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Gina 4

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The relationship develops and a daughter is tamed.
Gina's daughter Sandra, had been living back at home for just over a month and was keeping out of our way as much as possible, not that we made it easy for her. When at home, Gina would always wear just a pair of stockings and shoes beneath a see through gown, even when I wasn't present and when I was there, I was naked. Sandra just had to live with it. We even fucked a few times when she was present and to really rub her nose in it, Gina even made her watch us once as I drilled her arse. We were so enjoying her humiliation when one weekend, Sandra flipped and the shit hit the fan.

I was sat on the sofa watching some forgettable programme on British daytime TV, this time wearing a pair of stretch jersey boxers while Sandra was busying herself in the kitchen.

Let me explain about Sandra. She's thirty one, single, with a decent body and legs and she knows it, which means she always dresses to show herself off, with skirts and dresses that are all short and tight fitting. Recently though, I've noticed they've become even shorter and tighter, ending just a few inches below her buttocks and clinging to her like a second skin. She'd had her tits done a few years back and so doesn't usually wear a bra.

As for panties, well at that time I couldn't say whether she wore them or not and today was no exception, even though her skirt ended just inches below her pussy and the bottom of her arse cheeks were visible. She also wore a see through black blouse with a tiny quarter cup bra beneath, while on her feet she wore heeled shoes. I must admit I'd have had her there and then had I been single.

As I watched TV, Gina entered the room, dressed as usual in just stockings and heels. Her tits are still just firm enough to support themselves and as I've said earlier she's not allowed to cover her pussy when I'm present. Gina bent over and began kissing me, her legs open and straight, leaving her arse and pussy on full show. As we kissed, Sandra walked in the room.

"You two make sick," she snapped.

We stopped kissing and Gina stood upright.

"I don't care how we make you feel," she snapped back. "Look at yourself mother. You look like a whore dressed like that."


Gina's right hand swung from her side and hit her daughter's left cheek so hard she spun round and fell to the floor.

"You ungrateful little bitch! How dare you call me that!" she shouted.

"I'm, I'm sorry mum, but you do,"sobbed Sandra.

"I might look like one, but unlike you Sandra, I'm not one. Look at you. You're thirty one years old and you wear skirts that go all the way up to your arse, your tits are on show to anyone who cares to look. You fuck any man who buys you a drink. You're a fucking whore Sandra, that's all you are, a fucking whore! You had a good man in Gary and if you'd thought with your brain instead of that cavernous black hole of a pussy between your legs you'd still have him."


"Don't but me girl. I've told you before, this is MY house and I will do what I want and wear what I like in it. You have no say in the matter. I set the rules around here, not you. Do you understand me?" Gina snapped at her daughter.

"Yes mum. I'm sorry. It's just that you've changed since you've been with Phil," Sandra replied contritely.

"I know. I'm not the push over I once was. I've learnt to stand up to people, especially you."

"Why don't you stand up to him then when he tells you how to dress?"

"Because I don't want to stand up to him Sandra and he doesn't tell me how to dress. I am happy to dress for him this way because it makes me feel good. At last I have a man in my life again who finds me sexually attractive."

Gina was now sat by my side stroking my cock and Sandra was still on the floor.

"I know he could well leave me alone again, but that is a chance I will take. I also know he wants to fuck you and I know he will fuck you. I am also willing to accept that as long because I know he won't leave me for you."

This was music to my ears. I was being permission to fuck my girlfriend's daughter.

"What if I don't want him to fuck me?"

"Come off it Sandra. Look at how you dress in front of him. There's hardly any part of your body not on show. Stand up and in front of me."

Sandra did as ordered and Gina removed her hand from my now hard cock. She took Sandra's skirt by the hem and lifted it, revealing that she was naked beneath it. Sandra's face went bright red at the revelation.

"So, you don't want him to fuck you, but you dress to make it easy for him. Take off the skirt."

"But mum."

SLAP! Gina's hand once again made contact with Sandra's face, this time leaving a bright red imprint.

"Don't but mum me you little whore, take it off and the rest of what you are nearly wearing."

Tears welled in Sandra's eyes as she undressed before us and as her skirt fell to the floor she attempted to cover between her legs with her hands, but was ordered not to by Gina.

"This is how you dress when you are at home from now on. If you don't like it you know where the door is," Gina told her daughter.

There was no way out for Sandra because she had no option as she couldn't afford to live anywhere else. Gina had done an excellent job as the humiliation of her daughter was just about complete. Sandra stood before her mother with her eyes looking towards the floor. I must admit she looked good stood there with her body on show and I now knew what Gary had seen in her and I knew I was going to enjoy fucking her. But first there was her mother to fuck.

"Gina, I have a slight problem with my dick," I said, easing the room's atmosphere.

"So you do my lover, so you do," she replied as she turned her gaze my way.

As she spoke she knelt between my open legs, looked at her daughter and took my cock into her mouth. Her tongue played over my cock's tip and along its length. God I love Gina sucking my cock. She's the best cocksucker I've known and she was now sliding her lips along my full length, her face going flat against my lower body as my cock slid down her throat. I looked at Sandra, ran my tongue over my lips and pointed at my cock as I mouthed the words, "This is going up your arse". She returned my gaze and closed her eyes momentarily as her hands began playing with her pussy.

I pulled my cock from Gina's mouth and laid her on her back on the floor with her legs opening as she lay down. I knelt by her side and began kissing her, at first gently then roughly, my lips pressing tightly against hers with my tongue probing her mouth. My right hand had slid between her legs and two fingers were inserted in her pussy, followed by a third then a fourth.

I stopped kissing her and watched her face as my fingers slid in and out of her and sensing her growing pleasure I slowly slid my fingers free from her and then back into her wet pussy, moving my thumb slightly and watched as, with a deep sigh from her, my entire hand slid inside Gina's dripping pussy and I began fist fucking her, my fingers playing with her cervix while her head rolled from side to side as her eyes had glazed over and she sobbed with pleasure as my hand and wrist filled her insides. She climaxed twice while they were inside her.

"Do you like it slut? Do you like your slut's cunt being stretched wide?"

Her only answer was a moan. I slowed my rhythm down and began twisting my arm inside her, sending her into a world of her own. Her eyes had rolled into her head and her breathing had become heavy and laboured.

As I fisted her I looked at Sandra. "Suck my cock you fucking bitch, while I fist your slut mother," I ordered.

As I knew she would, she obeyed without question and lay by my side, taking my cock in her mouth. Her lips felt good as they slid along my shaft and I kept forcing my cock into her throat every time her head slid towards my groin, making her gag as it slid between her tonsils. I looked at Gina's face and saw that she was oblivious to her surroundings. Sandra slowed her pleasuring of my cock.

"Who told you to stop slut?"

She resumed her task and as she did I stopped fisting her mother who slowly came back to reality. I'd told Sandra to stop sucking me as I wanted my cock up Gina's arse and besides, there was time aplenty to fill Sandra's mouth with spunk.

I pulled my hand from Gina and rolled her over onto her stomach and knowing what was to come, she placed her hands on her buttocks to separate them. I slid my cock into her pussy a few times to lubricate it and then in one motion, slid it up her arse, straight to the hilt, making her gasp as it went in.

"Here bitch," I said to Sandra, "Lick my hand clean while I fuck your slut mother's arse."

She obeyed, holding it steady with one hand while she ran her tongue over my hand, cleaning her mother's juices from it while she fingered herself with the other hand. I was enjoying this fucking both mother and daughter. Gina was breathing heavily as I fucked her and her buttocks rippled as my groin slapped against them with each thrust as she begged me to fuck her harder, telling me she was about to cum and she wasn't the only one as I was also on the verge of cumming.

"Do you want me to cum up your arse slut?" I asked.

"Yes please. Please shoot your cum up my slut arse," she replied breathlessly.

I picked up speed as my climax neared, my cock hardening, until with a cry of release I rammed my cock as far up her arse as it would go. As jets of hot spunk exploded from me I groaned with both pleasure and pain as I filled her insides, which was all she needed to take her over the edge and she came herself, her sphincter gripping me tight as her orgasm took her. I had long since pulled my arm free from Sandra's grip and both of them were squeezing her mother's buttocks.

"Oh God Phil, that was sooooo good," said Gina between breaths. "I love you fucking me and I don't care which of my holes your cock goes in, I just want it in me and I love it when you talk dirty to me and call me a slut and a whore. It turns me on. I have never had sex like this before, never, not even with Sandra's father. I love you Phil. I know you don't love me the same way, but I don't care as long as you keep fucking me."

"I enjoy fucking you Gina and I intend to keep doing so, for as long as you want me to," I replied.

I leaned over her and kissed her cheek as she turned her head and we kissed mouth to mouth.

"Don't worry Gina, I'm not about to leave you. Yes, I am going to fuck your daughter, but there is no way I am walking away from you."

"And what if I don't want you fucking me?" Sandra asked, indignantly.

"But you do Sandra. Both your mother and I know it and you know it," I answered. "Why else would you finger fuck yourself as you licked your mother's cunt juice from my hand while watching me fuck her arse. Don't tell me you didn't fantasize it was your arse that was being fucked because we both know you did."

She didn't answer.

I climbed off Gina, my now flaccid cock having long since slid from her arse. I sat in a chair with my legs draped over the arms and wide apart and without a word being spoken Sandra was on her knees, her tongue licking my cock clean. Seconds later it was between her lips as I held her head still and fucked her mouth. The slut was finally tamed and I now had her exactly where I wanted her.

Not to be out done Gina knelt on the chair arms and presented me with her pussy. I leaned forward slightly and my tongue found her clit while my fingers found her still relaxed, aroused and spunk coated arse and as I licked her clit, three fingers fucked her rectal passage. She came twice before I filled her daughter's mouth with my spunk which Gina ordered her not to swallow as she climbed from the chair. She lifted Sandra's head above her own and opened her mouth. Sandra opened hers and I watched as my spunk dropped from daughter to mother. Believe me when I tell you that to see mother and daughter swap spunk is one hell of an erotic sight.

We were now thirsty and hungry, so I suggested we went out for a meal and a drink.

Gina wore a sleeveless top and short skirt, stockings and boots while Sandra was made to wear what she'd worn earlier and of course both women were without underwear. Gina looked quite smart while Sandra looked like a whore as I'd fully intended and all through our meal most of the men in the pub we'd gone to kept glancing in our direction, usually at Sandra and I guess they assumed Sandra and I were a couple and that I was a lucky bastard. Ha, if only they'd known the truth. We finished our meal, left the pub and returned to Gina's house.

Once through the door we all removed our clothing with Gina leaving her stockings and boots on. She may be old, but she still looks good. Five minutes later we were in the master bedroom with Gina on the floor stroking her pussy while Sandra was on the bed with her legs over my shoulders as I licked her pussy. She tastes as good as her mother and is every bit as wet and I soon had her cumming. As she came I began rimming her anal opening, sending her pleasure levels even higher and extending her orgasm.

My tongue was now probing her anal depths and I ran three large globules of saliva into her steadily relaxing back passage before kneeling up and positioning myself at her opening. She begged me to be gentle as it was her first time, something I seriously doubted and having other ideas made no answer as I looked over and watched her mother on the floor, writhing as she was rubbing her clit hard and fast which I knew meant she was nearing her climax.

Sandra once again begged me to be gentle and again I gave no answer as I gave my groin a thrust and in one motion I had taken what she claimed was her anal virginity. She cried out in pain as my cock's full length violated her rear opening. I remained motionless inside her, waiting for her to relax again before fucking her.

As I thrust in and out of her Gina stood watching with her legs apart and her fingers disappearing and reappearing from her pussy as she watched me anally fuck her daughter.

Sandra was crying while at the same time moaning and right then I didn't care if she was in pain or not but I had a suspicion it was pleasure. I didn't like her and all she was to me was a piece of meat, a receptacle for my cock and spunk. Even Gina was calling her a whore and telling me to fuck her harder, all of which became too much for me and my cock stiffened inside her as I came, filling her arse with my spunk.

To this day it's the only way I've fucked Sandra as only my tongue and fingers go up her pussy which I've managed to get four fingers inside so far and it won't be long until she also gets my full fist inside her, just like her mother.

The three of us spent the rest of the weekend fucking and by Sunday evening I was done, I was out of spunk and could fuck no more. I fell asleep laid between mother and daughter and I was nearly late for work on Monday morning.


It's been a year now since all this started and things have become normal at home again as my parents have come to accept our relationship for what it is. I still spend a lot of time at home but spend most of my time at Gina's house and both my parents now fuck Sandra on a regular basis, as of course do I.

We are not an exclusive couple and I sometimes fuck other women and I know Gina's renewed confidence has seen her fucking at least four other men. She's also getting on with Sandra a lot better now, so well in fact that I sometimes wonder if they do anything mother and daughter shouldn't do when I'm not around. One thing I do know is that they are rarely fully dressed when indoors and who knows, one day I may find out. Until I find out, it's their secret.

My mother keeps telling me she wants to have Gina, but I keep saying no and I haven't told Gina about it just yet. The idea of it turns me on so one day I'll mention it to her and you never know, she may just do it, if that is, my mother's prepared to do something she shouldn't do with her son.


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