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Fruits of Lust

A passion for photography and passionate lust led to a beautiful exposure.
If there’s anything worse than being young, it’s being young and jobless. If sex was the lingo of freedom in the 60's, now it's definitely money. 

After high school, it was obvious that I wasn't CEO material waiting to take over Wall Street. What I did have though, was a diploma and an undying passion for photography. I was far from being a paparazzi buzzing around celebrities at movie premieres, but I had a bit of steady work as a freelance photographer.

I shot lots of tits and butts for some underground porn videos and for a local magazine that had regular readers. Todd was my contact person who got me work now and then. But all this was leading me nowhere and I was waiting for a big break. One day Todd called me over to a diner for a cup of coffee. He placed a leaflet on the diner table.

“SHOOT TILL YOUR BALLS DROP” the words screamed at me from the paper.

“What the fuck is this?” I asked.

“Joe, my little friend, this is our fucking goldmine, provided you can deliver the goods,” he said seriously.

“I know you can fuckin’ ace this, bro. Santa's delivering us a golden goose this year.” 

Two things made me sit up and read the whole thing carefully. The winning prize, fifty thousand dollars and the theme, Erotica and Nature. Sure, I had covered some porn and stuff, but erotica as a theme for my photography was something new and challenging. 

“I’m in," I said. I was excited now. I was already cooking up some ideas at the back of my head. 

“Now you talking. Now you fuckin’ talking,” Todd said excitedly. 

“I’ll fix you up with the organizers and let you know in a day or two. Just fuckin' promise me you’ll do this one for us.”

"I promise," I nodded.

Back home. I was running a few ideas in my head and finally zeroed in on a presentation. I called up Todd and told him about it and what I needed. Two days later I got a call from Todd. 

“Get packing and get ready to meet Ms. Ruby Redd. I’ll give you all the fucking juice you need about to know about her.”

My head was reeling. Ruby Redd, the legendary soft porn queen? For my shoot? 
The three hour drive to her house gave me lots of time to think about what Todd had said about the woman who made her so-stars literally hungry for more. 

Ruby Redd was a big celebrity soft porn star twenty years ago. (So, that would make her around 40 now). Her real name was Penny. She was given the name Ruby Redd by her very first co-star in the very first scene. She was young, with a body of a voluptuous mature woman and the poise of a star. Her body and especially her tender, juicy vagina became the talk of the porn world. 

Her first co-star was a man called Ken ‘Big Dong’ Morre. His ten inch cock was legendary. His act of spraying a truckload of cum on his co stars, all in slow motion, was his trademark climax (pun intended) move in all his movies. Big Dong was a connoisseur in the art of creaming vaginas. 

On that day, Big Dong was waiting for his first shot with his new heroine, Penny. The crew remembered her wearing a clinging white tee. She had great looking breasts that completely filled up her t-shirt and her nipples were clearly visible through it. Her areolas were also pushing against the cloth.

Her slender waist held a skirt which barely covered her love nest. She wasn’t wearing any panties and everyone was treated to glimpses of her clean shaven cunt, now and then. Big Dong was completely enamored with her. Every time she would adjust her legs he got a rush and probably wondered what her cunt must smell like.

He couldn't wait to let his cock ride her hole. Big Dong felt a shot of raw lust flow right down to his cock and it stirred in his tight pants. He had to adjust his legs to hide his growing cock. The first shot was called and Penny went to do her make up. Big Dong was fixated on tasting her pussy he just wanted a piece of it. 

In the first scene Big Dong, who was playing her driver, comes into her bedroom, and finds her asleep on her bed, with her legs apart. She was wearing a tight t-shirt and a short skirt without panties and then he had to fuck her. In this scene he had to start by licking her cunt; she would give him a blow job and then he would fuck her.

But what happened was something else and it became porn history. An impatient and fixated Big Dong finished his lines in a hurry; got on his knees and pulled Penny to the edge of the bed. Her skirt was curled high around her waist and her clean shaven white cunt. He pushed her legs apart and spread her pussy lips.

His first words were, "Danggg!! Looks like I'm gonna suck me a fucking red ruby tonight!!" 

Story goes on that Big Dong started licking her pussy every which way he knew and still couldn’t get enough. He had her rolling, moaning, writhing and squirting in pleasure. She kept her legs apart and he just didn’t want to stop licking and sucking her tender vagina. The crew swear he had to be pulled away from her. 

And that's how Ruby Redd got her name and became famous, all in one film.

I realized that by the time I had reached the place, I had a bulge in my pants and was horny as hell. I pulled up at the given address, got out and stretched myself and hoped my trip was going to be worth it. I didn’t want to ask any of the neighbors for directions; found her house just nearby and headed for her door.

I rang the doorbell and waited. I had the image of Big Dong licking her cunt and said, “You lucky sonnavabitch” at the same time as the door opened.

“Excuse me?" I heard a voice behind me.

There stood Ruby Redd at the door and she was beautiful. Her dark hair was brushed neatly to one side of her face. Her mouth was well shaped and she wore a light shade of glossy pink on her full lips. She was wearing a light blue tank top and black denim cut jeans.

Her breasts were perfectly well rounded and her tank top was hardly enough to contain them. I was sure that if I sucked her juicy nipples, her breasts would ooze sweet honey in my mouth. Her jeans were hugging her thighs and formed a neat valley between her legs and my cock began throbbing. Her light perfume added to her charm.

“Miss Redd, I’m, I’m…Joe…., the reason I’m here…is...” I was babbling.

She folded her hands under her breasts, pushing it up, making it pop out even more from her tank top. I barely had the sense to fish out Todd’s letter of introduction. Her cleavage was making my cock do cartwheels and I swear I could have fucked her right there on the ground.

As she read the letter, my eyes quickly ran all over her body. She turned to her side and rested on the door. You wouldn’t say she was 40. Her figure was amazing and she had a well toned body. Her hands and legs were perfectly waxed and smooth. Her butt was equally perfect and the denim clung on to every curve. The side view of her breasts was even more intoxicating.

I came a bit closer as if I had found some new courage in her beauty. My hands were aching to lift up that top and just fondle her breasts and suck her nipples.

“Oh yeah, so you’re the one…the nude photo shoot guy,” she said and stretched out her hand.

"I’m Ruby Redd, welcome to this part of the world."

The softness of her hand against my skin was like a soothing embrace from a lover. My cock was throbbing against my jeans. I wondered how many cocks she had held in them.

“It’s my pleasure to meet you ma'am,” I said. 

I didn’t leave her hand.

“First of all, call me Ruby and then we can get acquainted better. Come on in". 

I reluctantly let her hand go. She brought me a beer and as she bent down to place it in front of me, the weight of her ample bosom dragged her dress down and her breasts were on display once again. As she sat across from me, with one leg down and the other tucked under her thighs, I felt she was teasing me a bit. It was surely turning me on.

She was sitting with her legs slightly apart and that just added to the heat running through my rod. I tried to maintain my professionalism.

"Ruby, I'll come by tomorrow and set up the lights. I wanna make total use of the sunlight for our shoot."

"Whoa, so where're you headed to now?" She looked confused.

"I'll get a room for the night and tomorrow morning we start by eight. How's that?" I said.

"Look, I'm in this for the money, you're in this for the money, so you wanna spend money you don’t have on a room? You can just stay here. It's just a couple of days, right?" She added.

I didn’t want to argue too much at this sudden good fortune.

"Are you sure? I don’t wanna be any inconvenience to you Ruby."

"Get your stuff, your room is on the right. Get ready for dinner, I ordered some Italian."

"If you say so," I said as I smiled at her.

I thanked all my lucky stars and tried not to run to the car to unload my stuff. I couldn’t believe how tired I was when I was in the shower. The images of her breasts, her cleavage and her body were driving me nuts and my balls were aching for release. I wanted to masturbate but I just wanted to hit the bed. I must have dozed off, because when I woke she was standing over me calling my name.

I opened my eyes and suddenly realized where I was.

"Sorry, I was just too tired," I said sheepishly. 

She had also showered and changed into a cute flowery skirt and a white shirt. The top three buttons were left open, exposing an eyeful of her luscious breasts.

"I called, but didn’t get an answer. You hungry?" She asked.

"Yup. What're we having? 

"Pizza. I ordered Italian, remember?" She said and we both laughed out together.

Dinner was just casual talk and the night passed by uneventfully. The drive had really tuckered me out. I dreamt of her lying next to me and slept peacefully. 

The next morning, I was up and ready. I had a shave, a shower and was setting up the lighting for the shoot. Just then she walked in, wearing a loose, long black satin shirt. Even then she looked like a dream and I couldn’t help staring at her. It was evident that she was completely nude underneath.

"Joe, can you make some coffee and I'll get freshened up," she said.

I watched her leave although my cock was telling me to go up to her, hug her from behind and give her a real long kiss. The coffee, the equipment and my camera was ready by the time she returned. She came into the room and looked at all the stuff that was set up. She had done her hair in a ponytail and had applied some light make up.

She hadn’t changed her shirt and she was obviously still naked underneath as well.

"Boy, this reminds me of the good old days," she said without looking at me.

"So what's my role?"

"Ruby, the shoot is called 'Fruits of Lust'," I started to explain.

"What I wanna do is capture some fruits (nature) placed and presented with your nude body (being erotica) as the backdrop".

I am hoping to capture all this into a series of highly erotic yet artistic photos," I summed up.

"Wow! That’s probably the best storyline ever narrated to me. Sounds real classy," she reached over and hugged me.

"I got a good feeling about this," she said in my ear. 

I could feel her sheer nakedness as her soft and full breasts pressed against my arms.

She moved away from me and said, "So, what do I do now?"

"Ruby, I need to know which fruit matches best against your body. So could you undress for me?" I said.

She began to undress and reapplied some make up. I had taken an apple, the first fruit, in my hand. I turned around to find her completely nude in front of me. I took a deep breath and smiled. Her lips were full and juicy and the red lipstick was expertly applied. Her skin tone was a perfect tan and made her mature breasts stand out in all its glory.

I had noticed that her breasts were naturals and her areolas were perfectly centred on them. Her slender waist and stomach made a smooth road to her vagina, which was completely hairless. The slit of her vagina was clearly visible and its thick lips also complemented its sexiness. Her legs were silky smooth and it was obvious she loved to take care of her body.

"Could you come and lie on the dining table?" I asked.

"I want to get a closer look."

She lay down on the table and placed her hands on the sides. Her breasts were so smooth that I was afraid to touch and spoil them. I wondered how nipples could ever look so rounded and perfect.

She must have felt my awkwardness. "Well don't go all shy on me now! Go on and do what you have to do to get that perfect shot, Joe".

I smiled and asked her to take a small bite from the apple. Her lips took a small bite and the juice trickled through the side of her mouth. I took the apple and went really close to her heaving breasts. The slightly heaving full rounded breasts were enough to make any man go mad with lust.

I applied a layer of Vaseline jelly on her left nipple and all around her areola. I squeezed her nipple to get them plumped up and engorged. She let out a soft sigh of pleasure and I guessed she was getting aroused as well. I sprinkled a few droplets of water on her nipple and around it and also on the apple. Her breast and the droplets glistened in the sunlight and reflected off the jelly. I had a perfect frame for my first shot.

By now my cock was a throbbing madhouse of flesh and my lips were aching to lick those nipples. I placed the apple on the left breast and close to her nipple. I switched off the room lights and opted for the sunlight coming in, along with my studio lights. I brought my camera with the macro lens and zoomed in to the nipple.

It stood out like a small rubber ball. It was so perfectly shaped and very photogenic. I turned the apple so that the bitten part faced the nipple in focus. I zoomed out and shot the frame with the apple and the nipple up close. I got up on the table and beside her and took a shot from above her nipple.

By now her breathing had also become heavier and helped to thrust her breast upwards. I took about ten to twelve shots of both her breasts and varied the angles. All this touching and close up shots of her luscious breasts was building up as a fire in my balls. The lust in me was building up and it was getting very hard to resist my urges. I would explode anytime if I didn’t do something quickly. 

"Ok, the apple's done. Who’s up for a strawberry?" I joked.

"Ooh , ooh , me, me , me," she replied and again we were laughing out loud.

I was happy at the comfort level that was building up as I took out a strawberry for the next series.

"Ok, the strawberry dipped in chocolate to me is the ultimate symbol of lust," I said.

"For this one Ruby, I want you to lie on the floor and I'll place the strawberry close to your…" 

"Awww, I thought you'd want me doggie style for this one Joe," she cut me off and laughed.

I could see she too was turned on and openly flirting with me.

"Ruby, I know my shots won't disappoint you," I replied confidently.

She stretched herself out in a position that would make any sane man ravage her like a mad one. I could feel the sexual vibes coming from her and I myself had reached a point where anything could trigger my passion to overflow. I dropped to my knees and had an unbelievable view of her inviting, mature love hole. Its color was absolutely like a ruby.

Her thick vaginal lips had parted nicely, revealing her moist opening. The urge to possess her cunt was terribly overwhelming. I asked her to lift her legs and spread them apart. I dipped the end of a strawberry in thick chocolate sauce and placed it just above her clitoris. I got in between her legs and managed an incredible shot of her anal hole and the berry.

A small dribble of the sauce started its way slowly downwards onto her thick vaginal lips. I positioned my camera below her wet hole and clicked an amazing close up. The vibrant color inside her hole and the chocolate were a delight to shoot. I managed to click a couple of frames of the sauce dripping into her hole. I could hear her moaning softly now and knew that she was enjoying herself. 

I opened her labial lips and spread it all on her clit and inside.

“Mmmm..lick it for me, Joe.”

I couldn't take it anymore and put the camera down. I slowly brought my tongue towards her thick labial lips, which were now covered with the sauce and licked it slowly. I flicked her clit and sucked it once and again ran my tongue from the bottom of her hole to the top.

"Oh, please , dear Joe, don't stop whatever you’re doing now," she begged with pleasure.

Her body was heaving up and down. I continued my tongue action and scooped up all that was dripping down in rhythmic movements. I now concentrated my tongue only on her clit and gave it a good washing. I spread her legs a bit more and sucked gently, as much as could gather in my mouth. I pulled on it and moved my tongue around it harder.

“Aaaaah…..I think I’m coming …oh yesss…ooooooh yesss,” her sweet voice of pleasure was like an aphrodisiac.

I knew now, why Big Dong couldn’t stop himself. Her hole was so wet and moist now, mixed with the remaining sauce. I rolled my tongue all over her hole again and again. I too couldn’t get enough of Ruby’s pussy.

“Ruby, I’m gonna suck and eat you forever, I can't get enough of you Ruby,” I said.

“Ooohhhh..Baby…ooohhh,” she said as she was grinding her body on my face.

She kept her legs as far apart as she could and I had buried my face in her pussy. I had a great position in between her and continued bathing her love hole with my tongue and mouth. I kept on till I felt my manhood would burst.

“Ohhhhh…myyyy dearrrr…sweeeet babyyyyyy,” she was coming again.

I quickly removed my trousers and my briefs. My cock had hardened up to such great stiffness I never knew before. My balls felt like it weighed a ton and the veins in my penis bulged like pipelines ready to burst. I went over to her face and kissed her full mouth. She began licking my lips and mouth and then my face. She sucked on my tongue and lapped up her own love nectar.

I moved towards her nipples and covered them with my mouth. I lingered on each erect nipple and sucked on them. I squeezed gently on one breast and sucked the other. I pressed them together and sucked on them. Her breasts were covered in my saliva. Her head was bent backwards and I licked from between her breasts till her neck and then down. I stood above her and pulled her head up and kissed her hard.

She sat up and eagerly grabbed at my throbbing cock and devoured it. She swallowed it whole and I felt like I would explode right there. She was obviously more experienced at this as she clutched the base of my penis tightly. She then began a smooth yet steady sucking of my penis. My penis was covered with her saliva as I had done to her hole.

Her saliva streamed down to the floor from my penis. I could only moan in pleasure. She flicked her tongue on the tip of my cock and around the head. I closed my eyes as my body was new to throes of such pleasure.

She started stroking my cock slowly while sucking on it. She moved on to sucking and licking only the head of my cock and the tip. She licked my balls and all along the shaft till the tip of the penis and again thrust it in her mouth. I pulled her mouth away and kissed her again.

“ I want you so fucking bad Ruby, right now.”

She bent over quickly and again I was treated to her fabulous juicy vagina.

I gave it a quick lick, which I couldn’t resist, and slowly rubbed my throbbing, rock hard cock on her clitoris. I saw that her pussy was soaking wet and my cock had no problem in entering her. It slid in so smoothly and we both moaned in pleasure.

"Oooohh… that’s just so good baby," I said.

The feeling I had was indescribable and the pleasure I was getting was undeniably the best I ever had. I started to slowly move in and out of her and she responded by ramming her body onto mine. My cock was now covered with her natural honey and I started increasing my strokes. I knew I couldn’t hang on much longer as I was so damn aroused.

I took out my cock and took her to the table. I slid her body till the edge of it and sank my cock again into her hole. Her pussy had completely engulfed my rod and it disappeared into her. This time I had a great view of her whole body and her tits which were thrashing around. I increased my speed and thrust deeper and deeper into her.

My cock went in like a knife through melting butter. I felt my loins heat up and my balls fill up. I spread her legs even more and kept on fucking her.

“Aahhhhh….ooohhh..Oooh…oohhhhh…,” her moans were driving me wild with pleasure.

She held on to her breasts and her head was moving from side to side.

"Let me suck your cock, Joe."

“ I’m gonna burst, Ruby.”

I started pumping her faster and faster till I felt my semen rising up my cock shaft. I quickly removed my cock and she was on it like a flash. She started sucking on it and stroking it and I just screamed in delight. She increased her movements and my cock was in her mouth as it shot the load right into her.

It oozed out from her mouth but she didn’t stop and kept on sucking and I was going crazy. She was such an expert at this that she licked the shaft and then sucked on it some more. She was such an expert and she kept on it till I was totally drained. 

“Kiss me, Joe,” she said. 

I did so with all my heart and kept on sucking her lips till we dropped to the floor and rested. The silence between us spoke a thousand thank yous. I looked at her perfect body once more and kissed her again.

The photographs came out really well, but I could only come in third. I won twenty five thousand dollars that I generously split with Todd. I heard he's trying his luck in Vegas this weekend.

Along with that came a one year contract with the magazine as assistant photographer. 
I’m travelling to Thailand next week on an assignment. Guess who's coming along?

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