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Former Teacher PT3

Now the Assistant Principal does it with new teacher, a former student of hers.
For her, it was a dream come true. A former student had become a teacher. It wasn’t his first day teaching for the guy was 30 years old however to her academically speaking an intelligent former student had pursued education, and now had come back to his alma mater to teach.

Hannah smiled once she saw the resume. Hannah happened to review it at least four times that afternoon. She remembered Robert Palms well. Robert was almost a 4.0 student she recalled. In addition to all the football honors he received throughout his football career in high school he also was one of the tops in his class. Then he went on to college. What became of him she didn’t know.

Nevertheless, the bulky six foot three former football player had come home to roost she told herself. She loved this school. It had been good to her. It had been good for many. She seen it time and time again but to see a former student come back to teach would be great she told herself.

She pictured him. She smiled as she did. Alone in her office, she sat re-reviewing his resume. Mmmmm, she thought. He was soooo handsome back then. He was sweet and tall and he was gentlemanly too. Those eyes and the manner in which he addressed you, she recalled. Yes mam, no sir, or whatever the matter was he spoke to you with a great amount of respect. Yes Robert, you certainly always did she went on to tell herself.

“Marilyn, please send him in, will you? Thank you” she told the secretary.

He opened the door. Her eyes spanned his still massive athletic tall frame. She smiled as he swayed in a natural manner towards the chair in front of her long desk. He smiled back at her, saying “Hi Ms. Harbor. How are you?” He stuck out his hand to shake hers.

However, she didn’t shake his hand. She walked around her desk, walked up to Robert, and hugged her former student almost too lovingly. Mmmmm, now that felt good. It felt real good to hug the younger man she told herself. Not that she was seeking sexual refuge with him but she did want the former student and current teacher to feel more welcome then ever.

She told him to sit down. She sat down beside him in the other chair. She was smiling and speaking about the position he would hold. He looked right at her, right into her eyes as she spoke. Her voice was soft and pleasant. To him it was as if she was not tough enough for the job as Assistant Principal of the school. However none of that mattered. Her hair, her eyes, and even her lips spoke multitudes about her as a person. No, how she looked spoke lots about how she looked more to the point.

As they talked that afternoon, he allowed himself to check out her figure, and as a result he surmised he rather liked her figure much more then he ever would. Wasn’t she this overweight, sloppily dressed woman he thought? Wasn’t she a little on the unattractive side he asked himself? Yes but she was always a little pretty in her own way he thought. Yes, she was he told himself, but now well now she looks really good in fact.

“So then, I’ll see you tomorrow?” she said. “Just come here, to my office, and I’ll take you and introduce you.”

They shook hands but it was Robert who appeared to hold hers a tad longer then usual. She was the one who stared into his eyes. She loved them. She loved how he still looked. Couple that with the idea that she’d lost over 25 pounds helped in possibly negotiating a relationship neither would ever expect.

God, she looks soooo good he told himself. Okay so what if she’s older then me he went on to think. I’d still do her. That is of course if she’d do me but then he thought about her age versus his. And so what if she’s fuller figured. I mean, she still has a nice set of tits. And that ass? What about it? I like it, he went on to think. He shook his head. But she’s my boss. That’s all there is to it. She’s my boss and nothing but my boss.

Something wasn’t right about how his schedule was working out. He had to figure a way to correct it. She was the only one he was able to review it with and requested a meeting with her.

“Well, let’s see Robert. I’m booked up through the end of the week. That is unless you want to meet later in the early evening. Do you have any plans say around six?” she said.

He looked through his planner. Nope, no plans and he told her. She smiled and agreed to be there, in her office, at six pm. He was there promptly. She was too. They sat down side by side and discussed his issue. As they talked, each one realized something began to materialize between these two. What was it? Their eyes seemed to meet, often. Whatever it was made them each forget what they were going to say next.

“What was I going to say?” she said.

“I don’t know” he told her.

He looked at her. She looked up and at him. They couldn’t seem to tear their eyes away from each other. They stared at one another. They didn’t say a word either.

“Can I say something?” she said “I mean on a personal note that is?”

“Sure, feel free” he told her.

“Do you know that you have well extraordinary looking eyes?” she told him.

He swallowed relatively hard hearing what she said. The only other person who’d told her that was some girl he dated briefly in college and he really liked her but she left school for another college. It was weird coming from her seeing as she was his boss and of course his former teacher.

“Thank you” he told her “but honestly I was kind of thinking that about you too, if you don’t mind me saying so.”

Silence filled the office. They weren’t uncomfortable about their admissions and neither of them looked about the room trying to avoid one another at all. He stared at her and she stared right back at him. What was going on in their minds? Neither really knew for sure but they stared deeply into one another’s eyes.

Then, all of a sudden, it happened.

He pulled her towards him. She seemed to allow it to happen. Before he knew it, he was kissing her on her lips. He was kissing her hard too and she let it happen as well. As they began kissing, they inched closer and closer to one another and their arms wrapped themselves around one another as each other’s tongues joined easily into the fray.

It was madness. The two of them kissed, heavily and passionately inside her office. He wouldn’t stop. She didn’t stop. His hands weaved their way through her hair and through the outside of her blouse. She was becoming and absolute mess. He was too but then his hair wasn’t even half as long as hers and as he kissed he felt the initial elements of arousal coursing through his body.

After what seemed like five steadfast minutes of heavy and more then eager kissing, it ended with both finally coming up for a deep breath of air. They were both swallowing and adjusting their clothes, more her then him, and trying hard to disregard what had just occurred between themselves.

Her eyes were closed. His eyes were open. She opened her eyes back up and then said “Wow sorry about that. Please, I am so soooo sorry. I didn’t” and then she stopped and shook her head. “I didn’t expect that. I am so sorry. Please excuse me. That was so unprofessional of-”

But he took hold of her out of nowhere again and again began kissing her on the lips and with all his might pulled her body slowly to the floor where they kissed and they rolled and they kissed some more. She wouldn’t stop. He didn’t either as they kissed and kissed.

Her blouse and his shirt slowly became untucked. She felt awesome to hold as they kissed madly in her office and on the floor. They rolled back and forth as the kissing continued, heavily.

His hands crept up inside the blouse. Ohhhhhh her body, her flesh more to the point was soft and lovely and as he kissed her his hands began slowly tumbling all over her opulent fleshy layers underneath that blouse.

She kissed him even more passionately while feeling his fingers tumble along the knobby layers of her tummy towards her larger then life tits. She pulled at him. More and more he could feel her straining to pull him against her. His hands touched her tits. His hands caressed or even squeezed them as they kissed and tumbled back and forth on the floor. His hands eased across from one boob to the other, and also seemed to caress her bulging cleavage as well. Her upper body was gloriously sumptuous and it didn’t seem as if he felt like stopping anytime soon.

They stopped kissing. They looked at each other’s faces from a very close proximity. She was smiling. He was too. His hand was still up inside her blouse and planted in between the boobs.

“Wow, how did all this happen?” she said softly.

“Uh I don’t know but I do know I am… enjoying it. That much is for sure” he said.

“Umm, we uh better stop” she told him as she shook her head. “I can’t be caught uhhh doing this.” She closed her eyes and shook her head. When she did she felt his hand rub her tits some more. “Please don’t… don’t do that” she said but she never pushed his hand away from her boobs. Not once as the two lay facing one another in a disheveled manner.

“But you are once gorgeous woman. I mean that. You’re gorgeous and sumptuous and” and he paused a moment then said “and I could do this all the time with you. I mean it. Kissing you like this, like we’ve just done it was wild and crazy and… and the passion inside me is still alive.” He stopped and looked at her. “I want you badly.”

She laid there with his hand still resting on her breast and smiled. I want you too. I do. I so want you but here I do not know. I can’t. I just can’t, she told herself. Then she said “Not here at least” she said. “I do know I loved what happened but not here Robert, not here in my office.”

She held his hand on her tits for a moment as they lay side by side facing each other. She smiled and kissed him on the nose. Then kissed his lips. Then she whispered “I’ll get you my address and you can come over. Then you and I can roll around all night long like this.”

“God Hannah you so turn me on. Do you know that?” he said.

Then he kissed her again. Once he kissed her he more then felt her breasts, he reached down and rubbed her between her legs. She clamped down on his hand, trying to prevent him from feeling her there, but she knew she enjoyed that too and slowly eased her legs open allowing him to rub some more.

“Mmmmm,” she uttered, then happily added “just come over tonight. Honestly, after what just happened. I can’t wait” she went on to say. With that they stood and put themselves back together. She wrote down her address and gave it to him, adding what time to come over. “And Robert, let me assure you. It will all be worth it” as she planted a kiss on his cheek.

“Yes it will. Yes it will” he said aloud as he headed to his car.

He sped home to his small apartment and changed. A nice shirt and jeans. He liked how he looked. At her house, she also changed, and into a sweater vest along with one of her grand looking bras underneath. She wore jeans as well and liked how she looked for his arrival. Ten minutes later he rang the doorbell. She answered it right away.

Inside she offered him a beer. And he kept telling himself to kiss her. However, something wasn’t right. Where was that passion which consumed them a couple hours earlier? Neither knew. Neither knew why that passion from earlier that evening seemed to not exist all of a sudden.

They sat there, chatting. They sat in her living room looking into one another’s eyes. Why couldn’t he do it? Why couldn’t she do it either? No hunger for her lips? No hunger for grabbing hold of her? No… no there wasn’t or it didn’t feel like it like earlier at school that is.

“Robert is everything alright?” she finally said.

“Yeah, everything is fine” he told her.

“Well I guess I kind of thought you and I would be well you and I would be passionately rolling across the floor and well kissing madly by now. Is something wrong? Did I misread something between us?” she said.

“No” he replied. “I loved what happened today at school. I absolutely loved that” he told her. “I don’t know. I really don’t.” He shook his head and looked down. He looked up wanting to feel that unexpected passion which filled their hearts and loins as well. But something was missing. What that was he didn’t know. “I just don’t know why. I mean you do turn me on and everything but I don’t know. Something’s missing I think.”

They thought about it for a moment. They looked at each other too. Hoping to discover that passion they had earlier they sat there, in her living room, and stared into one another’s eyes. Nothing. Not a single drop of passion seemed to fill their souls at all..

“Come here, will you?” she said as she took hold of his hand. “Down here, okay?”

She led him to her home office. A nondescript office like room, it had a desk, and it also had two chairs in front of it. It was much, much smaller then the office at school, but she sat him down in one of the chairs.

Finally, she sat too. The windows were a little like the ones at school, only smaller of course. The chairs were very similar to hers at the office as well. She looked out the window and then at her desk. Finally she looked at him and smiled. He looked back at her and smiled too.

“Is this better?” she asked.

He looked at her. He looked into her eyes. She stared back at him. In fact, it was a lot like the school setting. As they stared at each other, his hands came out and held hers. He felt something. He felt a spark for her. He kept looking into her eyes and she loved how his felt too. That was one of the things she always remembered about him when he was a student at the school.

“Kiss me will you?” he said.

She leaned in and planted a soft kiss on his lips. He liked it. He told her to kiss him again. Again, he liked how her soft lips felt on his lips and told her to kiss him again. This time she wrapped her gentle arms and hands around his body and then kissed him more feverishly.

He felt himself tingling, a little. He felt her arms pulling at him too. She kissed and she kissed some more as she pulled at his bulky muscular frame. He felt his cock begin to tingle. It felt great he told himself.

All of a sudden he took hold of her body and kissed her back and he kissed her back hard. Before he realized it, he was wrapping his long and big arms around her and he found himself sliding off his chair with her falling down on top of him.

He kissed her hard and passionately. He kissed her for a very long time. His hands initially twirled through her silky longer hair as he kissed her and offered her his tongue as if a topping on ice cream or something.

Before long, as they kissing and started to roll, she felt his hand do its thing. He started slowly. Feeling her knobby stomachs flesh, his fingers caressed and touched along it from side to side. That delighted her to no end. She kept telling herself she couldn’t wait until he felt her boobs. She had to feel his hands on her boobs. That was the embodiment of their whole relationship; what defined them as a couple she decided. She waited.

Touch them. Feel my tits. Ohhhhhh feel my breasts, Robert. Feel them. Feel them. Ohhh god, touch my tits. Feel them. Make me feel like I’m a woman again will you? “Ohhh Robert, touch my tits” she finally verbalized.

And he did. He smoothed along them slowly and gently. Feeling his hands was a blessing she told herself. They were so darn soft and so darn loving that she wished for his lips and tongue all over them. Not just his hands she thought.

“Robert sweetheart” she began to say quietly. “Will you do me a favor honey?” He looked up at her and asked what. “Take off my sweater. Take off my bra too. Eat out my boobs, will you please?” she said with great passion showing in her eyes.

Slowly, it came up and off her head. Next, her bra came off, and before diving in to first kiss and then sucking them off he looked up at her. “You do realize I do find you incredibly sexy, don’t you?” he told her.

With that she said “Ohhhhhhh Robert, thank you thank you honey” and she pulled him down on top of her bare chest and kissed him madly.

With that, he lunged into her breasts, kissing them madly, and also spending time making her nipples harder then ever. Her boobs were large. Her nipples were fatter then fat but as he kissed and sucked them, he focused on making her nipples rock hard. He held them each and focused on kissing them passionately. She grew hornier and hornier as a result. She wanted his chest. She wanted his body too. She wanted his cock no matter what. She wanted all of him as they lay on her home office floor.

“God, you’re incredibly sexy” he told her looking down at her thick body. “You really are. Honestly” he added.

She reached up and undid his shirt. After removing it, she got him to lie down, and with that she fingered up and down his chest. Then she started kissing his upper body as well as focusing on his nipples too. She even licked them to see if he was aroused by that at all. He was. It was kind of cool and he told her too.

Before too long, he undid his pants. He undid hers too. Before either knew it, both were horny as ever, and both truly wanted to have sex with one another. He knelt upright and pushed down in boxers. Seeing his hard cock already thrilled her. It was very hard and very erect and she stared at it in disbelief.

She reached out to touch it. He stopped her. She asked why. “Ohhh because it’s special that’s why” he told her. She asked what he meant. “Are you sure you can really handle it?” he asked her. She laughed and took hold of it, shoving her mouth over it, and she began to suck it wildly. “Whoa, I guess you are ready” he told her. “Ohhhhhh wow man wow” he groaned.

“Robert honey, do me a favor will you?” she said and he asked what. “Eat me out.”

He was more then happy to undress her and more then happy to go down on her. He fingered her but soon enough shoved his tongue up inside her fat, swollen, and warm cunt. He licked her as if she was a delicious bowl of ice cream. His tongue spun wildly from side to side inside her pussy and it dug deeply as well.

The more he ate her out, the hornier she felt she was becoming. “Oh god fuck me” she cried out more then once and so he did.

He went in. He pushed and he pulled and whatever he did as he fucked her, he brought her closer to an orgasm. Finally, she came, and when she did she screamed out. He came after she did and he came all over her well rounded tits. He knelt there looking down over her. She was smiling and tugged at him to lie down beside her. He finally did. She held his hand in hers, almost cooing as if in love.

Then she said “I sure had fun tonight. Did you?” He hadn’t said anything yet and then she said “Let’s make sure we do this again soon, alright?”

“Mmmmm you bet your sweet succulent ass I haven’t had a chance to indulge in yet we will” he said. “I’d love to bury my face in that to be honest. Here or at work, it doesn’t matter. I want to lick you all over the place, especially your sumptuous ass too.”

The next day each came in at different times. She walked by the mailboxes and put a note in his. “Dear Robert. I can’t wait to feel your tongue on my ass. I can feel it right now almost to be honest with you. Mmmmm, on my ass, on the insides of my thighs, and I will never forget it being on my tits, once that happens either.” Then she added “Last night was great. Let’s do that again soon. I mean it too.”

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