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Former Teacher PT4

Potential teacher will agree if has sex with Headmaster's wife
“I can’t give him that” said the headmaster. “No way” he went on to say. Then he thought further. “Let me think about this a little. We’ll figure it out.”

That was three days prior. Jonathan Johnson wanted this job. To be a departmental head in a school like this would raise his salary enormously. He knew he’d get it. He was called back in to re-interview with a new group of people, including the headmaster’s wife for some reason too. He was introduced to them all. The headmaster’s wife, a very quiet unassuming yet somewhat pretty looking woman sat back away from them all and listened as the interview went on. She took notes. That was her job. To take notes of the interview and to make note of the guy’s mannerisms and other stuff.

As he interviewed, Jonathan eyed her, often. She noticed it too. No one else had. The quiet and skinny woman had begun eying him here and there too. Once in a while their eyes met. She’d smile at him but look down and away right afterward, blushing just after their eyes met. A quiet and very shy lady, she wasn’t one to be taken notice of. She never thought of herself as attractive. She was but she never looked at herself in that manner. However, he noticed that she was. How could he let her know she was pretty?

“Well we’ll let you know Mr. Johnson. Thank you” said the headmaster.

Jonathan left. It was the headmaster and his wife alone in the office. He asked her what she thought, what her opinions were of him. As a former teacher herself, before having met the headmaster, she too was a teacher, but now with a couple growing kids under her belt she wasn’t currently teaching although she was working at the school part time. He always wanted to know what she thought of certain individuals.

“He is very good, very gifted I think dear” said the headmaster’s wife.

However, the headmaster knew he couldn’t afford and offer the man the money he wanted. What could he do, he asked himself. He didn’t know. He really didn’t know.

“Oh hi” he said to Jonathan. He had run into the potential teacher at a store. “Nice seeing you here.” They went on to talk.

Meanwhile, she was at her house, thinking. She liked this guy a lot more then she let on. She was thinking about him, a lot. Too much in fact too. The way he looked at her. The way he smiled at her when their eyes had met. Yes, she had been thinking about this guy way, way too much in fact, but there was something about him she liked and she did not know what to do or think about it all.

No, she knew it was wrong. It wasn’t like her at all. She was not like this so why was she thinking about him like the way she was. Those eyes and how he had looked at her the way he had. And the one time when he looked over at her; how he smiled into her eyes as if the two were, she didn’t know, but it almost felt as if he was treating her like she was a lover, or something close to that she thought.

“Oh gosh no” she said as she stared at herself in the mirror above the bedroom dresser. “Those eyes, his eyes” she said quietly while looking at her skinny smaller breasted figure. “Why me?” she said aloud.

“Tell you what, Jim” Jonathan said as they walked out of the store. He shook his head. “I’ll do it for what you want, probably, but on one condition only” he told the headmaster. Jim asked what it was. Jonathan stopped pushing his cart and looked at his potential boss. “Your wife, well she impresses me a little” he went on to say as he shook his head confidently. “I’ll do it at a reduced salary if” and he looked right at the headmaster and stopped speaking for a minute. “If your wife will agree to have” and he paused again before going on to say “meaningful sex with me. A romantic, meaningful evening alone with me that is” he told her.

“What the hell are you talking about?” said the headmaster in a shocked tone of voice.

Jonathan nodded his head. “Yes, that’s right. I’d love to spend at least one evening, alone, with your wife. Then I’ll accept a reduced salary. Those are my terms.”

“He is nuts, crazy” yelled the headmaster as he drove home. He yelled more obscenities as he drove home and also shook his head along with thinking “My wife would never do that! Uh uhhh, no way would she ever do that!”

He did not say a word. The two had dinner. Two days had passed. However, the thoughts which Jonathan pumped into Jim’s head hadn’t disappeared. “He is so well qualified” the Jim thought aloud “I can’t let this guy go, can I?”

His wife, known to most as the most conservative women around, wouldn’t ever do what was brought forth by Jonathan. No way, the headmaster thought as he continually shook his head whenever he thought about those words and statement. Four days passed and he had to do something. There wasn’t anyone else to do the job Jonathan was vying for.

“So honey, did you all choose a person for the position?” the headmaster asked.

He turned around sharply. He shook his head knowing he had to say something or risk losing this guy forever, he thought. “Honey, sit down will you?” he said. “I wanted to talk to you about something and thought if we sat and talked about it, it would make it a little better if we were both sitting down.”

”What’s on your mind dear?” Amy, his wife asked.

They sat. He felt bad and stood up as she watched. It concerned her a little. He walked around before saying “I have a problem dear and need your help.” He turned to look at her as she waited. “It involves you too. I need to” and he paused. “I want to hire this man, the one we interviewed but there’s one issue I need to discuss with you” and he went on to explain all the details.

“What?” she exclaimed. “You want me to what?” she said again, lying.

Truth was she liked this guy and she liked him a lot. As he declared why he wanted her to put herself in the position of being a “sex starved wife” so to speak, she thought how much fun it really and truly could be. To be with another man, this man, a man she found herself attracted to, she wondered what it would take to get him to become more and more attracted to her seeing as she felt she wasn’t all that good looking, or so she thought she wasn’t. She liked how the guy had looked at her and into her eyes in fact too. There was something mystifying about him which seemed to transfix her internally and for whatever reason it sent a chill throughout her the day she was there taking notes at that interview. That much she knew. It was definitely something she had never experienced in her life ever before. So to fill this man’s dream of being an intimate and romantic liaison for the school, to her, was enormous she eventually told herself.

“No. I can not do that. You know better then that” she shouted to her husband regardless of how she felt as she stood up and stormed out of the room. She walked briskly to the bedroom and slammed the door as she said “No, I will not do something like that Jim. I will not. I am not a run of the mill slut!”

He knew that an once he heard the door slam shut, he let it go, but later that day he brought her flowers and chocolates and took her to dinner not realizing she truly wanted to feel sexy and worthy of another man’s affections as described by her husband.

“Alright, I will do it” she told him “but only because this is for the school” she went on to say. She was lying and he bought it all. She looked at him sternly. It will be for no other reason than that” she told him still sounding stern in her feminine tone of voice.

Inside he smiled and contacted Jonathan, letting him know his wife’s answer. Jonathan was elated but knew he had to behave with decorum throughout it all. She called him. They spoke for a while but not when her husband was around. Speaking to him made her feel thrilled and shortly afterward aroused, which was something she was not ever used to ever in her life. She could not believe she was going to meet a man she barely knew, at a hotel, and spend the day making love with him.

She went out and went shopping. It was something she rarely did. This time however, she bought something she never had and never went out and purchased. Besides the usual dress she bought she purchased something else.

She questioned it too but ended up buying it because the young vivacious woman seemed to know what was perfect for this specific occasion. “You’re sure about this?” Amy asked. The young sales clerk said yes as Amy held the babydoll up, wondering if she was doing the right thing. “It does look, I don’t know, quite sexy and maybe too sexy for the likes of me” she said aloud but to no one in particular.

“He’ll love it mam” said the sales clerk “and you will too. Go home and try it on. Walk around in it. Look at yourself in the mirror for a while. You’ll see. The man will love this.”

Amy got home and did what she was told. Yes, she did love seeing herself in the babydoll and seeing as it had these underwire cups her small breasts seemed more noticeable, she thought as she turned and turned in front of her mirror. That day, for the very first time in her life, Amy felt magnificent. Amy felt sexy. Amy could not wait.

“Hello Mr. Johnson” she said.

He said hello. The two hugged. And they first went into the restaurant to have a drink. She rarely drank but Jonathan had her feeling more comfortable then her husband ever did. They sat and talked for an hour. It was a delightful time.

“Ready to go upstairs?” he asked.

“Oh umm yes, sure” she said.

Although surprised, she wanted to be with this man. She wanted to feel sexy and fertile and forever attractive to a man she did not know or think would ever want her. But he did and he was the nicest and sweetest man she knew, besides her husband.

“Get comfortable, okay” he told her.

She had on the babydoll beneath the dress. Should she remove the dress she asked herself? No she didn’t. Not at that point she hadn’t. He came back. His blazer was off and so were his shoes and he sat down beside her on the couch as he looked directly into her eyes.

“You certainly look very pretty today if you don’t mind me saying so” he told her. “I sure wouldn’t mind lying down with you and well just snuggling.”

That was certainly quick, she thought. A man, this man, wants to lie down with me, and snuggle? She felt tingling erupt all over. No man, not even her husband Jim, ever had her feeling the way this man had her feeling. Oh god, touch my body all over the place. Take off my dress. Make me feel prettier Jonathan, she thought.

He reached over and felt her arm, something no one ever did to her. Her eyes closed and he noticed it too. He smiled and slipped his hand up over her arm. Amy loved how it felt. Soft and gentle, the man moved his hand across her arm slowly. It had her smiling inside. Ooooohh feel me some more, she thought. Anywhere you want, she told herself, but something happened she did not expect. She took his hand and placed it on her belly. Her eyes closed as she moved it about it.

“Mmmmm, that’s terrific Jonathan. Will you” and again she couldn’t believe she was saying it “remove my dress?”

He smiled as he looked into her eyes and his hands reached for the dress. He began undoing it and as he did, he started seeing the babydoll beneath it. He looked curiously but enjoyed what he was seeing. One shoulder then another and he watched and waited as it appeared before him. He lowered it to announce to him what she had on.

“Do you like this?” she asked. “I never wear anything like this, ever.”

“Ohhhhhh yes, yes I do” he said as the dress lowered itself down to her waist and the babydoll started showing off the thin frame and its tits. He smiled. “You look marvelous and I mean it too.” He leaned in and kissed her lips. “Care to go off to the bedroom?”

She grew overly excited but tried hiding it. She said yes while not knowing exactly what to expect. He took her hand. It was small and soft and once inside the bedroom he stopped and took her in his arms. He turned and looked at her. He smiled again.

“Let’s take this off” and he removed the dress completely.

She felt uncomfortable but that wasn’t going to stop him. He pulled her in again. Looking into her eyes, he kissed her some more. She liked that. The way he held her, the way his lips felt against hers, and the simple and basic excitement she started feeling aroused her all the way down inside her thighs.

She found herself pulling him against her, or so she thought as they kissed. She couldn’t believe it. She could hear herself saying no and asked why she was letting herself do this. She didn’t know but for whatever reason, it felt “scrumptious.” It felt magnificent. She knew she wanted more. She knew she had to do this and knew that allowing him to kiss her and even touch her would release all the introverted passion she had kept pent up within her all these years. And she also knew she shouldn’t be doing this but she did, she couldn’t stop it at all.

He pulled away. “Mmmmm that felt wonderful” he told her quietly. “How do you feel?”

“I don’t” and she paused “know” she told him. “I guess I” and she looked down as she said “liked it too.”

He raised her head up as he smiled. “You do know that I think you are a very pretty woman, don’t you?” He looked and smiled some more into her eyes while waiting.

“Me, pretty really?” she asked.

“Oh yes” he confirmed while nodding. “I saw it in you the first day we met, when we interviewed.” He looked at her. He looked over her body. He studied the babydoll she had on. “I really can’t believe we’re together doing this. Can you?”

She didn’t know what to say. She was enthralled but scared as well. She’d never been in a situation like this and never once thought anything like this could ever happen to her either. Not Amy at least. A Midwestern woman with Midwestern ideals who dressed as conservatively as they came and now here she was with another man, a man who wasn’t her husband, and dressed in something she never wore in her life.

“I don’t know” she said, quietly. Her reserved nature showed. She wasn’t an outgoing pushy woman whatsoever. She couldn’t believe the two of them, and more importantly herself, was aiming to have sex with a man she did not know. “It is nice that you’ve said that but I’ve never thought I was that pretty but thank you.”

He reached out and in doing so he felt her cheeks as he smiled. He lightly rubbed one side and then the other and in a loving manner too. She liked how he approached her, how he did everything. She felt herself wanting this man more and more and also found herself looking down over her chest. She didn’t know what to do.

He undid his shirt for her seeing as she had been eyeing his chest. He smiled and stayed quiet as he undid his shirt for her. He reached for her hand and brought it to his chest. She wasn’t sure what to do or expect but he rubbed his chest with her hand as he smiled.

“How’d that feel?” he said.

She smiled, kind of and said as she shrugged her shoulders “I don’t know. Kind of nice.”

He reached forward and felt her flat belly as he looked into her eyes. As he proceeded to feel her belly and more of her body as well he watched her reaction closely. “Amy, may I feel your breasts?” he said, almost too quietly. His question shook her somewhat but she told herself that wasn’t this what she agreed on and what she came for in the first place? To have sex with a man she didn’t know, she asked herself.

Stuttering initially she said “Umm yes, sure uhhh please.”

He leaned in and kissed her lips just before reaching in and touching one of the small sized tits although her babydoll was still on. Then he squeezed it, which initially startled her. He watched her as he did squeezed the boob. Then out of nowhere he slipped one of the straps off her shoulder. Amy grew stiff and stepped away momentarily. She wasn’t sure what to think or do.

“It’s alright Amy. Don’t be scared” he said gently.

She forced a smile as she looked up at him. She let him proceed and seeing as she did, he felt the other breasts. It felt good, she told herself as she wished for him to feel her tits some more.

“Will you do that again?” she asked quietly.

He smiled and did it again. Her eyes closed as she felt the babydoll slowly begin to come off her body. She felt alive. She felt tingling and a marvelous series of pangs her body had never felt before. All over she felt shivering and tightening that she never felt in her life. But truth be told she wanted soooo much more and blurted it out.

“Ohhhhhh Jonathan feel me all over my body like that, please?” she said as if begging.

She looked into his eyes and in doing so she took his hands. She kissed them, then his lips, and then pulled him to the bed. She removed her babydoll and that was when he saw her small bosoms for the very first time.

Jonathan looked at each one. Then at her. He smiled and nodded his head letting her know he loved the size and shape of her small boobs and with that he pushed forward kissing one and then the other.

She absolutely loved how it felt. Nobody had ever kissed her breasts before. No one ever did that but when he did it, her body erupted and soared with a thundering arousal which she couldn’t seem to control. His kissing her like that, kissing her smallish titties the way he did made her seem to rise up and off the bed as he kissed each one some more.

“Did you like me doing that?” he asked, softly.

She nodded and hoped he’d do it again. He asked if she’d like for him to do it again. Amy nodded. He kissed her breasts repeatedly but not too much that it “scared” her. He saw a smile and felt each one, gently.

“Mmmmm I think I could do this all afternoon” he told her.

Ooooohh then do it. Do it all afternoon long, she told herself. She lay there with the babydoll almost all the way off. He lay against her and caressed her features, her tits and belly and some of her sides, and tried making sure she felt comfortable. He kissed her again and she kissed him back. She wanted more. She wished she could tell him. She wished she could show him but she wasn’t that kind of woman. She knew he had to figure it all out on his own.

He huddled against her and pulled off his shirt. He smiled and proceeded to caress her shoulders as well as her arms and then her breasts. “I like how these have become hard. Do you too?” he said. He kept rubbing her nipples. Then he leaned in over her and licked them. No one had ever licked her nipples before.

“Ohhh my lord” she said as her nipples tingled and she felt an increasing intensity all over her body. “Do that again. Do that some more” she told him. So he did. She loved it. She reached for him and pulled his body into hers. She needed him, badly, or something to that degree and so she pulled at his body relentlessly. “I need you. I need more” she found herself saying. “Ohhhhhh make love to my body. Make love to me all over.”

With that he pulled off his pants. She watched as he did and as she watched she grew more anxious and more excited then she had ever felt and known in her life. His cock, this man’s penis, was lying there for me?

He wants me to have it, stroke it, or just hold on to it she told herself. Oh god. Oh my lord, I want to see it. I want to feel his penis, his cock. I don’t know. Should I be thinking that? She was shaking. She was jittery. She was quivering all over as she thought about what was about to happen in all likelihood.

But he was a handsome looking man. He had a nice looking figure at that. In his boxers, he removed her babydoll altogether. She let him do as he pleased. She didn’t know any better. She wasn’t a truly experienced woman, although you’d think she would be, but she was not and so she allowed the nice man to do as he wished, as he wanted.

“Ohhhhhh” she called out. “Ohhhhhh” she called out again as she lay on the bed, with him standing over her, unsure of how or what to do.

“Are you alright?” he said. She forced herself to nod and say yes but inside she felt sensations she never felt before. “Would you like me to lie down and feel my body?” he asked.

She nodded although she wasn’t sure what it entailed. He laid down and once he did she looked at his upper body and started to feel the features of well designed chest. His eyes closed as he felt her fingers trail along his chest and then his flat stomach. He smiled to assure her he was enjoying what she was doing. And he did like it too. She watched him closely as she felt his chest.

He reached down and as she felt him, he touched her vagina. “Oh” she said as it appeared she jumped away from him initially. He did it again. “Oh my lord” she called out again as his hand ran over her crotch, pressing into her pussy.

But Jonathan pulled her back and said “Get comfortable. I’m going to show you something. Lie down and let me show you.”

She did as she was told and with that he slipped his hand inside her panties. She cried out but regardless it felt tremendous as his hand slithered around inside her panties. Her eyes closed and opened and his fingers felt terrific as they glided over her pussy’s lips.

“Do you like that?” he asked.

“Oh uh umm yes. Yes I do” she told him. “It feel, I don’t know, but ohhhhhh oooooohh it uh feels” and she paused as his hand slid across the pussy’s lips some more and her eyes rolled too before telling him “I don’t know. It feels, ohhh lord. Don’t stop Jonathan. Please don’t stop doing that.”

And he didn’t. He felt the pussy’s soft wavering lips. He watched her eyes as he felt them and then, out of no where, she felt it. He dove inside and slipped his fingers in her pussy while watching her closely. He fingered her as he studied her reactions. The woman was loving what was happening to her at that point and with that, he scooted up, and while still fingering her he began kissing her again.

She loved it. He started feeling her boobs some more. It looked as if she was in seventh heaven or so he thought she was. Her arms were spread out. Her legs seemed to be too. She wanted it all or so it seemed and with that, he stopped kissing her and he stopped feeling her and Jonathan did something surprisingly odd or so she thought.

He went down on her.

He started licking her out. She cried out and then she erupted in moans, screams, and began pulling at his body as if he was going away or something. He continued licking her out but as he did, he took off his boxers. He took off her panties. Both were completely naked. He stopped and looked at her.

“Are you having fun?” he asked.

“Oh my yes, yes I am. I am” but she stopped herself and then echoed she was enjoying herself completely. “Keep doing that with your uhhh mouth. I love it. I really ohhh love that” and she closed her eyes and reached and pulled his head down into her crotch so that he’d keep licking it.

She cooed and moaned and moved about the bed and she couldn’t believe what she was allowing him to do. She couldn’t believe she letting any of this happen but she knew she was loving it either way. A man, besides her husband, was making unbelievable great sex to her and she wanted so much more but didn’t know how to tell him or how to ask for it either.

“Ohhhhhhh god Jonathan, I need soooo much more. So much more” she told him.

“Here. Take hold of this. Stroke it, okay” and he got on his knees and let her stroke his cock. She was tremendous at it and although she never did anything like this before, she was good, and he made sure she knew it too. “You are good and I mean that too.”

Before she knew it, he was over her. Before she knew it, he was on top of her. Before she knew it he was wagging his cock over and against her pussy. He looked at her. He could tell she was hungry and didn’t even realize it yet. He smiled and pushed the tip of it against her pussy’s lips and he pushed hard against it too.

“Ohhhhhhh” she cried out once she felt it against her. She tried jumping back but he pushed forward and slowly inserted his cock into her pussy. She screamed out once she felt it inside her. She wanted it but didn’t. Still she let him proceed and proceed he did. He pushed into her further and she cried out again. “Ohhhhhh my lord” she said as her hands reached out and took hold of the bedsheets. “Oh my lord” she cried out again.

He pushed and he pulled out but he pushed inside her again and as he did, she slowly came to love the effect. His fat wonderful cock filled her small sized whole, wonderfully. She cried out, repeatedly. She let it fill her and she breathed as if this was the start of a new life, or something. Her chest rose and fell and she called out for more as he continued to fuck his woman.

“Is this as good as I hoped it would be?” he asked her.

“Oh my god! Oh my lord, yes. Ohhh yes, yes it is Jonathan. Don’t stop. Please keep doing that to me will you” she cried out.

And he did, making her finally orgasm as she soon wished she would. She came again after that and with that, he pulled out. Still hard as ever he looked down over her. He asked her if she’d ever been strayed by a man’s cock. She said no and without asking he cranked it up and came all over her breasts.

To Amy, it was amazing and she reached for him, pulling him down against her naked small body. “I love you. Oh my lord I love you right now” she said. “Let’s do this again.”

A little later, they did, and afterward he said “I had a great time. I mean that too. I’d sure love to do this again with you. Will you do this with me again?”

He snuggled close against her and played with her titties and she said “It would be my pleasure. I’ll write down my cell phone and get you my email and we can make plans, okay?”

“How was the uhhh your uh you know umm get together dear?” asked Jim later on.

“I will never ever do something like this again. Nothing happened at all” she said, sounding angry and wouldn’t talk about it any more then saying that.

The headmaster didn’t know what to say or make of it but the next day put a call into Jonathan anyways. “Hello. Jonathan?”

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