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Gina 2

The affair is discovered
Gina and I had been having our clandestine affair for just over six months, spending as much time together as possible without arousing suspicion, generally a couple of hours snatched here and there. Although not perfect, in our circumstances it was all we could sensibly manage and Gina was happy with the arrangement and the sex was as good as ever. Gina would always be in just stockings and heeled shoes and within five minutes of me walking into her house, her lips would be wrapped around my cock. If we were lucky we'd get to see each other on my day off from work on Saturday, sometimes stretching into Sunday and it was on one of these weekends that everything went pear shaped.

It was on a Saturday afternoon and I'd been there about two hours. We were in the kitchen with Gina bent over the table, her stocking clad legs apart and I was behind her, my cock in her pussy, fucking her for all I was worth while she kept begging me not stop. We were so engrossed we never heard the front door open and close.


We both looked at the doorway. It was our worst nightmare because Sandra was stood there and she wasn't happy.

"Mother, what are you doing"?

"Oh god Ssssandra", She stammered.

I just stood motionless with my cock still buried in Gina's pussy.

"We're fucking Sandra", I said. "What does it look like"?

"But you're half her age", she snapped.

"What the hell difference does that make. We're two people who find each other sexually attractive", I retorted.

My erection had now subsided and my cock had slipped from Gina's pussy. She turned round and faced her daughter, not attempting to cover herself up.

"Cover yourself up mother", she said.

"I will do no such thing", Gina snapped. "This is my house and I will do as I damned well like".

Her face was one of indignation. I looked at the pair of them.

"Why don't we go in the lounge and talk this over", I suggested.

"Good idea, come on Sandra, you too Phil", said Gina. "Don't bother dressing, she's already seen you naked".

We both followed Gina into the lounge, Gina positioning me between them. Once in the lounge, Gina and I sat together on the sofa, Gina with her legs apart. She was for once it seemed, intent her daughter wasn't going to bully her. I opened mine slightly, displaying my flaccid cock and clean shaven pubic area. Gina had shaved me that very morning and I caught Sandra looking in my direction more than once and the look on her face wasn't one of disapproval.

"How long has this going on"? She asked.

Her gaze never left the region between my legs. Was my brother's ex girlfriend having indecent thoughts? Gary and Sandra had split two months ago after he found out she'd been fucking her boss when she'd supposedly been working late.

"We've been seeing each other for about six months if that's what you mean. Since the barbie that Phil's parents had in June", answered Gina. "He stayed the night after dropping me off at home".

"You mean he made a move on you when we'd left you in the car", Sandra replied.

"No, I made the first move", Gina said.

She was standing now and I wish she hadn't because my cock began to grow.

"We spent the night making love and do you know something Sandra, it was wonderful. Wonderful to have a man appreciate me and my body. I did things that night I had never done before".

"What do mean by things you've never done before"? Sandra asked, looking at me.

I made no attempt to cover myself.

"That is for Phil and I to know, it is none of your business", answered Gina sternly.

She looked at me for the first time since she'd stood.

"Oh Phil, you're hard again".

"Can't you at least cover yourself up"? Sandra asked me.

"Why the hell should I, you've not took your eyes off it from when it slipped from your mother. What's your problem Sandra, you've seen cocks before and plenty so I'm told", I snapped back.

"Bastard"! She said.

"Oh dear, have I hit a nerve"? I asked sneeringly.

"This is getting us nowhere", interrupted Gina, "and I've told you before, I make the rules in this house. “Phil will stay as he is”.

Sandra coloured up, both with rage and embarrassment, her eyes looking down to the floor.

"I'm sorry Gina", I said taking hold of her hand.

I don't know what she thought I had in mind, but she sank to her knees and ran her tongue along my cock. It twitched so violently it nearly caught her in the eye.

"You two make me sick", said Sandra, "I'm off to tell his parents.

"SIT DOWN"! Gina shouted. "You are going nowhere. What do you think telling them will do. Do you think it will stop us? Well I can tell you it won't".

I was proud of her because I'd never heard her stand up to her daughter like this before. Sandra had a tendency to ride roughshod over her but now the tables were turned and Sandra sat in the chair, dumbstruck.

"Not quite the Saturday we'd planned is it", I said to Gina.

"Not quite my lover", she answered, her right hand taking hold of my still erect cock, her head lowering towards it.

"We can't, not with Sandra sitting there", I protested.

"Of course we can, can't we Sandra? You don't mind if I suck Phil's cock do you"?

I looked at Sandra as she sat in the chair.

"No mum, I don't mind. This is your house", she answered in a very reproachful voice.

"See my lover, I told you she wouldn't mind", said Gina as she took my cock in her mouth.

I looked at Sandra and she was watching her mother, not in a way that spelt disgust, but of someone who had been firmly put in their place. Gina was making sounds I'd never heard her make before, telling me she was enjoying her victory. I looked at Sandra and she was close to tears. I couldn't help smiling, thinking this was so sweet because the bitch who'd shagged behind my brother's back was getting her come - comeuppance.

I was revelling in the glory so much that I didn't notice I was coming until I shot my load into Gina's mouth. She raised her head and come was dribbling from the corners of her mouth. Her head moved to mine and I knew what was coming so I opened my mouth as our our lips then made contact I felt my spunk flow into my mouth. When it had all been transferred, she told me not to swallow it and told Sandra to come over to us.

"Kiss him", she ordered.

Sandra hesitated.

"Kiss him I said"!

She did as her mother had told her and I held her head as our mouths made contact, my tongue forcing hers open, then forcing my come into her mouth. She tried to recoil her head, but it was held fast in my grip.

"Swallow it", Gina ordered her daughter.

I felt her head move slightly as she obeyed her mother. Gina and I looked at each other and smiled. Her bullying daughter had been vanquished.

"You call me names Sandra and then what do you do, you kiss your mother's lover", gloated Gina. "You disgust me".

"But, b..b..but, you told me to do it", said Sandra, now crying.

"That didn't mean you had to", her mother chided.

"I'm, I'm sorry mum", cried Sandra.

"It's too late for that now. I've seen how you've been looking at Phil", said Gina.

"I haven't meant to look at him mum, I really didn't mean to, it's just that he....." she began.

"It's just that he's got a cock you mean", her mother snapped. "Just like Greg has".

Greg is the boss she's fucking.

"I think you had better leave my house Sandra and don't return until I've cooled down. I will phone you when you can return and don't even contemplate informing on us or you will never be welcome again. Is that clear madam"? She said, in tone of voice I have never heard her use before.

"Yes mum", said Sandra between sobs, tears running down her face.

"Good. Now go"!

Sandra slowly stood, pushing against the chair arm as she rose. She went to kiss her mother but Gina pulled her head back.


She was openly crying as she left the house. Gina broke down and cried as the outer door closed.

"Come here lover", I said as I took her quivering body in my arms.

"What have I done Phil"?

"Put your daughter firmly in her place", I replied.

I began stroking her naked shoulders with my fingers, working down her back.

"She's right though Phil, you're half my age and one day you'll want someone younger", she said, sobbing.

"Yes you're twice my age, so what? Has it bothered you until now? No and it certainly doesn't me", I replied. "I will tell you something else. Do you remember me telling you that there would be other women in my life"?

"Yes and I accept that", she replied.

"Well there haven't been any. There has only been you", I answered.

"Oh Phil, that's lovely. Do you mean it"? She asked.

"Not one other woman, not until Sandra kissed me", I said.

"I love you Phil, I love, take me to bed and fuck me", she said, beginning to cry again.

I took her by the hand, led her upstairs and laid her on the bed. I climbed on the bed, opened her legs and flicked her clit with my tongue. She came instantly. All the trouble we'd had downstairs must have built into sexual tension because her hands held my head in a vice like grip and I was unable to move. I just kept lapping her clit, like a cat lapping milk and this extended her orgasm, cunt juice pulsing from her, coating my face. As she came down from her high I slid up her body until our heads were level. She pulled mine down and kissing and licking, cleaned her juices from me. As she licked I slid my cock into her sopping wet pussy, listening to her moan as I entered her.

"Oh Phil, fuck me, fuck me harder than ever before", she begged.

I did as she'd asked, our bodies slapping together on my inward thrusts, spraying her juices over us and the bedding.

"I'm going to cum Gina, I'm going to cum", I gasped.

"Come Phil, come inside my pussy, fill it with your spunk", she panted.

Half a dozen thrusts late I came, slamming my groin into hers as jets of spunk flew into her. I was so aroused I wanted to climb inside and fuck her with my entire body. I left my cock inside her as it lost its hardness and then slid from her.

"Lick me Phil, lick your spunk from me", she said as she calmed down.

I slid easily down her sweat covered and was soon licking her pussy clean of spunk and pussy juice. When I'd finished she pulled me by the hair and again cleaned my face. When she'd cleaned me she kissed me gently on the lips.

"I love you", I said. It was the first time I'd ever told a woman this.

"Do you mean it Phil"? She asked.

"Yes, I mean it", I answered.

She held me tight against her body, her tits flattening as they squeezed against my chest. She fell asleep in my arms and I must have followed suit soon after, for it was dark when I opened my eyes. We hadn't moved, her head was still nuzzled against my neck. I looked at her in the gloom and wondered how we would tell my parents. She awoke with a start, jumping as her eyes opened.

"Oh, I was dreaming", she said as she rolled away from me and turned on the bedside light.

We both blinked at the sudden light. She looked at me and told me she loved me. I told her I loved her too.

"We have to tell your parents and brother", she said. "How are we going to do it"?

"I don't know. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Now roll over I want to fuck that tight arse of yours", I said.

"Oh Phil, you have such a way with words" she said as she rolled over.

I sat on her lower back, my hardening cock, resting in the crack between her buttocks. I reached over to the bedside table and took a bottle of baby oil from it, opened it and poured oil onto her lower back and my now erect cock. It glistened as the oil hit it and Gina gasped as the cold oil hit her body. I poured oil up her back and into her arse crack, watching as it ran down and disappeared between her legs.

I slid my body up her back, then back down, repeating the process over and over, my cock trapped between my chest and her back. I worked it further down her arse cheeks every time I slid down, until my cock slid down the crack between her cheeks. She raised her pelvis as I ran my cock along the crevice, pressing against her body, until with a groan from Gina, it slid inside her, filling her anal passage, remaining still as her muscles became accustomed to my invasion.

Once she was relaxed I began fucking her with long slow thrusts, my cock filling her, then emptying as I withdrew from her, leaving just my cock tip inside her, before sliding back into her. I was laid over her back, kissing her neck and ears as I slowly fucked her; her head was to one side, her eyes closed as I pulled it to me, kissing her cheeks and then fully on her mouth.

"Oh Phil, it feels sooooo gooooooooood. I love your cock up my arse", she moaned.

I picked up the pace, going into her faster and harder.

"Oh it feels sooooo diiiirrrrtyyyyy, sooooo gooooooooood. Please don't stop. Fuck me Phil; fuck me like you would a slut".

I duly obliged and was soon fucking her arse as hard as I fucked her pussy. We were both breathing heavily as I mercilessly fucked her arse, kneeling up now and slapping her arse cheeks, leaving red wheals where my hands made contact. Then I felt my imminent orgasm and suddenly it happened as my spunk flooded her arse, making her climax herself. We lay still with my cock was still inside her.

"God I love you fucking my arse Phil", she said, still breathless.

"It had crossed my mind", I laughed.

"I need to pee", she said and stood up.

As she walked to the door, spunk was running from the gaping hole that was, for now, her rectal opening. I knew she would leave it running from her and I was looking forward to cleaning it from her.

"I need food", I said, after licking her clean of spunk.

"So do I. It must be hours since we ate", she said as she climbed from my face.

"Come lover boy, let's see what we've got eat.

We went downstairs into the kitchen, me naked, her still in stockings and shoes. I had a feeling of déjà vu, especially when she bent forward to look in the fridge, her body bent from the waist, her legs open. I couldn't resist it and slid three fingers into her pussy, making her moan. I kept them there, sliding them in and out until she came.

"God Gina, you turn me on", I said.

"That had crossed my mind", she laughed, as she stood upright. "Will pizza be OK"?

"Fine by me", I answered and fifteen minutes later we were tucking into a pepperoni pizza.

"What are we going to tell your parents and how Phil"? She asked.

"I don't know", I said as I finished off my last piece of pizza, "but we have to do it. And just what do we do about Sandra"?

"I hadn't thought about that", she replied. "I know she wants you as much as I do".

"Are you sure"? I asked, already knowing myself that she did.

"I'm positive. I could see the way she looked at you and I know she will try to get you into her bed", she replied.

"Let's see what happens on that front shall we, but right now we have to go see my folks", I said.

"Well it's still only five in the morning. That gives us time to work out what we say", she said.

Taking the hint I led her upstairs again but this time we slept, waking at ten. An hour and one fuck later we were on our way to my house to face my parents. My stomach was in knots with worry............


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