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From Sylvia with love - Part 3 - The Ending, or is it the Beginning?

The revised last part of the trilogy. Syliva comes to stay!
I had a bucket-load of work during the days leading up to Sylvia’s visit, and had been away for a few days earlier as well. So Jenny and I had had very little time to talk about her visit. It was coming up to Easter, so at least I knew we had some time without my work intruding. A four day break was something I desperately needed, and I think that Jenny also needed some time from me.

I closed down my laptop and left my office, to start the drive home. The traffic was, of course, bad, just before the holidays, and the M25 which I couldn’t really avoid was stop start for quite a while before it ground to a dead halt. It was odd as contrary to what I usually felt when in a traffic jam, I felt calm and relaxed. I started to think about the weekend, and Jenny and her friend Sylvia. She was due to arrive on the Saturday morning, so at least we had a day to relax and prepare.

My sense of anticipation grew as the traffic started to move again, and then freed up almost completely and it wasn’t then long before I was home. Jenny’s car was in the drive, and delightfully I was greeted by her coming straight into my arms as I closed the door behind me.

There were no preliminaries, just a frantic tearing off of clothes, and forcing her against the wall inside the hall, I lifted her up and drove my over-hard cock straight up into her waiting pussy. Her legs clamped around my waist and her arms behind my head, and we just fucked. There is no other word for it, just hot, animal, pile driving lust. She came just before me, which was really nice, as her juices slopped over my cock and balls to be joined by my load emptied achingly hard from my full balls. I could feel she still had her butt plug in, and forcing her against the wall pushed it hard into her, and probably gave her some added sensations.

Welcome back." she grinned, “I needed that, and I think you did too!”

“Indeed I did. Now we can relax and plan the weekend."

Sitting down after supper, we talked about what we would do. We would put Sylvia in our spare room, and go out for lunch to a great pub in a village nearby, which was now run by an Italian family, so there were plenty of interesting regional dishes amongst the more standard pub fare.

“And then we can…” I started to say when Jenny shook her head. She didn’t want to plan anything else, just see how things developed. She didn’t want to predict when and how her plug would be removed, or indeed by who. I asked her if she really was up for what Sylvia had fairly clearly planned, a threesome with lots of play between all of us. She said that she would never have started with the plug if she hadn’t., but she did feel a little uncertain. I said that I could live with that, though I felt a growing sense of apprehension coupled with excitement.

The next morning, we woke a bit late, and Jenny didn’t want to lose a minute before her friend arrived, so went straight into the shower. We have a large wet room, so I joined her, and was pleasantly surprised when she turned the shower down a bit, and sinking to her knees, preceded to suck me deep into her mouth, while her fingers probed and found my prostate, knowing well that this would make me cum quick and hard, which it did. She lapped up all my cum, and then told me that she didn’t want me getting too excited too early if Sylvia wanted a piece of me.

I told her that I felt I could control myself, but the thought had been nice, and her blowjob even nicer. She doesn’t have much of a gag reflex, and so can take me down really deep, and the sensation of her throat milking me is just heaven.

As we were clearing up the breakfast things, a car hooted, and there was Sylvia, taking a small case from the boot and walking towards our door. She was a good hour earlier than she had told Jenny, for which she apologised as soon as she came in. She said that she woke early and couldn’t wait so set off, and there was no traffic, so, was it okay?

Jenny told her that it was, of course, and they kissed, the usual friendly greeting kind of kiss, and then it was my turn. I don’t know if I was imagining it, but her kiss on my cheek lingered a bit longer than necessary. I don’t know if Jenny noticed it, but she took her friend’s arm and they went into the lounge. I followed, and when Jenny offered coffee, I said I would get it, and left Jenny and Sylvia while I ground and made the coffee.

This gave me a little time to get my thoughts clear. I had met Sylvia a couple of times before, but not for several months, and to be honest I was a little unprepared for how beautiful and sexy she was. She was a little shorter than me, slim but with nice flaring hips, good legs, and medium sized very firm round breasts high on her chest. Her hair, which I guess had been recently done, was a dark blonde with highlights, and her eyes a grey-green, like mine I suddenly thought. She was quite lovely, and if we were to have fun later, well, the way my cock hardened at the thought was sign enough that all was well.

I took the tray into the lounge, where Jenny and Sylvia were sitting on the sofa chatting. When I entered I thought that Jenny moved slightly away from Sylvia, so after we had drunk our coffee, I said that I would leave them to it, and went off to sort some things out that had been left undone because of my earlier workload. Occasionally I could hear giggles from the lounge.

Lunchtime neared, and I took the girls away to the pub, and had a good meal, with perhaps a little more wine than usual, certainly enough that the girls were very giggly as we made the short drive back home.

I parked the car and went to the lounge sitting on the sofa, The girls went to the loo and did whatever else girls do, loudly punctuated by giggles as well. They came back into the lounge, and Jenny sat down to my right, and Sylvia to my left. I had no time to react or say anything before Jenny moved closer, pulled my head towards her and kissed me, her tongue pushing directly between my lips. Our kiss deepened, and our hands started to wander. I had a hand on a breast and her hand was stroking my cock through my trousers.

I suddenly heard a giggle from my left, and jerked away.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Sylvia, I was sort of…er…” I said, turning round to face her.

“That’s fine”, she said, “It was rather sexy to watch. My turn now.”

And before I could reply, she grabbed my head and kissed me, just as Jenny had, her tongue slipping like an eel into my mouth. Okay, I thought, I’d better go with the flow, and returned her kiss with enthusiasm.

Once more I felt my cock being stroked, but realised dimly that it was Jenny who was doing the stroking, not Sylvia. My hands though were on Sylvia’s breasts, feeling her hard nipples poking through her top. Hands tugged at my belt, and undid my zip, releasing my now hard cock into the open air.

“Oh yes, very nice, Jenny, isn’t it," Sylvia said as she pulled away from me, looking at my swollen cock head.

“Shall we?”

They both slid down to their knees, and with Jenny taking first turn, each licked me along the length of my cock. As they reached the bottom of my shaft, they then reversed and when their lips were slipping across the oozing tip of my length, for a minute or two they kissed, my cock sandwiched between their mouths, lashed by their tongues as they sought each other. It was such a sexy scene, just like one out of a porn movie, I was as hard as I can remember being, so hard it almost hurt.

Then they broke away, and each in turn deep throated me, while the other sucked at my balls. I had to try so hard not to cum yet, and I realised that Jenny’s morning treat was for good reason. Had she known? Had they planned this together, secretly?

“Shall we go upstairs?” I suggested, which was met with approval, and with Jenny in the lead, holding my cock in her hand to make me follow, and Sylvia bringing up the rear, her fingers still cupping my balls, we somehow mounted the stairs and fell across our bed.

“Why don’t you girls undress each other for me," I said.

Sylvia needed no further urging, and grabbed Jenny and started to kiss her while undressing her. They just went for it, until each was naked, Sylvia’s lithe body an erotic contrast to Jenny’s sexy curves.

Then they turned to me. Jenny pushed me back and moving astride me, sunk down, impaling herself on my erect member. Sylvia also moved across me, lowering herself onto my waiting mouth. The girls kissed, and their hands worked at each other as our bodies moved, my tongue licking and tasting Sylvia, as Jenny slowly slid her grasping pussy up and down on my cock.

I moved my head back a little, my tongue sliding along her perineum until it was licking Sylvia’s asshole, while my hands stroked on her clit. She clearly liked that a lot, as she pressed down more firmly, and moved sinuously against me, my tongue stroking her from clit to asshole as she moved. Her juices were flowing nicely, and I eagerly lapped them up.

Jenny stiffened and her head went back, shouting out in her pleasure, and her cunt walls suddenly clamped hard on me, and then pulsed as she hit her first orgasm of the day. I held back, wanting to prolong the pleasures that we were enjoying, and continued to stroke up into her as she shuddered to a halt.

“Now me," Sylvia said, and the girls changed places, with a kiss as the swapped. Jenny’s juices replaced Sylvia’s, and the contrast was fascinating. Jenny always had a sweet, musty taste, while Sylvia was more of a sweet-sour taste, both very tasty, so I knew I was in for a treat whichever lady I was tasting..

Jenny’s bum was preventing me seeing what Sylvia was doing, but I soon found out as her mouth once more engulfed me. She certainly could suck, and her tongue was rougher than Jenny’s, or maybe I was increasingly sensitive as when she licked across the tip of my cock it felt amazing. Her hands were working on my balls, and also probing my asshole. Just as I started to feel myself getting very close, she stopped, and reared up, gripping my rod and lowering herself down just as Jenny had done.

I realised that I had been focussing on Sylvia’s actions, so rejoined my oral attack on Jenny, and almost immediately felt her cum once again.

“Oh, nice one, Jenny,” Sylvia said, and sank down in one push down on me.

She wasn’t as tight as Jenny, though I might have forgotten how she was without her plug, but she certainly had good muscles that gripped me and relaxed as her body rode me. My hips were now starting to push up, our bodies meeting fiercely, and then she leant forward, so her clit could rub against my pubic bone, causing her to writhe up again, her body undulating, and bending my cock. I reached down and grabbed her hips, moving her on me, and she took them in her hands. Our bodies were now fucking harder and harder, and as I started to feel my climax approaching, I think she did also, as she slid my hands round her bum, and I pushed a finger right deep into her ass. That was the trigger for her, and together we came, my balls pumping their fluids into her, and she drenching me as she squirted.

“Ooooh," said Jenny, “I didn’t know you were a squirter, Sylvia.”

“Not often, but sometimes, and that was a good fuck. You were right, he is worth it, isn’t he?” she replied, as though I wasn’t there.

“Hey," I said, ”there is more to me than just a cock!”

The girls giggled, and told me that they did know that, but that Sylvia had been so intrigued when Jenny told me about our lovemaking, that she just had to see for herself.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in bed, talking about sex, about Sylvia’s various peccadillos, her bisexuality, and her anal pleasures. Jenny admitted that she had not really been with a woman before, so I suggested that they sorted that out, while I watched and rested.

Sylvia needed no further urging, and it seemed after the first few kisses and caresses that neither did Jenny, as it wasn’t long before they were sixty-nining each other, and bringing first Jenny and then Sylvia to orgasm, not just once but several times. Lucky women, I thought, enjoying the rest, before feeling my penile strength coming back, as I lay their gently stroking myself as I watched these two beautiful women make love to each other.

They rested a little then, before Sylvia turned to Jenny and told her it was unplugging time. She turned to me and asked if I was ready for this, so I just waved my now stiff cock at her and smiled.

Sylvia placed Jenny towards the head of the bed, on all fours, and put a pillow under her knees. Then she kissed Jenny, and continued kissing her, down her back, along her spine, until she came to the cleft of her ass where the round end of the plug nestled. Over this she kissed, and then turned, sliding her head under Jenny and started to lick and suck while she gently rotated the plug.

Waving at me to come round, Sylvia let me straddle them, and reaching up to grab my cock, she stroked it between Jenny’s pussy lips, getting it nice and slippery with her juices. Then she pushed it up and positioned it over the rosebud.


“Oh yes, ready, ready!” came from Jenny.

She didn’t wait for me to answer, but with a twisting movement that had Jenny gasping, she pulled the plug out. Jenny’s asshole gaped for what seemed a long time and then slowly started to close. I grabbed some lube and drenched both her asshole and my cock, and then slid my cock down into her hot rear passage.

Sylvia stopped licking Jenny and moved back to watch, telling me to start slow but to build it up, which I did. I grabbed Jenny’s wrists as my body pushed deep into and then almost out of hers. Her groans told me she was feeling it well, and I started to raise the pace.

Jenny reacted far more than usual, whether it was the effect of being plugged or because of the erotic environment we had created with Sylvia, but very quickly she was groaning and moaning.

She was hot, very hot, and her ring squeezed me wonderfully as my pace got really urgent, and though I was getting fairly close, my mind was lost in the sheer pleasure of fucking that tight little ass.

Jenny started to do that deep groan that told me that she was getting close, and after one more deep and forceful drive of my cock she came. Her voice rose as her body clamped down on me, and she spouted obscenity after obscenity, stuff I didn’t know she knew!

My mind was a blank of sheer pleasure, Jenny’s body gripping and milking me as her orgasm just seemed to go on and on, and then a cold piston up my own ass hitting all the spots, made me cum in a huge torrent, pulse after pulse of my hot cum ejected deep into Jenny’s ass.

Somehow it all ended, and our bodies collapsed on the bed.

“I’ll have mine later,” Sylvia told us both, “I knew that this would work for you, I couldn’t resist giving you some of that plug."

“It certainly worked for me”, Jenny said, and kissed her deeply in thanks.

My arms went round both as I told them that I had never been as happy.

Over dinner, which we ate in the lounge in front of a roaring fire, I asked Sylvia about herself, saying that I had been brought up in a children’s home, and Jenny had told me that she had been as well.

She recounted her story, how she had been only two when she had been placed in the children’s home, so she really didn’t know who her parents were. She had been a bit of a wild child, always in trouble, but she seemed to be able to get away with most things. I told her that I had been five when it had happened to me, and I had a dim memory of grown-ups, and something awful that sometimes came back to haunt me, but nothing specific. I asked where she had been placed, and she said it was a home in Banbury.

“That’s odd,” I said, “the home I was in was in Banbury as well”. It turned out that it wasn’t the same home, but it could well have been, as there were only two children’s homes in Banbury so chance could have put us in the same one.

I went to get another bottle of wine, and when I returned the girls were gone. I heard giggles from upstairs, so went to join them.

They were naked again, and Jenny was on top, their breasts rubbing together, their pussies joined and slowly rubbing. It was a glorious sight, as I stripped and sat beside them, not touching, just watching as Sylvia tensed and grabbing Jenny even closer, wrapped her legs around her and came in a beautiful shuddering orgasm.

“Now you,” Jenny said, “anyway you want.”

I changed places with Jenny and kissed Sylvia, again a deep tongue twisting kiss. Her body moved against mine, my cock trapped between her thighs. My fingers found and pulled on her nipples. They were long nipples, and I stretched them further, the pain and pleasure making her eyes open wide, become wet before relaxing into the pleasure that coursed through her body.

“Oh yes, fucking hell, yeeeesssss.”

I felt her thighs open under me and her knees raised up beside my body, and as though we were long time lovers, I just slid easily into her, slowly feeling the sides of her vagina as I pushed deeper.


Slowly and surely I started to fuck her, her body moving to mine, and as we did so, her knees rose higher and her legs clamped around my back, rocking with me as I moved.

We fucked like that for a good while, maybe ten minutes or so, and I could feel her pussy getting tighter on me as her blood pumped and filled her tissues.

I then judged that this was the right time, and gently slipping out, I grabbed her ankles, unlocked them from my back, and raised them up and over her head, so she was bent double.

“Oh yes, fuck my ass, fuck me deep.”

A push and a pop and I was in, sliding deep. She was hot there, and from the guttural noises coming from her throat, very sensitive, and as I started to drive in and out, the level of her noise increased. I was in seventh heaven, and though my balls had been taking a hammering today, they still seemed to have something left as I felt the tightness rise, and the way that her ass was milking me, it wasn’t long before I could hold back no longer and once again hot jets of my semen were spurting out into Sylvia’s anal passage.

“Oh god, yess…oh so hot…YESSS...FUCK…FUCKKK.”

My ejaculation was the trigger for her orgasm, and for her it was a body shaking event, her eyes rolled back, her mouth opened wide, and she simply shook. I looked at Jenny, who was watching open mouthed, despite that she was masturbating and close to cumming herself.

“Oh, wow, that was fantastic, that’s the best I’ve ever had,” Sylvia told me, as she finally relaxed from her trance-like state.

“It was you who were fantastic”, Jenny said, “I’ve never seen anyone cum like that, and just from being fucked in the ass.”

“No, because I was being fucked in the ass.” Sylvia replied, “I’ve always been more sensitive there”.

After that, I was spent, and we spent the rest of the evening before sleep took us, a pile of limbs, caressing stroking and kissing.

The next morning, it was I who woke first, enjoying the sight of two beautiful naked women in my bed. I couldn’t get out of my mind the fact that we had come from the same town. It wasn’t a big town, and my mind was going round all sorts of possibilities.

The girls woke together, no great wonder as they seemed to be entwined, and both leant over to kiss me.


They both moved over to me, and with one arm around Jenny, cupping a breast, the other around Sylvia, cupping her breast, I just lay there while two hands stroked me into life.

I said to Sylvia that I had woken thinking about the co-incidence that she had come from Banbury and that we had both been in care homes.

“Yes, it is, isn't it,” she said.

“When did you go into care?” she asked. “Was it in September ’72?”

“No, in June '71.”

“That's just as well”, she said, laughing, “because I feared that you might have been my big, and you certainly are big, brother, and I so love fucking you, I'd have hated it if you were really my brother.”

She moved up and then down onto my erect cock.

My answer was to drive my cock upwards right into her cervix, making her squeal, saying she was just a great fuck and that was ok by me.

“Oh goody," laughed Jenny, as she leant in to kiss Sylvia as she rode me.

“You okay?” she said to me.

“What’s not to like, you have a great friend, and I like her, now that I've got here better” I replied.

“I'm so pleased, we’d been cooking this up for a while, but I didn't know it would work so well."

“Hmmm…..I shall have to deal with you…later," I smiled at her, and fucked my wife's friend harder and harder.

The End

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