenly. He looked around. Nope, nobody around him so he reached down and petted his crotch just so he could see what would happen. He could still “see” her in his thoughts. Her tits. All big and round and those nipples. Fuck man they were like hard as rocks. He rubbed his crotch some more. He wasn’t paying attention. He closed his eyes, say back, and he kept rubbing it.

“Ohhh mmmmmm this feels good” he told himself as he made himself harder.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, there was a knock on his window. He looked up, abruptly, and saw her standing and smiling. It was his mother. The hand instantly came off his crotch. He looked down and then up. He smiled but it was as fake as anything. She didn’t seem to notice at all.

He grabbed the jacket, opened the door, and got out. “Hey mom” he said.

“Hi honey. What are you doing?” she said in a cheery tone.

“Oh uh umm nothing. Just thinking I guess” he replied.

“About what?” she asked.

He made up a story of course, which she bought, and they went inside. He was thinking about Hannah while talking to his mother but finally broke away and went upstairs. He hoped to get some alone time. He went online. “Hannah Harbor. Hannah Harbor” he said aloud but quietly. He put in the name. He searched and he searched, trying a few social networking sites, and finding her there on one of them. He also was a member so he thought what the hell and sent her a nice note and also asked to be a friend.

No answer two days later. No answer three or even four days later. However, he did get a call. His mom didn’t know a thing. All she told him was it was some woman. She handed him the phone and thankfully she went to another room. He went outside to take the call.

“Hello?” he said.

“Hiiiii sweetheart” the woman said.

“Hi” he said again.

“Can you guess who this is?” she asked.

“Uhhh” he began to say but decided not saying her name on the family phone.

“It’s Hannah. Can we talk?” she asked.

“Oh uh Ms. Harbor. Hi there. May I call you right back? Is there a number I can call you at?” he said, trying to be crafty. He got her number, went up to his room, and called her on his cell. “Hi” he said again. “It’s De-”

“I want to lick your body everywhere. Mmmmm, all over it” she said before letting him continue. “Can you picture me, right now, undressing you? And can you see me and my sexy tongue licking your body all over too, honey?”

What she had said set off fireworks inside him. He was not on cloud nine. He was not in seventh heaven. He was horny before he could practically take his next breath of air. Fireworks seemed to be exploding throughout him and faster then ever. He must have swallowed at least ten times in those moments and he felt his cock tingling, badly. He wanted to undo his pants. He wanted to grab it and stroke it himself. He wanted to masturbate and cum for her as his hand eased down and pressed against his crotch.

“And get this” she went on to say. “I also want to kiss it all over too.” He heard every word as she added “How’s that sound to you?” She waited a moment. “Devin sweetheart, guess what? Picture this. I’m here, on my bed, and I’m almost completely naked. I was reading this book and all of a sudden I started thinking about you. Mmmmm Devin, you and me? I’ve been wondering how nice, how good it could be” she added.

Then he heard this loud breathing, almost panting. She had taken a deep breath as if doing something weird or different.

“Mmmmmm, can you picture you and me naked at all, honey?” she asked. “Me and you naked together, here in my bedroom?” Then her voice seemed to softer and quieter when she went on to say “We’d be lying here and playing around and you’d be” and she paused a second before telling him “making love to me here. Ohhhhhh god yes Devin, god yes. I want to feel you against me. I hope you make it honey. I sure hope you can come over.”

He was hard and horny as hell. He felt slightly sweaty too. He wasn’t astonished but he was surely overwhelmed by her words and that’s all it took. He knew he was probably hornier then he expected to be but to be told what he was made him feel extra special too.

“Uh yeah… I mean yes. Oh god yes” he told her, frantically. “Sure, yes, sure I can come over” he replied. His voice made it sound as if he was a mess. “Umm when” he asked. “I mean I’m as free as you want me to be. Just uhhh tell me uh when and I’ll be there.” He then said, by accident “I mean like at the drop of a dime, okay?” He sounded like a young teenager as he spoke to her.

She could hear the excited anticipation in his voice. She told him she was ready that night. It was as good as any. He grew even more excited to see her again. She asked if he could come over.

Forgetting another commitment he had, he said yes. His other commitment was a graduation party his godmother was holding for him. Although almost a month and a half later, she was still his godmother, and no one ever passes up something like that with their godmother.

Or maybe they do?

He left. As he was leaving he told his mom he had a couple things to do and still he had forgotten about the party he was supposed to attend. As he drove over, he pictured her. He saw those two beautiful thick breasts. He smiled while feeling the “thunder” breed throughout all his body. As it did he even pictured her fuller figured snaky body. He so wanted her. He envisioned him and her wrapped around each other as the two kissed and felt one another out all over. He couldn’t wait and as he thought about it all, his legs began knocking. He grew hungrier and hungrier for the woman and began picturing his face down inside her gorgeous larger then life boobs.

He was almost there and that’s when he thought about it… her smooth luscious pussy.

“Hi” he said. That was when he noticed what she had on.

His eyes took a journey of her figure. His eyes were bigger then usual. She smiled as she watched him check her out. It wasn’t too revealing but what she wore surely enhanced all the right features any hungry woman wanted to have seen. And yes, she was as hungry as he was. He swallowed hard. He loved how she looked. As he stood there looking at her, he shook his head waiting and wanting and more.

“Wow” he uttered as she opened the door inviting him in. He was still looking all over her body as he entered her house. She had to practically pull him inside. Due to him staring at her he initially hadn’t come in, yet. “That… you look” and he shook his head again while also blinking his eyes “like the” but he couldn’t seem to find the right words.

“I take that as if you like this?” she said sweetly while her hands paraded down her.

He nodded as he again swallowed hard. She looked so darn delicious to him as his eyes still looked her over. “Uh yeah” he said nodding his head. Shaking his head he added “Wow, you sure look uhhh magnificent… I mean sexy as ever.”

With her back to him while they walked towards her bedroom she said “Thank you. And I am so soooo glad you were able to come over too.” They turned into her bedroom and she turned around and looked right into his eyes. “Because Devin” she went on to say “I am as horny as they come tonight, baby! I mean I am really, really horny tonight and I sure hope you are too.” She leaned in and kissed his lips sensuously and then asked “Are you honey?”

Shaking his head and then nodding it he said “Oh umm yeah… oh god yes. Yes!” He closed his eyes and added “I am. I really am. Oh god yes I am. Let me” and he paused a moment before saying “kiss your body all over.”

“You can and you will” she assured him. “I promise you that you will” she replied.

With that she reached out and unbuttoned his shirt. He stood there doing nothing as she did. With that, she took it off. With that, her hands touched his chest. She began, slowly, rubbing it lightly as she moved about it. His eyes closed as she caressed its features and simply making him hornier and hornier as it all occurred. She smiled and watched him, closely, before she leaned in and kissed his chest.

He loved how her lips felt on him. He still remained where he was, doing nothing at all. Up and down and left to right, her fingers strolled all over his upper body. She leaned in and kissed his chest focusing especially on his nipples.

“Ohhhhhhh” he called out. “Ohhh god, wow” he murmured. He breathed quietly but he breathed heavily too. He grabbed her arms as she leaned in and kissed his chest more while focusing on his nipples. “Man oh wow yeah” she cried out. “I soooo want you” he told her.

She stood up, smiling. “And I want you too, honey. God do I ever.”

She leaned back into him and started kissing his chest some more. His hands again started holding her but he rubbed her shoulders, while she kissed his chest, and he began playing with her outfits straps while moving southerly towards her boobs. He told her he was horny and she told him she was too.

“But foreplay is important with any venture like this sweetheart and I like your body so that’s what I am going to have this afternoon” she said.

She leaned in, again, and started kissing and rubbing his upper body. He was inundated by what she was doing but he knew he loved how it felt as she touched him with her fingers, throughout his upper body. Her hands climbed up to his chest and then slowly found their way back to his stomach. He loved it. He loved every last moment he felt her fingers on his sturdy chest. For Devin, it was a turning point he did not quite understand.

One and then the other slowly came off her shoulders. Her boobs looked magnificent. He felt the “hunger pangs” grow more and more. Finally, he reached in, and felt the tops of her boobs as well as a little of her cleavage. She stopped what she was doing allowing him to do what he wanted. He undid the top and before he knew it he could see all of her upper body.

He smiled as she let him reach in and feel them. Her eyes closed as did his while he felt them. They felt incredible. They looked incredible too. So he rubbed them and finally focused on her soft but fat nipples.

“Lick them and suck on them too” he heard her say.

So he did as he held on to one and then the other, making each one grow fatter and harder then ever. She wanted more. He leaned in and sucked on her two incredible tits. She took hold of the back of his head and pushed it into her. He kissed her body and then licked it next. Her body arched backward making him only want her more and more and more.

“Oh sweetheart… I want you soooo badly” she said. Her hand lowered and he felt it touch his crotch. She rubbed it, repeatedly, but she rubbed it slowly too. “Mmmmmm yes honey” she went on to say “I want this inside me today.”

He stopped everything and stood straight up, looking at her. She was smiling but also nodding her head and repeating to him she needed his cock, his hard cock, inside her pussy. She smiled, caressed his body, and leaned in to kiss him on the lips. She was advanced in that out of nowhere her hands had his pants undone. As she did it she looked him in the eyes, smiling. The pants slid down and laid at his ankles. Before he knew it he was kicking off his shoes and stepping out of his pants.

“Mmmmmm, make me a happy woman today” she told him softly.

That alone made him a little hornier and it didn’t hurt that her hand jettisoned down on his crotch. His eyes swirled as his head fell back. As she lightly rubbed his crotch she could slowly feel it become harder. She undid the remainder of her outfit and he watched as it fell off her. Again, his eyes grew wider. She smiled, leaned in again, and kissed him.

“Let’s do this honey. I need you so much” she told him. “I really need you today.”

On the bed beside one another she caressed his chest and stomach as well as his arms but what she really needed was his cock and ready and raring to go.

She got him to pull his underwear off. Half stiff, she looked at it and smiled. She reached down and tinkered with it a little while as she looked into his eyes. He seemed beside himself as he got hornier and harder.

“Oooooohh nice… nice cock honey” she told him while holding it.

She stroked it making sure it was nice and firm and ready to go. Then she mounted him and planted herself on it. His eyes, having felt her pussy, grew extremely large. She looked down on him as she sat on his raging hard erection. Her eyes closed, then opened, and finally she rose up and almost off it.

“How’s that feel?” she asked quietly.

He swallowed and nodded his head. Then he said in broken grammar “Good… it feels really uhhh good. No… no it feels great.”

With his cock inserted into her, she pulled him down and kissed his lips. Yes, she did feel great and yes he knew now he wanted to fuck the living daylights out of her no matter what.

On top, she rose and fell and no matter what she did, he felt great inside her. She told him she wanted to lie on the bed and once they switched, he fucked her, and pleasured her enormously. She orgasmed twice for him and herself and he was more then ready to cum for her.

“I’m gonna cum” he called out.

“Cum… please cum baby” she told him.

Still inside her, he wasn’t sure, but regardless it happened anyway. He exploded inside her and Hannah felt it too. Her eyes lit up and then closed as she brought his body down on top of hers. Then he slid off to the side as the two cuddled, lovingly.

“Mmmmmm you were absolutely perfect honey” she said and kissed his cheek. “Thank you, thank you, and again thank you. I loved what happened dear” she said shaking her head. She took him in her arms and held him close. Then she kissed his lips, deeply.

The cell phone rang. He ignored it the first time. This time, right after they’d had sex and were cuddling, he felt he had to answer it, and so he climbed out of bed and picked up his pants.

“Hello?” he said as he stood naked and smiling while looking at her naked body. “Oh my god… oh shit, yeah. I’m so… I’m so stupid. I’ll be right over” he told his mom.

Hannah asked what was wrong and Devin told her. “Oh well… these things happen” she said as if not a big deal. “When can we see each other?” she asked. He said he’d call tomorrow and let her know. “Great. I’ll miss you” she said.

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