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It all began on a Saturday night; it is my normal routine to go dancing on Saturdays. I do my usual thing in getting ready, shower, shave and other things. I've been doing this for about a year now and as much as I love to dance I'm kind of down as it seems I'm dancing with nothing but attached women every Saturday night, they are either married or going with someone. But I have to do something other than sitting in front of the TV or computer; after all I am still alive. The previous Saturday I had celebrated my 50th birthday, and that night had a been a lot of fun although as usual it was with attached women.

On arrival at the local club I noticed that it was the same old crowd, I ordered my normal drink but this time I asked for a larger glass. I have to admit that I got aroused dancing with some of those ladies I danced with , even the married ones but I have one avowed rule "Never ever make a move on a woman attached" and I never break that rule. This night I dance with the usual partners, and a few newcomers but not many.

During a break I go to get another drink, I notice a young lady sitting at the bar and she appeared to be alone. Now I love dancing with younger women, especially if they are in their 20's or 30's. So I stand there sipping on my drink and watching to see if she is alone. Since I was at the other end of the bar I couldn't hear her conversation with any of the other people at her end, but I did notice she was animated in her conversations. The band started back up and I returned to the table where I sat with some friends I have met in the past year. I asked a couple of them if they knew the young lady, and they all said "No, she's not a local". Well being a normal male and wanting to dance with someone not attached I got up and went to where she sat.

Let me describe this woman, she looked to be anywhere from 21 to maybe 30 at the most if possible. A body to die for "34-24-34" with long dishwater Blondie hair, wearing one of the shortest skirts I've seen, tight fitting too and a white blouse that did nothing to hide her assets. Her legs were absolutely perfect, not to mention those green eyes. She had a smile that men would say "light up a room", and she had a way of turning her head that just made my mouth water. Now you have an idea of the person I'm looking at!

Well I asked her to dance, she looked at me and said,

"Sure why not".

As I followed her to the floor I got a chance to see her so very lovely ass swinging, and boy did she have a great swing? The song was a very slow one, she turned and put her arms around my neck and pushed against me as we danced. Needless to say I was in heaven, and my friends keep putting their thumbs up as we danced by the table. Well I of course got very aroused and she didn't stop pushing into me, she just looked up at me and smiled. After the dance was over I was walking her back to her table, I turned to her and asked if she would like to join me at the table where my friends were

"Yeah sure, why not" she said.

From that point on she and I danced every dance together for the rest of the evening, and trust me she was one great dancer. She also seemed to melt into me; we were like one body dancing. At 2am when the music stopped, the group started heading home and we were the last two at the table. I had been talking to her as we sat at the table as well as while we were dancing, and found that she was from a town about 40 miles away. She had ridden with a girlfriend of hers to the club, and the friend was supposed to come back to get her after she and her boyfriend got some things settled.

It was now 2:30am and the club owner "a friend of mine" came to where we were sitting and said

"Folks its time to go, your going to have to go outside to talk".

We got up and went outside, the door were locked behind us. I lit a cigarette and offered her one, and then we just stood there looking for her friend to return for her.

At 3am and all the cars in the lot were gone except my car, I turned to her and said

"Look, your friend appears to be running late. Would you feel comfortable in letting me give you a ride home?"

She replied "Are you sure, it's a long ways off?"

I said "Sure why not," Laughing as I said it.

She asked what was funny and I reminded her of her reaction to my asking her to dance and sit with me at my table.

She started laughing and said,

"You’re a nice man, and I'd love for you to take me home."

We went to my car and I open the passenger side door for her. As I walked around to the driver-side she leaned over and opened it for me, now that hadn't happened in a very long time. I got in and started the truck and headed towards town, as I was driving she sat there looking at me in the most pleasing way but also it puzzled me.

Now understand I'm no prize as in a hunk, I'm 6'1" tall and weigh about 180. I wear glasses and also have a bald spot. That plus the fact I'm 50 and she’s 26 "oh yeah she had told me that earlier at the table".

As I approached the traffic light at the main intersection I said

"Which way do I turn?"

She replied "I don't know, where is your place?”

Now understand I am not hard of hearing but this totally surprised me, so I replied,

"Huh, what did you said, I didn't hear you"

She replied, "Don't you want to take me to your house?”

I pulled the truck into the parking lot of the service station on the corner and put it in park; I looked at her and said

"Do I look like a person who would try to trick you? I really meant that I would take you home and I meant your house" to this she started crying.

I said "Please don't cry, please"

She said "I really liked you and you’re mad at me now."

Well I just felt like such an ass. I told her that I liked her too, but I didn't want her to misunderstand my wiliness to help her. She then looked at me and said

"I know, but I want to go home with you, I really do!"

She leaned over and gave me our first kiss. Now this was no thank you kiss or normal good night kiss on the first date, this was one tongue to tongue battle for supremacy. Her right hand was on my crouch touching a now very hard penis, her left behind my head pulling my lips to her hard. This kiss was so very hot, I was sweating buckets now. We broke the kiss and she said,

"Now do you want to take me home"

"YES" I replied.

I put the car in gear and we proceeded to my house, on arrival I got out and went around to open her door. As I got to the door she got out before I could open it and put her arms around me like she did at the dance but this time she was kissing me again. God she could kiss, I have never been kissed like that in my entire life.

Now I've been married twice, have been in love three times for sure an maybe a couple of more times but didn't know it. But this young woman was kissing me hard, fuller, sexier, hotter, and with more vigour than any of them. Heck even when I was in my teens and necked had never ever had a woman/girl kiss like the one did.

After about ten minutes we broke the kiss and I lead the way to the front door of my house, as I unlocked the front door she was leaning against me and touching my cock thru my jeans, rubbing it and moaning,

"Oh that feels so good baby, I've been feeling that hard thing all night and I can't wait to see if its as real as it feels".

I dropped my house keys, had to lean over to pick them up and she asked

"Are you a bit excited honey?”

I finally got the door unlocked. I open the door, held it open for her to enter. She walked inside and said,

“Hurry honey, I'm so wet for you I can't stand it".

I quickly closed and locked the door, then I turned around and she was standing there looking at me with those green eyes, luscious lips parted slightly and wearing nothing else. I have no idea how she got undressed so rapidly but then again I didn't care either at that point, she approached me and proceeded to undress me with me helping as fast as I could. As she undressed me, she continued to kiss and fondle me. Finally I'm almost as naked as she is, she starts taking off my briefs, as they slid down my legs she said

"OH, Yes it’s so real and so hard baby."

She dropped to her knees and started kissing it like she had my mouth earlier. Sucking it like she had sucked my tongue. Bathing it with her tongue and running her lips over the crown.

Thank god I had been drinking or I'd have cum right then and there, but when I drink it seems to just make me hard but not as easy to cum as if I'm totally sober. Now I don't get drunk, I like to drink but only when dancing so I can dance off the normal effects of the liquor. So I'm able to maintain the hardness but not give up the ghost, and she sure would have gotten it if I had been sober. After a few minutes I pulled her up and kissed her as long and hard as we had in the truck at the traffic light. As we kissed I started walking her towards the bedroom, her going backwards and me pushing with my whole body. As we are going slowly towards the bedroom her hands run all over my back as do mine on hers, I touch her bottom and she touches mine.

As we fall on the bed together she said to me

"Would you be upset if I called you daddy?”

Well I didn't hesitate a moment "No, if you want to honey you can call me by any name you want"

Thinking about how much her request excited me.

"I will Daddy, just for you Daddy ..Oh!"

She gasped as my finger lightly teased across her exposed labia. She smiled and nodded, aroused even more. She seemed to be dying for me to fuck, to bare my cock, to stick it into her mouth, her pussy, her asshole.

"Now, don't turn around, honey. Bend over for Daddy. Show Daddy your little pussy," I tell her, my voice almost a whisper now.

She turned and bent at the waist before my gaze. I approached her from behind as she craned her neck around to watch me, to soak in the sight of my erection.

"Here baby, move here to the bed and bend over it," I said. "That's it, now put your hands on the bed and hold yourself up for Daddy. And spread your legs a little for me."

She did as I asked. She started to turn and look again, but I stopped her.


She jumped when my hand hit her bare ass.

"Don't turn around or Daddy will have to spank you good. OK?"

"OK Daddy! Please Daddy, don't hit me again!" she pleaded.

She keeps her head straight ahead, even when she felt my hands moving around her ass and down to her pussy.

"There,” I say. "That's a good girl. What a pretty pussy you have for Daddy. Daddy's going to play with it now," I said from behind her.

"Ohhhh, Daddy that feels so gooood.....Oh, Daddy!"

My fingers racked her clit, teased her labia and all around her bare slit to her asshole. Then, she felt my breath and gasped as I bury my face in her displayed pussy. She begins climaxing when I wrap my lips around her clit and tickle its tip with my tongue. Her body shook violently as she came, moaning and babbling.

"Daddy, oh, Daddy! Cumming Daddy! Cumming!"

She was still shaking when suddenly I pulled away from her and asked her onto the bed.

"Get on your back. Spread your legs. Daddy has to fuck his little girl right now," I commanded.

She spread her legs and watched her daddy move to the side of the bed, stroking my hard penis as I looked at her body, then into her eyes, I stood near her head, jacking my cock slowly as I speak,

"You want Daddy to fuck you sweetheart?" I say, smiling down at her tenderly and reaching with my free hand to stroke her beautiful hair.

Bending forward, I was now stroking my cock only inches from her face. "Kiss it for Daddy," I commanded.

I watched her intense focus on my cock. She kissed it, then licked it and raised her head to gobble it into her mouth, but I pulled away and ask her to lay her head back on the pillow again.

"Do you know what Daddy's going to do now honey?" I asked, moving onto the bed and between her legs on my knees, still stroking that hard dick.

"No Daddy. What Daddy? What?" She begged,

"Why, Daddy's going to fuck his little girl now. Does Daddy's girl want Daddy to fuck her?"

She replied, "Oh yes Daddy, yes, yes..."

"Say please then. Say, 'Please fuck me Daddy.'"

"Please fuck me Daddy," she said in a low voice watching as I move my dick to touch the entrance to her pussy.

"Please Daddy..."

Her words seemed caught in her throat as she felt my cock sliding into her. Little by little, I move it in, then pull out and push in a little more. Finally, she felt my body against her and my balls lying against her ass.

"Ohhhhh, Daddy...It's so good. Please Daddy, fuck me. Fuck me Daddy!"

"O.K. baby girl, Daddy's going to fuck his little girl good now. Here goes honey," and I started banging her hard and fast. "Daddy's fucking his little girl good now."

"Yes, yes, yes...oh, Daddy, please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me Daddy....."

"Yes, baby, Daddy's fucking you now. Daddy's going to fuck his little girl a lot from now on. You like that sweetheart? You want Daddy to fuck you a lot?"

"Oh yes, Daddy. Oh, Daddy, it's so big Daddy. Yes, yes, Daddy, you can fuck me all you want. My pussy belongs to you Daddy, only you! Please Daddy, ooohhhhh."

"Fuck me Daddy, fuck me Daddy, fuck me Daddy, fuck me, oh, Daddy, Daaadeeeee...."

"Good girl. That's my girl. Take Daddy's dick, baby, take Daddy's big hard dick," I growled.

"Yes, daddy.....uhmmm...oh, Daddy it feels so good, so good,"

She reached up and cradled my face that hovered over hers.

"Oh, Daddy, I love you Daddy, I love you so much. I've dreamed about this for so long Daddy."

"Oh, baby girl, Daddy loves his little girl too. Yes he does," as I changed my pumping to a different rhythm. "I dreamed of this too baby, having my own special little girl to fuck."

As my humping rate increases, her head was banging against the headboard of my bed as I bang away atop her. I am exerting a lot of force, and her head keeps banging the headboard harder with each pump. My butt flexed as I moved back and forth, fucking her, just like the men in the porno movies you’ve has seen. Her face is red and her face is contorted in either agony or ecstasy, and only she knew which.

"Oh Daddy, you fuck me so well. Don't stop Daddy, don't stop fucking your little girl...Oh, so good Daddy, so good...."

"Daddy wants to cum now, baby. You ready for Daddy's cum?" I ask as I fucked her even harder and faster.

"Oh yes, Daddy, please cum. I want to see it Daddy, please, please let me see you cum...”

She begged as I fucked harder and faster.

"OK, sweetheart, Daddy's going to pull his dick out. When I do, you jack Daddy off, OK?"

"Oh yes, Daddy, yes, cum Daddy, now! I want to taste it Daddy!"

Those words push me over the line and I backed out of her cunt, leaving her bare pussy gaping and leaking our fluids. I rose onto my knees on the bed, my hand pumping my cock as she squirmed to change her position. My cock hard and red and it seemed to be jerking up and down on its own. She quickly scrambled around on all fours, grabbed my cock, opened her mouth and started pumping on it.

"Daddy's cumming, honey. Here Daddy comes!" I groan.

She doesn’t get a chance to respond because thick white goo erupts as she moved her hand even harder. It hit her on the nose, the eyes and, finally, she got it aimed into her mouth. She gulped his cum, and then she licked my cock all over like it was a Popsicle.

"Oh, that's a good girl. Good girl. You make Daddy feel so good," I praised her.

I look down and put my hands on her head as kept keep moving her mouth up and down on my cock.

"Come up here honey, and give Daddy a kiss,” pulling her lips off my cock which is still quivering, hard as a rock.

"Put it in for me, sweetheart. Daddy's cock wants his little girl again," I whispered to her, still stroking her hair and face.

"Yes, Daddy," she whimpered.

She scooted closer to me and slipped an inch or two of my cock into her slit.

"Ah, that's a good girl. Now, don't move. Just lie there with my cock inside you. Yes, that's it,"

I hump forward and slowly, very slowly, slip my entire 6 inches into her as we held each other's gaze. When I can't go any farther she closed her eyes and moved her lips to my lips, her tongue out, searching for her daddy's tongue. I answered with my own tongue. We opened our eyes and watched our tongues duelling.

"Oh my god, honey I love fucking my little girl. Daddy's going to fuck you a lot from now on."

"Oh, yes, Daddy. I need you so bad. I waited for you for so long. You have to fuck me a lot to make up for all those years Daddy. I'll make you happy Daddy, I will,", gasping as I pull nearly all the way out of her then rammed it home again.

She cuddled into my chest, laid her head in the crook of my neck and stuck her thumb (like a little cock) in her mouth. I continued fondling her tender nipples now and fucking slowly, barely moving my cock into and out of her pussy. I moved my head so I can see this little girl sucking her thumb while being fucked.

"Fuck me from behind, Daddy."

Moving a pillow under her hips so her butt stuck up in the air. I move behind her quickly, my big cock waving and glistening with her pussy juice. She parted her legs even wider and my cock disappeared into her pussy doggy style.

"Ohhhh, Daddy, it's so good," she moaned.

"Yes, baby, Daddy's going to fuck his little girl this way now,"

I began fucking her with long, hard strokes.

"Someday, maybe Daddy will fuck you in the ass but that will come later."

"Uh, uh, uh," she grunted with each powerful thrust.

She closed her eyes; all I could think of was how great it felt to be fucking beautiful young women in my bed and one that could be my daughter at her age.

Yet another climax shuddered through her body.

"Mmmm, Daddy's going to cum now baby, honey. Daddy's going to cum again," I grunted. "Here it is baby, just for my little girl..."

She started cumming too and she just kept her eyes closed until she felt me pulling out of her. She reached back in attempt to grab her daddy's cock, but all she got is a spurt of cum on her arm. Her hand squeezed a final goblet of cum from Daddy's cock and it ran down her fingers. Her face is nearly buried in the bed, her breasts flattened against the sheets, her ass still propped up with pillows to give her daddy easy access.

Turning her head she whispered,

"Oh, Daddy, I'm so horny Daddy. Please hurry, Daddy, please. I need you to do it to me again Daddy,"

"Well, what are you waiting for, roll over on your stomach. Daddy's going to fuck his little girl in the ass this time."

She rushed to scramble into position, stuffing a pillow under her hips, tilting her ass in the air and waiting. I started out by sticking my cock into her pussy and fucking until she and I were both good and wet. Then I reached down and start moving her secretions from around her pussy to her asshole and sticking a finger into it, farther each time. All the while, I continued to pump into her pussy. Soon I am fucking her pussy with my cock and her tight little asshole with two fingers.

"Oh, Daddy, that feel sooooo good"

But just as she uttered those words, she must have felt Daddy's cock slid from her cunt. In an instant it was nuzzling at her sweet hot butt and slipping into her ass.

"Yes daddy, do me there, do me harder daddy" she pleaded.

Sweat rolling onto her from Daddy who is sweating profusely. We had forgotten the awful heat and humidity here in the south in the summer, I had forgotten to turn on the AC and the sweat is making our sex hotter. But I paid no attention. I leaned forward to pin her to the bed and started fucking her in the ass, at first, but picking up the rhythm as she finally got used to her Daddy's dick in her ass. She reaches for her clit and she was beginning to like it. I fucked her harder and encouraging her,

"That's it ------- honey, play with that pussy while Daddy fucks your butt. You can come well this way honey, come on, cum for Daddy," I coach as I began ramming it home, harder and faster.

"Oh, oh, Daddy, oooooh…noooo…oh, oh, Daddy it…feels so good! Oh, Daddy I'm going to cum Daddy, I'm going to cum!"

"Cummmmmmmming Daddy. I’m cummmmmming daddddy; I'm cumming for my daddy. Oh yes daddy cum in my ass daddy Please"

As I start cumming in her ass she screamed so loud I started to worry about the neighbours,


"I'm cumming in you so hard, it feels like fire coming out of me into you."


"I'm cumming for you -------, just for you my darling daughter just for you".

"Awwwwwwww ughhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmm Oh daddy that was soooo gooooood. Daddy so very goooood"

After a few minutes I start to withdraw, she held me in her little ever so tight butt. So tight she held me but I slowly started getting soft and could remove my dick from her, as my cock came out so does the buckets of cum I deposited there. This has been my lifelong dream, and it has come true.

I put my armed around her and I held her tight and telling her,

"Thank you ---------, I have dreamed of something like this for a long time"

"No problem, I too have always wanted a man old enough to be my daddy to fuck me, and love me. You were prefect, I knew it the moment I saw you but wasn't sure you'd want to" she smiled and kissed me.

I told her, "Honey, I too thought about making love to you but never thought it possible as you was so young. I would have taken you home, you know that right?"

"Yes, I know you would have if I hadn't made a move on you. So I did and prayed you would change your mind, and thank God you did."

"You know for a man your age, you have some power there hee hee."

You touch my face with your hand as you lean forward to kiss me again just like a daughter would after being given a birthday present, not sexy but sweet. I returned the kiss but it developed into a long sexual kiss as we held on to each other like we never wanted to let go.

After some time we broke our kiss as I got up to go to the toilet, after I pee'ed I got a warm wash cloth and returned to bed. I then slowly washed the sweat off her body as she just laid there looking at me with the cutest smile, she took the cloth from me and started washing me

"Let me do you too daddy!"

She washed the cum and sweat off my body. Afterwards I turned off the bedside lamp as she cuddled into my arms

"I love you daddy, can we sleep together too," pushing her body against me with her arm under my head and her face so close I can feel her breath on my face.

"Yes, baby. We can get some sleep and then in the morning we need to talk"

"Sure daddy, in the morning. Night night daddy," as she kissed me goodnight.

"Goodnight my love."

I wrapped my arm around her and slowly fell asleep, the happiest I had been in along time and satisfied too.